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    Found them. LOL
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    ‍ Two-Time Food Network Champ Joins Kings Island as New Executive Chef A two-time winner of the Food Network's Chopped reality TV cooking contest and contestant on Alton Brown’s Cutthroat Kitchen, James Major, has taken on the executive chef position at Kings Island. Major is a Culinary Institute of America Certified Pro Chef II, a U.S. Navy veteran, and Ohio native. He previously served as executive chef at Great American Ball Park and Funky’s Catering. “ Kings Island has always been a place where family memories are made,” Major said. “It’s an honor for me and my team to have the chance to be creative and provide great food experiences that add to those memories and the fun guests have during their visit.” “In the amusement park industry you’re constantly challenging your team to find new ways to help friends and family come together, and the culinary experience is a big part of that” said Mike Koontz, Kings Island Vice President and General Manager. “Chef Major is here to help create those memorable food and dining options throughout the park that will enhance the guest’s visit.” Park introduces new restaurant, Coney Bar B Que Kings Island also is adding the new Coney Bar B Que to the park’s restaurant line-up. This new fast-casual dining location will offer various barbecue favorites including smoked St. Louis-style ribs, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken and Queen City Sausage along with a fresh selection of side dishes. The location is included in the park’s dining plans. Located in the Coney Mall area of the park, next to the Scrambler, the restaurant’s architecture and theming will pay tribute to the early days of Kings Island and Coney Mall. Covered outdoor seating areas will feature views of Coney Mall and the Grand Carousel. The restaurant will open on April 14, the beginning of the 2018 season. Gold Season Passholders will get a sneak preview on April 13th. ChefJamesMajor_Interview_&_B-roll.mp4
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    A little known fact many of you don't know. Before every season, Don ventures to The Home Depot and goes to the "Trolling Wood" section of the lumberyard. The trolling wood comes in long planks that are made into fences which are slightly taller than the average human being, but are not tall enough that someone can't hold a camera overhead. The fences have very small holes and cracks that offer limited visibility, but just enough to cause curiosity among coaster nerds. Don also buys multiple colored flags that can be decorated around random trees which can cause unnecessary excitement throughout the coaster community.
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    If a tree falls in the forest and and no enthusiast is around to hear it, is it for a giga?
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    Honestly? I like the shed how it is. It adds something to an otherwise dull part of a ride experience. Unlike any other ride in the park (and maybe at any other Cedar Fair park?), it adds a conclusion to a ride's story. And based on the 2017 season (admittedly a small sample, but we've seen theming go downhill in much less than a whole season, like Boo Blasters's fog screen), it appears to be sustainable. To me, based on the park's attempts at themed rides since 1990, that's huge. From Adventure Express to Phantom Theater/Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle/Boo Blasters to Tomb Raider to The Italian Job Stunt Track, the park has proven again and again that heavy theming isn't sustainable and/or of high importance. Whether or not you agree with that focus, I think that one of the things we as enthusiasts can agree upon is that we like it when we can rely upon parks to provide consistent and good experiences, and I feel like Mystic's shed is proving itself to be that for the park. You know what I think its only downfall is? The marketing approach. I think the park did a very exciting approach to marketing it, and I sincerely applaud it. The downside to the approach they took, though, is that it allowed imaginations to spiral beyond reason without any sort of guidance towards what it ended up containing. People's (and especially enthusiasts') ideas started with drop tracks, then backwards launches, then super-secret hidden track not shown on the renderings... It was a frenzy. Before it was over, I think a lot of people nearly had Cedar Point itself being uprooted and moved to that 25' by 100' shed in Rivertown. Real life never stood a chance compared to the imagination. And I have no idea how the park could have curbed the more fantastical rumors without dampening the excitement, so I can't exactly fault them for not saying anything, either. Coincidentally, it's the same exact approach that Paramount took with Tomb Raider: The Ride back in 2001... But that was also a time before social media, when there really wasn't a gathering of people on the scope of Kings Island's Facebook page (or even today's KIC) to collectively ponder and get excited about possibilities. There were budding enthusiast sites like CoasterBuzz or rec.roller-coaster, but that's it. There really wasn't anywhere else for their speculation to travel beyond those places, besides word of mouth. If you look through archived forum threads from back in the day, people guessed ahead of time that it was going to be a roller coaster... And that's really all the speculation was. From what I've read, there was a little backlash when it finally opened, but nothing like the backlash the shed got. And I feel like the lack of large online communities working themselves into a frenzy had a lot to do with that. (I'm not hating on speculation by any means--it's part of what makes this place fun for me. It's just something I've noticed.) Anyhoo, I'm on a tangent. I just think a unique number of factors led to a number of anticipointments, which is why I think so many people don't like it. For me, I like the shed as it is. I'll get off my soapbox now.
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    I really like that KI is paying attention to the theming of the surrounding area when designing new buildings. We saw this with the new funnel cake building in Rivertown, and I hope it’s a trend that continues. Also, did anyone else notice the nod to The Bat in the concept art? Really nice touch
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Let me restate my last post. We are done with B&M vs Intamin. It adds nothing to this thread. Any further posts will be removed.
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    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Clearly it need to be "Kings Sized". Bada bap ba ba bah, Line Jumping isn't a sport.
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    Oktoberfest Area Facelift?

