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    They got exactly what they wanted. The ability to open. Dewine was supposed to announce dates for amusement parks on Thursday but did not. If they didn't sue who knows when they were going to be able to open.
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    Knowing CF they will charge $2 for the privilege, unless you purchase the All-Season Face Mask Rest Área Plan for $49.
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    That number is just the long term care facilities number. https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/dashboards/key-metrics/mortality According to this chart, 78% of all deaths in Ohio to coronavirus have been from people over the age of 70. If you take the number back to the 65+ number that I originally said, the percentage will increase again. That is just the stats. Again if you are under the age of 65 the risk of dying to coronavrius is minuscule.
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    I don’t think this has been shared...it’s from the Dis site. It would certainly be a memorable photo op. https://universal.wdwinfo.com/visiting-universals-parks-after-the-covid-19-closure/
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    And you simply lie and misrepresent whenever you want.
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    Speaking of stats, The NHTSA reported that approximately 52 percent of all automobile accidents occur within a five-mile radius of my home and 69 percent of all car accidents occur within a ten-mile radius from my home, so I moved
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    As of right now masks are up to the business not Dewine or a DR. There is no state law requiring you to wear a mask. Not saying I'm not going to but I agree it's kind of silly, especially since all these projections are far wrong. Wheres those 5k+ new cases everyday like they said? I mean your more likely to die from a car crash to or from the park than Covid so there's that. Don't see anyone freaking about driving though...
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    He should be focusing his time on the riots, massive unemployment, and over 75% of coronavirus deaths in Ohio being in long term care facilities, not if people are wearing masks in an amusement park.
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    Since Ohio has given a date, they've released a giant spider on Cedar Point
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    NOTE: this is an animated concept not Orion, but I like this giga lift hill light package!
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    I drove past the park today around 2:00 and 4:00, and Orion was testing both times.
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    Orion was testing this morning. I could see it from my backyard.
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    orion was testing the other day i believe
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    Any update on Orion or the park in general? Has Orion been testing today? What about other rides?
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    Gravity does the pulling through the magnets though. The only energy expended by Drop Tower is the winch motor pulling the gondola and release mechanism to the top and a negligible amount spent on the sensors and servo's to move restraints and the like. Everything else is done by the Earth. The motors add the potential energy, just like the lift hill of a coaster and physics takes over from there.
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    Good news, they don't have to worry about it anymore, because they installed a different electrical grid.
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    I imagine that modifying the controls for either ride would require additional cost from the manufacturer or control system providers to interlock them as well as additional state inspections. By making a phone call or providing a video camera to observe the other rides operation by passes all of this extra cost on the control system end since both rides still operate the same way as they were designed. It is just up to the operators to manage the dispatches.
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    So many interesting infrastructure questions! I would think that using wifi (private or not) would not be very desirable for reliability reasons. I would think the park would have a lot of fiber optic cable running all over the place in order to support a number of different things at this point (phones, points-of-sale, security cameras, etc.).
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    I really doubt it would be that expensive to have a raspberry pi sensor that detects when the ride is running and what part of the cycle it's in since Drop Tower's is fixed. Then that just can go over the park's private wifi to FoF to another raspberry pi sensor. Even installing 3 of them for a failsafe wouldn't cost more than $100
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    While it wouldn't be *that* difficult to link the two ride systems in such a way, ultimately, a CCTV setup is easier and much cheaper to execute.
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    They could just have a button in FoF's station that lights up when it's safe to launch. That's what I would do.
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    I believe the reason that Drop Tower uses so much energy is because the magnetic brakes are rare earth magnets and are therefor always energized (you don't want to loose your breaks if the power goes out). Therefore the elevator mechanism has to have enough umf to pull the ride vehicle up thru the breaks. When you watch it cycle you will notice that the elevator speeds up once it clears the breaks. The Bat phone went away at some point and I believe it came back in one form or another (a phone or camera) when Banshee opened. It may be gone now but I'm not sure indicating that they may have updated the power distribution for that side of the park.
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    Glad to see Kings Island share a clip related to Orion's station. I'm also glad they have not shared any POV videos or footage of anyone riding. It would just be so cruel right now. The info about Flight of Fear and Drop Tower sharing power is so interesting. I would not have pegged Drop Tower as a power hog considering it is a fairly slow lift to the top. I suppose the gondola is pretty heavy and it is a vertical lift.
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    What if the went with a B&M sit down. Think Kumba. Make it bigger and better then Vortex?
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