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    Hey guys. I'm bumping this thread because I just made a Son of Beast recreation in No Limits 2, and I figured it would be worth sharing here. I always had a huge love of just the way the ride looked. It's gargantuan structure was truly awesome, so I couldn't help but try and replicate it myself. Let me know what you guys think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDYsbSrJSJ4 EDIT: Here are some screenshots of the coaster!
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    It it possible to have the train make an abrupt stop?
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    ^ Wow, that is actually one of the best recreations of Son of Beast I've ever seen. Looks accurate to what the real ride was like, at least based on POV's (never got to ride the wooden monster myself before it was scrapped). I also agree 100% on the way the ride looked- it was an amazing looking wooden structure, especially due to how tall it was AND the fact they put that pre-drop dip all the way up there. I have also attempted to make Son of Beast myself in RollerCoaster Tycoons 2 & 3 (not very good at No Limits 1 or 2, at least not enough to recreate a real ride with any accuracy at this point). Here's what my efforts came up with (in RCT3- The trees are a mod BTW but I used the in-game wooden track): http://i772.photobucket.com/albums/yy10/McSalsa/Shot0001_zpsrhqd130r.png~original http://i772.photobucket.com/albums/yy10/McSalsa/Shot0000_zpsfcezhqkg.png~original
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    I rode it multiple times with and without the loop. Loved it. I 'wood' have ridden again if it had re-opened.
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    Front seat, right around 2001, on a date with what would later be my wife. I loved it, but being at an "invincible" age of 22 and a big coaster fan, I didn't notice it being rough. 16 years later, I can't convince my wife to ride pretty much any coaster. Coincidence??
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    i rode it in 2005 with the loop and honestly it was the best wooden coaster i have ever been on. i would love to see RMC rebuild it.
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    Almost felt like I was back on it. Just needs: a much much louder chain. And maybe a way to make it jump back and forth more. Felt way too smooth Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As someone on this site used to say, it looks so innocent.
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    Thanks! =) I'm going to add some screenshots of the ride to the original post since the POV doesn't show everything. I'm a HUGE stickler for details. I didn't go as far as overlay a google maps image into the park, BUT I did use the google maps ruler tool as an aid to get the size of ride elements right, for example the rosebowl helix has a diameter of around 250 FEET! I had no idea it was that huge, and when building it I was like surely it's not THIS big, but sure enough when riding it in the sim it felt exactly like the real thing. I'm extremely visual, so I also like to really carefully look at many photos of the rides I replicate to make sure I get the shaping of curves and drops right. Photos also showed that the terrain the ride sat on was much more hilly than I thought it was, especially photos of the sight AFTER the ride was demo'ed. It just makes the project so much more rewarding in the end to spend time studying a ride to the nth degree, and it also helps me appreciate a ride's design even more. Quick plug. No Limits 2 is an absolutely AMAZING piece of software, with the comb tools being my favorite tools to use to ensure smooth curves that are achievable with 100% hand made track.
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    Good job JCoaster25! I can't even make a coaster in No Limits (it's too hard), let alone create something as awesome as this! I feel like someone needs to do a side-by side video of HendrickTrolley's POV of the ride and this No Limits POV to see how similar the two really are! Congrats sir.
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    Personally, I have never had to ride Vortex in any special kind of way. I have been riding it since it opened. Sure, the transitions could be better, but the technology is way better now and I can't ride Vortex expecting Banshee-like transitions. Not once have I ever received what I would consider a bad ride. Vortex always delivers and I ride it every trip 2-3 times. Plus, I have had back surgery that comes with problems. Is it rough compared to what we have today? Yes. At the same time, this newer technology has spoiled the general public into believing that older rides built 35 years ago should deliver the same kind of experience. I guess that they just don't have that knowledge.
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    The only time I remember enjoying a smooth ride was it's open year in 2000. My first trip that year the ride opened up at 5pm, a lengthy line had formed so didn't ride it in the spring. Went back in October and was able to ride it twice, I thought it was a smooth experience. Don't remember which seat I was in the first ride, the second was towards the middle. The wait seemed to be less then thirty minutes. The following year 2001, went to the park in July. Wait was just over an hour, to me the ride experience was night and day compared to 2000. It was much rougher, and uncomfortable. The lap-bar left yellow and black bruises on side of my thigh muscles.