    Took this photo on Saturday night....can we talk about how awesome it looks and a great added touch it is?
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    I know this has been mentioned in other threads, but this definitely warrants its own topic of discussion. Check out this video of the fireworks along with the amazing new light aspects on I-Street. The audio is a little weak at first because one of the new speakers didn’t kick in until halfway through the show, but this really shows you how incredible the street is now.
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    I was browsing Youtube, looking for something to watch, and this came up. Could not find just a random thread for this I thought it would fit, so I just made this one. Thought it was a interesting look into the past of Kings Island, as it is a promo from the TV show "Entertainment Tonight" for the new-for-1987 Vortex. I think it is very cool to see the coaster back in its very early days, when 6 inversions was the most in the world, and 148 feet was the tallest roller coaster in the world*. Still, 31 years (and MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of riders) later, Vortex remains a popular coaster at Kings Island. I even remember last year, the park (or someone in T-Shirt design at least) thought enough of it to put it on a "Kings Island 5" T-Shirt with Beast, Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, and Banshee. *= Unless you count Dragon Mountain @ Marineland in Canada, which is 186 feet tall and opened in 1983 but also heavily used terrain to boost its height as it sits on a tall hill and does not have very tall supports due to this.
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    New Music throughout the park

    I find it funny that some here on KIC wanted different music throughout the park...themed even....then the park adds it and the response is...nah..not that. Beggers can't be choosers. We could be listening to Bieber throughout the park.
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    First, the driver can watch the train as it exits the station. A lot of the time, the person with the phone or camera already has it out by then. Failing that, I assume there are cameras mounted on the lift hill that the driver can watch the feed from. Uh... please stop. Immediately. By having a phone, camera, or other electronic device out while on a coaster, you are jeopardizing the safety of everyone else on the train as well as committing a misdemeanor by failing to comply with posted safety instructions. If caught, you could be ejected and/or banned from the park, and/or lose your season pass. Don't risk yourself or others. Please.
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    On The Beast last night, my train was stopped on the lift so that the crew could confiscate a camera. Great to see this rule being strictly enforced!
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    The difference is that a rider will not be injured on The Beast unless they disobey posted safety instructions. Verruckt was capable of injuring, and did severely injure, riders who were following all safety instructions. I would reasonably expect that if you violate a posted safety instruction on any ride, you are putting yourself at risk of injury, hence why I keep my hands down on The Beast going into the helix. But if you obey all safety instructions, the reasonable expectation is that you are safe. Beast fulfills that expectation, Verruckt did not.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    GIGA CONFIRMED!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    King Ding Dong

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I think you need to find a new hobby like skydiving, base jumping or the such. I think you would be much happier.
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    The instrumental music is back this season. Rivertown actually had appropriate music for that area playing as well (folk/country music).
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    As a reminder: Any illegal POV's posted to KIC will be removed. Any KIC member illegally recording on rides might end up being former members of KIC.
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    Unbalanced Forums

