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    Going to best buy to get a great deal on a Nikon D3500
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    Going to best buy to purchase a Nikon D3500, I’ve heard they have a good sale.
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    On this day last year, the final big piece of FH came down and today the last piece of Orion went up.
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    His web site: https://bradross.com/ How we know.
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    Glad they got track work completed yesterday because it is snowing pretty good here right now.
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    ^I still have my fingers crossed that the park comes up with something to sell...they really don’t have to go all out like they did with the SOB plaque. I would be happy with a small piece of track packaged the same way the SOB bolt came, with just a simple certificate...that way there would be no big commitment on their part and no big overrun cost worries.
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    All I know is that the minute the park decides to sell off her orange and blue bones, I need to be informed so I may add her alongside my SoB plaque. Also, I would not be surprised if somehow the park gave a nod to the past like they did for SoB when Banshee opened. Can’t rule out the possibilities. I could see a sweet Vortex marker nearby whatever goes in her place. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, it looks like they've installed the lockout area fencing for the first drop.
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    Still hoping trees could grow in that hill more around Diamondback lol
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    Looks like a fenced lock out area to me. Lots of coasters have them in areas where the track gets very close to the ground. I believe Fury does. Diamondback has one too.
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    Is it just me or does it look like there is a rectangle thing at the bottom of the first drop?
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    Clearly not shot with a Nikon D3500
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    New KIBlog post about the track completion. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/january/track-work-done-on-kings-islands-orion-roller-coaster
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    Here’s one I just made: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It snow, but it melt that quick, global warming is coming to us.
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    I just hope the quantities aren't super limited again if they do it. I have one of the SOB plaques and I believe it was 1 of 250, but Vortex is way more important to me.
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    The lineup was announced for Spirit Song 2020!
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    As of 1045, what appears to be the white crane from Orion construction is sitting out in the far corner of the parking lot to be staged for shipping.
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    Answering your question!
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    Man I missed alot yesterday. I was sick so i slept all day.
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    Awesome find! Wow. Son of Beast was insane....
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    Well Wild Gravity Travels wasn't the only facebook page that messed up earlier today. I don't know If anyone has seen my page before, but I run Cedar Fair Photo Fanpage. Anyway, I made the mistake of posting that Orion was finished too. However, I don't think I'm that well known yet. I only have 500 likes. Hopefully, after reading this post, some of you might look me up.
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    WCPO has a little aerial footage from the helicopter today in here.
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    I'm still laughing from this burn.
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    There was a severe “jolt” at the top of the hill following the large drop. It.was.bad. So they re-banked and re-tracked that portion of the ride.
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    Remember KI once had helicopter tours over the park as an upcharge attraction. So there was no ban then. Worth noting, the copter pad was located approximately where Firehawk and Orion's ques are (will be) located. Here's some nostalgic photos for you - courtesy of yours truly - that show the construction of the pad, and an overview of area where Orion has been built. Looks a bit different, wouldn't you say?
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    I'm really looking forward to this. My favorite show I've seen at Kings Island was the Ed Alonzo show in 2012 and 2013, so it will be nice to have something like that back.
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    I am just real excited for my first Coasterstock!
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    Looks like they are starting to pour concrete for the queue....
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    Schedule posted now. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/events/coasterstock Orion not in the evening sessions.
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    That is what I was thinking when they cleared the land at the beginning . Now it’s harder to say but they definitely have plenty of space back there if they ever wanted to do something along the lines of monster trucks. That’s if they don’t use Vortex spot.
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    Mine is the same way until I start to play the feed.
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    I’m assuming the next step is installation of electronics and sensors.
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    I love The Bat for several reasons. But once it reaches the end, that spot would be great for an RMC (better than Vortex's spot IMO)
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    I don’t have any knowledge of the patch jobs done after the 2006 issues. Truth be told, I was over SOB by then. I guess they probably had to usher in a large crane for the loop removal etc - but not necessarily one of those large semi- permanent ones with the box type structure. I thought you meant after it ran for media day (when I first rode) and they ripped out the curve leading up into the rose bowl. BTW - for posterity - SOB never quite ran for the public as originally designed and built. It’s a real shame because media day rides were far superior - albeit was too extreme for the GP. I’ll never forget that experience. Such a shame... doomed from the start.
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    Confirmed: Don has an endorsement deal with Nikon.
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    Paging @Hawaiian Coasters 325
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    Screaming Swing please!
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    Kings Island's long awaited Giga, at 9:29 AM, is finally completed. I can't believe this is happening!
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    Thanks for the information. I love when you share the things you have learned over the years. Even if some of them are war stores that have been exaggerated over time. I have learned a great deal from you, and hope that you continue to post on here.
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    I met Taylor when I went to Kentucky Kingdom (after Holiwood Nights 2018); it was cool! Also, I was briefly a member of Coaster Crew ('cause of the discount rate that KIC had that one time they partnered with CC), but let my membership lapse. I didn't do any meetups though. I may consider joining a coaster club this year as I'm considering doing Coasterstock at KI as I've never done it before.
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    As someone with their favorite B&M being Nitro, I am digging all those hills that are banked and curved at the top. One of the big reasons I like Nitro so much is due to it having a few hills like that. They are outstanding on the outer seats with the airtime and laterals combo. I'm giddy with Orion now with it going to be taking those elements a wee bit faster than Nitro.
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    I take it you have never eaten at Harmony Hall? Take Coney BBQ, Larosas, Island Smokehouse, and Hanks and put them in a single building to choose from. A great variety of food options in one place.
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    And it should be noted that the Lindner ownership years were generally not good years.
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    Here is an article that may shed some more light on the subject: https://www.upi.com/Archives/1992/07/31/Kings-Island-to-be-sold-to-Paramount/4515712555200/ Keep in mind that American Financial Corp, was owned by Carl Lindner. In 1987, he not only purchased KECO, but purchased Taft Broadcasting as well. The way I understand it, KECO managed KI, but its direct ownership was not with KECO after KECO was purchased, if that makes any sense.
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    Man those pictures are really hard to look at! Also looks like the filter or whatever they had on the DB cam is gone.....unless its just the weather doing it.
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