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    Sad how Cedar Fair is getting rid of history. Should have at least kept the station. I think it added so much more aesthetically to that area, too. Vortex and Bat were firsts of their kind as well and they have now gotten rid of all traces of both. Funny how they keep Corkscrew and Gemini open up north though. When they opened they were firsts as well. Hmmmmm.....
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    Yeah they put that piece in before it goes under the helix then under the drop
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    It looks like the Grand Carousel horses are getting some love this off season.
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    "Technical difficulties"
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    https://www.wlwt.com/article/kings-islands-carousel-ohio-river-share-history/30659151 Interesting: ”If you're wondering if you're riding one of the original horses that's now nearing 100 years old, look for a special medallion on the horse's head.” I
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    I think its going to be along time before the park Sees any midway expansion. They have the empty Vortex plot of land. And Invertago plus The Bat are likely not to be Around too much longer.
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    Looks like some track is being shipped over.
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    Here’s video of the demolition (it’s a parody). https://fbwat.ch/1aBgcEisIgPdlNrX
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    I got 10 rides on Mystic Timbers during the charity event in 2017, I think anyone will defiantly get their Orion fix that night.
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    They really should have had Gary Wachs come in to talk about it instead of Chad Showalter.
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    I think its amazing that this ride gets attention since it is a gateway to the past and a ride that has served generations. I wish the Wurlitzer organ was operating more often. I love the sound of it and it makes me feel alright inside tbh.
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    Thanks for telling me. It just looked really weird.
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    Light shining on a rain drop on the camera lens.
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    What is that glowing area?
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    "Liability"? Are they having Intamin put in charge of the demolition?! Sorry, but after all we have seen with them pulling these excuses with Diamondback, Banshee, and Mystic Timbers and now Orion it's just not flying anymore. Just be honest and tweet, "For the safety and sensitive work of the workers involved with the demolition of Vortex we have decided to pull the feed on this webcam until the work has completed. Thank you for your understanding" I don't believe we or the GP will have any issue with that. How is this difficult KI?!
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    Before we start another complaint fest, realize that the higher-ups at KI would probably love for us to see our beloved coaster getting dismantled, but for the purpose of limiting bad press should there be an accident, they cannot allow us to see it. Unlike the Orion cam, this one makes sense. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    What "liability concerns" could the park have about a webcam? Please educate me. Because it sounds like a massive load of BS to me.
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