    As I so often do, I logged in the other day and found that the podcasts now have their own forum. Interesting to see that. It certainly indicates that it's around to stay. But I have a problem with adding another forum for them. Problem, you say? Yes: for many years, I would log in, and the balance of six forums in the top section and six in the bottom section was just "right"; it was pleasing to my eye. The addition of the Coaster Crew (now Coaster Clubs) forum threw off this balance a bit, but it was still close enough, since there was no way to perfectly balance 13 forums into two categories. But now the imbalance is driving me and my OCD crazy. Really, I think we need to find a way to balance it back up. Get back to having the same number in each section. Who would benefit from such a change? Everyone, I say. I do think that such a move would be the best thing for the future of KIC. We don't want to drive away new users because our forum imbalance triggers their OCDs. In this day and age, we need to be sensitive to everyone's needs. Lately, I think KIC has been rocking. We're becoming an excellent, friendly place to hang out and make new friends. Let's fix this so those of us triggered by it can get back to doing those things. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, as Isaac Newton allegedly said. (I learned in physics class on Wednesday that the actual third law of motion is slightly more complex than that.) Well, the addition of the podcast forum was the action, and now this is the reaction. Oh, yes, I could have lived with it. Silently suffered every time I open KIC. Let myself be slowly driven insane by the imbalance. But where's the fun in that? Just fix it, please. It's for the good of all. Originally, I was just going to voice this annoyance to someone privately, maybe by private message, or in person at the park on preview night or opening day. But then I realized that there are almost certainly others sharing the same frustration, and so I decided to start this thread to gather such opinions, at the risk of some drama. Look, it doesn't take much. Just move something, and we'll all be happy. So with that, the matter is open for y'all to discuss. And as for me, having carefully chosen the first word in each paragraph, I'll wish you a Happy Easter.
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    You Know It's the Off Season When...

    You know the offseason is nearing its end when... everybody geeks out over watching rides testing on the webcams.
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    That moment when the sun starts to dip below the horizon and the lights on Vortex and Racer start turning on. A cool breeze hits, the park begins to take on a new life as shadows start to lengthen. Around this time I start budgeting my time and devising a game plan for what to ride before the night ends, and how I can get the darkest ride, closest to the front of the train on The Beast.
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    A great benefit of being a Kings Island enthusiast is that you log a lot of miles! I decided use my iPhone Health app to keep track of how many #KIMiles that I log in the 2018 season. The app graphs the distance travelled by time, so this will help me deduct the non-park mileage. Here’s my info from Gold Pass Preview Night and Opening Day! 04/13: 5.6 -.25 = 5.35 park miles 04/14: 10.2 2018 total: 15.55 miles
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    2018 Kings Island Bucket List

    I was able to accomplish three bucket list items on Opening Day! I'm adding two in bold below! -Ride Woodstock Express -Ride Xtreme Skyflyer with another human (not solo) A big thanks to @Magenta Lizard and @jcgoble3 for flying with me!-Have something at the Smoothie Shack near Diamondback-Buy a unique souvenir(s)-See the Ultimate Dog Show at least once-Marathon water ride day (ride each one at least once in the same day)-Old West Photo with KIC friends-Watch fireworks on International Street sitting beside the fountains while indulging in a delicious treat-See the Ultmate Stunt Show- Complete every Haunt Maze-Don Helbig selfie I opted for a photo instead of a selfie. We will take a better one when the weather is better! -Ride The Beast in the back row-Work on a TBA creative project -Interpret the National Anthem (in ASL) as it plays at park opening -Perform one of the Greatest Showman songs at the end of the night on International Street with another KICer *cough* @chugh43
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    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well, if it was The Racer, we could watch the webcam to see Don strapped to the backhoe.
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    Weather next weekend

