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    Oh...you don't have to worry about THAT around here!
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    As an adult I am impressed with how nice The International Street buildings look all lit up at night...I imagine to a young child they must appear even more magical.
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    I thought it was going to be a long off Season waiting for Orion but I never thought it would be this long.
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    I pointed out a small error, as I think it's important to keep history accurate. Only had to put more effort in cause you kept commenting
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    As for The Interpreter, I have always thought he was an acquired taste...you just had to know how to read his comments, otherwise they could sometimes come off as rude...which I don’t think was ever his intention. I only had the privilege of meeting him a couple of times in person, and I concur, he was always nice.
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    Winner, Winner, Chicken diner. From my research so far for my project, yes there were new gondolas that arrived at Kings Island for the Skyride, but they were just additional gondolas to help increase capacity of the ride.
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    Is Orion still testing? @Waltny
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    File for unemployment immediately. It also sounds like you may have type 1 diabetes. If so, your also qualify for assistance with your medical expenses. There are options out there for insulin, Reli-On being a very affordable alternative until this situation runs its course. Check with your doctor. I can't give medical advice, but as someone who has lived with T1D for 40+ years, I can be a sounding board for you.
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    AFAIK Kings Island's Flying Eagles, while located at at Coney (called Flying Skooters), had their their original tubs scrapped/overhauled/rebuilt and replaced. The KI attraction had already received a major alteration before it was ever transplanted. Heck, even Kings Island's Grand Carousel has horses that are not original to it. I was also once "told" (you know how that goes) that the Scrambler has had more than one major overhaul - including seat/car replacement. It could be (and has been) argued that the Post article didn't exactly describe the ride in question here. Sounds like it, but also not. An Octopus and Monster are two entirely different rides, and neither IMO have gondolas "suspended" from the arms. The other oddity is that it ran in a paper at the end of the season... and just a few weeks later the park announced the HB overhaul for '82. None of it really "adds" up. That's why I've never particularly given it much merit - because it doesn't make sense. Maybe the writer asked why the ride was missing, and was given that info? Maybe the intention was to replace it? Maybe the intention was to add a similar ride in addition to it? Maybe the person(s) they spoke to were incorrect, or said something entirely different. Maybe the writer didn't pay attention, or got information confused. Who knows? Hence my earlier response - couldn't tell ya. I appreciate Ty's clarification of the timeline of events regarding Fury - very thorough. I personally always appreciate Ty's posts. My particular sentiments about the blog were stated because I very much appreciate that the Park - in this case, Chad - is taking the time to invest in the history. They are doing a great job of it. Prior Administration at the park actually strove to ignore, hide and destroy that history. I'm always personally very happy that they are taking the time to care.
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    Great wolf lodge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is rough. We still have a long way to go. 2020 was going to be an amazing travel year for us. We are still employed but it's scary. People are still hoarding food and it's hard to find the things we need. Hopefully May 1st if the light at the end of the tunnel. I pray each night for the nurses doctors and the janitors that are in harms way. I work in a hospital and I get nervous going in the building each and every day. I pray that the researchers are able to quickly find, test and mass produce a vaccine so we can stop living in fear.
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    Yeah, it was warmer on New Year's Eve 4 months prior.
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    I don’t believe this has to happen, things could be done to prevent it.
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    Those reading my long posts LOL will know that this comes as no surprise to me....and long overdue....The CDC Now Advises Everyone To Wear Masks In Public.... https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/wear-mask-public-coronavirus-advisory-214838750.html
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    Bavarian Beetle, Bat, Demon, King Cobra, Ghoster Ghoster, Son of Beast, Firehawk, and now Vortex. Would you argue KI to have the most famous collection of defunct coasters or should that title be given to a different park?
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    I don't know what the temperature is down at Kings Island, but I got that feeling in my head of how nice it would be to ride a roller coaster right now. I guess I'm using my imagination.
