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    I visited KI 5 times this year. Had a blast every time. Vortex was a favorite growing up. I'm happy I got to ride it during the final season again. That was cool. Before this year I hadn't been on a coaster in 22 years because I wouldn't fit. Dropped half my weight and changed my life. Also visited KD, Kennywood, Hersheypark, CP, Carowinds, SFoG, KK, HW, Knotts, Strickers, Lake Winnie, Dollywood, SFMM. What a year. Fit on everything without a problem. Can't wait for 2020 and Orion. And many others.
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    Captain Nemo, hit it right on the head. I think the park was forced to either spend millions of dollars to fix something or retire the ride. Given the ride is so old, they likely decided that the return on investment for the fix just wasn`t there, given the rides age and marketability. I am sure that the park tracks maintenance costs per rider (obviously, that is not a public number, but an internal number for making decisions like this. Because of the apparent abrupt decision to remove the ride, that is likely why they do not have any immediate plans to replace the ride. I am sure that they will eventually replace it with something. It is a rather large plot of land, that is very visible from both the midway and Shake Rattle and Roll queue/ride area.
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    I think this is why KI does not want video of Vortex removal. Seems they skimped on due diligence in selecting the contractor.
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    Funny enough, even after all of these years of riding and getting on the biggest baddest of what the human imagination can currently conceive realistically, I find FoF to be one of those rare experiences where no matter how many times I’ve ridden it, I still find myself brimmed with excitement when lining up for it. There is something magical about walking up into that UFO and watching those classic space themed trains take off into the darkness. The sound of the LIMs will be imprinted in my mind for as long as I live. There simply aren’t any other rides I can think of that give me the same feeling of excitement and. FoF is a unique gem for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Try living near a steel plant, in a major city, or by train tracks. The noises don't stop because it is time for bed. At least on most nights, the park is done before midnight. I'm sorry, but if you buy a house near an amusement park, what you get is a house near an amusement park.
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    I don't see a SOB 2.0 ever happening, at least not with CF in charge.
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    RMC has already done an all steel conversion...Storm Chaser. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Why would RMC work on old arrows when there’s already companies that already do so? As much as I’d love for Vortex to survive it’s not happening unfortunately, if they were going to do a major renovation they would have announced so. Vortex’s structure was designed for bigger track, not some narrow spaghetti track. The structure would be completely useless. The ride is going away, the parks said it multiple times, it’s time to face reality.
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    There might be photos. I wanna see it happen live haha
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    I can still walk and I don’t have to carry around an oxygen tank (yet) so I have not seen any shows except midway ones I happen to stroll past. When the day comes that I need a scooter to get around and riding a coaster requires me to remove my self-lubricating catheter then and only then will I shuffle over to the theater watch a show.
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    I also cannot wait for night rides on this thing! I really enjoy riding Millennium Force at night!
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    If anyone has been back by the first or second drop, the track literally lays down on the ground. I think it’s a cool effect. Honestly, without feeling the effects yet of course, I’d almost rather have a 300’ drop to an elevation of 0 rather than a height of 300’ and a drop down to 14’. I think it’s going to be really cool!
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    It was awesome. My son barely missed 48'' at the tail-end of 2018, but was good to go by spring. It totally re-invented our park trips and he fell in love with Vortex especially but it was great to ride Beast with him for the 40th as well as the others--he even does Drop Tower which is impressive for a 7 year old IMO. In August, we went to Holiday World even though I was a little hesitant since my daughter wasn't 48'' yet. A little creative footwear and some friendly measuring got her 48'' which means we could all ride together as a family. We went right to The Voyage and that ended up being her first big coaster--and she loved it! Had an amazing few days there and enjoyed the rest of the year at KI with both kids being able to ride. My last ride on The Vortex was my daughter's first (and only) which was a poetic way to close the book on that ride.
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    Agreed, but the ride itself is an AFC/KECO ride, not a Paramount one.
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    But they did a great job with the theming.
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    With Michigan’s Adventure getting a Camp Snoopy upgrade for 2020 and Carowinds got Camp Snoopy in 2019. Maybe KI will get it for 2021. Carowinds was fantastic, and KI may not be happy losing worlds best kiddie area after 18 years. KI took pride in having the best kiddie area.
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    Think more family level attractions as a whole, not jstu the kids area. They have a great kids area now and don't want them to ignore it but feel liek more family level flats and attractions spread around the park would be good. There's a few for the whole family in PS but it's mostly just Coney Mall for family rides. Rest of the park seems to be coasters and big flats. Want to see them really focus on addign more flat rides and maybe a new dark ride or something.
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    All I want is some more family attractions. The kids area of the park needs updated.
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    I mean $$ and engineering aside why not. Make it a year round attraction with perfect weather all the time. I am okay paying an extra tree fiddy a year to pay for this upgrade.
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    Y'all...the station is not historic. It was built in what, 1983? It has an appeal to us as enthusiasts, and to a lesser degree, the locals. But my house that was built in the 70s could be deemed historic if we go by how many years it's been there. That being said, I wish it would stay. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    We should do a KIC takeover of Diamondback and yell that towards the houses at the top of the first hill.
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    From my perspective, I would love to live where Mr. Taylor lives. But I am a coaster/park enthusiast. He is not the original landowner, but has a vested interest in his property, as do all the other homeowners in the area. If his side of the story is true, it is truly a black mark on Cedar Fair/Kings Island. He makes it sound like they have not talked to them at all. But I have a difficult time believing that. Locals should expect the park to continue to expand and grow. But, I can see the noise complaints. If the park were to do a good will gesture and insulate his house, put in new windows etc, it would be nice, but the next thing you know, all homeowners would want that. This would set a dangerous precedent.
