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    @Joshua yes they are limiting store to about 20% capacity. Line starts at front outside and only one door in and one door out. When someone leaves then another guest will be allowed in. The aisles are going to be one way traffic... The good news is for those itching to go stand in a queue line, you can now do that at your local Walmart a week earlier than the originally planned KI opening. You are sure to get a rollback there too...
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    Also I would like to say thanks to all the people who donated to me on here. Means a lot to me and that I get to help these families
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    Featuring a video by KICentral. Go give it a read! Thanks @DonHelbig. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/april/this-date-in-1979-testing-of-the-beast-roller-coaster-began
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    That was last year- I was there. It did not help that Cedar Fair had just updated their policy on Arrow coasters needing to reach 50 degrees to open, versus 45 in years before that. It also rained a decent amount on passholder preview and a bit more on Opening Day (though Opening Day was not as bad). Because of the "bad" weather though crowds were very light for opening day standards and many rides were under 10 minutes, save the new Kings Mills Antique Autos and The Beast when the 40th Anniversary T-Shirts were being given out. 2018 was warm (70s), sunny, and crowded. I was there for PP 2018 too- my sister didn't even fill me in that we were going until we were halfway to the park!
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    First up, I wanna thank @collin.klopfstein for showing me that phone app- I found it awesome and just spent a few hours digging through my old trip reports to try and log my ride counts. Based on that app, here is EVERYTHING I am missing from Kings Island, including Planet Snoopy...plus my reason why I have not ridden them yet. NON-KIDS FREE RIDES Kings Mills Antique Autos (Wanted to try these in 2019, but they were always a 45+ minute wait when I went past due to the fact they were brand new that year) UPCHARGE ATTRACTIONS: I have not ridden either of these, due to their extra charge nature and the fact you are held up by just some skinny cables terrorizes me. Sling Shot Xtreme Skyflyer "KIDDIE" Rides (Haven't ridden these due to their kids centric nature) Charlie Brown's Wind-Up Joe Cool's Dodgem School Kite-Eating Tree Linus' Beetle Bugs Linus' Launcher (of all the non-ridden kids ride I would be most likely to ride this one in the future as it looks decent enough) Peanuts 500 Peanuts Off-Road Rally Snoopy vs. Red Baron Snoopy's Junction Snoopy's Space Buggies Woodstock Whirlybirds If I have been on a kiddie ride, it was probably because it wasn't THAT kiddie (see: Woodstock Gliders which I found pretty fun) or I rode it as a 10-year-old back in the summer of 2000. And finally Orion NO ONE (save maybe some KI Employees perhaps) HAS RIDDEN ORION YET- it has not opened yet!
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    B&M is a very reliable company, and that's what Kings Island wants, as an enthusiast, I'd love an Intamin any day, I think Intamin produces better rides than RMC (wildly overrated rides honestly), I don't think a B&M Floorless coaster is the right move, part of it to me feels dated, but if Kings Island went with one, you would still see me there on opening day, we make up probably a little less than 3% of Kings Island's attendance, I'm sure a B&M Floorless coaster would draw big crowds.
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    Idk I just don't see the park calling off the season unless they get to a point where they absolutely have to like sometime in July.
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    They may wait but since Knott's mentions platinum passes, it is pretty much a foregone conclusion this will be chain-wide... ...also this announcement does lay the groundwork to later simply say they will not open this year ... To make the announcement now that passes will be good thru 2021 is a telling indicator of such likelihood...
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    Well it was just confirmed by Knotts Berry Farm, KI hopefully will follow suit. https://www.knotts.com/passholder-update
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    It’s a term referring to full-time associates. Their name tags are gold instead of white.
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    This morning just before I woke up, I had a dream that I was at Kings Island and the Goodyear Blimp flew over. I started taking pictures of it and then I said I'm posting these pictures on KI Central. And in that dream I said I wished I was over by Banshee because it would make a better backdrop. And later in that dream, I said at least Kings Island is open now, but if Mike Dewine and Dr. Acton hear about this, they'll shut it down.
