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    Really? When did 5,282 feet of track (Diamondback) and 5,318 feet of track (Behemoth) become MUCH longer than 5,321 (Orion)?
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    I will give my review on every hill, 1st hill: The lift is very fast and quiet, you can definitely feel the 85 degrees and the drop is very long 2nd hill: Very fast element and gives some nice lateral floater, also feels overbanked 3rd hill: Very forceful surprisingly, and feels like a second curved drop. You also really notice the height! 4th hill: Best airtime moment on the ride hands down, I can't even describe this 5th hill: Trim doesn't slow the train down much, and gives some nice floater Helix: Sustained positive G's throughout the helix and that near miss is amazing! Also made me grey out a few times 6th hill: Very good positive G's and a surprising amount of airtime Brakes: you actually get some airtime into the brakes, and the brake run goes by very quickly. And the night ride... well that is on a whole nother level.
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    I rode nine times tonight. Best ride in the park! It’s deceivingly intense! I never thought I would ever say the words “sustained ejector,” but that’s how the speed hill is. The turnaround almost feels like an inversion. All the blood goes to your feet during the helix. The biggest surprise is the final curve before the brakes. GREAT air! The biggest disappointment is the head chopper under the first drop. You don’t really notice it. The arm chopper coming out of the turnaround and into the speed hill is more noticeable. The theming was great and it flowed really well with Flight of Fear!
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    @malem and I give Orion 2 thumbs up!
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    You mean how good was the mask enforcement? C'mon people. It's a pandemic here and America is the epicenter by far. Thus thing is on the verge of being out of control again and theme parks will be forced to close again when that happens. Wear your masks and quit being selfish.
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    Masks are required at the parks right now. We have hashed out your argument multiple times and there is no need to do it again. At this point in time, if you don't want to wear a mask and think they are useless don't make your reservation. No one is forcing you to go to the park where it's required.
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    I was at Friends and Family preview day and spotted these new pins for those who collect them. There is also a Phantom Theater one at the front gate store. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wish i saw able to ride but may be awhile before i feel safe in a crowd . i am 73 and have been treated for cancer. with damage to my immune system. it killing me to not go. but better than having it kill me because of going. love all the reports and pictures!
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    They were enforced alright. Didn't really see it because everyone followed it. When I left, I stopped at the water fountain by the restrooms near Hanks and when I was done I forgot to pull my bandana up and a security guy pointed it out to me so I pulled it back up. They aren't playing so please follow the rules.
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    I was so busy taking photos and looking at everything, I never really listened to the music. I took over 300 photos last night. I will get them in the KIC galleries tonight or in the morning. Back for opening day today.
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    Orion has exceeded my expectations. The ride is fantastic from beginning to end. The first ride does not disappoint at all! The biggest surprise for me was the final little hill, a very fun way to end the ride. The biggest let down with this ride is how hard the trim hits but that can of course change in the future.
