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    What they really need is an Oktoberfest addition. Period. That area hasn't recieved a new ride since Adventure Express in the early 90's.
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    It is disappointing that people jump to conclusions due to stats. Would it have been cool to say we have the tallest/longest Giga at our park, sure. We obviously need to ride it first to make a complete assessment, but if it rides as good or better than Fury, I will be ecstatic. This is going to be an awesome addition to KI regardless of stats over other CF parks. There is only what 2 coasters taller at a SIX park, and they have no Gigas. Just something to also consider. Back on Topic. Here is a pic I took last week coming down Tylersville Rd. It sure adds to the skyline really nice!
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    I don't think that Orion is much appreciated by coaster enthusiasts, such enthusiasts are trolling and doing too much of a comparison to the likes of other giga-class coasters. The first drop is 300-feet, but the trains will be coasting it at an angle of 85-degrees, which if you would like to compare, that is the same angle of descent on Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion. Also, I, myself, extremely appreciates the curvature of Orion. A steep first drop followed by a side-way airtime element reaching heights taller than the Banshee roller coaster, is insanity and all-out thrilling. The g-forces the ride will pull will be insane. This reminds me of 07' back when Maverick was introduced to Cedar Point and how coaster enthusiasts trolled it and the ride turned out one of the greatest of all time without the reputation of breaking world records. All world record-breaking coasters aren't good coasters, take Kingda Ka at Great Adventure for example. Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster in the world, has insane stats but isn't even in the top 10 in the annual Golden Ticket Awards. Correct me if I'm incorrect, but I don't think that the world's tallest, fastest and longest coasters even make the top 10 on Golden Ticket Award lists. If I'm correct, that speaks VOLUMES. People should stop complaining and start appreciating what a good coaster we have here.
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    Credit: Warren County Recorder I know a Notice of Commencement document was leaked a year or so ago where we first found out that Kings Island was working with B&M, but today there is a new Notice of Commencement dated to only about a week ago. This document contains some interesting information for sure! In addition to the companies listed previously for the Orion project, other companies that were absent before are now listed like SkyHigh Erectors. More interesting, however, is the mention of new companies the park has contracted for next year including O’Rourke Wrecking Company (probably for Vortex’s demolition), Great Coasters International (most likely for more Racer retracking), and waterslide and pool restoration companies (maybe for slides in Soak City). There are many other companies listed too that I have not had the time to look into, but I hope you find this interesting!
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    The 2010s were probably one of the best decades ever for Kings Island. The Kings Island of 2010 vs. the Kings Island of 2019 are two completely different parks, and I mean that in a good way. Mystic Timbers, Banshee, the International Street renovation, and everything in between this decade has mostly been incredible. It's also worth noting that the 2010s were the first decade since the 1970s that Kings Island did not change ownership!
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    Here are some photos I took on NYE.
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    I'm at Winterfest currently and I got some shots of Orion!
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    Think more family level attractions as a whole, not jstu the kids area. They have a great kids area now and don't want them to ignore it but feel liek more family level flats and attractions spread around the park would be good. There's a few for the whole family in PS but it's mostly just Coney Mall for family rides. Rest of the park seems to be coasters and big flats. Want to see them really focus on addign more flat rides and maybe a new dark ride or something.
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    It just turned midnight which means it's now 2020 and we are a step closer to Opening Day and riding Orion. It's gonna be a great year for the park. Have a great year everybody!
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    Here is another perspective of the fireworks. I Street had Disney-like energy all night. This is something that truly must be seen!
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    I went through the various names and looked at what each company does. The ones that are interesting are the following: Ride Entertainment Systems- sales and installation of rides. Recently installed two coasters at Nickelodeon Universal. They work a lot with Gerstlauer but do all types of attractions as well. http://www.rideentertainment.com/news/ Daniels Wood Land- They create all kinds of interactive play areas and specialize in heavy themeing. They did the themeing for Mystic Timbers. They would likely be involved with whatever themeing comes to Area 72 and Orion. https://danielswoodland.com/ Greater Coasters International- Possibly listed for additional retrack work on Racer but were not listed on last years notice when the turnaround was worked on. Aqua men Waterslide Restorations- Resurface and restore various water slides. They have worked with CF before. http://www.aquamen.net/ PSS Contractors LLC- Commercial pool installation and refurbishment. They do large commercial pools and splash features. https://www.psscontractors.com/
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    As we start looking at 2020, here is a KIBlog post about the last decade in review. What has been your favorite moment in the last decade at Kings Island. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/december/kings-island-decade-in-review-the-top-stories-year-to-year I would have to say the addition of Mystic Timbers would have to be mine. Aside from that meeting my wife (a KIC member) at Coasterstock would be at the top of life changes this past decade.