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    I lost my job once due to downsizing years ago* I can understand your feelings, it can be scary. Unless someone has been through this it is hard to understand how it feels. (Things that you once considered important don’t even enter your mind because of the really important things that you are dwelling on.) Once again, I wish you all the best and try to keep thinking positive...although I know through experience that is hard. *In the end I did find a new/better job and it turned out fine...I hope the same for you.
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    Interesting... and also odd. Sky Ride was added to Coney in 1964 1965, so replacing all the cars only eight seven years later seems strange. Is it possible that maybe just additional cars were purchased, considering the ride would be longer at Kings Island? @Shaggy is correct - from Charles J. Jacques, Jr.'s Cincinnati's Coney Island (a wonderful resource on the old park), "New ships were added to the Flying Scooter [in 1960], which made the ride more maneuverable." Here's a shot of the ride at Coney in June 1968, shared in some Facebook groups by Mark Bengel: You can see that the bases of the cars are more angular than they are in the photo @gforce1994 shared.
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    It's funny (silly?) to me they can still call that "area" Oktoberfest.... Is it really even an area anymore? How is Viking Furry "Oktoberfest"? And the slingshot thing? What about the Festhaus you say? Oh, you mean the "panda express building"?
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    It’s called LogRide. Great app for keeping track of all the coasters you have ridden and it has all the parks to choose from
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    I can only speak for myself, but here is where my through process stands. Whenever I have purchased something in advance - or taken part in an installment plan - I viewed it as a "contract" between buyer and seller. I am paying for goods, or for a "product", that is forthcoming. If I do not pay, or complete my payments that would break the contract. Same is true if the product is not supplied as promised - it negates the contract. In this case, the "product" is essentially a fluctuating license to enter and use the park's facilities for a time period. For now, said time period is indefinitely on hold for reasons beyond anyone's control. So that leaves the "contract" in limbo. There are a lot of unseen challenges that can greatly affect a business' timeline - how and when they do things. I work in a business that is pretty similar to KI in terms of product. The impact of the virus has sent us reeling, and essentially scrambling to uphold our end of the "contract" with our buyers without collapsing the financial stability of the company. At this point, I am not sure we will survive this... and how we "react" to the situation will greatly affect the company's longevity. I have no doubt that Kings Island has every intention to uphold their end of the contract - after all, they are a guest driven business. However until a firm calendar can be set, their hands are likely tied as to the options they may offer ALL buyers simultaneously. Unless they can offer those same options to everyone, then they cannot move forward with a solution. I certainly understand this virus has sent many previously financially stable households into a tailspin - including mine. (Yes, I have personally taken a large hit.) However, I still intend to hold up my end of the "contract" that I made with Kings Island and will adjust to whatever options they offer me in due time. I view it in terms of my paying towards my future enjoyment. That gives me something to look forward to in these horrific times. Fact is, whenever this nightmare ends, and things are once again (knock wood) safe, I hope to immediately go to Kings Island and celebrate life, fun and the outdoors like I never have been before. In the meantime, I'm primarily focused on the health and safety of those I love and cherish - as well as my own. I am man enough to admit that I am as scared as I've ever been - and I have seen A LOT in my nearly 50 years. I am devastated that this is happening to our world, and crushed at the thought of all those affected. I pray very hard every day, multiple times a day, that this will be lifted. I encourage others to do the same - pray, encourage, and find something to lift your spirit and keep you moving forward. And for God's sake, stay home. Shaggy
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    Great Wolf Lodge EDIT: @Waltny beat me to it lol
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    Great Wolf Lodge Edit: The other post didn’t show when I clicked on the notification.
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    I don't know, I feel like his trolling was harmless. I've seen worse. Heck I think his name was on a tombstone for Banshee's teaser
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    Is it dumb for me to ask who Terpy is?
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    He'd say, "Those like me who know when the park will open, can't tell you."
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    Last year's opening day had some pretty cold rain and boy did that rain hurt on Diamondback!
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    From the 9-1-1971 Cincinnati Enquirer.
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    I never knew that the gondolas changed between Coney Island and Kings Island - do you have any more information on this? And fun fact, Coney Island only had three Sky Ride towers. A fourth was added when it was relocated to Kings Island.
