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    I think a renovated Racer with new trains, fresh re-tracking, new paint job, cleaned up station, etc. would be awesome.
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    Amusement parks will hopefully be addressed next week.
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    I believe the reason that Drop Tower uses so much energy is because the magnetic brakes are rare earth magnets and are therefor always energized (you don't want to loose your breaks if the power goes out). Therefore the elevator mechanism has to have enough umf to pull the ride vehicle up thru the breaks. When you watch it cycle you will notice that the elevator speeds up once it clears the breaks. The Bat phone went away at some point and I believe it came back in one form or another (a phone or camera) when Banshee opened. It may be gone now but I'm not sure indicating that they may have updated the power distribution for that side of the park.
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    Yeah, i was supposed to be on the first train, I was spot number 15. If it gets cancelled, It’ll be a little disappointing but I’m still glad I raised over 600 dollars for families in need
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    Nope nothing new. I think they will at least do a media day so that they can show off the ride to the media and let them talk about it to their audiences. For the people who raised the money for the benefit, I think they'l do something. It might be a multi day thing so that they don't have huge crowds coming at once. Probably depending on how much you raised.
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    I am over it and ready to go ride. The death rate is turning out to be very low and 40% of that number is because of idiots that sent covid patients to nursing homes. I am ready to open all of it
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    Kentucky Kingdom has been cleared to open at the end of June. This was just released by the governor of Kentucky. This also includes the small Beech Bend Park in western KY.
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    "As far as amusement parks, zoos, ect. We will have info on that next week. So we will be back in touch with everyone next week" I'm glad we finally have a timeframe to expect an announcement instead of continuing to guess on when that might happen.
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    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/japanese-theme-parks-will-urge-guests-not-to-make-loud-noises-on-roller-coasters-upon-reopening/ar-BB14IcZ5 If requested at KI, I guess we can all stay silent and just do jazz hands as we go down Orion's first monster drop. Riiiiight. ;-)
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    Some news out of Cedar Fair today. https://ir.cedarfair.com/news/news-details/2020/Cedar-Fair-Expands-Its-Suite-of-Mobile-Apps-to-Promote-a-Healthy-Smart-and-Fun-Filled-Guest-Experience-When-Parks-Reopen/default.aspx
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    Glad to see Kings Island share a clip related to Orion's station. I'm also glad they have not shared any POV videos or footage of anyone riding. It would just be so cruel right now. The info about Flight of Fear and Drop Tower sharing power is so interesting. I would not have pegged Drop Tower as a power hog considering it is a fairly slow lift to the top. I suppose the gondola is pretty heavy and it is a vertical lift.
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    The Schlitterbahn waterparks in Texas are planning to reopen in mid-June. This would technically make them the first Cedar Fair parks to reopen. https://www.schlitterbahn.com/home/corp/information
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    The initial hope was to run 4 trains, but that obviously never happened. I can't speak to KD, but KI did in fact have 4 trains on site. I believe the decision was made by the park upon testing, due to the length of the coaster and the brake/block set up. Other things, including other KI coasters and how they were were operated from a safety standard, factored into it. All 4 trains have eventually been used on the ride, just not simultaneously. One train has not been usable since the early 2000's. OL:FOF did run 3 trains for years. It opened late - with just single train operation. It was mid-June before the public was allowed to ride. The trains were shortened - during testing - from 6 cars to 5. This was because it would valley at the lowest portion of the track prior to final brakes. The rumors of a "Bat Phone" are true. This came about when Drop Zone opened in 1998. They both pulled from the same power grid. I recall supervisors having to "call" before launches, but I'm not positive if it was true of every launch. Part of the requirement when operating the unload side was that you had to drive from ready to unload, unlock restraints, open safety gate, eye the seats for left articles, raise all "down" restraints, replace any "ear buffers" on the OSTRs, clear room, close gate, then send train from unload to waiting. The unload op was under a time pressure because of the challenges of timing launches. BTW, I was on crew in 1998, but to verify, I asked some of the Rides Managers at the time of whom I am still friends. That's the info I feel I can share. As far as SOB - I only recall it running 2 trains. It was designed to operate 3 not 4 afaik. Beast was designed for 4 but never operated publicly as such.
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    I hope Kings Island gets a Floorless roller coaster someday.
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    Or maintenance has nothing else to do so they are having some fun. The Bossman said fine, but if you break it you fix it. OK.
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    LOL! That is exactly what I told the guys at work. We are expendable
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    When my Mom was a kid, seatbelts weren't required by law, but her parents always made her and her siblings wear seatbelts because her parents understood the law of physics. Also sorry for double post.
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    I mean, its obviously a snake, a tree and a bat.
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    According to my "communication" and presentation class supposed to "tell you what I'm going to tell you", then "tell you", and finally "repeat what I told you". So guess we are at phase 1 of communicating?
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    They did a lot of work on the blue side and last season it ran better than it had in years in my opinion. One day I rode both sides to get a good comparrison and you could really feel the difference. I think the red side got work done as well this paat offseason.
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    Racer is one of the two rollercoasters (Invertigo is the other) that I refuse to ride at the park. Retracking and maybe replacing the trains would go a long way to making me want to ride it again.
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    Here’s this article. Seems the Ohio tourism industry is losing patience right now. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/05/ohio-tourism-industry-losing-patience-with-gov-mike-dewine-lack-of-timetable-for-reopening-zoos-museums-amusement-parks.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's going to be anywhere, especially if the symptoms are mild enough that they think it's just allergies or something else. And I don't blame them, it's clear the systems meant to help aren't in any hurry ( unemployment, 1st stimulus checks etc many still waiting) to actually help. the goal was never to stop it completely just control how fast. So that our healthcare system isn't overwhelmed more than it already is. More people wearing masks would help but that's almost a moot point now.
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    If BLSC ever bites the dust in the future, I'd love to see us get a Mack spinner like but more family oriented, maybe something like this or Time Traveler with no inversions.
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    To this day I never received my "pass perks"
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsoctv.com/news/local/carowinds-look-different-once-reopened-due-coronavirus-officials-say/KANO4KCBXVD4HGKSFYRKVTXRG4/%3foutputType=amp I’m glad to see this. At least we know the measures they might take.
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    I don't think Holiday World's in danger of being overrun. They're running at drastically reduced capacity and yet haven't even sold one of their days out yet.
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    Cabins being moved from a parking lot location to the campgrounds.
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    plz explain to me how it’d be cruel to send out a POV, it’d actually make me happy if anything...
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    I made a script for a 1st video on a new YT channel I was thinking of making. Haven't decided if I actually wanted to take the time to edit it and record the audio. We shall see. It's a vid that goes over the major capital improvements the park might see in the next decade or so and the finances that go behind the decision for the park to do such a thing.
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    Gates are there - it's just a wide loading platform.
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    I think I will vote after I ride Orion. Voting before is not a fair to the poll.
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    I wonder what this crane is doing here. Photo credit: legomaster, Fye coasters discord.
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    Bring Gerogia Scorcher to KI. I've heard its one of the best standups out there and it would be cool for KI to a stand-up in their line-up again.
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