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  1. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2021/june/goodbye-to-chef-nathan-gushulak-and-june-23-chefs-plate-menu I can’t say enough good things about Chef Nate. He truly was the one that laid the groundwork for the vast improvements that the department has had over the past several years. He truly was one of the first that simply injected a feeling of, “we should care about this” into the department. He’s a great chef and an even better human being. Thank you, Nate.
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  2. The dip of the month is a Buffalo cheese dip. I’m not a Buffalo fan, but I thought it was pretty food. My girlfriend is a big Buffalo fan and was on Cloud 9. This will be available all of June in the Brewhouse.
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  4. Just wanted to quote this so I people could read it again. I love Apple Pay. I’m so glad the park has been an early adopter! If it were only available everywhere… but let’s be honest, we’re splitting hairs.
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  5. It’s probably a combination of a lot of what was said above. Premier has gotten better, but in the past they had a bit of a reputation for less than stellar quality. Cedar Fair would rather go with B&M and drop the money now and save cost in the long run. Their primary products like Skyrocket II are probably too low capacity for the big players but too expensive for the smaller players.
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  6. I received one of the settlement claim forms and it states I could receive up to $60. On a side note since it always comes up when talk of frivolous lawsuits abound- the McDonald's debacle was about a malfunctioning coffee machine that made the coffee scalding hot giving the woman third degree burns, not that it was simply hot. McDonalds was considered negligent because they didn't fix the coffee maker or properly warn the customer.
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  7. INB4 “No matter what the mobile app did you'd find something that wasn't right to you.”
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