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    I honestly want to see another traditional woodie of SOB's scale, from a company that knows what they are doing and a park willing to shell out for the maintenance, but that'll probably never happen. If it happened, I'd say it'd have to be at a park where the terrain allows for a significant portion of the ride to be taken at a moderate speed, running downhill as it loses speed to keep a good (but not excessive) pace like Voyage's second half. (Think of how Hercules at Dorney had the massive drop off the hill, then the rest of the ride was rather small and on top of the hill.)
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    I rode this coaster several times - all with the loop. It was very rough and neither myself, nor the other riders on my train, were smiling and happy when they were departing their ride. THEN - my best friend injured her back on this monster. She still has problems to this very day! I never rode it after that.
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    I also don't think they will ever build something like Son of Beast again. There are a multitude of reasons why rides like The Beast and Racer are still going strong and Son of Beast is no more. I'm glad that they went with somebody this time around like GCI that understands all of the intricacies of building a wooden coaster.
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    The failure was in the engineering. Typically the ride manufacturer has an engineer and the park has one. The manufacturer and park engineer have to agree or changes are made. I seen this in action at Disney with Everest. This is done to prevent things from happening like what happened with SoB. This points the finger again at who should not be working on any wood coaster as I said before.
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    I'd go with "or not". Matt Ouimet's Cedar Fair is not Viacom, which is a good thing.
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    Regardless of Collossos being a Intamin pre fab, it is in fact a wooden coaster. Which overtime will need replaced much more readily than the steel counterpart such as a RMC topper track.
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    I still wonder if others who bid on the job such as Intamin and CCI could have done better. I spoke to Premier engineer about the train and SOB coaster in general in 2008. She admitted that train was developed to withstand the force of rose bowl and loop but caused the train to be much heavier than regular wooden coasters during that time. It seemed that the structure may have been fine in the beginning but fatique caused repeated failure of the structure from lateral forces, particularly on rose bowl. These were the exact findings from Failure Analysis that was done by SEA. This was the 2006 accident. - The pattern of broken wood components in the area of the failure indicated that the structure had failed to restrain an outward lateral load, relative to the center of a double helix. - The cause of the failure could be due to excessive stress imposed on the structure, or deficiency in the wood structural materials. In other words, this coaster was not designed withstand the forces and stress on the rose bowl. I understand what PKI was trying to do but the technologies were not available to do what they wanted. BTW, I did not know prefab was developed after SOB. Thanks.
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    I doubt it. SOB wasnt deemed a failure pre 2001 was it? And even if it was considered failed BY 2000, I'd be surprised to see a new technology develop AND a new ride open with it within a year. Usually new rides take over a year to plan and open. Also.. since when has Colossos been SBNO? And why? *been living under a rock!
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    I rode the loop version over 500 times. I am not tall but I had to cross my leg to ride it. The first drop was quite good but the second hill had some airtime with rather noticeable shake. The rose bowl helix felt like I was experiencing severe earthquake. The loop was the most peaceful part of the ride. The biggest problem with the ride was the jackknifing. The train was too heavy for the structure. It was tolerable when you ride on the middle seat of the car. Too bad Intamin did not win the bid for Son of Beast.
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    I have wondered if a new OTSR is the answer to headbanging on coasters. Something like the ones on standup coasters where the entire OTSR can move up and down not just pivot. If the entire restraint moved down onto the shoulders so that riders heads were above the restraint I would think it would be more comfortable for riders.
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    ^ Being tall, my head stays above the OTSR, so I don't have to do anything special to avoid headbanging.
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    I am curious about those who enjoy Vortex. Do you "know how to ride it" or do you enjoy it in any random seat?
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    I still quite enjoy Vortex now.
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    Vortex used to be my favorite ride in the whole park, but when I rode it this summer I decided that would be my last ride on it. No one even bothered asking the usual "welcome back riders, how was your ride?" because everyone was groaning in pain. I never did get a chance to go on Son of Beast, but it never really interested me all that much.
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    ^^ lol. On Mean Streaks last day Malem and I were doing some row shuffling with some people, they asked us if we wanted to move one row up (to a wheel row) so we could be right behind my two boys. Simultaneously we both said "NO!", they kind of looked at us funny. Vortex beat my 11 year old up so much that he was miserable and still hadn't recovered after an hour. Ruined the rest of the day and we had to go home. A coaster that does that should be fixed or retired.