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    50 years ago when I built my house next to the highway I had no idea that the city might actually grow and need to add additional lanes and now they want to take my back yard away and put a giant concrete wall up. Not Fair! 50 years ago when I built my house next to an airport I had no idea that air cargo would experience such huge growth and planes would be landing and taking off all hours of the night. So Bezos just needs to knock that crap off. 50 years ago when I built my house next to a hospital I had no idea all the Boomer’s health would eventually start failing and need bigger hospitals with ambulances bringing even more patients at all hours of the night. I wonder if CoasterDynamics has a nano-violin kit.
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    Boy did this come to bite.
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    Cedar Point has announced their 2020 additions. First up is the Lifetime Ticket. CP is doing a bunch of drawings where people can get a CP ticket that will let them into CP for free for the rest of their lives! That's awesome! Snake River Expedition is a new boat ride where riders will experience a one of a kind adventure with Trapper Dan! It will be a fun boat ride where you can experience things you can't experience at most theme parks. Celebrate 150 Spectacular will be a celebration that will happen every night, with cool floats, food, music, and other fun things! There will be a new town hall that will feature all of the park's history. https://www.cedarpoint.com/play/events/150th-anniversary More details on the link above!
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    Sounds like some great changes and additions! Snake River Expedition sounds very intriguing.
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    ^ I think its original intent was to keep the skid brakes dry. Wet skid brakes do not function as well as dry ones. Why they keep it now, though, is beyond me. Carowinds and Kings Dominion had or have clones with much more pleasant-to-sit-on brake runs.
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    Woddies always need maintenance and see some of the points, but I don't know how anyone can complain about any KI woddies. Go ride Hoosier Hurricane at IB. Raven at HW. Voyage about 5 years ago before they started major track work was very bad. Most Six flags woddies if they have not been RMC'd. I think we are very lucky to have the KI maintenance team working on Beast, Racer, MT, and WE. They take really good care of our woddies compared to other parks. I think we need to give them a lot of credit for taking such good care of them.
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    That's actually false. There is one block before Unload that can be used if a train is still at unload.
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    Here's some FOF trivia for you... KI's and KD's versions were built simultaneously. However they were constructed in 2 different ways. KI first built the building and then constructed the coaster inside - partially utilizing the crane built into the ceiling. KD first assembled the coaster, then built the building around it. KI won - they completed construction first.
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    Lakemont closed for a few seasons but that was a completely different situation and they still have quite a few classic rides. http://lakemontparkfun.com/attractions/ Back on topic, I think this is a terrible decision and I'm hoping they'll reconsider (though I would actually be surprised if they did). It just doesn't make any sense to me. Every time I've visited the park, the rides have been popular, especially among kids. My three year old niece had a lot of fun on the kids rides each of the three times we visited this year, and I enjoyed riding classics like Flying Bobs, Tempest and the Tilt-a-Whirl. It just won't be the same without the rides and I won't be as inclined to visit now (Sunlite Pool is fun, but it gets crowded and I like having things to do besides the pool as well). I don't think the pool and slides will be enough to keep people coming back as often.
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    Wow! I'm at a loss for words. My family and I really enjoy the ride side just as much as the pool and slides....maybe more even. So sad and disappointed by this news.
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    I think that Viking Fury is closed right now to undergo major renovations. The park is going to enhance the ride by adding a couple hundred feet in height and make it a lot faster. It will be called Viking Fury 325, the tallest and fastest pirate ship ride in the world! It will cast a shadow over the lil’ giga!
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    Yep. I arranged a small get-together during the season passholders’ late night ERT earlier this year, which included Viking Fury. There were only a handful of us participating but we did get some others to join in, including a row of approximately ten year old boys opposite me and a friend, who didn’t know why they were saying it but enjoyed joining in once prompted If we ever have a late ERT on it again like that, I’m going to try to get a group together more than a few hours before. There were others waiting in line when we started the chant who tried to get it going on the next ship, because they remembered it fondly as well.
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    Anyone else remember the “Tastes Great, Less Filling” chants on the ride?
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    @VortexBFForever is our winner with 14 votes with this picture. @Diane Z is our runner up with 10 votes with this picture. Thanks for all that participated there were some great pictures. We will hold more contests in the future.
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    That area around Oktoberfest is one of the few quieter places left in the park. Personally, I'd like to keep it that way.
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    Essentially, the Group Volunteer Program is for groups to raise money. My uncle is a coordinator for my local cub scout pack and has volunteered numerous times. I even volunteered one day and spent 7 hours working at the Subway by The Racer. Essentially, you and your group select a shift to work. The park will pay your group money for the hours you work (something like $5 or $6 an hour, and yes, you actually clock in and out). Additionally, they will give the individuals two to four tickets to visit the park either later in the year, or if you are volunteering in late August, September or October for the following season. When I volunteered, my uncle and I worked in foods. Although, my Uncle has also worked in games and at a merchandise shop in the former Water Works (he is up there a lot volunteering, and the volunteer office people know him pretty well and they know the names of his kids, LOL). In order to volunteer, you MUST be 18. They strictly enforce this rule. The program is to help them staff on busier days, or when they are short staffed. It is a great way to earn some money for a group, spend some time with the very cool park employees and experience the park from a different angle if you don`t work there as a seasonal. Also, after your shift is over, if the park is still open, you will get to enter the park for free. I don`t think volunteers run rides, but they might if they are really short staffed. Food services usually pays out the most tickets. Try calling the phone number for the Volunteer program for more information.
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