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  1. Sounds like someone just put out an old tombstone/decoration where the coloring on the name had deteriorated. I don't think there's a whole conspiracy afoot here. Probably some seasonal employee grabbed it from the storage area, threw it on a truck, set it out with a bunch of others, and then went about their day.
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  2. This article, from a couple of weeks back, really hits hard and explains much of the turmoil at Disney. It is worth noting Cedar Fair announced Matt Ouimet's departure from the FUN Board five days prior to the CNBC story breaking. A departure I predicted, at the time, may be related to management issues brewing at the Magic Kingdom. While this article is a rather long read, clocking in at about 12,000 words, it has more plot twists, excitement, and villains than most recent "block buster" Disney film releases. Read. Think Ouimet. Tragic, or magic? https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/06/disney-succession-mess-iger-chapek.html
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  3. I have been very impressed with the videos she has been creating. She has an awesome talent. Hopefully she is hired full time when her internship is up.
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  4. Not even a consideration for me. The extra 50 yards closer for parking is not worth it. I prefer to sit by the fountain or at a show to relax. Not in a VIP next to a bathroom. I have a meal plan. I don't need to snack. Extra pass perks??? Ummm no explanation needed here. I sprung for all season fast lane, so the 1 use fast lane doors not really help me. I guess the 2 bring a friend is nice, but not worth the extra cost for me.
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  5. A second Panda Express that serves teriyaki Chicken
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  6. Mods Please Delete
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