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    So my buddy caught a glimpse of the crew testing the equipment again tonight and this popped up on the screen! Could it be?!? SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT
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    Ok y’all! It’s time for a vote! Here is the final 4! Trophy for this one! Heart for This one! Laugh for This one! The 4th option is the above with Mako Purple instead of Red! Put confused for this one!
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    Whoa! I was reloading the blog page due to all the supposed changes being made and found this??? I think I just found the name and logo for the new coaster? Uhhh..... SPOILER ALERT??
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    Hi all- Jes here. I thought I would quickly say hello to the KI Central community and share my excitement for the upcoming season- my 18th with Cedar Fair. I know how important the Food & Beverage operation is to our guests and to all of you, our most passionate fans. It's important to me as well, in part because my friends and family visit the park frequently. But also because at the end of the day, I'm a theme park nerd myself. I want you to know that I am absolutely committed to elevating the Food & Beverage experience at our park. Part of doing that includes seeking out feedback every day. I want to know when our team is rocking it, and when we can do better. Although I won't be an active poster in this community, I can assure you I will personally read every single comment posted here, just as I will when comments are left at Guest Services. You will see me constantly in the park, working with our team to respond to that feedback. When you see me, please feel free to say hello and tell me about your experience. I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for your past and future patronage, and for being such loyal fans over the years. Jes McAdam-Sellers
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    Uhh. Look what I found. I haven't seen this posted yet. City of Mason is nice! If someone else has posted this, let me know.
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    Here's one taken by your's truly in January of 2002... Not sure where I got this next one - but its incredible... (Not taken by me)
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    Ok here it is! Full layout based on blue print layout, high and low points, and supports! I was a little creative with the two turn arounds (reverse treble clef and ampersand / Apollo’s chariot helix) however this is most likely what our Giga will look like!
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    Got a few shots this morning. Can confirm PVC electrical pipe. But look who else was on top of the Eiffel Tower snapping photos. No clues or hints.
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    Haven’t we talked about leaving John Matarese alone?
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    Dude leave John Matarese alone
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    Kings Island Giga No Limits 3D Model Update! I’ve completed the POV, and cinematic off-ride video and Amusement Insiders will post it in the next day or so! I really hope you enjoy the product of almost a month of work! I know, I know, this anticipated POV, video can’t come soon enough but to wet your appetite further, here is the Giga Prediction from no limits photoshopped on the land clearing! Enjoy!
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    Here are my pics from yesterday. Didnt take any professional camera up. Just with my S9+. Plus, was a little bumpy. Watermarked because some people. And these definitely are "exclusive".
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    OK, I'm back with fun screenshots!!! Like I said before, I'm far from the first person here to show off some NL2 concepts, BUT I figured it would be cool to put the coaster approximately where it's gonna go alongside some of my other KI coasters I've built to try and show a decent sense of scale of just how big this ride will be. All of these screens were grabbed at walking height at various vantage points along Coney Mall as well as behind the scenes. I think this coaster will be incredibly fun after visualizing it a bit better. I didn't overlay the blueprint into the map, so the exact footprint may be off in a few places, but I think I got it pretty freaking close. Enjoy! Also for those curious, my coaster is 5,333 feet long. EDIT: Got all my screenshots in! Aproaching X-Base from Coney Mall. This thing will absolutely dwarf Racer. And yes I did paint it it’s original colors. Your view waiting for the front seat perhaps? The Eiffel Tower view. Not the clearest screenshot, but it certainly shows how this will look with the rest of the park! This view would be from behind the maintenance barn. Definitely most looking forward to this first drop! Banking at the top of the turnaround is about 110 degrees. This helix should be really pretty! Just picture an entrance sign right in front of you. =)
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    All of the newer B&M hypers - those built after 2005, are all fantastic. The only B&M coaster I haven't ridden in North America is Goliath at La Ronde (long story!) so I can't comment on that one, but needless to say I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Fury, Mako, Diamondback, Goliath at SFOG, Behemoth and Leviathan are all in my top 10 overall coasters. If B&M is behind this project the ride will be incredibly fun regardless as to how long the ride ends up being. Fury 325 is a better ride than Leviathan. The only thing that a lot of people wished - myself included - is that Leviathan were a little longer. It just feels like Leviathan is way shorter than Fury 325. Out of curiosity I checked out POVs of each coaster from the start of the first drop to the final brakes, and there's an eight second difference in ride time between the two coasters (50 seconds for Leviathan vs. 58 seconds for Fury 325). Eight seconds! The first drops on either coaster are the among the best first drops on any coaster. Very few people will be complaining once this coaster opens. I would be shocked if this coaster does not have at least a 300' lift