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    Sometimes the press misunderstands... You can found articles where Steel Vengeance is called the tallest roller coaster in the world...leaving out the word hybrid makes that article inaccurate...and it would be wrong to cite that article and make the claim it is the tallest coaster in the world... Almost every new ride you can find an article that is wrong...you can find articles where Orion is called the longest coaster at KI...leaving out the word steel makes that article inaccurate....it happens... especially if the reporter knows nothing about rides... I personally have been misquoted in the media...it happens...anyone that deals with the media has probably been misquoted or what they said was misunderstood..it happens... Maybe that was the marketing spin KI put on it at the time as it was a complete refurb...or maybe the beat reporter didn't know anything about KI or didn't like the assignment or didn't care about getting the facts right or simply misunderstood...or maybe the reporter's first time to KI was in 1981 and the monster was gone for refurb and when the reporter returned in 1982 Monster returned but their experiences led them to believe it was a new ride...how many times have we seen someone report here a new item or something they saw at KI and someone shows an older picture that it was there long before then...Heck, go over to page 218 of the Orion construction thread and someone pointed out a new building by Viking Fury that has actually been a Churro stand for several years... Do you know how easy it is to make a statement like "This is our new ride this year. We took it completely apart and did a complete refurbishment on it and reinstalled it" and someone simply runs an article with just the first part "new ride"....it happens... Some historical information we have to go by the written record, inaccuracies and all, because nobody is living that experienced it. Sometimes we can talk to the people that were there at the time and has the records is better than what the media reported in some backpage space filler...at the end of the day it is a marketing story for the park and is just a ride and not emergency level information needing to be conveyed to the masses...
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    Monster is (and probably always will be) an underrated ride. I never knew they painted the ground in all those colors. As for the time it was "missing", could the answer be similar to how Shake, Rattle, and Roll went missing for refurbishment? It is not uncommon that flat rides are stripped completely down to nothing every few off-seasons.
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    accidentally hit b instead of v
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    Took me a solid second to realize that was taken at WinterFest. lol I can't notice things.
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    I know what you mean. Start a discussion here:
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    Oh I don't question that Fury was used to (thankfully) keep Monster alive. At this point I'd be surprised if it wasn't a hybrid of the two, and big kudos to Kings Island (and Cedar Fair as a whole) for caring for these classic rides enough to keep them running. Also I like your reference to the Ship of Theseus - I think the "Coaster of Theseus" is a fascinating philosophical discussion to be had Anyhow, to push this more on topic... Here's some interesting shots of Monster I've stumbled on over the years with relevant information. Hopefully users find them enjoyable. Here's a rare June 1970 shot of Monster at Cincinnati's Coney Island, a couple years after it opened. The picture was shared by Mark Bengel in some Facebook groups about a year-and-a-half ago. Note the circular "skirt" around the base of the ride - I don't think that ever made it to Kings Island (but anyone please correct me if I'm wrong). A funny 1972 screengrab from The Partridge Family's I Left My Heart in Cincinnati episode (note the YouTube link is a cut version of the episode). I've always found it interesting that a keen eye could spot security, management, etc. lined-up against the fence watching. I'd be surprised if Kings Island allowed people in the ride area like such for any reason today. A 1974 shot, shared on this site in this incredible topic. I believe that spiral pattern was added in 1973 (or possibly mid-1972). I'd love to see that return someday. That infamous 1981 shot with the ride missing It was originally posted on fuse.net, but its page is long gone. (Hopefully without going too far into it, for anyone unfamiliar... the old rumor was that KI removed Monster for the 1981 season and shipped it up to Canada's Wonderland, where it opened as Shiva's Fury. In 1982, Monster re-opened at Kings Island but it was not the same ride - instead, it was the one that had been intended for Canada's Wonderland. Canada's Wonderland operated our "original" Monster through 2003, and in an ironic twist it was ultimately returned to Kings Island for spare parts usage. However, looking at a 1980 construction photo of Canada's Wonderland you'd see Shiva's Fury... which debunks that whole rumor, as Monster wasn't also gone from Kings Island in 1980. There's still the question of why Monster was missing in 1981 though, and the newspaper excerpt shared by @KIghostguy is worth discussing.) One more shot and much more recent (and from KICentral's own photo gallery). Those tube lights were removed from the top piece around 2005 I think... Cedar Point's still has them though, so hopefully someday Kings Island will return them to our ride.
