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    Here's one taken by your's truly in January of 2002... Not sure where I got this next one - but its incredible... (Not taken by me)
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    Cedar Fair, you have a DUTY to honor Vortex like this! Not being too serious, but I would LOVE to see something like this done for Vortex. This is Corkscrew’s corkscrew (lol) at the entrance to Alton Towers, image from rollercoaster.fandom.com
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    First picture I ever took of Vortex: July 1992
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    Taken during Winterfest in 2018. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Kentucky Kingdom had to get in on the action:
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    I know a lot of people are waiting for my take on this...I'm so shocked. I knew I would have to say goodbye to Vortex at some point, yet this is still sooner than I expected. Vortex has a special place in my heart for more reasons than one, most notably it being my first job and my first looping coaster. Because of Vortex, inversions are my favorite element on any coaster. At this point, I don't care for Orion. I'm still glad we're getting it, but I'm purely devoting these next five weekends to enjoying Vortex while I still can, both as an associate and as a guest. -BFF, who will now start bringing a handful of tissues with her to Kings Island...
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    Eerie pic I snapped last night as my kids took what could be there last ride on The Vortex. I am thankful to share that my first looping coaster and both of my children's both happened on The Vortex 30 years apart.
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    I have a feeling that somebody has a new poster for their bedroom wall [emoji1787]
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    I am extremely excited to officially announce Kings Island: A Ride Through Time, authored by yours truly! This will be the first book ever written about the history of Kings Island! It will be released in early May 2020 by Theme Park Press to coincide with the opening of Orion and will feature exclusive interviews with the executives that have shaped the park through the years. I am very excited to share this news with you all, and to keep you updated through this process. I really can’t wait to share this book with the public next year!
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    I took this a few years ago..
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    Those of you: Wanting to see demolition of Vortex Still wanting to see construction of Orion Are afraid they wont move the cameras are forgetting about me.
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    I rode it on Opening Day 1987. I will be there to ride it on October 27.
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    I’m kind of the same way. I’m a little emotionally torn. I won’t really miss riding it, but I will miss it being there.
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    I hope this photo my friend took from the highway tides you over until the web cams are fixed. It appears is though this is some major stuff going on right now.
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    Here are some pics I got today.
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    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Have fun on Orion next year guys. I think I'm gonna sit 2020 out. I'm not going to be dramatic and act like KI has lost me forever (they haven't; I'll be back) but it's going to be very difficult emotionally for me to go to Coney Mall for a while and I'm not ready to put myself through that right away.
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    Forgot to tell you guys that I got yelled at for watching the construction cam in the middle of English class, whoops
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    A day I never hoped would come. Deep in the back of my mind, I would always know this could and would happen, but it was always easy to push it off as "That's still years away." It's no longer years away. I'm going to miss Vortex. More than I ever thought I would. They can replace it with something new and that will take away some of the sting of the closure. The problem is, to me, that whatever they replace it with, it just won't be Vortex. I can't have it back. No second chances, no more re-rides. Others like it remain, but they will not be the same.
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    I took a similar photo during Winterfest. It did look abandoned.
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    And here is an even bigger one for those using a GrandPad or Jitterbug Flip.
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    I'm really going to miss photographing Vortex. All things must pass. There is going to be a huge hole in the back of the park next year that even Orion won't be able to fill.
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    From the Flight of Fear/CHAOS queue area: This thing is massive!!! And for those wondering, it’s just about the same height as The Racer’s lift hill.
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    orion construction with full moon
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    I never, ever thought I'd say this. But I'd probably not attend KI anymore if it fell under Six Flags. My heart just couldn't take it. Their operations/upkeep/disregard for history is abysmal. Every time I have been to a SF park, I literally enter it prepared for the worst - so they have no where to go but up. Even so, I still leave SF parks disappointed. I was at Magic Mountain in June - and it is a crime what they've done to that park.
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    Don’t be surprised if you see me crying while at work. It’s already happened once. But even then I will keep smiling and having fun and making each last day count of the 12 years that Vortex has been a part of my life! I’m so glad that I took my 1,000th ride on August 2, especially since I originally planned to do it next year (on July 23, 2020, ten years after my first ride). I also broke the record for most rides in one day when I rode it 93 times on Friday, August 9. October 27 will quite possibly be one of the hardest days of my life. I know I will not be alone in the emotions of Vortex’s final ride. Vortex had a great 33 seasons and will definitely be missed. Losing an old friend is never easy. I don’t think I will ever be ready to say goodbye to Vortex, even though I knew I would have to at some point. Sigh...
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    Looks like I need to get back up in the air soon. :-)
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    I'd love to see some activity on the webcam tomorrow! It would be really cool, if they have another section of the lift hill up by next weekend.
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    Call me dumb but I would prefer not to have another wooden based coaster next to The Beast and Mystic Timbers
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    For those of you clinging to hope that Vortex is being “re-profiled” or “redesigned” or such... let me rip the bandaid off. It’s being taken down... removed completely... kaput. I understand it’s not due to one issue but rather several... metal fatigue, cost of maintenance, low ridership, low marketability. It sits on prime “real estate” and the area will be better used in the future. it will always hold a special place in my heart, but it’s time. Can’t make an omelette...
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    Why? Cedar Fair has been a wonderful owner. They have made so many improvements to the park and have transformed it for the better. The park is being run by very capable people.
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    Our strictly webcam tv [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here is a neat picture, courtesy of SkyHigh Coasters on IG
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    Here is a picture I took with my phone on Saturday July 13th this year. Vortex was the first roller coaster I actually took a "solo" picture of, as all my pictures before this were park "skyline" pics. I took this picture while walking over to Vortex as Beast had broken down, had to wait 30 minutes (longest I have ever waited for Vortex- it got pretty busy this day because Saturday in July) but I did get a great ride in 7-1 so IMO it was worth the wait.
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    I am in agreement with the new guy @sixohdieselrage
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    Sing with me, children!!! Firehawk's Warning by BoddaH1994 Don't you ever laugh when O'Rourke's called Because you might be the next to fall They'll hook their chains from the top to the ground And then they'll pull your lift hill down They'll bend you up like a switch blade knife And that's the end of your service life
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