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    I tried doing one of those, hope you guys like it! It's crazy to think we are already this far in the layout!
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    It was probably a greater priority to get Firehawk torn down quickly so site prep could begin on Orion. Im sure Vortex will be gone before the start of the 2020 season but they are focused on Orion right now.
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    People are really underestimating how hard this turn is gonna snap to the right, Imagine the right hand 180 going into Vortex's mid course but probably 4x the force.
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    Man they have made a lot of progress this weekend. I count six large supports up. Only one more large one based on the rendering. We should see a lot of track go up this week!
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    well now we have some sort close up picture of the turn around. Taken from the article above. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Roof is almost completely painted
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    A few pics of Coney from a quick trip I took in 2009, for those not familiar:
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    They are still working by the looks of it. I wonder if they must be on a tight time schedule to get done. This is where the support is in relationship to the lift from past images. I took this around 430ish.
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    There are a lot of unanswered questions about the whole Orion project that add to the suspense. Is there going to be a bin system? What is the Orion entrance going to look like? How is Orion’s theming going to look? How is Flight of Fear going to change aesthetically? How is Area 72 going to be themed? What are they building next to the C.H.A.O.S building? Will it look anything like this?
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    Roof looks finished on the station
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    Looks like we got another support installed!
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    Another support has gone up!
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    Having gone to Banshee's opening day in 2014, as well as Passholder Preview in 2018 & 2019, I think I can give a decent estimate on crowd levels: -Orion will have a 4 to 5 hour wait regardless of weather, unless it is truly pouring rain all day or something (in which case it may just be closed). Flight of Fear, being right next to Orion, will also likely have a huge wait too. -The rest of the rides will depend on how the weather is, most likely. In 2014 and 2018, the weather was very nice when I was there on Banshee Opening Day and Passholder Preview and everything had pretty long lines- on Banshee opening day, I only rode 3 rides all day, though that was mainly because I actually stood in the 4 1/2 hour Banshee line. But I also had to wait 45 minutes for Backlot Stunt Coaster and about a hour for The Beast at Night. On PPN 2018, I didn't wait nearly as long for anything but that was because we rode mainly less popular rides (my first ride of the day was Adventure Express) and we bought a few spins at the "Wheel O' Fast Lane" near Diamondback and got lucky to get Diamondback and Banshee on 2 of the spins. However at PPN 2019 (and Opening Day 2019), it was cold and rainy and there were very light crowds- most rides had next to no wait, save the brand new Kings Mills Antique Autos and Beast during the T-Shirt giveaway which reached 2 hours...I waited in that line too BTW. Got my shirt. -As King Ding Dong said, people are gonna be getting their season-long drink vouchers processed, which is gonna make drink lines long. Food lines are also gonna be long, and ride operations won't be as good as later in the year for one main reason: a bunch of the employees are gonna be brand new, and this is gonna be their very first day at work. -Also: almost all the rides will be "waking up" from at least 4 months of "slumber", even moreso for the ones that didn't run during Winterfest and closed in November. There will likely be some breakdowns- even Orion will likely go down a few times, since this will be the first day it is going to have actual people on it. Banshee was shut down a few times on its opening day due to breakdowns as well as...uhh...vomit trains. Standing in a 4+ hour line and then riding a roller coaster will make some people barf.
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    I don't think they make khakis in its size.
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    I feel like they’re getting close to a deadline, and weather this weekend is likely gonna hinder that. If you look back, both Banshee and Diamondback (Not sure about Mystic Timbers) were done with track erection the last week of January. They may be trying to get this thing complete in the next 10 days or so.
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    Yeah they must be working overtime bc they’re still out there with some big lights allowing them to work. I took this screenshot about 30 mins ago showing the 2 tallest helix supports. I think the helix looks a lot bigger than it did in the rendering.
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    I can’t believe we'll be riding this puppy in less than 3 months.
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    What about lights permanently strung along Coney Mall, like the Gemini midway? I've always thought that would add ambiance. The temporary stuff they do is cool. I'd like to see it all the way down the mall.