    I will say it looks more promising than it did before. It was supposed to snow this weekend near Columbus, but now it's going to be Monday. I'm just looking forward to being at KI no matter the weather.
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    Would it be The Mousetrap then?
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    “OMG it still works! I can’t beleive it!”
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    https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/executive-chef-coney-bbq Holy schnikes that's huge!
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    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    The helicopter pad was back by where the photo booth for Firehawk is located now.
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    Seasonal amusement parks almost always show's up as "permanently closed" during the off season.
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    April 14 (along with the 13th) was a day for which many of us waited with great anticipation. Now, whether we believe it or not, that day has come. My first ever day of work at Kings Island was on Opening Day, April 15, 2017, and I wanted to repeat that this year by making April 14, 2018 my first day of my second season as a ride operator at WindSeeker and Vortex! After passing the growing line for the parking tolls that was almost backing up onto Kings Island Drive, I arrived at the park at 8:40. Apparently, many fellow associates had also arrived this early, as I had to wait in a long line to go through security and enter the park. But the line moved fairly quickly and I entered the park just before 9:00. As soon as I walked onto International Street, "The High and the Mighty" boomed over the speakers! I was so excited to hear instrumental music on International Street once again for the first time since last August (and WinterFest)! With a warmed up chocolate chip muffin and a Mocha Frappuccino in my hand (plus the Chicken McGriddle I got at McDonalds ) as I had not eaten breakfast prior to my long 45 minute commute, I met up with my crew and we headed back to our rides! While we were doing startups, I felt as if it had not been five and a half months since my last work day at Vortex. My experience and training had become so second nature that I could literally pick up where I left off from last year! Part of me was excited beyond belief that I was once again back at my favorite place, but the other part of me couldn't believe it had been so long, especially with how I picked up my work so easily! At 9:50, one of the most-anticipated moments of my whole winter finally came to be: my 494th ride on Vortex (a.k.a. my first morning test ride of 2018!) finally happened! And it was so much fun! It was smooth too, as the trains have all new wheels (which is typical for the beginning of the season) which always makes for a smooth(er) ride! I loved flying through those six inversions again...aboard Train #1, the same train that took me on the first test ride last year!! As the park opened at 9:58 (seriously, the park opened two minutes early! ), my drive retraining got underway. I spent the first hour reviewing everything I must know about Vortex's most responsible position, and subsequently became a recertified driver. After that came my first drive hour of the season! I don't even need to mention that I was so happy to be back at the panel, driving my favorite ride. But I'm mentioning it anyway. At approximately 11:30, it began to rain. Vortex runs fairly well in the rain as long as the ride doesn't get wet enough to impede safe operation, so I wasn't too worried. But I kept a closer eye on things just in case, as we were still running all three trains. At 11:40, we got the call to close for weather. WindSeeker closed as well. Soon after that, I went on break. One thing I love about my break happening during a weather-related closure is that I can literally eat my lunch in Vortex's station, since no guests are there. Once I got my food, I took it back to Vortex to eat. However, I noticed something strange... WindSeeker and Vortex were the only rides closed. ALL the other rides were still open. Usually when closing in anticipation of inclement weather, all the other tower rides and roller coasters close in a matter of minutes, but not this time. Diamondback, Eiffel Tower and Drop Tower (which are normally among the first to close) were still open! So why weren't we?? Once I got back to Vortex and told my crewmates, we got the matter clarified and we reopened Vortex just after noon, though WindSeeker remained closed for a little while longer. So I instead ate my lunch in the drive box, sitting on the floor out of view of the arriving guests who were eager to ride the newly reopened Vortex. Then a cool opportunity came up. As I ate, I thought it would be cool if I got to ride, since there was still no line and a nearly empty station. So I asked if I could ride, and I got the green light! I excitedly hopped aboard the back row and I was off on my 495th ride on Vortex. It had cooled down considerably since the late morning shower, which made for a fairly chilly ride. But it was no less fun, especially with that lovely ejector air on one of the best first drops at Kings Island! After that ride, I quickly returned to my lunch since my break was almost over. Now I can say I got to ride Vortex during my break, especially since it would not have happened had we NOT closed for weather!! Talk about great timing. My next hour was at Unload, more specifically Back Unload as we had four people working on the floor. It started raining again so I still watched the trains as they came into the brakes, ensuring everything was still A-OK (which it was, thankfully!). It was cool seeing how well the ride was operating in the rain with all three trains, as on many a rainy day we usually run only two. I loved getting to check restraints again, though sometimes my hand felt otherwise. After my one hour on the floor for today, I was back at Drive! It's not unusual for me to end up with more than one drive hour; apparently last year's theme of multiple drive hours even during a single Open or Close shift (as well as working only one hour at WindSeeker and the rest at Vortex) had carried over to this year, as my supervisors know how much I love Vortex. Right as this hour concluded and we had begun to rotate, I noticed @whengodsaysgo waving from the queue line, and I also saw @NoChickens, Mrs. NoChickens, @Magenta Lizard, @MDMC01, @malem, and even @jcgoble3 among others! I waved back from the drive box and even said hello over the mic, as well as told that I was now at 495 rides on Vortex. I think I also saw @PKIVortex earlier that hour, in his usual 7-1 seat, if I remember correctly. I asked my supervisor (who was taking my spot at Drive for the next hour) if I could send one more train (which had most of you aboard), and he let me send that train and its KIC passengers rolling out of the station. For the last hour of my shift I would be at Op-3 at WindSeeker. WindSeeker had just started a cycle when I left the drive box, so I had a few minutes before I absolutely had to be there. I chose to use that time to meet the KIC group at the exit, which was fun especially when I saw that @jcgoble3 had AGAIN come out of his Vortex retirement. After talking with the group for a few moments, I scooted over to WindSeeker since its ongoing cycle had concluded. There I spent the next hour assigning seats (which once again felt like it had NOT been five and a half months since I did so) and greeting the riders seated in my section while checking their lap bars. And just like that, it was time for me to clock out. Never had a six-hour shift flown by so fast. But my day wasn't done yet... ...as I had brought a change of clothes so I could be a guest and ride a few rides after work before I had to leave at 6! On my way out I noticed that Diamondback had only a station wait. A STATION WAIT on Opening Day?!?!?!! Just after 4:00, I entered the park as a guest for the first time of this season. I decided to swing by Build-A-Bear Workshop and see if they had any park-specific apparel yet that I could get for Toothless. Speaking of Toothless... ---he got to meet his display look-a-like. As for apparel, there was some Cincinnati-themed apparel but no Kings Island apparel. I walked up International Street as the beautiful tune "Circus Fantasy" from the "Water For Elephants" (2011) soundtrack played. I walked a little more slowly than usual so I could listen. Then I headed into Planet Snoopy and hopped aboard Log #17 on the Flume. Yes, I rode Flume. It may have been barely warmer than 60 degrees, but that didn't stop me. I was going to get wet anyway in the rain. Besides, Toothless had never ridden it so I took him on his first Flume ride! I (we) of course got a little wet, just how I like it on water rides. A little wet, but not drenched. Next, I headed across the way to Diamondback. As Diamond-stack was living up to its name for understandable reasons, the line had grown a little but it was still only five minutes -- which is GREAT for a day like Opening Day!! Where I was standing in this photo was how long the line was! Since Diamondback is not a no-loose-articles-in-line ride, Toothless is able to come through the line with me. However, he is not able to ride (not even while strapped to my fanny pack) due to the open seating. So he waited in the loose article bin while I rode Row 14 on the Red train for my first ride with the new seats and clamshells, which was also my 110th ride on Diamondback! It had started sprinkling again just before my ride, which made for my official first ride in the rain on Diamondback! I closed my eyes on the first several drops, feeling the rain drops hit my face as we plunged downward. It felt so cool to float in my seat but not see where I'm going! While my train waited on the brakes, I saw the line now reaching to below the lift where the train leaves the station. I decided one Diamondback ride was good for today as I did not have much time left. You know where I headed to next. I walked on to the back row for my 496th ride on Vortex in the rain, which had once again lightened. Another fairly smooth ride (and airtime!) ensued. Now, you likely saw in my earlier photos including WindSeeker that it was getting pretty windy up there. I went right to WindSeeker after riding Vortex so I could get in a 'Seeker flight in case it would later have to close for wind. What the photos show does no justice to just how windy it was 256 feet up. My first flight, in Seat 53 and to the tune of How to Train Your Dragon's "Test Drive" (quite appropriate since I had Toothless with me), was fun yet crazy because of the rain and the wind (and it was CHILLY!!). The last time I had a flight this windy was several years ago. This kind of flight is my favorite, especially since Kings Island's WindSeeker is the most reliable of its kind in the whole Cedar Fair chain, so I don't have to worry (as much) about getting stuck. I'm not even scared when the gondolas swing back and forth, even with the increased adrenaline that comes with having the gondola in front come within several feet of my gondola mid-flight, as well as feeling my seat slow down/speed up as the wind pushes it. I think it's exciting and adds to the thrill! Not to mention those additional shock absorbers that were installed in 2012 really come in handy for days like these. My 120th flight on WindSeeker I will definitely remember! After 'Seeker landed me back on the ground without fail, I headed back to Vortex and rode it again, this time in 2-1 as the front row was taken, for another nice, smooth (and chilly!) ride! Then I came back to WindSeeker for another crazy flight. This time I was in Seat 63, so I was right by Op-2 where two of my crewmates were. This cycle's soundtrack was my favorite, "Flying" from Peter Pan. I enjoyed my second windy, chilly flight of the season! I loved being back on WindSeeker and seeing the surrounding area from 256 feet in the air. ^If you look closely in this one, you can see a train on Diamondback, as well as a Vortex train hiding behind the loops! I started heading over towards The Beast to take advantage of its five-minute line, but I later decided that I should have Toothless' first ride on The Beast be at night (as it was going to be at night because I was going to ride it with Toothless at last year's Exclusive Ride Night, but that night's thunderstorm beat me to it) so I didn't go for it. Meanwhile, I discovered views of Vortex that normally coudn't be seen because the leaves would block it. So I spent fifteen minutes just photographing Vortex though the trees and enjoying those interesting views. ^I caught two trains in this photo!! It was almost 6, so I made my way back to International Street and left the park. By the next time I walk through the gates of Kings Island, I will have finished my spring semester (hopefully strongly) of my freshman year at Cedarville University, including enduring four final exams. I have a lot of work in between me and that day, but completing that work confidently will make my return to Kings Island more rewarding! Though I did not do everything I had planned today, an entire season lies ahead! There will be other days when crowds are this light. +Vortex: 4 Total: 497 (As of now I plan to take #500 in early May, hopefully May 4) +Race For Your Life Charlie Brown a.k.a. Flume: 1 Total: 11 +Diamondback: 1 Total: 110 +WindSeeker: 2 Total: 121
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    Magenta Lizard

