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    So my friends and I have been having so much fun at Winterfest this year that we just had to learn more. What better way to figure out the way things work that to recreate the most iconic part of Winterfest: the world’s largest Christmas tree. Step one: make an Eiffel Tower Step 2: Make it realistic Step 3: Make it a tree Step 4: Program the lights As you can see this is a work in progress, but it was fun to learn how all this stuff works.
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    I got a response from Don on this question. There are parts of the ride the maintenance workers walk the track (up the lift and block areas) every morning. The entire ride course is walked from the ground level. With steel coasters, you're looking at the foundation, footers, and welds, and how the coaster sounds during test cycles. Thanks @DonHelbig for the info!
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    King Ding Dong

    KICentral Survey

    One of the many reasons I like KIC is becuase for the most part it is Real. Members can share their Real experiences both positive and negative with few exceptions. I understand that some do not like to hear negative comments about something they feel passionate about but the alternative in my view is much worse. If every post reads like it came out of the PR Departement why even have a site like KIC? Just read the PR blog and Twitter feed. Those have their place but so do people’s critical take on their experiences. There is truth there. Sometimes it is highly biased but without different viewpoints what you are left with is very distorted. That is not what I want and it concerns me that there are those that do. There have been many occasions that my critical viewpoint on an issue at the park has been changed or at least softened by my interactions with other members here. I highly respect our moderating team and feel they get it right the vast majority of the time but I also do not agree with all the decisions and that is okay. The day people stop criticizing and complaining on this site is the day it becomes meaninless to the free expression of ideas. I hope that day never comes.
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    Here are some photos I just took. Looks like the formwork for the station is going up, and the grading for the paths and ponds is getting done.
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    Got in line for Flight of Fear and it's currently in a delay. Hopefully Firehawk didn't pass breaking down to FoF. Also here are some photos of posters outside Flight of Fear's exit. Flight of Cheer!
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    in The Cincinnati Enquirer today one of the Turkey winners was. So fun. Blessed for the return.
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    We got our picture taken with Santa and this was one of the best Santas around!
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    Next NEW Coaster

    Size doesn't always determine might. Mystic is a nice family coaster, but it has a large amount of intensity and force. In regards to the next new coaster, if we do get a giga coaster, the coaster after that should be one that pushes the limits again. At one time, Kings Island would be a trend setter for the coaster world. The Bat being the worlds first suspended coaster (Big Bad Wolf at BGW being the first successful one), King Cobra first looping stand up built from the ground up, The Beast being the longest and largest roller coaster at the time, even The Racer in 1972 was a risk. It would be cool to see a coaster that puts the park back on track as the king of thrills.
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    KICentral Survey

