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    Assuming another track piece is added to attach to the support today
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    I've been meaning to post these but I keep forgetting. I took these the day that the lift hill was finished. I also apologize that there are 17 photos but I thought that I should share all of my best shots! Im so glad I found this community! I always just looked at the posts, starting with the 'Decoding 2020' I never thought I'd be involved in the actual content. I appreciate whenever I get lots of likes on my posts! It makes me feel like a bigger part of the community and y'all are the best! Like I've said, I will be taking pictures like this til its done! (I hope to get pics when they start running test cars xD )
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    I went to KI today with a group of friends. I didn't have my Nikon on me, but I had my phone so I of course took pictures. Nothing new than whats been posted, I just thought I'd share! Also, who's excited to see then start running test cars, I know its a decent amount of tine away, but i'm still pumped to see (and hear) that car go down that massive hill! BONUS: I threw in an awesome shot of Vortex!
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    If I'm being completely honest, (and forgive me if this comes off a little negative, especially this late in the game), what we're seeing right now is precisely why I was never on board with the whole "you won't notice 13ft" argument. With the elevation disadvantage, paired with its placement in the back left of the park, I think were beginning to see that it really could have used all the height it can get in order to appear more imposing onto the rest of the park. Or at least, its a slippery slope. I would say that it was never so much about 13 ft as much as it is about 20-30 ft, given the expectation that it was going to clear 300 ft by at least some amount, even if by just 5-10 ft. Having it at 300 flat was kind of pushing it to begin with, but take away an additional 13 ft? And yes, I do think it results in a noticeable discrepancy between this and previous gigas... However, on the other hand (and this is positive), I'm starting to think that what is lessening the ride visually (placement), will end up enhancing the ride from an experience standpoint. Come to think of it, I never wanted this to be a parking lot coaster anyway, so I'm actually glad to see it break from Fury and Leviathan in that regard. Sure, it won't be as immediately noticeable at the front of the park, in the way the aforementioned B&M gigas are... But if better night rides/seclusion come at the slight expense of imposition onto the rest of the park, then that is an A-ok tradeoff in my view! Think about it. Would you rather be riding past a mundane ocean of concrete, traffic lines, and car light glare, OR flying through the trees and foliage of the dark Ohio woods after sundown? I think you know my pick...
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    Orion with its namesake in the background.
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    I came across a twitter post from the KIHistory Twitter page showing a picture of an floral arrangements where they state, "Kings Island used to showcase new attractions in a large floral display outside the park entrance." The picture below taken in 1991 showing the incoming Adventure Express back where the themeing shows the track closed at the now infamous Outpost 5. A lot of people think Outpost 5 originated with Son of Beast, when actually Outpost 5 references back to Adventure Express instead. KIC members have been discussing this for the last several years when it comes to using the Outpost 5 name and symbol for theming of Kings Island's next coaster (now Orion.) The answer to the the origins of Outpost 5 have been right here this whole time. The picture source is @Tomkatt7's picture from his 90's thread posted back in 2009. In addition, @Gordon Bombay in his post below gives a great explanation as well. The next time you hear a ride op say on the microphone: "Number 5 is Alive" it is not referencing SOB 2.0, Adventure Express or Kings Island. It is not related at all. Tell us your thoughts and if you know any more info about Outpost 5. Do you have any old pics of Outpost 5 or the symbol?
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    Giga unconfirmed. That basically rests the case that this is indeed NOT a Giga.
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    @DeltaFlyer is at IAAPA and sent me these photos for the Orion Picture Gallery. Thanks for sharing these with us DeltaFlyer!
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    KI has been working on network software/hardware updates that affected the live stream to the internet. Luckily they were able to keep a local feed at the park to make the time laps video. The timing of these upgrades were unfortunate, but there was no hidden agenda behind them not being live on the internet. At this point, the cameras are back up and running and we can continue to discuss what we are seeing on the live feed in the Orion Thread. Consequently, there is nothing more to discuss. This thread will now be locked.
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    Here are some pics I got this evening.
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    Took a few pics at Winterfest last night with night sight on the Pixel 4. Did not really see anything as far as demo yet.