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    Canada's Wonderland in 2019: Hold my Syrup
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    I know none of you care because allegedly some sort of rock crashed into the former X Base area, but in keeping with our love for everything new inside the world of Kings Island, as originally reported by the official Kings Island Twitter a few months ago, a new food item was added to the Brewhouse. First, let me tell you about our experience at the Brewhouse today. My girlfriend and I had just gotten off Orion as a first ride of the day and season after just under a two hour wait. We were tired, dehydrated, hot, and cranky. We needed replenishment. We agreed on the Brewhouse "if the line isn't crazy." Walking that direction, the line was out the door. Of course, social distancing gives lines the illusion that they're much longer than they were, so we decided to wait for a few minutes to see how long it was actually taking. In a move that actually hasn't been surprising over the past season and a half, it was well thought out, organized, and the employees presented themselves as competent and knowledgeable about the new procedures. There was a gentleman at the entrance that gave you a number and explained how the table seating works now. Long story short, they seat you once you order rather than you picking your own seats. Okay, cool. We ordered our food (Pub Burger all the way! Girlfriend got the BBLT.). Then we decided to splurge for the new Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Now, we've all been to Applebees. That sort of appetizer is something that's hard to screw up, but also hard to make notable. Of course, when you have an actual executive chef on the case, it's hard to sell them on the idea of a milky queso and little flakes of greens floating in it. Oh yeah. This was wild ride of taste. I'm not food critic, in fact I don't really have the economy of language to properly describe a dining experience like the professionals do, but what I will say is that the dip was absolutely amazing. It was thick and had a warm, chunky vibe to it. The chips are seasoned in some sort of salt based mix. As with all hand made foods, some had more seasoning than others. The more seasoning you had on a particular chip, the more you could taste how the saltiness of the chips complemented that warm, smooth taste of the dip and vice versa. Gosh, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Pro tip: the dip also works beautifully paired with the tater tots that come with most meals. The spinach and artichoke dip is found in the Brewhouse. It is NOT on the meal plan and retails for about $8 as of the time of this writing. It's been a long offseason. Treat yourselves.
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    I'm looking forward to helping you all experience it myself. That being said, here's my analysis from last week. Sideways airtime hill is fairly weak, but is probably good with a full train. The turnaround provides a lot more intensity than you would think. You get a bit of ejector on the speed hill, and flojector on the airtime hill. The helix is probably the biggest underdog of the ride, was fast, and provided a lot of good forces. The last 2 hills are nothing to scoff at either as they provide some quick floater to finish the ride. I was smiling hands up throughout the ride, and I do think that this is now my #1 at KI. Also, I was riding front row, and the air blowing past you was pretty loud, that stayed pretty consistent until the helix, which shows the ride keeps it's speed for a lot of it. The lift is really quick too, but it's long, so it takes a good 30sec to climb. Some great views of the park and the surrounding area though, so you won't want to miss it on the way up the lift. As with all B&Ms, the transitions were graceful, no rapid changes.
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    Sorry. Anybody that refuses to wear a mask in public when it is impossible to socially distance 100% of the time is an incredibly selfish/heartless human being. As we are finding out, there are a lot of these people in America. I'm not remotely in the high risk category, but no way would I ever go out around large groups in public right now without wearing a mask and trying to keep my distance. It's not about you. Anybody could have this virus asymptomatic and be harming or killing other vulnerable Americans. Also, don't kid yourself. This virus KILLS many more people than just the feeble/elderly. It also does serious long term damage to many that do not succumb to it. I wish I could speak about how we got here as a country, but alas. I think anybody with sense can figure out who is a at fault.
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    Orion has a new look this evening.
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    Those Americans faced bullets, cannons, and probable death. All that's being asked of you is to wear a mask.
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    Those masks do not protect the wearer from any virus. Nobody has ever claimed that they do. If you think that the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect you, the wearer, then again, you are demonstrating that you've missed the entire point. They protect the other people around you. They can stop you from expelling droplets. They cannot stop you from touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face, thus, the warning on the box is accurate, but not relevant to the conversation that anybody is actually having. But do go on believing that they don't do anything. You might want to inform all the surgeons of the world that they've been doing their job incorrectly for several decades, though since medical professionals universally wear exactly that style of mask during their procedures.
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    1. Not ideal, but it really doesn't render the mask useless as the purpose of a mask is to reduce the travel of respiratory droplets. It doesn't cease being able to do that the instant it's touched. What happens when you touch your mask is that your hands may become contaminated, however, the moment you wash or sanitize your hands, it's effectively as if you never touched your mask at all. 2. Obviously that's not ideal, but it still effectively stops respiratory droplets that exit via the mouth in this situation, and becomes completely effective once again the instant it's placed back above the nose. For sure, doing this reduces a mask's effectiveness, but it doesn't reduce it to zero and it certainly doesn't reduce it permanently. Not even close. 3. This is only relevant for N95 masks, which are only meant to be used in contaminated environments and are meant to protect the wearer, not the individuals around them. Surgical-style or cloth masks are meant to protect others around you. If someone is out and about wearing an N95 mask, they are likely wearing it wrong anyway as they have to be properly fitted and by choosing to wear an N95 mask, they are also demonstrating that they missed the entire point of wearing a mask in public. The purpose of a mask is not to stop the virus from getting through but rather to stop the transmission of respiratory droplets. However, since the virus travels predominately via respiratory droplets, the end result is that stopping the transmission of the droplets almost entirely eliminates transmission of the virus.