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    My moneys on a 2021 Soak City addition. Probably a rename to something with Harbor or Shore in the name. The park could get rid of the 2nd wave pool and add a water coaster. Boo Blasters needs a retheme bad too.
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    What did your think of the New year's Eve party last night at Kings Island? The special fireworks display was awesome way to start 2020 at Kings Island! VID_20200101_000022.mp4 I have updated our NYE page with the 2019 pictures. https://kicentral.com/park/kinye/
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    Hooray looks like the construction has already started back up today as there is a piece of track in the air!
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    The last time we will see Vortex standing. VID_20191231_172536.mp4
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    Happy new year everybody! Welcome to the 20's.
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    You can still see "Vortex" at Carowinds next year...
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    We're finally getting that brand new bathroom expansion.
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    “Nothing” in the works? You’re probably right. They have some vague idea. Much of this involves looking well ahead. Plans change. A lot. They know this. I’ve heard things from people who were directly involved with projects and they ended up not happening. Even I was involved in a project and a big part of it was cut at the 11th hour. That’s just the nature of The Beast... no pun intended. There will be a replacement for Vortex, just don’t hold your breath.
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    Not gonna happen. It also serves as the tech services building in the basement, so that alone is grounds for it staying. The real tragedy is that they haven’t reopened it, especially for Winterfest.
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    All I want is some more family attractions. The kids area of the park needs updated.
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    IndyGuy4KI was correct! I got an email from Angela, one of the customer service supervisors, and she said just to buy the Gold Passes and call them, and they would refund the Platinum. I just did this now and it was easy as could be! Thank you for the help! They were so nice about it! And I want to stress by no means was I trying to be difficult. I knew it was my fault. I am just glad they were so nice to help me fix it!
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    The addition of Banshee is my favorite moment from this past decade. It's my second favorite ride in the park and it brought new life to Action Zone when it opened in 2014. I watched a stream of the announcement and followed everything about the coaster until I rode it for the first time on Mother's day 2014.
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    This means another support and piece should go up today as well so it can support itself.
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    Does this mean we should dress dapper for opening day?
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    Hi all hope your doing well, I’m down in Charlotte to see Kentucky play in the Belk bowl and took a quick pit stop to Carowinds. Arrived at about 630 and got to do plenty. First off rode Boo Blasters, I think it’s superior to ours, plus the guns still make sound effects, decent as usual then I headed over to Afterburn.About what I figured it would be. It felt similar to Banshee but not as intense. Very disorienting coaster though, fun ride! I also got another ride on Boo Blasters and noticed that they have removed Boocifer from the organ playing scene. Not really sure why. We then headed over to Ricochet, a long line but a fun little coaster. Finally, I headed to see if the line for Copperhead strike was shorter, being that it was 1 hour before I was surprised to see it be only 15 minutes! The park was almost closed and this point so I was very lucky to board one of the final trains and man was it crazy! Straight out of the station it begins, going upside down and then into a scene similar to Mystic Timbers. Then, launching into a loop and feeling like your gonna fall outta your seat is a crazy feeling. Copperhead strike might just be my new favorite coaster, it really had it all! Overall solid night of coasters at Carowinds!
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    The goal is to have track work done by February 1.
