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    There was never really a lot of foot traffic in that part of the park anyway so it might just look cramped at first. I think its better than having the area look so desolate.
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    I am really concerned about the pacing after the MCBR.
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    They just released the track layout on social media! (Via Kings Island on Facebook)
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    Kentucky Kingdom

    Statement from the park. Putting on a public, televised news conference can do wonders.
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    The plan view the park shared may be a little confusing, so I laid it over Coney Mall's current layout and added a bit of color. Here's what the ride will look like, and a gif showing the conversion. The names for the structures pulled from the image the park shared, albeit they were a little tough to read. https://i.imgur.com/lA8LtMl.mp4
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    Kentucky Kingdom

    Frankly, although I’ve never been a fan of KK, this makes me a big fan of Ed Hart. He is absolutely correct when he says that the State Fair Board is doing nothing but playing childish games. However Hart just made a master chess move... he pulled out a 10 incher, plopped it on the table and said “top that.” I guarantee the Fair Board has no idea what hit ‘em. I’m loving every minute of this... pass the popcorn. Bravo Mr Hart!
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    The Flying scooters have made a comeback, they’re called the Woodstock Gliders in Planet Snoopy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow! That rendering makes me so happy. Glad to see water features and bridges. As long as there is LOTS of trees and shrubbery, I will consider this a 2/10 attraction. (Will be upgraded to 10/10 when KI and CF come to their senses and give us back our eagles...) But seriously, great decision by KI! Only 2 quips I have: One: I wish it were longer than 1/4 of a mile. Two: Coney Mall is going to be VERY cramped back by Vortex and WindSeeker
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    Marathon ads. Fueling the American spirit.
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    Banshee ridership

    Not sure of ridership numbers, but in no way is a line any kind of any indicator of popularity of a coaster or how much ridership there is.
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    Looks awesome! Love the little pond!
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    I like how there's going to be billboards along the route like at Cedar Point. I wonder if they're going to be nostalgic posters, easter eggs, or clues to a bigger attraction to come soon.
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    I always wondered why Kings Island removed the “Beast Prints” because I thought they were cool because they led all the way there. Maybe one day they will return to the park, one day...
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    I uploaded on the back end instead of in the post. Try this. https://kicentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/KMAA-Plans.pdf
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    I would assume that is the garage/ maintenance shop for the antique cars.
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    Cool temperatures make it hard to think about spring, but that’s exactly what construction crews at Kings Island are doing. Yesterday, demolition in the Coney Mall section of the park was completed and construction of next season’s new attraction, Kings Mills Antique Autos, is ready to begin. Park guests can check out the progress themselves during the final two weekends of Halloween Haunt. For those who want to see the full plans of the Auto's, here is a PDF of everything! https://kicentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/KMAA-Plans.pdf More construction photos from the demo that Chad sent me. KMAA Plans.pdf
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    Banshee ridership

    Its one of the best run rides in the park. The lines move fast because of the way they operate it. They aren't waiting for people to cross the train and drop off items on the other side. All coasters should be operated like this, with no carry-ons (and reasonable all-day locker prices).
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    The park has said that the ride will be 1/4 mile in length. A quarter mile is 1,320 ft.
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    Sure can! It's up to the scare actor though.
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    I guess for now, let's admire how nice the fresh dirt looks.
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    JavaScript breakage

    The fact that you could fix this simple problem via carousel just shows that you were negligent in stopping the problem in the first place. Totally kidding.
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    JavaScript breakage

    A live look at the fixing of the forums. FINALLY got to use this!
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    Banshee ridership

    If they are filling the train every dispatch, it is getting the same amount of riders every hour. Regardless if the line is station wait or has a 2 hr queue. Also, keep in mind that a lot of the focus for people has been on MT, so it is getting the "new" ride line.
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    Please read: moderation changes

    Just a bit of backstory: Brad, Robbie & I wrote this post together in the first (in a long time) moderator meeting yesterday. I locked it with the idea of having a brief reminder to send when posts need to be removed, but having an open discussion here is probably a better idea. As a community-driven site, the actions of all members reflect on KIC as a whole. As moderators, we owe it to our members to protect the community's reputation. When inaccurate or exaggerated information is posted by community members, it hurts our reputation as a whole. This is why we've asked everyone to be careful in this regard, and it's why we're making a special effort to correct or remove such content. Thanks much for the support, Ryan! Being a moderator on a large site can be stressful, and it's not a glamorous role by any stretch of the imagination. I'm glad to be working as a team to give back to a community that's come to mean a lot to me over the years.
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    Favorite Past Ride

    For me, the old Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal. it was great riding an elevated log flume through the trees, but then again, TR is awesome, so I was sad to see it go, but thats the way things are.
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