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    Here is a better photo. Source: https://twitter.com/Attractions/status/1196814696034324481
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    Found this on a reddit thread. Credit to u/a_better_reddit_name
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    Here’s some pics I took!
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    The Bat isn’t getting slower and slower because of age, The Bat has a VFD motor or variable frequency drive and can be sped up or slowed down in the programming of its PLC. I adjusted some of its ladders logic back in 2002 and I’m sure by now it’s been modified many times since. There is multiple position sensors along the entire lift and I programmed the PLC to start slow up the lift until hitting the first sensor to reduce wear on the lift chain from the start then it was programmed to speed up and would maintain its full lift speed as long as the other train wasn’t occupying the block brakes before the station, if it was then the PLC would slow the VFD to allow time for the block brakes to clear and if by the time it reached the last sensor at the crest and the block wasn’t clear it was programmed to stop, again that was done to reduce wear on the lift motor.
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    I did this the other night, i hope this is what it will look like when it's done!! Enjoy!
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    Looks like Orion's 85 degree drop angle just got confirmed from the park!
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    Its now dipped below the trees. I also like how the early morning sun really rims out the track and gives some dimension to it. I also wanted to mention that coming over from Kings Mills you can see this hill now and the lift is majestic from that angle. Also, when coming back from Columbus yesterday at exit 28, you can also see this clear as day and it towers over the park.
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    Happy Orion Monday everyone! Here's a few beautiful pics of Orion with the sun poking through the clouds! Had to share!
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    From the bike trail, on the other side of the river.
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    Anyone have any clue when they will finish the lift?
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    Looks like they have started the rise into the kinda-treble-cleft-dive-turn thingy.
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    I went to my very first Winterfest last night and had an absolute blast. Let me first say that this year has been hands down the worst year of my life for a number of reasons. Getting into the holiday spirit has been incredibly difficult. But my mom and I decided we needed something to cheer us up and get our minds off of the sadness around us and ended up at Winterfest. I gotta say I was very impressed by how much detail they put into it. To be fair, I know I have no previous visit to compare it to, but after having been to other light displays/holiday themed nights at other places, this really blew me away. People were friendly. The whole atmosphere was very warm. And speaking of warm, I loved how they had numerous heating spots to stop for a quick warm up when needed. It wasn’t horribly cold last night, but a little warmth for the nose and fingers helped a lot. I did maybe three rides, one of them being MT of course. But most of the time was spent simply admiring the lights, taking pictures, watching people play holiday group games and listening to people singing, trying ice skating on the royal fountain with my mom. Oh, and eating good food of course. There was so much to do, we didn’t even get to all of it even in the five hours we had. It went so fast. I’d just like to thank the park for an awesome night and for having this event. It helped spark some happiness again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey y'all! Its prediction time!! I have put together when I believe each element should be completed by. I based my predictions off of the completion and testing dates of previous KI coasters! Don't judge me, this is only predictions and just for fun...unless I get them right! Here we go! (Refer to the picture for when I think the elements will be completed by) Last piece to be installed on January 23rd, or the 27th Testing will start a month to a month and a half after the last piece is installed! (March 4th - 16th, 2020) Opening Day: April 18th, 2020 Orion will hit 1,000,000 riders in late May to early June
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    More track going up this morning
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    Turning the camera won my heart back from the #GreatWebcamBlackoutOfThe2000s
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    The park just released the WF map. Along with a great Blog post about WF food offerings. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2018/november/food-guide-to-winterfest-2019-at-kings-island
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    Is it possible this will outshine almost all the gigas as far as ride experience? I think people were under-rating this coaster based on stats and blueprints. Love how that first drop is so steep and goes all the way to the ground only to blast into an amazing second hill.
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    I wonder if they ran a full train down whats done of track how far the train would fly once it derails. #RCT3 that boi
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    I know this has been said a lot, but I love that blue color. Looks much better than the renderings in my opinion!
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    Time laps of Orion being topped off. Although the webcam was offline to the internet, they were able to get the footage locally. From Chad Showalter: The park is thrilled that internet streaming has been restored to the Eiffel Tower and the Mystic Timbers cameras. While the construction video of Orion's lift hill wasn't live, we are glad to at least share it."