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    I rode it once when it didn't have the loop. I was like 8 tears old. I just remember the first drop being unbelievable, i held on for dear life. I hadn't been on many rides so I didn't know what a good drop actually was. I thought it was a little rough but not that bad. I do remember everybody around me groaning in pain though. I liked the ride but Banshee is way better. I really wish rmc could have built a complete recreation with some rmc features like airtime and wace turns. Easily could be a top 5 coaster in the US imo.
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    The bigger problem with having to know how to ride a coaster is the fact that the only people who might know are the enthusiasts. The general public does not stand a chance. The majority of park visitors are the general public. Go to an enthusiast event, watch where people sit on a coaster. At Coasterstock just watch The Beast and you will quickly notice the majority of people are sitting in the front row, back row, or a non-wheel seat. But on smoother rides like Diamondback you will see people spread out and take every available seat just to get on the ride faster. A similar effect occurs on Vortex with people riding in the "good" seats and ignoring the rough seats. Maverick is one of the perfect examples of a coaster which went from crap to amazing just by replacing the restraints. I used to maybe ride it once a year but now I try to ride as often as possible.
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    Did I ride it? Yes both with the loop and without. Did I like it? Not really, the best part of the original ride was the loop. Beyond that I kept trying the ride every once in a while and never found myself enjoying it. Would I ride it again? Even with no line I rarely rode it when it was open. Maybe once a season, but I doubt I would even do that. The ride was a complete disaster and the park is better off without it.
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    Yep. Rode it in all forms. The one year I never rode it was the year it had the major accident (2006). Also the same year that the old Premier trains were shortened to 5 cars for the short time it was open that season. Was only 10 or 11 when I rode it for the first time, and I freaking loved that first ride. It seemed so impossibly large to me at the time, and I was just so overwhelmed by the intensity and aggressiveness of the ride back then, and my naive little self couldn't get enough. Then I got older, and the ride got rougher and rougher, and I started to understand what makes a good roller coaster, and suddenly it became my worst coaster I had ever ridden. That first helix had gotten especially bad. The shaking was so violent I felt like I legitimately took a hammer to my head after riding it. Still, strangely, there was something about the build-up to that loop that made the ride worth it somehow. I can remember when the train hit the midcourse brakes, there was a buzz of excitement across the train. "Oh here comes the loop!!" Someone would say. It was THE focal point of the layout, and everyone knew it, so that made that loop one of the best loops on any coaster, despite the fact that the coaster it belonged to was one of the worst ever built. It helped the ride feel oddly satisfying by the end, and that made me grow fond of the ride. Despite the horrible experience, I would always appreciate its towering presence over Action Zone, and honestly thought it would be there for years to come, until the incident happened. When the loop was taken out, that REALLY emphasized how bad the rest of the ride was. It felt like a blockbuster movie without a climax. Giant and eye-catching, yet incredibly dull all at once. Although personally, I felt like the ride got smoother with the Gerstlauer trains, but only slightly. It also felt much slower since the new trains were so much lighter and had less momentum through the course. When the ride reopened, my appreciation for the ride went way WAY down, and soon I just wanted it gone. Thankfully that was right around the time that it closed for good, and Diamondback was introduced, a proper 200+ foot coaster for the park that had something Son of Beast had absolutely none of: AIRTIME, and plenty of it. I'm glad I got to experience it, with and without the loop. It was such an infamous piece of roller coaster history. A hard lesson on what NOT to do when building a coaster. Banshee is better in every way imaginable. Tied with DB as my favorites in the park.
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    I was there when Son of Beast was brand new and there when it was being torn down. I had a special relationship with it from being to scared to ride it but also disappointing that I didnt. I always got as close as I cared to get to Son of Beast on Top Gun and Adventure Express as a kid. It to me was very fun to look at from below and growing up with it right there in front of me as a kid but it also scaring the hell out of me with its screaming riders and rumors. I remember it climbing its lift hill while I climbed on Adventure Express and looking up at Son of Beast and thinking no, never will I ride that wooden monster! I never did but I will cherish my memories with it and I even in 2012 made a special visit to pay visit to the Son one last time during Haunt. It actually was very sad as I grew up with it and remember when it was brand new and now in a flash a part of my Kings Island childhood was gone. I do have one of its structural bolts that got released shortly after its removal in 2012 and I also have stood on the track that remains two years ago during Haunt. Banshee is a great replacement, but I always will remember and cherish my childhood with Son of Beast! MaestroJr
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    Not me... Every past ride has its moments of me missing it: King Cobra, Nick Slime Zone, Flight Commander... I've never had a moment when I was like, "I could really go for a Son of Beast ride right now."
