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    It’s posted. No more midnight closes Saturday in July? That’s a real bummer, the only one that’s a midnight close is July 4th. Midnight closes for Haunt too. All around pretty bad news. I wonder if this is a noise ordinance thing.
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    The name given to the blind astronauts baby in the movie Deep Impact...
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    Next piece of track is in!!
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    The anticipation of the new season starts kicking in when Kings Island publishes their operating calendar for the year, and that time has come again! Kings Island's Opening Day for 2020 will be April 11th. With the opening of Orion, Kings Island's newest roller coaster, this season this is sure to be historic and one to not be missed. Besides Orion, what are you looking forward to the most ant Kings Island for the 2020 season? I think the changes and upgrades to Area 72 is what I am looking forward to the most this year besides riding Orion. Link to the 2020 Calendar: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/calendar-and-hours
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    Gift horse? How is Kings Island giving a gift to us by having less operating hours than last year or (still) more than Cedar Point? Kings Island provides a park and we decide whether it's worth going to for x amount of money. I don't see anything wrong with expressing a little criticism, a paying customer has an amount of discretionary income and businesses have to compete for it.
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    It sort of shows this in the announcement video, but i'm not sure if this will be the actual entrance.
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    I wonder if the underside of the roof will be planetarium style with the Orion constellation on it.
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    He likes picking on people.
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    Looking at where they are this morning and the forecast, they should be well in to going up the helix by tomorrow evening. The next few sections are ground level and the first support heading back up is already in place.
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    Kings Island put on their Twitter account that they will release their 2020 operating calendar tomorrow at 3 P.M.
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    Nice burn. I loved Vortex but that was good.
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    I doubt that the cut hours are noise relate but yet another penny pinching move in the theme park industry. Much like closing when it rains instead of following the posted schedule. To save money and at the same time reducing guest experience. longer hours on crowded days allows people to see all the attractions. Cutting hours will not accomplish that. The theme parks really don’t care anymore since most of their ticket sales are passholders and they already have their money. This will backfire in the long run. If the only time the parks are going to be open as when they’re crowded people are eventually going to quit buying season passes for such an unpleasant experience
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    Can anyone tell what the people on the roof of the station are doing?
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    Not only am I looking forward to Orion, I am also looking forward to the experience every time I visit this magnificent park. While I visit Kings Island every year, I will actually gain two new credits this year: Orion and Invertigo. I always seem to forget about Invertigo, but not this year! Kings Island is a top-tier Cedar Fair park and a top-tier park in general. Can’t wait for the 2020 season!
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    An always open Rivertown Freestyle of course!
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    It'll look a lot better than that. That looks like something a teenager could make in Microsoft Paint in 15 minutes. Another piece going in now.
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    I know when I worked there at Skyflyer, by the time midnight rolled around, the place really emptied out. They have had the 1am closing time for Haunt for quite some time. The first year they had Haunt the hours were 8- midnight.
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    I agree. I hope there is more than that. Banshee's sign is an 11/10 in my book. Hope they make it look special!
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    The thing I noticed right away is they did away with the midnight closings in the summer except for July 4th weekend. I think they are trying to keep the piece with the neighbors.
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    Yeah, I hope there is something hiding behind the FoF building. Does it show anything in the blueprints?
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    Haha not exactly! An announcement of a calendar... which we probably essentially already know since they released preview night on the web site and opening day via Christmas ornament.
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    It’s old damaged track, has been there for a while Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Back on topic. It looks like they've completed the airtime hill.
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    Oh you don't know who Orin is? Im sorry!
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    Today we should see the approach to the helix.
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    Back when I lived in Indiana, we hardly ever had Good Friday off because we had snow days to make up.
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    You are correct. They are very good at what they do. Cleo is in the process of moving over toward the helix.
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    This is probably for the kings dominion coaster. Looks like wing track.
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    I'd be very surprised if we get another coaster so soon.
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    I do expect a full ride on Orion will end up taking about 3 minutes: -About 1 minute just to climb the lift hill: Orion DOES just have a chain lift and not a super fast cable lift like Millennium Force does. You will actually have some time to think "Oh crud this is actually really tall" during the ascent. -1 minute of actual ride section -1 minute of brake run until you return to the station Granted this was likely by design, as it also gives the ride crews about 60 seconds per cycle to dispatch trains without too much stacking. With the fact Orion is likely not gonna have loose articles (will probably use lockers) this thing is gonna have awesome capacity (probably similar to Banshee's), which it will probably need on opening weekend as well as on busier days like July Saturdays and Haunt.
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    The fact of the matter is the park has decades of data that informs every decision they make regarding the operating calendar. You may anecdotally think a certain aspect of the calendar is popular, but if folks aren’t voting with their feet (showing up/staying), then it’s not worth being open. Have a little faith that the park that can add multimillion dollar attractions every year knows what they are doing.
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    Orion and Vortex will share the same opening/anniversary date! April 11 will also be Vortex’s 33rd anniversary.
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    Roof of station is turning same blue as track!
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    Apollo 13 launched April 11, 1970.... Anyways hoping my kid manages to stay awake late enough for night rides this year on all the coasters. We usually only make it till about 9pm with rides, and then she just wants to chill and ppl watch lol
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    Yeah i was just stating there was work being done. There is something black on the station roof.
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    A new episode will be coming soon. We already have the subject picked out. Just need to record the episode. I know it has been a LONG time since the last episode posted. We will try and have more frequent episodes.
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    View from the cam makes it seem like God is coming down to view Orion's progress lol
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    The parks hours are released at 3pm today. We will know for sure then.
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    St. Louis which is heavily Catholic would never have considered it. School year or school day would have been extended instead. Speaking of holidays, who is for making Super Monday a national holiday?
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    From someone who goes to Mason, that day is a day off. They’re calling it a “Personal Learning Day.”
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    So Mason is making the kids go to school on Good Friday? Cool story bro. Mason School Calendar
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    It's easier to see Vortex on the DB cam this morning and it looks like the Batwing is still there.
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    I visited KI 5 times this year. Had a blast every time. Vortex was a favorite growing up. I'm happy I got to ride it during the final season again. That was cool. Before this year I hadn't been on a coaster in 22 years because I wouldn't fit. Dropped half my weight and changed my life. Also visited KD, Kennywood, Hersheypark, CP, Carowinds, SFoG, KK, HW, Knotts, Strickers, Lake Winnie, Dollywood, SFMM. What a year. Fit on everything without a problem. Can't wait for 2020 and Orion. And many others.
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