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    The final decision to close Vortex was not even made until September, 2019. Additionally, Don is area manager of digital marketing and Chad Showalter is the director of communications. They have no say as to what the park installs. Most (all?) Cedar Fair full-timers are invited to media days. For instance, you can see Greg Scheid in the background of GateKeeper media day videos, Jason McClure in Banshee media day videos, etc.
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    @collin.klopfstein KI is 4 hours away from CP so I'm sure they were invited. CF ultimately decides what a park gets- not Don or Chad
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    Yes, I remember one Opening Day in particular (2018, I think, because Firehawk was still around) where all three of the Arrows didn't run as it was too cold. EDIT: Speaking of Firehawk, look how red the newly painted track was its opening year: https://rcdb.com/3793.htm#p=19045
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    I agree . . it will have to be an already proven, very reliable type of coaster with high capacity. Something like a B&M dive or wing would fit that bill perfectly. But I still would love a Maverick or Copperhead Strike. How reliable are these coasters? Capacity?? I would also love a ground up RMC. I think it would look great if they could make it part of the Rivertown and put the queue closer near Larosas Pizza.
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    I think that was put on by an outside company. It would not only depend if the park opens by then, but if the company is back up and running by then. And the odds of those are probably on the lower end.
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    I would love to have a floorless. I wonder if they could get the new restraints on them since they would build one from scratch. Would make up for the lost inversions. If they do add one, I hope it stands by itself in terms of being different and unique. (Sorry for the double post, but felt like it should be two seperate comments.)
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    If this ends up being true I'm excited for this, I really don't see anything wrong with them replacing a Top Spin with a 4D Freefly, I think I said it in another thread, if you forget about Volcano for a second and look at this as a Crypt replacement, that's a darn good replacement that I'd be more than happy to have rather than an empty plot of land, and yeah, I think a true Volcano replacement is in the works, we'll just have to wait and see.
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    If this article is accurate...at least the state of Ohio should be better off economically than most others. (I'm in Illinois...so we're about in the middle.) https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/coronavirus-states-hardest-financially-154119387.html
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    CF should add milk to the drink plan. Lots of flavors to chose from with a Freestyle machine.
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    Knott's is a little easier because they are a year round park so they can keep those passes rolling after New Years. Now, I do expect other CF parks especially KI to follow suit. Doesn't confirmed they are closed for the year, but it will make things better if the park were to open in mid June or July.
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    Gold passes at cp will have been good for 3 years lol. Screw that
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    I know something like this would be extremely unlikely for Kings Island however, this would be a type of coaster I’d want to see the most at the park.
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    I suspect NHL will follow suit since they have a similar season duration and a lot of their teams share arenas with the NBA
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    Basing my answer on rides that currently exist. The upcharge rides and a couple of the rides for little kids. My last visit was Labor Day weekend 2014, anything installed after that is also a no.
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    So when do we get the Orion cam back? Surely they’re done with testing by now.
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    Looks like they’re going to cancel the NBA season. The original plan was to have playoffs in late July: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2884996-windhorst-nba-angling-to-cancel-2019-20-season-after-chinas-cba-shutdown
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    This is far more than politics in this era. It's right vs wrong. Decency vs immorality.
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    Yes but IIRC if you donate cash the day of the event in person you would still be able to participate aslong as it is $150
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    The park is dead from views around the park. The rumor is that even the gold tags were staying home for the last two weeks. I will say that I only did a drive by 3 times in the last two weeks One odd development during the last week is that a large number of cars have been parked in the far north corner over by GWL and I don’t think they have moved in a few days.
