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    Waldameer TR Turned out to be a decent family park, but didn't hold my attention for all that long. I thought it was a bit more spread out than it was and that it had more flats. The rides it did have are quite fun. I also included their dark ride, Whacky Shack, as a credit as it does have gravity powered drops, so I'm at 81. #80, btw, was Steel Dragon, their spinning coaster. Also, it rained a lot. malem was happy, and while it did thin the crowds and made RFII awesome, it got annoying. Glad the rest of my trip is dry and warmer (only mid 60's here in Erie). Only had pizza which was alright, but I needed something after the 5.5 hour drive. A good warm up for the rest of the trip. Liked their log flume a lot, too. The park also had a weird obsession with permanent switchbacks, both in queues and even on their dark house, Pirate's Cove. Some of their queues are unexpectedly lengthy, even when they're shortened. Coaster Reviews Comet- An old PTC coaster. It has a nice location with a lot of big trees around, and had some air in the back. A good relaxing woodie. Got my first evac on it as well as it stopped just short of the station for the first ride. Definitely a better ride in the back. Ravine Flyer III- For a kids coaster, it packs a punch. A nice twisty layout, and some pretty good quick laterals. Brace yourselves though, as if you aren't engaged in bracing a bit, it can bang you up a bit. Also comes with fountain ERT (pianoman would love this park with the fountain ERT rides throughout including a few flats and Whacky Shack). Whacky Shack- This was my first time on a dark ride like this and it was fun. Its not so much a haunted ride but more focused on optical illusions. Has a few drops, both straight and curved wild mouse style drops. Steel Dragon- I like this more than Exterminator. The outdoors nature of it feels more open, and it doesn't spin quite as ferocious as Kennywood's ride. It flowed a lot nicer than I thought and the spinning felt pretty graceful. Starting to like what Maurer's got out there. Looking forward to the indoor version at Hershey. Ravine Flyer II- Worth the trip up there and one of my favorite wooden coasters. It is one of the best terrain style coasters I've done for sure, the curves and drops really hug the valley well. Its got some strong pops of air throughout. Also best in the back seat (or at least, 6-1). The best moment to me was the last big drop into the valley under the lift after it takes a 90 degree banked turn. It does have some jarring s-curves on the hill across the highway, but hardly a detriment to it. Definitely a better example of what Gravity Group is capable of than I thought Voyage showed.
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    The standard reply on this forum goes something like this “The two parks have different coasters and restraint systems and therefore have different loose article policies.” The personal injury lawyers are drafting plans to build new wings on their houses right now.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Need an Intamin cable lift to get to the top of that lift in under 2 min.
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    So you tell them to put it away, they ignore it, nothing else is done and that sends a message to the other people on the train that having your phone out is an acceptable practice... Great plan!!!
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    Rows chained off on Mystic

    Sheesh you guys... dont you know lap bars have to have a seat belt as well to keep them safe.
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    He comes out at the beginning when the lady in orange calls for backup, menacing and chasing the astronauts, and I believe he helps push off the spacecraft. Basically the small segment of the show beginning when any of the performers in blue appear, leading up to the bar act, only they all run off stage at the end rather than climb to the upper platform for that act.
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    chuck norris

    Rows chained off on Mystic

    It's related to how the seat belt straps have to be wrapped around the lap bar. I don't know why this is required on open seats on mystic... But it is... And it takes time. It works out much better to force this to the same rows and leave them untouched than to keep having to rebuckle random rows Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here’s the problem. As ride operators, we are not allowed to stop lift hills anymore solely based on guests having loose articles out. All we can do is speak over the lift hill speakers. Sad but true. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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