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    I never said or implied Chad made anything up. The ride closed in 2003 and was later relocated to Kings Island. Possibly Chad mistook those dates as "the ride was closed and relocated to Kings Island in 2003". Seems like a simple, easy mistake to me. And in terms of ride parts, the central unit on the ride, the individual pods, and the arms all appeared at Kings Island at the same time in 2008-2009. I don't know if there's much else from the ride that would've been shipped down separately from all that five or six years earlier. I had forgotten about this until now, but I actually have a personal picture of part of Canada's Wonderland's old ride at Kings Island. The picture was shot from Eiffel Tower on May 23, 2009. I wish my camera zoom had been better, but it's still identifiable. And the reason I took the picture was because the part was something new and hadn't previously been there. And you can compare it to the same part in our own Monster in this picture, as posted here in June 2015 when the ride was being refurbished.
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    And for all my reasons stated back on page 37 and supplemented on page 40, I feel that they will not open if all they can provide is 2 months for essentially season pass holders...I hope I am wrong, but the data just isn't trending that way. Why do you believe they will open other than a gut feel? Singapore is a totally different situation, but even they were not immune to it. You can find dozens of articles like this that outlines the steps they took and the proactive approach they took. Why didn't others follow their textbook? They also have no real privacy laws either so they can do a lot more than we can. Look at my compare and contrast on page 28 to see the differences between there and here. Now my example was China, but if you research you will see Singapore did the same things and even more...Maybe Universal Singapore never has to close or maybe it will if they get the big second spike...but in any data analysis there is always an outlier and one park being open compared to all the rest is the wrong data point to focus on, unless the focus is to why could they stay open while others closed... Here are interesting statistics as of this afternoon: USA makes up about 4.25% of the world’s population; 24% of the total known Coronavirus cases and leading all countries Italy makes up 0.8% of the world’s population; 12% of the known cases China makes up 18.5% of the world’s population; 8% of the known cases India makes up 17.7% of the world’s population; 0.2% of the known cases Hong Kong makes up 0.1% of the world’s population; 0.08% of known cases Singapore makes up 0.08% of the world’s population; 1.0% of known cases Japan makes up 1.6% of the world’s population; 0.2% of known cases Now go and compare/contrast the measures each country took…Why does the USA have more cases and is way out of whack compared to our population? Why is Italy 0.8% of the population but make up 12% of the total cases? Why is Hong Kong and Singapore about what you should expect (% of world population equals % with virus)? Why is Japan well under their world percentage? Why do some countries require masks and temperature taking to go anywhere and others don't? The questions are endless... Some of it could be countries varying access to testing. Some of it could be countries not accurately portraying their numbers. Some of it could be they reacted more quickly than others. Some of it could be some were able to implement and enforce their method of choice to contain it better than others. Some of it could be lack of protection measures available...Some of it could be their demographic is older and sicker than others....Some of the first countries that experienced this virus just started to loosen the restrictions and had a spike and went back to closing things down....Lot's of reasons and one can certainly spin it to meet their bias. But as long as we maintain the world leader in cases and eventually the leader in deaths, the longer it will take for our "normal" to come back...
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    Believe what you want, but the pieces of The Fury / Shiva's Fury weren't at Kings Island in 2003... or 2004... or 2005... as stated, they first appeared around 2008 or 2009. They're visible in Google Earth in 2010, so for sure they were present by then. And to back-up the claim that the pieces were still at Canada's Wonderland during those earlier years... Here we have some posts from August 2007 with one user indicating where the ride pieces for The Fury were stored at Canada's Wonderland. Here is another forum, also August 2007, referencing another defunct ride and how it "would be in peices [sic] behind the park with Shiva's Fury" And the forum I cannot find on CWMania.com... sorry I can't provide a direct quote, but I remember a 2009 thread where it was discussed that, during an enthusiast event, it was shared that the pieces of The Fury had been sent down to Kings Island. The blog post is a great summary of the Eyerly Aircraft Company and its contributions to the amusement industry, but the wording suggesting Shiva's Fury was donated to Kings Island in 2003 isn't correct. Shiva's Fury was ultimately sent down to Kings Island, it just took a little bit longer.