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    Comparing this picture to memories I've had being packed into a full queue like sardines, the density of people here has been significantly reduced! Good job KI and everyone who is abiding by the markers.
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    Fanboys: Cedar Fair doesn't know how to do theming Kings Island in 2017: Hold my Blue Ice Cream Carowinds in 2019: Hold my Jam Kings Island in 2020: Hold my Blue Ice Cream again
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    He gets it and y’all should too. A few months ago we weren’t sure if Kings Islands would be open it all this year. Now we have an opportunity to enjoy the Park we all love again. Are masks fun? No. Nobody likes wearing them. But it’s a small ask for such a unique world situation right now. It has nothing to do with freedom. You are choosing to go to Kings Island. Kings Island is choosing to help make their employees safer.
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    Here's a side by side by side comparison of all the B&M gigas
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    Best light package on a coaster imo
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    No such thing as an established coaster enthusiast. Everyone has an opinion, and they're all slightly different. Lay off. No need to blindly follow your coaster enthusiast idols.
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    Orion, for me, is a "wish list" ride. I hoped for some time that Kings Island would eventually get a B&M giga (since I have still never ridden Fury or Leviathan) so our getting Orion is literally a wish come true! When I rode today, I waited 2 hr 15 min with the line beginning just outside the ride entrance/old Firehawk exit. After so much time waiting to ride Orion and imagining it, my actual riding it feels like a dream. I'm fully in the moment and I know it's actually happening, yet at the same time I feel like I am quietly and smoothly flying through a dream. I rode in row 4 on the far right, and I happened to look straight down during the turnaround, which had a super cool view! The speed hill is my favorite element, with the wave turn and last hill close seconds. I can safely say that the speed hill gives AT LEAST the same amount of airtime that Vortex's first drop gave to anyone who rode in 7-1. On the wave turn I pulled my feet up and tapped my toes, which was something I always did in Vortex's corkscrews just for the fun of it. Orion means so much to me already. It became a light at the end of the tunnel in my still-ongoing dealing with losing Vortex, especially since Orion is the ride which I hoped Kings Island would get. Seeing the empty hole in the back of Coney Mall saddens me a good bit, but once I get whisked into that 300-foot drop, I am reminded that I will be okay and more great things are still to come.
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    I think we all understood what the original poster meant, not about the actual length but the time. I think Orion will be a great ride when I get the chance to ride. But some of the reviews coming in with their minor notes on it's length I've seen are something I'm not ignoring. Still, it does look like a fun ride regardless.
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    Is this really necessary? It's opening day, on a new ride, in the middle of a pandemic. Give the crew a break.
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    I agree with you on your assessment. I will add that I thought 2 and 3 gave some nice ejector air over just floater air. I too also felt like I could grey out coming on at the helix if not hydrated or over heated
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    This makes me so happy!
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    Group of 3 we were separated, just have to ride a few times to get to get our normal 2/row rides. They have been extremely fast with the cleaning cycles as well. This is my favorite nonspoiler pic so far.
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    Rode a second time and it was better than the first in row 7. It does not let up and you are getting ejector air half the ride. Please don't judging it in one ride alone.
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    As they should be. It should be nationwide.
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    You’re just chock full of awful takes.
