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    King Ding Dong

    Action Zone

    There already is a stage in Action Zone. Some people want to replace it with a parking lot coaster.
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    Just rode fronthe of Vortex (taking my aspirin now) and I have to say this. @VortexBFForever was driving and she is the smilingist operator I have seen all day. Can't tell if she is enjoying it or laughing at the rideas. LOL
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    Not necessarily a say, but a do... While I was driving Vortex during the last hour of operation today, I saw a puff of smoke (or vape?) come up from a train I was bringing in. For the first time ever, I spieled "Just a friendly reminder that smoking is not allowed on any ride here at Kings Island...yep, I saw that!" The culprit had an "oops, you caught me" look as he exited. At least he was a good sport about it.
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    Dress code in the park

    I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again. Until the park polices YouTube, and any other video posting site, and asks for videos to be taken down, this will continue. Ride op's don't really have the ability, or the authority needed to catch/stop this. Remove the forum, the problem goes away. If you can't get those "likes" there is no reason to take the video
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    Dress code in the park

    Oh my!!! Yeah, I was at the water park all day Monday and kept seeing the same woman with a black bathing two piece on and the top had, In HUGE white letters, “CUTE AF” - let me just say, it was no where near accurate. lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Welcome to The Giga Speculation Thread: 100 pages of arguing in the making.
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    Overheard in PS today "Lets ride Snoop Dawg" Sent from my SM-S327VL using Tapatalk
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    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    Not a guest but a ride op... We were riding AE last week and as we were pulling out of the station, the ride op said, "See you back here in about 2 minutes, unless we don't. We lost a train last week."
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    Kings Island Steakhouse

    No way no how do I trust this food department to handle steak.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    This response makes no sense to my comment. An Intanin coaster started your love of coasters, we get it. There is a first coaster for all of us. The overwhelming announcing it and over defending them is what other members are getting irritated with. At this point we all know your position on the subject. I am on day 3 of being at CP. The only coasters that we have had issues with down time have been the Intamin coasters. That does defend the park wanting to go with a B&M. I am not coming on KIC to go team B&M. Everyone has their favorites and that is fine.
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    I went on The Bat yesterday, which is something I rarely do, an the ride op told us to enjoy our ride on Top Gun.
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    Peanuts Sketch School

    Has anyone had the opportunity to do this? It starts at 2:30 and they do a different character every hour on the half hour. You also get to hear interesting facts about the Peanuts characters. It’s really well done and really fun! I highly recommend!! Bonus: it’s in the newly renovated Enchanted Theater! I’m no artist, but these are the ones I’ve done:
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    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    "Can you give me the 5 dollars in change in quarters? I want to monopolize the white water canyon geysers" (unknown guest at my sales window) Of course I obliged.
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    This is the poster I acquired from the 20th Anniversary special in 1992. I was 10 at the time .
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    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    I remember when I was little, there was a 30 on The Beast sign and I mistook for "3D" and I said "Is this ride in 3D? I don't want to ride it if it is" thinking about that just cracks me up
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    Wow, I've neglected my list. I can cross a few things off... and add one more. -Ride Woodstock Express -Ride Xtreme Skyflyer with another human (not solo) A big thanks to @Magenta Lizard and @jcgoble3 for flying with me!-Have something at the Smoothie Shack near Diamondback-Buy a unique souvenir(s)-See the Ultimate Dog Show at least once-Marathon water ride day (ride each one at least once in the same day)-Old West Photo with KIC friends-Watch fireworks on International Street sitting beside the fountains while indulging in a delicious treat I had a turtle caramel apple the night I was at the park with @jtro223-See the Ultmate Stunt Show- Complete every Haunt Maze-Don Helbig selfie I opted for a photo instead of a selfie. We will take a better one when the weather is better! -Ride The Beast in the back row What was I thinking? Yeah, that's not happening again.-Work on a TBA creative project -Interpret the National Anthem (in ASL) as it plays at park opening Did this at Coasterstock near the KI Theatre. Ask @Mrs. No Chickens. She saw! -Perform one of the Greatest Showman songs at the end of the night on International Street with another KICer *cough* @chugh43 -Ride Vortex with @VortexBFForever
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    Kings Island Steakhouse