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    I don't know, I feel like his trolling was harmless. I've seen worse. Heck I think his name was on a tombstone for Banshee's teaser
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    They haven't gotten a coaster since 2010. Shockwave is gone and Hurler is SBNO. Their last major announcement was wifi, more snoopy attractions, and more guest perks and they didn't even announce Winterfest for next year. KI has gotten a pretty generous amount of coasters since the Cedar Fair buy with one being a re location and the other three being ground-up. Even parks like Carowinds and Canada's Wonderland have been getting some more love in the ride department. What's up with Kings Dominion?
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    I believe that Cedar Fair’s statement issued out of Knott’s today is an indicator as to their mindset. I believe it is truly a “read between the lines” statement. Their statement today severely negatively impacts their 2020 third quarter earnings (more below on that). I find it very telling that before even 70% of their parks were originally scheduled to be open that they made this announcement. Nine of their 13 parks would not have been opened yet this year when they made today’s announcement. That is a huge indicator and red flag. It is also important to remember that Cedar Fair is a publicly traded company and that affects the type and timing of their communication. I outlined on page 37 of this thread over 25 reasons why I believe the season will be a wash (and statements like Knott’s further add to that ever growing list). My analysis was looking at all data: data from the health and science community; data from others in this industry and what they are doing; data from other business sectors; history – both from the 1918 pandemic and current history from the countries that saw this before the USA; financial considerations; and my own personal experiences. Cedar Fair is a publicly traded company. They live and die by quarterly statements. First quarter for 2020 (Q1) will be slightly down (maybe $10-$15M) from normal as the closure of Knott’s and postponing of Carowinds and Kings Dominion opening were towards the end of the quarter. Historically Q1 is 6% of their revenue. Q2 is when they start to ramp up because parks are starting to open. Q2 typically makes up 30% of their revenue. Suspending payment plans hurts revenue this quarter. Q3 is where they make their money – typically 51% of their revenue comes from this quarter. All parks are open daily during all or most of this quarter. Company outings and daily admissions make up over 50% of their attendance and most of that will be during this quarter. Pre-sales of passes for the following season occur during this quarter and it is strategic why it happens when it does - to help boost earnings for the quarter if weather impacted attendance. The announcement today SERIOUSLY impacts Q3 of 2020 as people are not going to have to renew passes… Q4 they start to drop off again. Q4 is typically 13% of their revenue. This is the quarter where most of Haunt and all of Winterfest falls. They also continue to pre-sell passes for the following year. They make great stocking stuffers. Let’s analyze these quarters for 2020: Q1 - Cedar Fair can nothing about it now – that is already in the record books. In all likelihood Q1 will be down from previous years. Q2 is going to be dictated by all the stay home and social distancing efforts taking place. These keep getting extended. Virginia has already issued it through June 10th, so that impacts Kings Dominion. My post on Page 36 outlines the impact that date has to Kings Dominion IF that stay-at-home and social distancing order isn’t extended. They now suspended payment plans (good for consumer, bad for CF), so Q2 is going to suck from a revenue perspective. Based on current trends of pushing out social distancing, Q2 will end up having zero parks open. In all likelihood Q2 will be down from previous years significantly. Q3 is where they make their money. If stay-at-home and social distancing efforts keep getting extended, it seriously hurts their bottom line. If these Orders last until June 30th and IF the all clear is given for everything, it is unlikely the parks would be in position to open at the start of Q3. It will take weeks to get back operational, get permitted to run, train staff, etc. Shows and other entertainment events will probably not occur. They will not be able to give the experience pass holders are expecting. In all likelihood, business sectors will be open up slowly and evaluated before opening up more. Where do seasonal attractions fall in that lineup? Will people come out or still have fear? Will companies cancel their company outings to parks and will daily gate admissions disappear because people lost their jobs – these make up 50% of their attendance? Cedar Fair is taking all of these into consideration. The announcement today SERIOUSLY impacts Q3 of 2020 as people are not going to have to renew passes for 2021… Q3 is likely down from previous years. Q4 is 13% of their revenue. Yes, there are costs associated with Haunt and Winterfest, but staffing, training, etc. has mostly been encumbered in previous quarters. The cost to “open up” just for Q4 is not going to provide a return on the investment. So what does this all mean? Taking all the other