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    Cedar Fair undoubtedly pays a licensing fee for it.
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    I was there from about 5:45 to close today- in both the Diamondback and Orion Queues, there were security guards posted that were doing nothing but social distancing and mask enforcement. I was impressed.
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    Yeah, we didn't get there until around 4:30, and were only there an hour. It definitely could be a thing where compliance waned later in the day, in that case.
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    I found copperhead strike to be more intense and fun then mystery mine and dare devil dive. Can’t say I’ve been on a launching gerstlauer. Copperhead has weak launches but the rest of the layout had some Maverick like moments that I really enjoyed. I agree it’s pretty expensive for a coaster that size but words is that Carowinds was very happy with their investment and you know how Cedar Fair is with working with specific companies.
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    We went on Saturday. Most people were pretty good with masks. I feel like people are much better about wearing their masks on cooler days like yesterday. Distancing in lines was very hit-or-miss. A lot of people just seem unwilling to keep their distance in lines, which is kind of ridiculous / frustrating to me. Like, stopping on the marked spots isn’t gonna cause you to get on the ride any later. I agree with @chibul, there were a few times in lines when it just seemed like a normal day with no social distancing.
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    Also want to mention we had many, many positive encounters with KI working folks today. A ton of "how is your day going?" "Are you having fun today?" "Have you ridden Orion yet?". Last one was an older guy on our way out simply thanking us for coming, have a great rest of your day. Speaks well of the company. After my first visit today it is clear to me they are trying to do everything they can to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. And they delivered for our family. Your mileage may vary, but I saw a lot of people having a good time today. Even with all the protocols.
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