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    Did you ride SOB before it closed? - Yes Did you like it? - Yes. Much more earlier on, and then a bit less after a few years. Did you ride it with or without the loop? - Both. Without the loop just wasn't the same. Would you have ridden it again if it had reopened? - Probably at least once. But it was pretty brutal the last couple of times I rode, so maybe not too often. Thoughts? - Banshee is better.
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    I rode Son of Beast when it had the loop, after the loop was removed I didn't ride it as much, but yes even I have to say that Son of Beast was a pretty rough coaster.
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    Rode it in all of its forms. The loop was the most glorious thing on any roller coaster I have been on. Outside of that it was a fairly boring roller coaster with two large helix's that like to take you to the brink of your death.
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    I enjoyed Son of Beast. I rode it with and without the loop. Typically, if you come back to the station with no riders in line, you can ask for a re-ride. I tried this a few times on SOB and was never allowed a re-ride. Ryan's post pretty much sums up everything there is to know about Son of Beast. I just wish they would remove the station if there are no plans for that area.
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    I'm sure RMC was considered but I ultimately think it was better for Cedar Fair to just nix the ride all together. RMC wasn't as well known or as reputable as it is now. The ride already had a bad reputation and caused significant pain to guests.
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    RCCA built The Rattler at Fiesta Texas, and helped design Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Over Georgia.
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    Which part collapsed? When was this? How far along was this is the construction process?
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    I said people that worked on it and I know of one that still works for the park. If you go back and do a little research on all the things that happened when it was built and the mess it became after you may think the same. It looked clear to me that someone had a big swelled head thinking they knew more than they did. It turned out that the ones that said it wouldn't work was correct. The report from the Ohio Department of Agriculture after the accident tells a lot as well. If I am out of line here feel free to delete. Well, you were "around" to see much of the story unfold. It actually kind of makes me feel old that some people only have vague memories of Son of Beast. To me, it was just another chapter in the life of KI. What I think many of you don't understand is that the whole project was a mess from the beginning - this is what Capt Picard was trying to say. Many manufacturers were approached about building the first wooden hypercoaster with the first modern wooden coaster loop. Many wouldn't touch it. You have to remember that, especially around 2000 during the coaster wars, lawsuits flew everywhere very often with experimental ride designs. RCCA, who had never built a coaster in the US if I recall correctly, was willing to take it. They also couldn't build the trains to accommodate the loop. That fell on Premier Rides (yes, the same Premier that brought us Flight of Fear and Backlot). Half way through the project in a classic "in over their head" situation, RCCA went bankrupt. [Paramount's] Kings Island was left with a half-constructed wooden elephant-in-the-room. Without the option to simply hire another roller coaster company, Kings Island was forced to take it on themselves. It had nothing to do with people thinking they knew more than they did. They had no choice. There was no option to delay the opening of the ride until after the 2000 season. After many delays, hiccups, and even a collapse during construction, Son of Beast opened to the public in the early season of 2000 - but still months behind schedule. It was notably smooth (as all new coasters are) for the first few weeks, but got progressively more violent throughout the 2000 season. One lady claimed to have broken her neck on the ride, but there is some question of the legitimacy of that situation, so I'm not going to bother with that since it's not that relevant. Major retracking work was done in the 2000 offseason.... and 2001 offseason... and 2002 offseason... and so on. Certain sections of the ride would get better, but the results typically wouldn't last and the over all sum of all parts was still too rough and violent to be enjoyed by the average guest. Just days after Cedar Fair completed their purchase of Paramount Parks in 2006, an incident happened in which riders were given a "rougher than usual" ride due to a broken vertical timber that would not have been detected during the normal daily inspection procedures. This caused the ride to be immediately shuttered the ride. Much debate circulated about the future of Son of Beast after this incident. It was determined that the Premier Rides trains, due to their weight, were responsible for the turbulence during the ride. The size, girth, and weight of the trains were necessary for them to successfully complete the loop, so as a compromise the loop was removed. The ride reopened in July of 2007 with much lighter G-Trains, which were on a second life after being used on the now-defunct Myrtle Beach Hurricane. Special alterations were made to the trains in order for them to meet the gauge of the massive Son of Beast track. In the years following 2007, Son of Beast had a new life with a much lower