factors I have mentioned above and on page 37 out of the equation, from just a science/health/biology/virology standpoint, this virus will follow a generally known pattern. The unknowns are the specific durations and peaks, but it will follow a bell curve in some form or fashion and will have at least another wave if not two more before a vaccine is available. Our country makes up 4.25% of the population, yet we have 26% of the known cases. That is an outrageous difference. Other countries have responded better than we have so it will likely take longer for us to recover (see pages 28 and 41 for more details). The peak keeps getting shifted, which is good as it should mean healthcare is available (which we have seen in some areas it is not), and it is also bad as this new normal gets extended and more and more people lose their jobs. But at some point we will hit that peak, and then all the measures taken will hold that peak at a fairly constant level for a certain period of time (current projections are one to two months before it starts going down). So the latest model shows we peak in early to mid June and hold steady and then starts the decline at the end of July. And then of course we will then start to see restrictions slowly removed and reevaluated and either more open or we close again. Early history from countries starting to re-open is they had to go back to restrictive measures. Cedar Fair is a business first and foremost and a publicly traded company at that. If we do not see the decline of the bell curve until July, then the next question is at what point on the curve are we given the all clear? That could be a month or more before we start seeing a gradual opening up of businesses. At this point the parks will essentially lose all of Q3 as well. At that point, if the expenses to open and operate for the rest of the year are less than the revenue generated, it does not make sense financially to do so. Based on everything I have seen and analyzed and posted in previous posts, that is why I believe from a health perspective we will not see parks re-open this year. As the NFL chief medical doctor said "As long as we're still in a place where when a single individual tests positive for the virus that you have to quarantine every single person who was in contact with them in any shape, form or fashion, then I don't think you can begin to think about reopening." Now that was for football, but the same statement can apply to amusement parks. Opening and closing a park is a huge financial burden. No park wants to have a case traced back to them. Certainly Cedar Fair has certainly analyzed that same data and all their internal data and discussions with investors and others and made projections and decisions that led to the statement issued today. They absolutely destroyed their 2020 Q3 earnings with today’s announcement and put a dent in 2020 Q2 earnings as well by suspending payment plans. The announcement today SERIOUSLY impacts Q3 of 2020 as people are not going to have to renew passes… If the projections are that only 10 percent (or whatever percent they decide) would be daily admissions or company outings if they open after a certain date and thus would have no new real revenue as everyone going would be pass holders with meal and drink plans, financially at some point it makes sense to not open… If they stay closed all year, it just so happens that this decision will make sense from a financial standpoint as well…take the charge and move on... Being a publicly traded company, they will find a way to take a charge on this for filing purposes and have it minimize their financials the best they can. I have worked at publicly traded companies. I have seen business decisions made based on what it would do to a quarterly earnings and take the charge (loss) that quarter or year or kick it to the next quarter/year depending on projections and earnings. Sometimes the decisions defy what one would think is common sense, but you have to look at all the factors and make a decision. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. For all we know this could simply be a moral obligation/decision as well – suspend payment plans to help those that need that money now for other more pressing things, but that decision comes at the cost of the park now not being able to open this year if the all-clear is given due to that delayed revenue stream…Of course they could never say that because too many would slam them for taking away their opportunity to ride Orion because people couldn't keep up with their payment plan and who knows what other horrible statements people would post to FaceBook... Now all of this changes in a moment if some existing drug that is readily available is found to be a cure or vaccine or elected officials ignore science and their medical professionals and decide to say "Screw it" and re-open up the economy... Short of that, based on history, we could see this in some form or fashion be our current normal for up to the next 18 months... TL:DR – today’s Knott’s announcement to suspend payment plans and make all passes are good thru 2021 has significantly hurt their revenue stream for the second quarter (payment plans was their only revenue at the moment) and absolutely destroys 2020 third quarter as nobody will be renewing passes for 2021, leading to a likelihood that they believe 2020 cannot be salvaged and will not open this year.