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    I just took a little break from constantly checking out the page. I felt my work was suffering haha. I feel good to be back and find a way for it not to get in the way of my work lol
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    Yeah they did send a train to Carowinds. I wonder how you can tell what train is which? haha
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    Hey folks, Back in the day I wrote a story about Kings Island's old monorail for this website. Last year, I revisited that story and did an update for 2018 on my own website. Now, I'm back with one more update for you, written for Cincinnati Refined. The former KI monorail housed at Jungle Jim's had had its station/transfer table re-purposed. The former maintenance bay is now a bourbon bar and the former transfer tracks are event space. Two nights a week, the bar is open to the public, while the entire facility is mainly used as customizable/rentable facilities. Before you go off to ride the train, though, know this: it still only runs for special events. Groups booking events have the option of adding a monorail ride to their package depending on their event or set up (hint, hint KICentral off season event ;-) ). There are some links and updated photographs below. - Updated story for Cincinnati Refined, Dec. 29, 2019 - Queen City Discovery, Dec. 2018 - Kings Island Central, 2008
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    What are the chances of Action Theater finally getting demolished? It's a bit of an eyesore from Racer (as it will be from Orion no doubt) and it's land could potentially house a new attraction.
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    If I remember correctly, Mystic Timbers went as following: Thursday: Media Day (morning) and first riders auction (evening) Friday: Season Pass Preview night Saturday: Opening Day I'm expecting something similar with Orion. Since April 11th is a Saturday, I'm guessing that's opening day. With Pass Preview being the 10th and Media Day/first riders auction being the 9th.
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    With Michigan’s Adventure getting a Camp Snoopy upgrade for 2020 and Carowinds got Camp Snoopy in 2019. Maybe KI will get it for 2021. Carowinds was fantastic, and KI may not be happy losing worlds best kiddie area after 18 years. KI took pride in having the best kiddie area.
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    I really hope they do something cool with Vortex’s space! I love the idea they had with bringing back the antiques cars — fun for families and brings back nostalgia for older people. I would really like to see them bring back a revamped version of an old attraction.
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    It mentions B&M again but probably to cover work on Orion that goes from 2019 into 2020. It also mentioned an asphalt company. Can’t find the name again. Parking lot repairs? One final mention of a fencing company I wonder if they will build a privacy fence around The Vortex plot since there is no public plans for it yet.
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    I would be really surprised if they are going to remove another coaster. Out of all the coasters at Kings Island, Invertigo would be the next on the chopping block.
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    I once bought Dollywood season passes instead of a daily ticket online. Worked out for me though as I got eight visits to the park that year.
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    Vortex pic I snapped Monday night
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    The park was moderately busy. I've seen bigger crowds and smaller crowds. It was cold and it was the wind. Coldest in the park for me and I've been to Winterfest in cold weather 5 times. I know its been colder but the coldest when I was there. Mystic shut the line about 10:45pm and the line was almost cleared out when I got my last ride at 11pm. So if any rides were still running I wish the park had made that a bit clearer. After my final and 7th ride on Mystic of the night I went to La Rosa's and used my meal plan and drink plan about 11:30pm. Then I was gonna attempt to get some Starbucks. Attempt number 2 of the night but that line was just insane all night. So I headed to the tower for the Fireworks and New Years party. After the fireworks I started walking toward the exit but noticed lots of people doing the same so I headed back to the stage and waited it out and enjoyed the music for another hour. Fire up that loud! Another round of shots. Turn down for what?
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    I just wish the layout was a bit different in the kids area of Soak City. I had a horrible time keeping up with my daughter when she was 4. Can run in any direction and off to the rest of the park. It was actually why I went to Kentucky Kingdom for waterpark when she was little: fenced in so less stressful.
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    I think all the track will work will be completed in about a month. It should go together pretty quickly now.
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    Wow! Those pics really show how steep Orion is! I will be up there today so hopefully I can get some pics of my own.
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    I feel like I have missed so much lol. not much work being done for Orion the week of these holidays?
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    I'd say people were more excited due to it being the park's first B&M and the fact that enthusiasts weren't whining over the stats. I also think it won't suffer in its lines as much as many on here think it will with Orion's presence.
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    Wow! Those were delivered fast!
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    I’ve sent clips of this to some of you before, but this is a project I had a small hand in. Check out this mock up of the Eiffel Tower that has lights set to Christmas music. You can see it through the end of the year at EnterTRAINMent Junction.
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