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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope all of you have a great day.
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    The park added this photo on IG earlier.
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    Uh oh Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    While we wait for more tomorrow, can we appreciate how amazing Antique Autos looks?
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    How is The Bat rough? I find it to be one of the smoothest coasters out there. I've said it before, as long as the older clone (Vortex CW) keeps going, I think The Bat will too.
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    Drove past the park last night. Tower was testing. You’ll be pleased to know that the star is now pixel mapped (color changing) along with the tower. Dominion had this last year, I believe. Additionally you could clearly see that one of the buildings on the train route was loaded with Christmas lights. Looks like it might be twelve days of chromes until Soak City Station (as we figured out before) and then some cool stuff afterwards. Exciting!!
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    It goes without saying, but I don't think I'll be ready either for what's coming...I bet seeing Vortex come down will feel as surreal as my final ride. But for now, as long as Winterfest goes on, I'm enjoying it still being there and not focusing on its impending doom while I (and we) still can.
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    Let's be honest, that queue house is probably going to be salvaged as a haunted house. It'll be the "new" haunted attraction one year, be staffed really well the first two weekends, and then will fall apart after all the temporary decorations and "theming" fail to hold up.
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    Two KIC mods at the same Winterfest experiencing two different weather conditions.
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    Were you riding with John Mattress in your dream?
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    https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-orion-train-cars-revealed John Matarese has reported on it!!
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    Their most recent marketing was buy a 2018 season pass and get 2019 for free. Same offer as most of Cedar Fair, just marketed the other way around. The Beach was very clear that they had a very successful Holiday Fest in 2005 with how Winterfest was blundered. All it did was draw attention to theme park Christmas events. All really was was a ploy to market season passes. The Beach has a million coulda-woulda-shoulda scenarios that you can discuss all day for the Beach being successful. It comes down to several umbrella issues: -Customer service, as @Outdoor Man states, they’ve had some leadership members that were both PR and HR nightmares. If you look at the reviews of the location you will see nothing but negative reviews about one specific person who was at the helm for several years. -Employee issues, see also the statement above. Staffing there is very difficult. Lifeguards make a killing compared to their peers in the industry. This is because the job is tough and often boring. Both KI and GWL pay their guards very well for this reason and still have staffing issues. The Beach paid just over minimum wage. I visited in the middle of summer and they could only open 3 rides at a time because they just didn’t have a staff. That doesn’t even include the revolving door that was all of the management positions. Again, see the above bullet point. -Facility issues, things like an overload of leaves in the pools, decks that should have been replaced years ago, “real sand” that was years old, packed down, and rock hard. Often pumps would go bad and they’d run 2 or 3 slides off of one pump when they should each have their own. That’s why people are getting stuck on some slides, including at the top of the iconic Cliff. -Stooged off opportunities. When the park reopened they had to make several desperate calls to get members of the media to come out for its media day. Why? They FORGOT TO MAIL OUT THE INVITES. You can’t make this stuff up. They also were unsuccessful in garnering the correct media attention for Beach Mountain. Their former PR, a woman named Nancy, did several live hits out of Dayton. She just didn’t have the contacts to do the same in Cincinnati. No one’s coming to your water park from Dayton. -Broken promises - The park’s first GM of the Adventure Holdings era was a man named Ralph Valardo. Good guy to have around. Well connected. He went on every news station and talked about their two new attractions for 2014: a Soarin’ Eagle Zip Line and a mat racing slide. The zip line opened in 2014 (an up charge, no less) and they seemingly forgot about the mat racer until late into the 2015 season when it finally opened. -Marketing - I’m not going to sit here and write a hindsight marketing plan for them, but it’s pretty telling when the average person in Cincinnati doesn’t know that The Beach had reopened years ago.
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    Great pictures as always from Ohio Valley Coasters. It looks like we are about here on the "wave" turn judging by supports and banking: Photo Credit: Kings Island
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    In an off year with no major ride, I would love a full revamp and restoration of Adventure Express. High capacity ride that appeals to and accommodates a large number of guests.
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    Shots my Mom got of Orion from the Kings High School back parking lot:
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