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    I just want to say that the whole Son of Beast comeback thing is dead and buried. There's a tombstone in the Banshee queue line. Done. Pay your respects, and move on. The park is never gonna go there again.
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    And this gives another ride that can operate during winterfest
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    As someone who has frequented this site since 2006, I think I can say that the vast majority of us enjoyed having Terpy on the site and miss him and his unique humor, wit, and sarcasm. A jerk he most definately was not.
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    Even though I am a coaster enthusiast, I do enjoy antique car rides. I have ridden Cedar Point’s and Darien Lake’s antique cars, so I am glad to hear that next year I will not need to go as far to drive an old-fashioned car! It’s been a while since Vortex, WindSeeker and Shake Rattle & Roll have seen a new neighbor *cough* R.I.P. Dinos *cough* so I am excited to see (and experience) this new addition! Edited to add: One of the few rides my mom is willing to ride is antique cars, and they are a great ride that we always enjoy together. Looks like Kings Mills Antique Autos will join Scrambler and the Grand Carousel on the short list of rides my mom and I enjoy riding together!
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    I don't think this was the case. i believe it's an issue with his work not wanting him to have a presence online. He had mentioned a day when he might not be allowed to post on here long before he actually left. Someone knows...
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    It's also a good addition for Winterfest. Another ride to add.
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    For the record, Southern Yellow Pine is not unique to Son of Beast. Most Great Coaster rides are built with it too, including Mystic Timbers.
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    I’m excited for the new ride! It should be a new highlight of Coney Mall, and one of my personal favorites! However, I’m a bit disappointed by how the media treated this outside the park. The story that SOB V2 was being created severely hampered the public’s views on the new ride. It, NEVER, EVER should have resulted in this:
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    If you were mislead, its of your own doing. The park never put those fliers up, nor did they comment or react to speculation. All the "teasing" was perpetuated by fanboys (and girls) not KI.
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    Information about today's announcement and the proposed teaser posters. Please read the following KIC admin information. The park only posted there would be an announcement today. You got a 24hrs notice. A social media invite 24 hrs in advance is not hype. By the way, did you see any other type of teasers at the announcement today? Speaking of the teasers, anything out there has nothing to do with anyone holding an official position at Kings Island. Any posters/teasers out there that points back to Outpost 5 and Kings Island hints is creative marketing use of other CF properties. These are no hidden/intended messages about an SOB coaster. Lastly, this is a thread about the Kings Mills Antique Autos. Please stay on topic. Thanks!
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    I think the correcting stuff Paramount did wrong is more in lines with things that were at the park Pre-Paramount that Paramount eliminated or destroyed or neglected and correcting that. A ride that was all Paramount like Son of Beast, what does CF have to gain by that? Paramount isn't in the park business, it isn't like they have to one-up them. I also seem to recall a lot of people upset when Son of Beast was announced - not about the ride itself, but that it was demeaning The Beast legacy and that Paramount was trying to take advantage of that legacy. Why tempt that again.. I think at the Banshee announcement, CF did a nice job of burying the SOB, and the monument at the entrance is a fitting tribute. If Son of Beast were to return now, it would be the Phoenix...
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    Son of Beast hurt people. They tore it down. Dang near top of the list of recent memories they don't want random guests to think about or enter into a Google search. I just don't think there's any chance.
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    I saw someone literally knelt down in a praying position on Tuesday at the monument while their friend took a pic...
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    I think he may have also been there to tryout as Uncle Fester for Halloween Haunt this year. You’d think he’d be encouraging the long rumored Adams Family ride. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Bwb.32The fact teasers were at CP and not KI made me think it wasn't next year. That, and the fact we just got Mystic Timbers. Edit: You're right. The media handled it awfully.
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    I think from the wording that Mike Koontz said, it being 'alongside The Racer and across the Jutebox Diner', sounds like it being just on one side of The Racer. I wonder how much land though? That whole side from Dinosaurs Alive entrance to where the empty building that's only used for Halloween Haunt possibly? If so they have plenty of room, and that'll be a good sized Antique Car ride. I hope we'll see some drawings soon of what it will look like.
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    I like this addition. Antique Cars really aren't my thing, though if this set has nice scenery added that could be a different story, but this will be a great ride for older people and kids outside Planet Snoopy. The removal of the original cars in 2004 was one of Paramount's biggest mistakes, and it seems Cedar Fair wants to fix and undo as many of Paramount's mistakes as they can. If they are putting ALL of it on one side of Racer though, that is gonna be pretty cramped, I would think. I was kinda hoping Racer would get a re-track and stuff though, which I guess it still can (they wouldn't really need to even announce that) but I'll still ride it as it is for now. I never really bought into "ZOMG SON O' BEAST IS RETURNING!!!" because that was based on 1 poster at Cedar Point (WTF why would they even tease a new KI ride there and not at KI!?!?) and some Son of Beast logo symbols Mystic Timbers has had since 2017. Kings Island does not tease new coasters that way. Now, if a big construction fence pops up, there is actual land clearing, and there are posters on said fence (if the "leaked" documents are true, we may see this next year) then you probably have a new coaster coming. This is how Diamondback, Banshee, and Mystic Timbers all were.
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    KI has the longest wooden coaster in the world, the longest inverted coaster in the world, one of the top rated hyper coasters in the world, one of the tallest Drop Towers in the world, and an assortment of other rides. Its not like KI has dropped off the map, so I don't understand this line of thought that the park needs something to put them 'on the map' when they're securely on said map. Some of the rides you mentioned as being mediocre are rides that the GP laps up (trust me, they love Diamondback and Banshee, though I will agree with you on their viewing of Firehawk). Mystic Timbers may not have had the same draw, but they obviously like it a lot regardless of how it came off. Yes, the chain saw some drop in attendance, but in going with what @stashua123 has previously brought up, the park was bound for a drop after some pretty steady growth. The ups come with the downs. I still trust KI and CF management to still be successful regardless of those ailments.
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    Anyone notice the little Easter Egg when they played the Partridge Family theme song?
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    I feel bad for the people who actually thought a coaster was coming to KI in 2019. There was literally ZERO evidence that a coaster was coming. No footings, no major land clearings, etc. Sure there were posters up teasing Adventure Express and Son of Beast but there were also posters all across the chain concerning multiple coasters as well. If you were truly expecting a new coaster off of two random posters and no clear construction evidence than that is on you. I for one am glad the Antique Cars are back and my kiddos will love having another fun ride to get on when we visit next year!
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    Friendly reminder: Kings Dominion, a pretty comparable park to ours, went 8 years without a new coaster prior to this year. 8 years. It could be a lot worse.
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    Complaining about a park you like not building a coaster is the epitome of a first world problem. Theme Parks are a luxury and when you buy a season pass, they owe you nothing other than admission. If you don't like what they add, don't visit. Don't act like you were somehow lied to or betrayed because an amusement park didn't build what you wanted.
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    We all can't be happy I guess. As a father, I am very encouraged to see these finally return! A past poster would be preaching patience at this point. Good things come with time. And as always, look at what they do, not what they say! Lord I miss the Interpreter!
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    Ever heard the phrase "Cant see the forest for the trees?" ;-) Foresight is key...
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