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    This is honestly how I feel. We are EXTREMELY cautious and have not done many things since the pandemic started that we would normally do, but I feel relatively safe going to KI (although I'm still very, very concerned about the whole "everyone arriving at 10:30 and flooding the area by the gate" situation).
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    I'm curious too. Just because 99% of people don't die doesn't mean it's "not a big deal". There are plenty of people that are hospitalized, or just feel absolutely awful from it. Some have lasting effects like permanent lung damage. So to say it's "not a big deal" for 99% of the population is patently false.
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    Here are the lights in action! Edit: Is it just me or does it looks like the lights on the “wave turn“ are not changing colors like the rest of the lights?
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    Here's a pic from Kings Island's Facebook: Link: https://www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland/photos/a.226729858367/10159796582783368/?type=3
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    KI had some low clouds and fog roll in this morning: (From Kings Island's webcams)
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    After being at Indiana Beach for 2 days in a row, I can tell you 95% of people are not taking it serious any longer. I am glad Cedar Fair is requiring masks. Yes they are a pain, they're sweaty, and itch your face. Respectively, wearing them two days in a row to be on coasters is a small price to pay to keep myself and people around me safe. Oh, and for the people who did have them on I never saw one person lose them on a coaster.
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    For those that attend opening day, just remember, the park is feeling its way through this, and will likely be operating at a very cautious speed. Its just as new to them as it is to guests - so its gonna take time for them to get their footing. Also, prepare yourself that wait for Orion will likely be very, very long... EXCRUCIATINGLY long. Due to Covid, hourly capacity is likely to be limited to 1/4 (or less) than designed. In addition, new rides like Orion are, understandably, prone to some downtime. I'm not trying to be a downer, I'm just pointing out the potential that things may be a bit chaotic, or slow moving. Please keep eyes and minds open to the fact that the staff is doing everything they can to make the day a success - its not their fault that the park is on restricted operating procedures. They have some long, challenging days ahead of them - and they need positive support. Take time to thank the employees that you interact with for working under the conditions.
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    Jeez, do you like anything at KI or do you just like to crap on everything about the park?
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    The theming is fantastic! Obviously not disney levels but pretty darn good. Even better than the Mystic Timbers shed lol
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    Credit: Coaster Nation Great pictures of Area 72!
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    You know if this country thought more about others then all about me attitude we'd be doing better. I find it baffling the many who'd rather pass on rhetoric of if you're scared yada yada... than listen to actual experts in the subject matter. The cdc is made up of people who spent 10 plus years gaining their masters and doctorates in micro biology and infectious diseases to study and help fight these viruses. their agenda? the health and well-being of this countries citizens and help keep them safe and informed as best they can. Oh my god how dare they /sarcasm ... But sure your high school/ 4yr collage ass knows more than them. It's not weak or an agenda to follow their recommendations and want to help your fellow man. It's not an infraction on your liberties or whatever other bull you're being fed. It's a cloth mask. If more people would just wear them when out in public this would be going down much faster but here we are. Interestingly yes I feel safer at the theme park then I do at the grocery store because at least one is enforcing the masks. I'm glad we were on the outside of town for the unofficial rod weekend in pigeon forge it was completely packed and yea not much mask wearing. During the week before We only visited anakeesta and most wore masks most stayed distant and it wasn't as crowded. We also only went to a couple museums that required masks and skipped those who weren't. I'll vote with my money and give it to those who at least are trying to put others health and well being first. Out doors and spaced out at the putt putt no we didn't wear them except when inside the building. if a piece of cloth over your mouth and nose is that terrible stay home but don't complain that it's not fair. I'm sure there are dead people who'd gladly take your place if only they could so as not to have had to die alone in their hospital room.
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    Guys just wear maks! Dad told me to wear it when I mow and pull weeds and it not bad at all!!!!! Be happy and enjoy King's island because it been closed I can't ride Daimonbdack and we are happy but I am gonna miss the carnival!!!
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    Yes this will be locked and we will start a Orion review thread.
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