    The KIC community has changed a lot over the six years I have been a member here. Lately I have really missed seeing my original KIC friends (namely @Beastie1980, @ohiocolts, @Fire-Beast-OF FEAR, @Princess Sparkles, @LoraX, @Original and a few others whom I'm probably forgetting at the moment) post on here. They used to post here a lot and now I hardly see them anymore. I miss them. Thankfully there ARE friends who DO continue to post here, and I definitely appreciate that! @IndyGuy4KI, thank you for posting about the feedback. I would agree about the negative stuff seen on here. KIC isn't perfect nor will it ever be, but I would hate for it to come across as unwelcoming to any new members. I greatly enjoy seeing all the different (and sometimes controversial) opinions expressed here and I hope we as a community continue to help facilitate an environment where all of us can express our honest opinions without the fear of being shot down. Also: I know all of us feel like complaining every now and then; I pity the members who have had negative experiences, whether on here or at the park, but it also tends to kill the mood. I have been guilty of complaining too and I am doing my best to avoid complaining on here as much as I can. I still enjoy KIC after six years, even with its ups and downs!
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    Not a picture inside the house, but probably one of the best photos of the house. Definitely shows how big the house is in comparison to the Fort. From Bing overview a few years back.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    It is even less likely we see the name Beast Unleashed. The work on the video is really good though, and they deserve props for that for sure!
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    I threw this image together years ago to show the layout changes. They occurred between the time the park closed for the 1988 season on October 2 and reopened in time for 1989's Winterfest. 1,300 feet of track was rerouted.
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    Went both Friday and Saturday night. The Lighting Ceremony is not to be missed. Simply magical! The new addition of Flight of Cheer as well as 'icicle lane' (where pumpkin eater was) is a great addition. Winterfest is definitely an improvement over an already spectacular event. The buffet in the international restaurant is $30 (24.99 for pass holders, i believe) and you can walk up without a reservation. The best part is to the left of the top of the stairs they have a cash bar! You can go up and enjoy an adult beverage and enjoy the view over international street! Definitely a great idea. Talking with the staff I found out that the international restaurant may be closed during "private events". I hope they communicate these times to the general public (lookin' at you Don :)) so as to know when it is not available. It would be nice to have an employee able to take pictures (or even have fun pix) for the snow globe. Seems like Fun Pix may be missing out on an opportunity there. Finally my main suggestion to improve the event is the same as last year: the Ice Carvers should have an announcer! Just someone to tell information like where the ice comes from? How long do they last? Is special oil needed for the equipment? What kind of equipment is used? How long does it take to be an ice scalper and how does one go about it? What is the name and experience of the sculptors? What is the history of Ice Sculpting (year, country of origin, etc.)? In addition they could be promoting the company that is doing the sculptures. Suggesting that they are available for weddings, Christmas parties, etc. It seems like it would be a small add with big payback. Overall a fantastic opening weekend. Well staffed and everyone was smiling. KI Keep up the good work!
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    My interview with Don about Winterfest 2018. No other items were discussed.
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    Is the Fast Lane entrance at FoF the single rider line? Gonna try to put some laps on her tonight since the wife went shopping. Edit : by her I meant the coaster...
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    My first shift of Winterfest is tonight, and I am excited! If any of my fellow KICers plan to attend tonight, they have their chance to be the first KICer to ever spot me working as a sweep and not a ride operator! Since I am in Park Services, I can be found on any walkway in the park. Are you up for the challenge? Even if you're not the first to find me, say hello anyway! I love seeing fellow KICers when I'm at work, whether it'd be at Vortex, WindSeeker, or anywhere else!
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    Wow. Great job. Much better allocation of resources this year to create themed areas. Coney had the energy it was lacking last year. The passage around the tower “wintetfest way” has the more organized look if lacked last year. Just an all around great job. There were of course a few technical glitches like no moving lights in candy cane lane, but I’m sure they’ll be addressing all of that as the event continues. I’m still amazed at the detail they put into trim elements (decor in the wreaths and trees) that is barely visible after 6 when it’s dark. They certainly could open earlier and it would look great. It’s an event that is definitely NOT just all about lights like the zoo.
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    Ok guys according to Emotional Rollercoasters on Instagram. The new posters in FOF's queue line may be more than just decorations for "flight of cheer". If you look closely and study the posters closely, there are some things that caught my eyes that could be hints at a new coaster coming.These include Firehawk being pictured on a calendar, an alien in the air inside the vertical loop of the pic of Firehawk, the number 355 at the bottom of the calendar, the word Centuari written right next to the Firehawk pic that could reference the name Centurion, and a big one is the calendar that has Firehawk on it was discovered that it matches the 2020. Just wanted to throw it out there. Please take it as a grain of salt since they could just be messing with us and not mean anything, but this is something that we could keep in the back of our heads.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I think the idea of "paying homage" to The Beast is ridiculous and is just brought up over and over again despite being a PR disaster last time, so personally, I think it's unrealistic that we will ever have a "Beast" themed coaster again.
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    Yukon Striker Progress

    There's something awesome about seeing a bunch of B&M track shapes in the distance that make park skylines look awesome.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Hey guys! I made a concept release trailer inspired by iDesign's (Zayzayd13 on here) No Limits 2 project. I've always been trash at NL2, but with the new force vectoring design I decided to give it an honest try. Once I realized you could import Google topography data into NL2 with some trickery, I was obsessed with the idea of building my own concept on the Firehawk land. This is my first truly complete NL2 project, and I think I spent around 130 hours on it. Hope you guys dig it. I'll probably post a full POV later, as the file sizes from NL2 capture are HUGE and the transfer from my PC to my video editing battle station takes ages.
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    Does it make you Less of a KI Fan..

    I don't think so. I don't always eat at the park. That can be expensive sometimes, especially when you consider the price for the same food outside the park, and there's a budget to consider. When I do decide to eat there, it feel special. Some of us also have to consider health concerns, such as dieting to lower A1C levels, sodium intakes, and carbs. A lot of times, the best way to control this is to make your own food at home as opposed to eating out.
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    I had fun seeing a few fellow KICers tonight! Congratulations to @XGatorHead 8904 for spotting me first! He said I could give my M&Ms to someone else, who turned out to be... @MDMC01! I also saw @DeltaFlyer and @Rallyomalley throughout the night. It was great to see you all again! I enjoyed my first Park Services shift! Even though I was in Rivertown all night, it felt great to walk nonstop around the big area that it is, and the simple task of using a pan and broom (and occasionally answering a guest’s question) offers a nice break from the more demanding ride operator job. I miss working at Train for Winterfest, but I enjoy Park Services too! Hopefully I can help at Train a couple of times. Not surprisingly, my favorite place to be tonight was on the connecting walkway in front of Vortex. Yes, there’s the obvious location-related reason, but I also found it to be a quiet, calm and relaxing place to take a break from the action over by Train and Mystic Timbers, all while still doing my job. The accompanying harp music in the area adds a lovely touch. My next time back won’t be until December 15 at the earliest, since I need all the time I can to prepare for my finals which are in just two weeks! But it’s comforting to know that this lovely winter wonderland will be waiting when I can finally return.
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    If Firehawk is completely gone by next week...
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