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    Yes as you said, still there. Took this first thing this morning before lighting got too bad. You should be able to see it snaking it’s way through the middle of the lifthill supports. Next 2 pieces should be easily seen from here and drop off parking lot and then the angles get a little screwy again on seeing anything on the ground from outside the park.
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    Photo from a maintenance worker posted on reddit
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    Personally I'd say Rivertown and Oktoberfest need some work. @Sixflags82 had a cool concept for Rivertown. I think Action Zone could be rethemed to the Dark Forest and have Oktoberfest be a sub-section. As always I added every section to avoid bias and get more accurate results
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    Looks like we have our first post-headchopper support up.
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    This coaster is looking better and better. Can't wait to ride it!!
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    These pictures from on DB really make the coaster look like its in poor shape lol. The paint needs done SOOOOOOO bad lol
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    Still out there doing work. You know it’s gotta be freezing!
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    This is my concept for a rivertown expansion. It would include the the enterance of backlot being move to coney mall, 9 new themed buildings, a more defined border between rivertown and Planet Snoopy, the log flume being re-added to the area, the crypt/trtr building being removed, the Diamondback splash down pond being expanded, a new dining area by The Beast in a new plaza, and finally lots of trees being added to the area
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    I'm really surprised those maintenance worker posts are getting traction here on KIC. This site is usually strict with photos. Can't imagine the park is too happy with someone posting current pictures from inside the park when it is closed. From what I read on Reddit, these were pictures someone obtained from their family member (uncle, who was contracted for work, not KI employee). So the actual photographer didn't post these. This didn't come through official channels.
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    I see two possibilities as to why Cleo is not assembling the helix. 1. There is a mechanical issue with it and they brought another crane in to finish the job; or 2. They are going to use Cleo to begin demo on Vortex.
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    Doesn't look like Vortex has been touched since WinterFest ended...
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    Looks like the FOF building has been painted
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    Part of what you are seeing is the oxidation on the exposed steel part of the rails. Without the train wheels keeping that oxidation from forming, that orange rust color really starts to show through. It's just like how brake rotors get a thin layer of rust on them when it rains.
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    Action Zone needs the most to me. There seems to be no real theme anymore just a concrete slab with ride entrances off of it. Think the dark forest theme would be perfect with Banshee an The Bat there and could tie into Oktoberfest as well. Put in some pavers or more themed path through there and plant a lot of trees. Love to see Timberwolf removed for expansion of it but know that isn't likely anytime soon. I'd probably take out Invertigo and Amazon Falls for a new plot of land for a new ride. Oktoberfest I'd put second. It looks great right now especially with the Festhaus glockenspiel being fixed. But it could use some additions to expand it. Having jsut Viking Fury and AE is kind of a weak land, especially when AE doesn't really fit the theme. I'd remove the ladder game and put in a small flat like the new Zamperla Nebulaz and theme it to a Glockenspiel and name it that. Then add in either a teacup or tilt a whirl style ride themed to spinning barrels and name it Der Spinning Keggers to bring back and old ride/name. Ideally I'd remove Sling Shot and put it in there. Latly I know it breaks the 11th commandment but since a lot of effects don't work anymore I'd retheme AE to a Black Forest themed car ride similar to Verbolten. I'd keep the track the same just new cars and some new scenery and effects to liven it up an fit into Oktoberfest.
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    Action Zone feels so out dated. I would like to also see a re theme into a dark forest or some type of haunted area. Theme things like Banshee and make gothic era-esk.
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    Can't wait to see the helix finished. It will be close today.
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    If its like Diamondback... I am sure it is. All they do is lift the train into the storage shed track and push them by hand to connect each car together. I am sure there is electric by now as well. It is run underground so it has been there for awhile. I also remember reading in a blog or something that the operating system is nearly all in place. @Waltny is there anyway whenever you drive past again to zoom in to the lift hill. Can we see if the chain is already in place?
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    It looks like they are about to lay more track for the helix. I am assuming they are putting the two track pieces together from the semi now. Edit: I take that back. Looks like they are double checking the sections of track on the helix.
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    What am i seeing under the lift hill right now? Truck with track on it?
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    That's the new crane I was talking about, it was behind the water tower, was just moved.
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    Wow, for me this really shows a good perspective on how much taller Orion is than Diamondback and how much taller it will look from the top.