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    Thanks,@standbyme. The wall was either built by Irish homesteaders or slaves. I haven't been able to determine that. I have been told it dates to the 1840s to 1850s. The rest of the boundary fence, back around the rest of the farm hasn't fared as well. But it's still a testament to hard work and tenacity. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    It is a double-edge sword. Would I like my family's money refunded and we decide at a later date if we will purchase - absolutely. But we paid the money and CF has spent/allocated where that money is going and these businesses have bills to pay too. If all these venues started paying refunds, then these companies disappear...and if they disappear too fast, the creditors are in line long before pass holders are to get any money back... The hard fact and truth of the matter is when someone purchases a pass in one year for the following year (or a gift card or any advance payment), one is essentially purchasing it on good faith that the company will still be around when it is time to use such purchase, whether it be season passes or gift cards, or anything of value bought in advance. We are also assuming that we will be in good health and not dead in 6-9 months when the park will be open. There is always a risk to purchasing for something in advance. Usually a purchase like this is a safe bet...and unless CF never opens again, we will get our value just at a later date... The park sold passes in 2019 at a discount for the 2020 season. We as consumers either decide to take advantage of that offer and accept the risk or wait until the following year and pay whatever the going rate is at that time. Whenever something is paid for in advance, the risk always exists that something may happen to render that purchase useless. Whether it is an event like this, a company goes out of business, or someone is scammed by paying someone to build them a deck and then that person takes off and the money is never seen again and a deck isn't built... It's life...and sometimes life sucks...but for many years, we got a great deal out of purchasing the year before for the following year... If I added up the savings differential over the years we have had passes, the savings more than pays for what we paid for passes for 2020...I know that isn't money in my pocket now, but that savings did allow us to spend it on other things throughout the years. Many know I feel like this season will be wash....but I also feel like CF will do whatever they can to make it right. If they do not open this year, the passes will simply move to 2021, but I also believe they will develop many more opportunities in 2021 for pass holders to try to make up the best they can. If they are able to open this year, I am sure they will do everything they can to make up for things that were beyond their control. Does it pay my bills now, no, but it pays their bills so that they can offer a park to us when the time is right... One thing this will do, at least for the short term, is modify people's spending habits and not buy a pass until the following year...or pay for anything in advance. It will be interesting to see what CF does to try to overcome this new consumer spending habit... I know many people that never pay for anything in advance. My one friend would always tell me he took the $100 he was going to spend on a pass in August and invested it and the money made on that investment paid for the now $140 pass in April....
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    Each year I try and enhance my lawn and landscape. These daffodils were planted, along with many others,from early to mid January. That is 2 months past recommend planting time. They were clearanced and left for dead. But they proved that something great can come from a bad situation. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Somehow I've never noticed that.
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    Two very good points. Please avoid posting political opinions. That is blantely against the TOS. Quoting what was said by political leaders that goes with the topic at hand is ok. It is when we begin adding personal opinions and remarks about the political leaders actions is when the TOS starts getting violated. To @Outdoor Man's second point. It is a hard time for all on how this is could be affecting other KIC members personal lives. Please keep your fellow KIC members in mind when posting about these sensitive topics.
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    The 2020 park map could be one of the most valuable park maps if the parks never open.
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    He was super hostile to me. I think he created a really toxic environment on here. I was delighted the day he left and never came back.
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    I'm bad with abbreviations here. What is CSF?
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    There's a nice photo of it here. It was a Paramount casualty; I believe it was ripped out in the mid-90's along with the bridge over the pond in Oktoberfest.
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