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    I don’t know if this has already been talked about, but Grand Carnivale is scheduled for June 6-28 if the park opens by then. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/events/grand-carnivale
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    Anything is possible, but a season pass is meant to cover 12 months of revenue and expenses, not 18 months of expenses..to make that announcement now before many of their parks were even originally scheduled to be open is a telling sign as to their thought process that they do not believe they will open this year... This announcement is just one more strong indicator to everything I posted many pages back (page 37) as to why it is unlikely we will see the parks open this year... ...and yes I am aware that they do offer new pass holders essentially 17 months when they purchase a pass in August that gets them in the rest of that year and the following year...that is what is called a loss leader and it is an intentional way to acquire additional funding that quarter and because meal and drink plans for the following year were not valid for the current year under that promotion, CF hoped that these people would then spend for food and other things during the "free part" of that promotion...and they hope that once they purchase a pass, that they become a renewal pass holder in future years... I am glad they followed others leads and have suspended payment plans for the time being to help out everyone trying to pay more pressing bills!
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    I would prefer an intamin multi launch launch coaster without the spike TBH. I honestly don't know how the spike would work with capacity.
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    I got nothing like that. I'm on a payment plan. My home park is CP.
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    It probably isn’t a problem on the slower coasters but even 50mph is a lot of turbulence. You could set this up as science fair experiment. Testing at different speeds and if you want to go for gold try to mimic the acceleration profiles of various coasters. Though I would not recommend that on a busy interstate. A motorcycle might actually work best for this. I don’t think there is a helmet law here in OH as I see lots of no helmet cyclists. Come to think of it maybe motorcycle helmets are the key here. Would help keep the masks on and act like as a sneeze guard and discourage you from touching your face. If helmets became the norm, Vortex’s demise might prove to be premature and Rougarou would become more tolerable.
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    These are the people getting screwed for paying in advance (albeit that is the business model for these kind of trips): https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/parents-furious-student-tours-not-offering-full-refunds I think most agree that Cedar Fair will try to do right to their pass holders once they can re-open.
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    He'd say, "Those like me who know when the park will open, can't tell you."
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    I lost my job once due to downsizing years ago* I can understand your feelings, it can be scary. Unless someone has been through this it is hard to understand how it feels. (Things that you once considered important don’t even enter your mind because of the really important things that you are dwelling on.) Once again, I wish you all the best and try to keep thinking positive...although I know through experience that is hard. *In the end I did find a new/better job and it turned out fine...I hope the same for you.
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    I'm gonna continue this on the kd thread I created so this thread can be for wing/4d talk
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    Not sure what press conferences you’ve been watching.
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    Kennywood has already announced there will be discounts to extend the pass through the rest of the season next year, so we know that it will not be full price. But how big of a discount will it be? Enough to justify buying one to fill the gap? Currently my thinking is, your 2020 pass is good through June, 2022 passes will likely go on sale in August with the rest of the season free. Just skip going to the park in July and get 2 and half years for the price of 2. If I was in management I would offer a combo 2021/2022 pass to 2020 pass holders at a slight up charge over what a one year pass would typically cost. But this is all still very fluid, we have no idea when the parks will open this year. It is very possible, and maybe even likely this is not the last time this changes.
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    Believe it or not, I find WindSeeker to be significantly more terrifying to me than Drop Tower. The worst thing about DT for me was my ears popping the one time I rode it. WindSeeker looked like it would be relaxing, but the way those seats are engineered are anything but. They perfected the sensation of absolute insecurity with those restraints.
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    Think this coaster will get a rename? https://rcdb.com/6727.htm
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    So @collin.klopfstein and I are members of the ParkFans Forums, which means that we will be among the first people to see any blueprints or site plans for KD Project 2021. Once we find them, we will post them here and keep you guys updated on any new developments!
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