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    I don’t think Vortex had a pre-drop, it did have a pre-drop. End of discussion. Smh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don’t see why not, other than cutting down trees. IIRC I read CF was going to bring it to other parks. I thought it was stupid but my boys liked it. Once. Also surprised it wasn’t an upcharge. The cycle time is horrendous, it makes Monster seem like Banshee.
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    I think they will be finished with track work by the last week of January, Afterwards the entire month of February and March will be the bulk of the testing phases. Trains are already arriving at the park, and I would not doubt that most of the electronic equipment has been completed. With the exception of the Trim Brake on the Big Hill.
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    I concur. In the grand scheme of things, April is NOT far away. The track work needs to be done so crews can proceed with things like concrete, wiring, landscaping, and testing. All of which needs to be done a fair amount of time before April 11.
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    Fortunately we can also see # of posts.
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    Considering the numbers at the end of a username indicate one’s DOB, be nice to the little ones.
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    Could monster jam thunder alley be a possibility while they make plans for possibly a new ride for 2023-2024?
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    End of discussion? Ahem. Far as I can tell Vortex still does have a pre-drop.
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    Yes, that is also my favorite operating Arrow, B&M, Intamin, wooden, and Vekoma coaster.
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    Cedar Fair as of late has done fantastic theming, I wish Weber group (Who themed TRTR & Copperhead strike) would theme Orion but I’m not holding my breath for them being involved sadly.
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    ^agreed. KI needs to continue the trend of theming that started with MT. Cedar Fair has historically not themed anything at all, and I think it adds a lot to the experience of the ride when the park at least tries to add a little something.
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    I hope we’ll be able to see some of the theming take place, I assume Daniel woodlands will be doing most of the theming, wonder if holovis will be involved in this project also.
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    Back in my day we had 1 single bar and no seat belt. Didn't hurt me at all except that when my wife turns on the microwave I pee my pants and forget my name for a month
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    Yes? It’s quite apparent considering it uses the energy to complete the turn.
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    I wanted to make a thread after speaking to some ride ops at CoasterStock and seeing some of the regular guests reactions to ride ops during the day. On Saturday it was a very warm day with a very busy park. I don't think most people remember that if you are hot, they are hot. Rode Ops are not just casually walk around like us, they are working hard to send out trains safely and efficiently. I think that some forget that they are just doing they job to make your ride safe and adhering to the park/ride rules. I saw several guests being grumpy at the ride ops when they are just trying to do their job. Most of what I just said should be understood by most of us here. With a lot of us here at the park a bunch, we can do our part to be understanding towards the ride ops when we are there. Some things I always try to do: When I am at the park I try to ask ride ops how their day is going as well. If I am riding solo, I pull the restraint down in the other seat. Try to be ready for them to check my restrain when they get to me. Maybe some former and current ride ops can chime in here to let us know what we can do to make their lives easier?
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    ^ they still have to take the trains apart
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    They probably also don’t require near as much maintenance considering how much newer the trains and their design are. I’m honestly impressed Mystic runs that late into the year.
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    I have only been to Kings Island & Cedar Point among the Cedar Fair chain, so my options were a bit limited... Arrow: Magnum XL-200 B&M: Diamonbdack Note for B&M: Fury 325, Leviathan, and Orion all seem like I would enjoy them even more than Diamondback but I have not ridden any of those yet. Diamondback just edges out Raptor & Banshee of the B&Ms I have ridden as my current favorite from the company. Intamin: Maverick Wooden: The Beast (why isn't this a option? It is one of Cedar Fair's most famous and popular wooden coasters!) Vekoma: Firehawk (better than its only challenger, Invertigo)
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    Is this a thread based on someone not knowing coaster element terminology or is this a trick question thread?
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    Arrow- Magnum B&M- Diamondback Intamin- Millennium Force Wooden- Beast Vekoma- Firehawk
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    Arrow: Adventure Express B&M: Fury 325 Intamin: Intimidator 305 Wood: GhostRider Vekoma: Nighthawk
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    This thing is burning like a dumpster fire out of control on the Facebook groups.
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    Yeah I think there's something in the works honestly. KI is just messing with us so we don't see anything leaked like we did with Orion. Don't let that picture above fool you, there's something in the works. We're just not supposed to know right now.
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    But maybe it doesn't last though. Banshee's was removed.. One can hope :p
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    Definitely reminds me of the hills on Goliath/Titan...those are actually great sustained floater hills. Orion's shaping seems maybe more pronounced, so could well be more forceful.
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    1. Bat 2. Diamondback, 2nd favorite coaster I have ridden in any Cedar Fair park I have been too 3. Millennium Force, my overall favorite steel coaster including non Cedar Fair parks. 4. Other, GhostRider 5. Stinger
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    The Racer is not a clone. It was the original. Racer 75 (which opened after KI`s Racer) is slightly different in the fact that the turn around does not fan out like it does on Racer.
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    Captain Nemo, hit it right on the head. I think the park was forced to either spend millions of dollars to fix something or retire the ride. Given the ride is so old, they likely decided that the return on investment for the fix just wasn`t there, given the rides age and marketability. I am sure that the park tracks maintenance costs per rider (obviously, that is not a public number, but an internal number for making decisions like this. Because of the apparent abrupt decision to remove the ride, that is likely why they do not have any immediate plans to replace the ride. I am sure that they will eventually replace it with something. It is a rather large plot of land, that is very visible from both the midway and Shake Rattle and Roll queue/ride area.
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    I was lucky to be there. IT WAS AN AMAZING SHOW in person!!!!!!!!
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    300 ft tall, more potential energy. I didn’t say people would notice it or care it about however I stated it wouldn’t be a huge jump to have made the ride slightly taller.
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    Glad you guys like it! Here it is in video form: I really hope they do some kind of on-board audio for the lift hill.
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    I made a lighting package for Orion in Planet Coaster based off of Fury's:
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    Well, they are working today.
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    Then having it at Kings Island is bad marketing on their part. I would never go to LaRosa’s restaurant based on how bad the pizza is at Kings Island it could be a general Kings Island problem is over all the food there is Really low-quality
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    As of me posting this you are correct that you can see some of Vortex at the top left corner... I will say the angle they moved the camera to is pretty sweet. It's the first time we can see how far Orion spans from brake run to turnaround.
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    The track profile can be seen nicely now with the cranes out of the way. Here is the next support...
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    Am I the only one who thinks Flight of Fear gives some seriously underrated night rides?
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    Isn't really about operations, but something that would that we would really, REALLY appreciate. The Bat has a lot of wildlife around it, with a family of groundhogs being the most present. (The mom in the family is named Tom Cruise btw.) We absolutely love having these groundhogs out and about near the queue line. So please, please don't throw rocks/glass or jump the fence and try to chase them. It happened a lot today for some reason. Not only are you endangering the animals, but you're potentially endangering yourself. If you want to SEE the wildlife, don't MESS with the wildlife. And now something to contribute for operations: Drop Tower has really weird, complex, and at times frustrating seat belts. Once the ride is over and people try to get it, many get stuck and can't unbuckle. To make everything go faster, all you need to do is pull down on the restraint and bring it to you as close as you can, and THEN unbuckle. Bringing the restraint down just makes unbuckling a LOT easier. If you can't do it, just sit back and let the associate coming around help you out.
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    Let's not forget Camden Park: Big Dipper, Lil Dipper, Haunted House, Pronto Pup Stand!
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