ridership. Even on the busiest days, the ride never had a line. This was until, in the wake of Diamondback's opening in 2009, Son of Beast was quietly shutter. It was later revealed that a woman had reported to the park that she had suffered a head injury that might have been attributed to riding Son of Beast. This was the final straw for the ride. Park executives closed the ride and openly said that they did not know what the future of this record breaker may be. Several members of the media attempted to contact the park in the time after the ride's closure in order to get the scoop on what was next for The Beast's rebel son. The park very infamously repeated, "No decision has been made on the future of Son of Beast." This went on for years. In the Fall of 2012, it was announced on Kings Island's social media that after exploring all of the different options for Son of Beast, the ride would be removed for future expansion. Demolition began immediately, and there were few traces of the ride remaining by the beginning of the 2013 season. At the beginning of the 2013 season, a fence was erected in the area that once housed Son of Beast with information about increased surveillance due to "bone chilling screams" in the area... but that's another story. Bonus fact: Although Son of Beast was celebrated as the tallest, fastest, and only looping modern roller coaster, it also held a less celebrated record: the world's largest manmade wooden structure. Bonus fact: An original design for Son of Beast had an all wooden loop.... actually two of them. The loops would slide side-to-side so one could be repaired on days that the other was in operation. WLWT video of Son of Beast's hill coming down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87EWEKg1MXc For those who lurk and for the newbies, here is the Banshee announcement video that also celebrated the fall of Son of Beast:
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    I rode it the year it opened. Don't remember anything about it other than it beat the crap out of us and wasn't worth the pain. And that was back when I was young and could take the beatings.
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    Well, even if it were smooth, it was such a boring, force-less layout with nothing but really drawn out laterals.
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    My first time on SOB was on August 1st, 2007. Then I rode it during Haunt of 2007. I loved the first drop out of the station to get everyone anticipated of what was to come. I rode it again in 2008. It was early June and the park was pretty empty so I rode it like 10 times in a row. I think Mean Streak was worse than SOB as far as being rough. Mean Streak would hurt my back but I never had pain on SOB.
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    ^Uh...RCCA is pretty much disbanded and Paramount Parks is also no more. Those are really the only 2 parties seriously involved with it, so I don't get what you said about those who worked on it still being in the business. The individuals who were in CF at the time of the park's purchase were just trying to work with what they got and SOB was certainly a unique situation to try and salvage.
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    I had some good rides on it in the early days. If they put the budget in for it that it needed and listened to the experts when it was built it would still be there today. I find it hard to believe that anyone that helped build and maintain it is still working today.
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    I did ride it 3 times post-loop. All 3 times were on the night 3 days previous to SoB's final day, so I am very fortunate I got to ride. I loved that thing and would've ridden it so much more in the future, but unfortunately that can't happen. I do agree, however, that it was the roughest coaster I've been on besides Mean Streak.
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    I rode it all through its life. I first rode it on a special season pass holder night that occurred later in the 2000 season due to its delays. 2000-2006- I thought it was alright, but only in the first 2 rows. Anything behind that wasn't worth it for me. It was extremely uncomfortable- very rattly with a rough bounce. The first drop and loop were the only redeeming parts of the ride. Other than the rattle and a ton of laterals (all it had was the first drop, loop, 2 helices and a carousel curve). It had absolutely no airtime because there were no hills dedicated to such, a major downside for a wooden coaster to have. I only rode it once or twice a visit. 2006-2009- I only rode it once post-loop removal and I absolutely hated it. The pacing suffered from the lighter trains and that also meant it was way more rough. It honestly felt like it was going to stall at any moment or if there was a good gust of wind. I'm very glad for the superb B&M inverted coaster in its place.
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    I rode it with and without the loop but the only constant for the ride was how unbearably rough it was. Every now and then I would get a good ride that wasn't painful and it was good in those rare cases. The loop was fun but not really that different from something like Vortex and the first drop was good. The first helix was nothing but pain though. I remember liking the second half more.
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    I never rode it. I moved in 2007, and in those remaining two years I was too short to ride. My dad did ride it and said he loved it. He always tells me that he wishes that KI still had it, but he agrees that Banshee is a worthy replacement.
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