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Oh, you mean the ash trees down by The Beast MCBR that have been laying there since last spring? Try harder. Next you'll be on about the skids there with wood that is clearly meant for repairs on Beast itself.
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    Line jump every coaster que at least once Explore an “Authorized Personel Only” area each visit Get soaked on Congo’s bridge and immediately ride every attraction in Action Zone Flip the bird for every on-ride photo Dribble a basketball in the longest que of the day for the entire time Tell everyone around me how two people died on this ride last year Feed the bees by Rivertown LaRosa patio at least one Dr. Pepper each visit Deposit some “chew” in every drinking fountain Point out to the Mystic Timbers Crew that Lightning Rod is much better. Take a selfie on every lift hill Complain loudly to the line separator about the long wait. Clean out all the fast food bags from my car before I leave the lot Make a Coke Freestyle drink of no less than 50 different flavors Wait until I am at the front of a food line to ask my kids what they want for lunch Berate The Vortex crew for the rough ride Smoke a cigar in Planet Snoopy Did I miss anything?
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Has anyone seen said bulldozers? The fence that's there...hmmm maybe it's there to keep people out of an area that they are not staffing, nor do not need people in. There have been many trees removed throughout the park over the past few years due to this...but some folks will believe it's only in that area because that's where they want a giga to go. There's a difference between reality and theories. If someone believes something so much, any little thing that changes can support a theory.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    What big open area? The only open area is the former dig site, as chugh43 said. The trees that the link says are being removed are pretty randomly spread around and are likely for non construction reasons related to their health. Trees have been being removed around the park in that way for years. As for the 'construction' fence, it is the same design the park recently put up around part of The Racer, Firehawk's exit, and the path leading to the picnic grove. Therefore, not really a construction fence. The way I see it there is absolutely no construction for 2019 at the moment.
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    Improvements around the carousel this season!!
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    https://kicentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/KIC-Podcast-Episode-2-2018-Preview.mp3 If you wish to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, you can do so at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kings-island-central-podcast/id1342475078 Show notes: Host Robbie Zerhusen (CoastersRZ) is joined by Brad Perdue (IndyGuy4KI) and special guest Chad Showalter, the Director of Communications at Kings Island to preview the 2018 season at Kings Island. -Chad`s role at Kings Island as Director of communications -Executive Chef James Major joins Kings Island -Chef Nathan is still with Kings Island -Discussion of Coney BBQ, including the side dishes that are planned to be offered (the menu is of course, subject to change). -Entertainment offerings for the 2018 season will be revealed soon. -Brief discussion on Timberwolf. -Special events coming up this spring include The Harlem Globetrotters (May 5-6th), First Responders Days, Coasterstock, and Coaster Campout. We want to again thank Chad for taking time out of his busy schedule to be on the podcast. We have many exciting ideas for the next several podcasts. We hope to do these more regularly (closer to once a month). If you have suggestions for future topics, please let us know. And yes, we will have more KIC members on the podcasts on upcoming episodes.
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    When my training day is tomorrow. And Opening Day is in just one week...
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    I watched Vortex yesterday on the webcam! It was cycling periodically throughout the day and of course it made me all the more excited for my training day tomorrow. Wait...TOMORROW?! And today I've been watching Delirium and Slingshot run cycles, as their crew is training today.
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    What will be Cedar Point's next coaster?