height. The visual aspect of having a huge lift hill is part of the draw of these coasters. You also have the marketing aspect to consider. The marketing people would prefer not to qualify that the coaster isn't 300' tall, but it does have a 300' drop. It's much easier to say that the coaster is over 300' tall. I would also be surprised if: the trains are anything other than straight 4-across and 32 seats total the total track length is less than Diamondback the ride uses any of the former SOB plot of land Kings Island isn't going to overthink this. They already got the hardest part right - making the decision to partner with B&M to do this project. They know that they only have one opportunity to build a coaster of this magnitude and they've had plenty of time to consider how to best leverage their available resources. One of the world's best coasters is coming to Kings Island. I really hope that everyone who has a chance to follow this project realizes how fortunate we are. Six Flags and Busch season pass holders have a nearly zero chance of ever seeing a project like this at any of their respective parks anytime soon. Are there going to be things about this project that some people will question or dislike? Sure. Just remember that the opportunity to follow along with a project of this magnitude at your home park will only come along a few times in your life. Make sure that you remember this time for all of the right reasons. One of the world's best coasters is coming to our park!
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    It's time! I've included one of DB splashdown as well above. It's a screenshot of the video. I'll upload it later to YT, and add the link here. Enjoy!
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    PSA: The decoding thread will be locked after tomorrows announcement, then the construction thread will be for construction updates. Once we have the official press release, I will create an announcement thread of the new ride info and it will be become the general discussion about it.
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    @malem and I have asked very nicely and multiple times in the last few days to stay on topic, to be respectful, and for the language to be family friendly. At this point we continue to see this being ignored. We will be cleaning up this thread to the topic at hand. Anyone who continues to not follow these simple rules will be getting a warning and possible loss of posting privileges. We have hesitated on taking this harsh of a stand. Guys, we are in the middle of making history at Kings Island with what appears to be the biggest investment ever. KI may not get another investment like this for decades. Are you going to remember and celebrate it with your KIC family, or are you you going to possibly miss out because you did not agree with someone's post?
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    Posters are currently up. If they were down, it was temporary.
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    Here are photos from today's flight over the construction site and the steel fab site. Took at least 400 photos, here are a snippit of them. Enjoy, -Captain Nemo (Gabriel)
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    Thank heavens. We can use fewer overly-entitled passholders at the park. (Not my creation but spot on)
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    Oh lookie here... And yes, my phone camera sucks.
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    Look what I just found! Just kidding, I made it. But I wouldn't be surprised it we see something similar.
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    So this is a thing...
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    The blue track is real! You could see blue track inside the barely open door and some laying out back. I dig the color
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    Disappointment 285
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    First picture I ever took of Vortex: July 1992
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    Taken during Winterfest in 2018. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Here are some shots I took on the way home tonight.
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    44 feet lower than expectations Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ugh. Fine... dont want plane numbers showing. So...
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    Y’all beat me to the punch! After over a month of work and 2 weeks of teasing that the “POV is coming SOON” ... here it finally is! Enjoy and Share!
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    Got yalls update... Nothing new. I've included the pictures just so everyone can verify. Edit: I've added two more pictures.
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    Here are a few from inside the park tonight. Shot from the entranceway of Urgent Scare. Shot from the antique autos right after Killmart exit Shot from the end of the course area of antique autos. Last one just for fun as we were coming in the park after opening with some of the Haunt atmosphere.
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    Your entire post is very well said, @BoddaH1994. Since 2009, Cedar Fair will have installed four roller coasters that are reliable, comfortable to ride, have huge throughput, and are marketable to a regional population well beyond their first year. In addition to that, their other additions have been aimed at improving an overall guest experience. Those additions all beat Tomb Raider, Italian Job, and Son of Beast by almost every metric. Kings Island (and by extension Cedar Fair) couldn't care less whether this ride is taller, faster, better, etc than any of the chain's other coasters. That's completely and totally irreverent. They're not worried about attracting ACERS, TPR folks, or YouTube reviewers (cause ya'll are gonna show up anyways), they want the suburban family with expendable income to come, purchase a pass, have a good time, find value, and spend more year after year. And by all indications—that strategy is working out quite well for them.
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    Leaked giga logo
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