    Do you think the international restaurant should be converted into a steakhouse. I think this would be a good investment for the patrons who eat steak. this had been at the back of my head since they had built the new BBQ place in Coney Mall. I came up with a perfect name for the steakhouse if it ever comes true. International Steakhouse of Kings Island.
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    Yes, they have new tracks this year. These are all I could identify: - Theme from "Born on the Fourth of July" by John Williams - Medley from "The Cowboys" by John Williams - Theme to "Exodus" by Ernest Gold performed by City of Prauge Orchestra - Theme to "The Big Country" by Jerome Moross performed by City of Prauge Orchestra - Love theme from "The Godfather" (Speak Softly Love) by Nino Rota performed by City of Prauge Orchestra - March from "The Dam Busters" by Eric Coates and Leighton Lucas performed by City of Prauge Orchestra - "Bicycle Chase & End Credits" from ET: The Extra Terrestrial by John Williams performed by City of Prauge Orchestra - Suite from "The High and The Mighty" by Dimitri Tiomkin - Prologue from "Hook" by John Williams - Angry Birds Theme performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra - "Gusty Garden Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra - "Harry's Wonderous World" from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by John Williams - The Harry Lime Theme from "The Third Man" by Anton Karas performed by City of Prauge Orchestra - Tara's Theme from "Gone With the Wind" by Max Steiner performed by City of Prauge Orchestra - Theme from "The Natural" by Randy Newman performed by City of Prauge Orchestra - Overture from "Citizen Kane" ( The Inquirer) by Bernard Herrmann - "Born on the Fourth of July" from Born on the Fourth of July by John Williams Edit- More Songs Found
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    Hey guys, did a quick park visit on Saturday from Charlotte via Delta and just wanted to share some unique pics I took that some might enjoy. 1) Coneys and coasters 2) Nostalgic postcard retro pic 1 3) ET Arch 4) Looking up (referencing Keith Partridge) 5) More arch goodness with iconic Carousel 6) Perfect architecture in a perfect setting. 7) Sommes-nous en France 8) More great architecture (well done on keeping things fresh over the years) 9) another odd view 10) Nostalgic postcard retro pic 2 11) Woodstock Express ("Scooby Doo") love 12) "There's a snake in the train station" 13) Proverbial Beast pic 14) Pic was taken behind Woodstock Express entering the gate. Anyone know what they use the Peanuts Trolley for? 15 & 16) Me at 16 yo in May 1978 working at football toss in Old Coney (1st row. 4th from the left) I know, I know whats with the feathered hair? See 1978 Charlie's Angels reference for those under 40. Last pic is me at approximately the same location June 2nd, 2018 at 56 yo. (GOD I'm old)
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    FeedBack please

    Build up a decent amount of content before you advertise. Right now, people going there and reading one blog post isn't going to make people bookmark it and return.
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    This was such a fun event. I think it’s the best coaster event of the season. Holiday World knocks it out of the park for this event. I love how they kept the park open an extra 30 minuets for us because lightning took away some of our time. I don’t have enough good things to say about the park, staff, & the food. It’s amazing literally having the park to yourself, well 300-400 other coaster enthusiasts. Best Event Ever!!!
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    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    Boo Blasters is already a "Cave of Discovery" for the teenagers in the park.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I can not confirm a meeting of any sorts. All I saw in the picture I was sent (I was not at the park today) was Greg Scheid and someone else I did not recognize walking back by the flight commander pad. It is not out of the ordinary to see corporate staff at the park and doing their job. There is no need to get everyone excited and posting about it in the giga thread. Seeing them back there is interesting, but at this point means nothing.
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