    @rhyano has said it best; Paddlewheel Excursions if rethemed and executed properly, could provide elegant views of the park. Just standing in Rougarou’s station makes me appreciate the geographic beauty of Cedar Point. Thanks to RonAnnArbor for these photos...
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    King Ding Dong

    Coasterstock 2018

    Dude, I have some bad news for you. It is March 31st, I think you overslept.
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    Warning: rant ahead. Front line associates are not the problem. Management is the problem. Specifically, management who thinks one cashier per restaurant is sufficient on a super-busy day. If you're lucky, there's a chance they might temporarily open a second register, but I have not see more than that in years, even though several places have as many as four or more registers available. That is the bottleneck and the sole cause of the ridiculously slow service: understaffed cash registers. I don't really care that the food is not great quality, because I don't expect that from amusement park food. I just want something that I can fill myself up with, but I want it reasonably fast, and that's the part KI can't deliver on. And that falls purely on management. (end rant)
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    Coney BarBQue is official. Go under explore on the KI website.
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    King Ding Dong

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    This thread had rails?
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    Park Nitpicks

    I have a few nitpicks and they're all very similar in style... -The Beast's queue line has been in such disarray for a few years now, and with Mystic Timbers opening next door-- I think it's become underwhelming. Last year, I saw some of the signs falling down in the queue for The Beast, I could spy Haunt junk in the little storage room on the bottom half of the queue, and it just feels kind of dark and dry rotted. Why can't this get some sort of spruce up? I mean, this is the world's longest wooden roller coaster and it's held onto that record for decades! Park guests should feel that they're about to board a legendary coaster and get hyped for that in the line, but you just don't. -I have a love hate relationship with the leftover Top Gun theming in The Bat queue line. The stars and American flag are so stinkin' obvious. Just paint over them. Make them spooky. I don't know. I can't even call them an Easter egg because truthfully they just look lazy. -The brake runs on Racer are disgusting. The walls are covered in dirty hand prints and some occasional vomit stains. Again, Racer is pretty historic to Kings Island and coaster history. Take care of it.
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    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    From the same map.... take a look at the Killmart building.
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