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    Why on earth would you bring sidewalk chalk to the park?
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    Obviously, not knowing the whole story, it's hard for us to pass any judgement, and not being affiliated with the park, there's little any of us could do about it even if we did. However, if you confronted park staff with the same combative attitude you brought to the boards, I doubt the initial vandalism was the only thing brought into consideration when deciding on punishment. But since you asked, the rule is in the season pass terms you agreed to when you purchased a pass: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/legal/season-pass-terms
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    Welcome to KIC! I suggest you talk to Guest Services in a very respectful and conciliatory manner. You may be able to negotiate your suspension but not likely with a “where is the rule” attitude. Just becuase your defacing of the park was not permanent does not make it right. You should have asked for permission. It’s common courtesy. Do your kids go on your neighbors driveway and create art without permission? Q. What would the park look like if every guest had 1 piece of sidewalk chalk? A. Even worse than a Six Flags Park.
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    60 days seems a little harsh to me. Too bad they don't treat the smokers that are outside of the smoking zone that way.
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    Policies and Subsequent Discipline

    Re-instate these passes and allow the children to write the current wait times on the pavement in front of every ride entrance.
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    Policies and Subsequent Discipline

    There has to be more to this story. Maybe something inappropriate was drawn or they were asked to stop and got into it with whoever told them, or something. I’ve seen people with far worse “offenses” get way more second chances.
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    That’s great. Really. But are there not creative and imaginative opportunities within the park already? And while it’s not specifically stated as being prohibited, don’t you think it’s a good idea to not let literally anyone write and draw literally whatever they want inside the park? I’m creative and imaginative myself, but that doesn’t mean I feel entitled to draw a giant weinerschnitzel in Oktoberfest with chalk.
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    Updated theming: Don’t Go In The Rows!
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    3rd sign of the apocalypse...
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    Because most were taught not to damage other people’s property?? Yes, it comes off, but you are defacing private property. The park spends a lot of money to build a brand and market it. That includes scenery and such. When someone comes in and starts defacing that brand with chalk they are damaging the brand. Also, the he park now has to spend money to have an employee to clean it up. Can I come to your house and draw all over it with chalk? It will come off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I believe it can be found under the common sense clause.
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    Disappointed by ride advertisement?

    Backlot turned out nothing like the animation. When it opened it was cool enough to be passable... for a few days. If you rode it before the park went daily you had the head lights, tail lights, fog, audio, and more. The experience was not what we had been sold, but was still cool and unique. A few days later none of those features worked. Then we had a weak coaster and no Flying Eagles.
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    The "fly" commercials when X-Flight came to town. Did I say X-Flight? I meant "Firehawk." "Experience the feel of flying." The experience turned out to be more "feel like you're constantly about to be tossed headlong out of a rubber water bladder!"
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    OMG! I can’t believe it! Rivertown Freestyle is actually open! First time in 2 years! Now let’s see about that crafty WindSeeker. Maybe if I am warry, warry quite I can sneak up on it.
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    So, while at the Magic Kingdom today, Space Mountain went down for a while. We were on the Tomorrowland People Mover, and we got to see the lights on inside of Space Mountain!!
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    What do you expect them to say, 'Come ride this ride, it's not that great???'
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    This is a fan forum page that isn't managed by the park... This isn't really the place to ask the park a question. I'd be surprised if they reply at all. If you're looking to gather support/sympathy from other season pass holders (like myself), perhaps you should include why you brought chalk to the park and what you wrote (and where). I'm trying to understand how the interaction went when you were confronted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Enthusiasts call these zen rides and they’re awesome. At Kings Island, I’ve only gotten a zen ride on Vortex but came close on The Beast and Banshee a few years back. The Banshee ride had just two people on the train, with me in the front row and someone else in Row 8. I got multiple consecutive zen rides on Blue Streak up at Cedar Point a few years back. The ops either let me stay in my seat or change rows. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Antique Car Tracks

    Great picture, but your date is a little off. Antique Cars closed on August 15, 2004. if you look carefully at your image, you can see that all the cars have already been removed from the track. Note that the second track (accessed from Rivertown) stood dormant for ~6 years. I think it last operated in 1998.
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    Antique Car Tracks

    Put the 'tiques back driving through and around the Backlot layout. Pleanty of land and a near-miss experience. I still have to make sure I capitolize words via The Interpreter. I haven't been back for some time.
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    Re: Firehawk; I love that ride, but the last time I rode, my neck/lungs felt really tight in the vertical loop. I attributed it not just to the forces, but the heat as it was really hot that day (this was 2 Saturdays ago)*. Also, my legs sometimes hurt from the part after the barrel rolls until the brake run as I'm in the flying position for a good while. *Also, even though I do have a lung condition, this hadn't happened before except for the times when I rode that day (IIRC). I'll be more careful next time On a lighter note, SpiritSong was amazing! I was at the park Saturday and was given a ticket by a local Christian Radio Station (star 93.3). The opening band, Trala, was a girl rock group that was started by former solo artist Moriah Peters. They weren't too bad and I got my picture and talked with them at their meet and greet a few hours later. Comedian John Crist was up next and though he was funny, he had a few jokes that kinda crossed the line, especially for a Christian comedian. I left when Zach Williams took the stage, but returned for Crowder. Their set was great and one of the drummers, Todd, looked very, very familiar (I don't know him personally, but he looked similar to someone I used to know). The cool thing is, even though (David) Crowder and the band didn't come out for a meet and greet, the merch guy told Todd I said hi per my request. For King and Country closed the night and they were great. I was so happy that they had "made it" to SpiritSong as I had roadied for them when they were a much smaller band.
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    So this didn't turn out quite as planned as the ops weren't fond of taking photos of me on the train, so I went with plan B. I wore a UC shirt to Knoebels as C is the Roman numeral for 100 and UC, mainly the health department and band, has been a big part of why I can do what I can do after all I've been through medically that I wanted to integrate that into my hobby. Went with 2 photos since the sign is up so high.
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    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'll admit I go on about certain topics of interest (Pokemon, roller coasters) at times... -MDMC01, fellow Aspie (Aspie is short for Asperger's).
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    I got to sit down with Chad Showalter, Director of Communications at Kings Island yesterday for an interview. We discussed the Peanuts Celebration, National Blue Ice Cream Day, July 4th weekend activities, the rest of the summer season, a Giga update, employee housing, and food service. After the summer season updates we talked about haunt changes for 2018. We then hit on Winterfest updates for 2018 as well. We hope you enjoy the interview! Chad and I at Coasterstock
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    How about: “What’s in the water?”
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