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    Best addition of the last 10 years. Taste those salty enthusiast tears.
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    Welcome to KIC! Most of us here like roller coasters a lot, but other types of rides round out the park experience. As a kid, before I got into coasters, my favorite rides were Phantom Theater, Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal, the antique cars, and the (original) Flying Eagles. I'd be thrilled to see any of them return.
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    In the public records show above, between plumbers and painters I think I have it cracked. We are getting a very reliable, high capacity, B&M manufactured restroom in X-Base.
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    I like to think BIG... like an entire area re-vamp. My hope is that Coney Mall is getting a complete reno. It certainly needs it. I personally think that the addition of the Smokehouse restaurant this season could have been a precursor/start of much needed infrastructure changes to the area. I'd love a complete re-furb of Racer and flat package, as well as new lighting/facades etc. I think "something old is new again" references the entire Coney area. I think as a part of that reno, will a modern take on a previous attraction... fingers crossed for recaR. Heck... I'd be happy with just the sculpted Ginkgo trees coming back! Shaggy
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    On the First page of the 2018-022702 NOTICE, note the highlighted Looks like multi-year phased upgrades are in the works. Tomorrow we may only hear about what is immediate; however, for everything to work together they are planning ahead
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    Wouldn't that be Adventure Express? Gets you all excited then lets you down at the end?
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    The idea that Cedar Point is getting all the great coasters and Kings Island is not is just insane. Since Cedar Fair has purchased KI (2006) we have gotten 4 major coasters: Firehawk, Diamondback, Banshee, and Mystic Timbers. Cedar Point has also installed 4 coasters in the same time period. Canada's Wonderland has installed 3, Carowinds has installed 2, Kings Dominion has installed 3. Some of the smaller parks like Dorney and Michagan's Adventure receive little to nothing from year to year. We are hardly being neglected. Also Diamondback, Banshee and MT are considered some of the best of their type of ride and are all ranked highly in enthusiast polls such as the Coasterbuzz 100. From time to time "off years" are required for general park improvements such as restaurants, and other upgrades. For 2017 Cedar Point added some water slides and re branded their water park. It is important to have a well rounded park that has stuff for everyone to do. Not just roller coasters. Our time will come again. Just most likely not for 2019.
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    Another clue to the possible return of Lés Taxis...If you google the name, Meline Raymond, as seen on the clue page, you can follow it to a FBook page where, on Méline Raymonds page, you can find, well, Paris, France...Lés Taxis. Plus, on KI's own website from May 15, 2017, "Something Old Is New Again" they mention Les Taxis -A French Taxi car ride.
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    No, and you are correct. Trust me, when they have what most would consider "major" announcements they give the media plenty of time to plan to be there and give them a little nudge nudge to let them know that they probably should be there. You've got to remember that any improvement that the park makes will be a good thing for all of us in some way. Even if it's a Racer or Coney revamp that's something we can enjoy. Our "big" day will come again, just not tomorrow.
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    Nothing is older than dinosaurs. They are bringing back Dinosaurs Alive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Something old is new again at Kings Island for the 2019 season! Relax in a Model T Ford next to The Racer coaster in Coney Mall! KICentral is very excited to have the antique cars returning to make more memories with families and friends. KIC would love to hear what are you thoughts on this new addition! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/rides/kings-mills-antique-autos .
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    I stole those from your Facebook. It’s the least I could do.
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    Here is the full teaser that was sent to WCPO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If they wanted to make a point, they would issue a statement saying Andy Murray has been permanently banned from CF parks for his apparent disregard to rules and safety of others and reiterate that all guests are subject to such ban...
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    People complain that Kings Island doesn't do enough theming to be considered a theme park. Kings Island does a little bit of theming and people fall over each other trying to be first to break the news (although this is the first time I've noticed the actual news get in on the act, usually it's just the fan sites). Prior to the little farm vignette added as theming in Tower Gardens, the plants and flowers have been changed several times this season, to keep it fresh, interesting, and beautiful. That's what the groundskeeping staff does. That's what the greenhouses are for. Granted the general theming centered around plants and setting a mood used to be more of a "thing" for the park in its early years, but I've appreciated this return to their roots, and enjoy seeing the changes as the seasons progress. I don't think it "means" anything other than adding visual interest around the park.
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    ^ The only reason the news believes there is substance to the rumors is that it's being talked about here. A question I think everyone here needs to answer: why would any park ever release hints that: 1.) are only recognizable by people with an amount of industry knowledge the average park guest wouldn't have (e.g. "giga" in the snow), 2.) require an enthusiast-level amount of attention to detail to an obscure feature that played absolutely no part in the ride experience of a roller coaster that hasn't operated in almost 10 years (e.g. Outpost 5), and/or 3.) exist at a park that isn't the one the "hint" is about (e.g. literally anything reported in Steel Vengeance's queue)? Do you know what teasers do? Get media and guest attention for the park by the park's own doing. Enthusiast speculation being reported on is not the same thing. Actual teasers--ride Sally ride, filming in progress, watch out for falling trees--get everyone's attention. It's not there to wink at enthusiasts through subtlety. Marketing and PR don't exist to tickle enthusiasts. You know what DOES contain all three of those features? Easter eggs, which aren't the same thing as hints. Easter eggs exist to wink at loyal fans. Putting Canada's Wonderland-, Kings Island-, and California's Great America-related posters in the Steel Vengeance queue/the area near Steel Vengeance does exactly that. I love speculation, but the coaster fandom is really, really good at cycling through Here's a Thing I Noticed -> I Wonder If It's a Hint -> It's Definitely a Hint -> It's Definitely Confirmed, We're Just Waiting for Them to Announce It -> What Do You Mean It's Not What You Promised This Whole Time so much. It's kind of a mind-numbing cycle to watch over and over and over. Trust me, folks: when it's a teaser, there won't be any question about whether or not it's a teaser. These aren't hints, no matter how much the news talks about us looking for hints.
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    There is no need to start another Vortex topic in 2 days. Please post in your existing topic.
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    King Ding Dong

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    While all of that is unfortunate it would be much less of a problem if the park were not so stingy with opening up dedicated refill stations.
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    Much like having two Carousels in the park is redundant?
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    I'm on board with this theory...Whatever we get in the distant future, will most likely go back in Coney. Draw your crowds into the park. plus it gets them out of the way.
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    The project that @boddaH1994 and @Old_Bearcat are referring to could be a Coney Mall overhaul that is done in phases. Phase 1 could have been the BBQ Phase 2 could be what they're announcing tomorrow Phase 3 could be B&M's involvement. If B&M on the document indicates the giga we've all been hoping for, I wouldn't be surprised if the park would want to renovate Coney Mall before its debut.
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    I see Bolliger and Mabillard listed there! Hmmmm... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Googled Ford model T key and this is what I got. It looks like we might have the antique cars back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It’s one thing to be ignorant of the rules. It’s another to break them, refuse to remove the video, and then mock the park. If the park has any sense what so ever, these two will not be welcome back. There can’t be much backlash. Very few in America care about tennis to begin with.
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