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    I was mainly talking about how faded it is. Also the rust looking color as well. i just know its never been repainted and should get a coat asap lol
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    But that RMC would sink worse that Votrex did!! I'll show myself out now...
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    I’ll try a few different angles and the cherry pickers just positioned by the supports. I think we are going to get enough track to span the next two supports.
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    I actually really like this! I like how you brought back The Beast lake and made the area more "wooded." I know we all want a new coaster to replace Vortex but I'd be fine if they left that land alone to regrow that foliage
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    I'm pretty sure it's still there, it just doesn't have any surfaces that are at an angle to reflect the sunlight right now..... You might say it's in stealth mode....
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    I come from the future. Vortex lives to be over 30 years and wooden coasters have evolved thanks to companies like GCI, RMC, and GG. Also make sure to get a lot of rides on the Antique cars because they'll be gone in 05
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    That sunrise is pretty epic tbh.
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    I feel KD should go the route of Knott's Berry Farm in getting rides that are more unique to the United States such as your Gerstlauers, Maurers, etc and go all out on flats like Canada's Wonderland does.
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    Yes, they are adding a food stand and it will be themed to fit with the area. I don't know about seating. Orion and Area 72 will be quite heavily themed. One of Mike Koontz's visions for Kings Island is to bring back theming and charm.
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    Not yet. Next piece for sure as this one is hid behind the brakerun from the usual angle. Thank you sir for the kind words. Its amazing the reactions Ive been garnering on this endeavor. A lot of praise to short of people wishing the worst on me. Such is life and Ill keep on keeping on as Ive become apologist #1 for Orion by default. Also added for your viewing pleasure(or not) is that next piece of track. The next piece is going to have to be long(like first piece of airtime hill after that apex long) to span the gap that is currently between the last piece of track and support.
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    I like the idea of a better barrier between Planet Snoopy and Rivertown, because it all kind of blurs together at Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown. I remember the tunnel they used to have connecting Rivertown to Hanna Barbara Land. It was such a nice little transition area. Also, moving Back Lots entrance to Coney Mall would be nice, as I always find that area kind of an out of the way oddity, and you could put some trees and tables in there for a nice little dining section. Definitely get rid of The Crypt building. I'd get rid of The Crypt entrance, too. Make that a quieter section of the park. Maybe create a wooded area with some nice lighting that's kind of a hangout patio with good BBQ food, craft beer, a nice little hangout portion for us old folk.
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    Yeah there is a 3rd crane on site now. We all know lol. Thanks for the 10 posts about it lol j/k EDIT - First time in a while no track is gone up during the day.
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    Looks like a larger crane is back on site.
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    It looks like the yellow crane is putting up supports on the brakerun side of the lift.
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    Action Zone needs the most work in my opinion, Oktoberfest still has some of its charm. If they added 2 new flats to Oktoberfest that area would be fine. Action Zone on the other hand needs a lot of work to make it feel like more then just concrete and rides.
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    Here's Cleo. Not sure why she's all the way over here....
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    T bone is working on something. I can't tell if there is any track close to Cleo. Cleo would have to be the crane to finish the helix's top portion. I wonder if T-Bone is getting a section ready and will move it close to under the helix and then Cleo will connect and take it the rest of the way.
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    Cleo is lowering the boom...about to be on the move to a better location for this section of the helix?
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    Did they remove the last section of track they put in at the end of yesterday???? Or did I dream the helix had more track completed than this...??
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    Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me!
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    The camera needs some polarized sunglasses lol.
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    Good morning everyone! Let's hope that most of the track on the helix will be finished!
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    And Vortex.....................................oh wait lol
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    Looks to possibly removing the support arms on the lift hill Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I must admit that the posts I look forward to the most in this forum are the pictures that Waltny provides. In many ways these are better than the pictures the park provides through their blog posts because it gives a better sense of perspective as to just how large these elements are. Great work! I got a chance to drive by the park this past weekend. These elements are much taller than I realized. The large airtime hill is right in between the height of Diamondback's third and fourth hills. The top of the helix is only a few feet shorter than Diamondback's fourth hill. This ride is really impressive against the skyline now. B&M hypers are the most picturesque coasters in the world, and it's still in many ways difficult to comprehend that Kings Island now has two.
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