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    I think this is why KI does not want video of Vortex removal. Seems they skimped on due diligence in selecting the contractor.
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    I visited KI 5 times this year. Had a blast every time. Vortex was a favorite growing up. I'm happy I got to ride it during the final season again. That was cool. Before this year I hadn't been on a coaster in 22 years because I wouldn't fit. Dropped half my weight and changed my life. Also visited KD, Kennywood, Hersheypark, CP, Carowinds, SFoG, KK, HW, Knotts, Strickers, Lake Winnie, Dollywood, SFMM. What a year. Fit on everything without a problem. Can't wait for 2020 and Orion. And many others.
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    Try living near a steel plant, in a major city, or by train tracks. The noises don't stop because it is time for bed. At least on most nights, the park is done before midnight. I'm sorry, but if you buy a house near an amusement park, what you get is a house near an amusement park.
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    I don't see a SOB 2.0 ever happening, at least not with CF in charge.
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    Orion has a belt, so there must be pants that size....
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    The 2nd hill will be interesting to see how they tackle it (literally) with its proximity to RT LaRosa's. Also, in terms of RMC not re-vamping steel coasters- I would think with steel coasters (spoilers- I'm not an engineer), their supports are more specific in handling the element they support including things like the forces. Messing with things like adding inversions and different drop angles, curve and banking angles, etc would play out so well. With wooden coasters, there are more supports to spread out the energy, thus minor-ish adjustments can be made. Steel coasters have much fewer supports to work with and drastically changing what kinds of forces they are withstanding isn't so easy as with a wooden coaster, at least I suspect. Add in things like steel fatigue with older coasters and you might as well just build a new one. Granted, much of Vortex's structure does mimic a wooden coaster's to an extent, at least on the non-inversion elements, but the fact its being torn down likely due to the steel structure fatigue doesn't bode well for an RMC revamp. Also, lest we forget, RMC does make full fledged steel coasters now.
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    i mean it could be plastic or fiberglass panels? Also it wouldn't be a wrap because over time it would rip and fade real bad in the sun? Could be paint though. lol
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    Next support going in. On the far side of the support they finished!
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    April 12th is Easter when the park has been open in the past on Easter the park was a ghost town. The park probably figures it's better to stay closed. April 19th is probably the park buy out that usually happens in April each year. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    The thing I noticed right away is they did away with the midnight closings in the summer except for July 4th weekend. I think they are trying to keep the piece with the neighbors.
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    A new episode will be coming soon. We already have the subject picked out. Just need to record the episode. I know it has been a LONG time since the last episode posted. We will try and have more frequent episodes.
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    Next piece of track is in!!
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    I do expect a full ride on Orion will end up taking about 3 minutes: -About 1 minute just to climb the lift hill: Orion DOES just have a chain lift and not a super fast cable lift like Millennium Force does. You will actually have some time to think "Oh crud this is actually really tall" during the ascent. -1 minute of actual ride section -1 minute of brake run until you return to the station Granted this was likely by design, as it also gives the ride crews about 60 seconds per cycle to dispatch trains without too much stacking. With the fact Orion is likely not gonna have loose articles (will probably use lockers) this thing is gonna have awesome capacity (probably similar to Banshee's), which it will probably need on opening weekend as well as on busier days like July Saturdays and Haunt.
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    Captain Nemo, hit it right on the head. I think the park was forced to either spend millions of dollars to fix something or retire the ride. Given the ride is so old, they likely decided that the return on investment for the fix just wasn`t there, given the rides age and marketability. I am sure that the park tracks maintenance costs per rider (obviously, that is not a public number, but an internal number for making decisions like this. Because of the apparent abrupt decision to remove the ride, that is likely why they do not have any immediate plans to replace the ride. I am sure that they will eventually replace it with something. It is a rather large plot of land, that is very visible from both the midway and Shake Rattle and Roll queue/ride area.
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    Most times something closing with such a limited amount of time and haste normally point to a structural failure or a negative inspection by the state. The park would be forced with an option to spend millions of dollars to fix the issue or just decide to retire it completely.
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    36 times, I think before this season the most I went in one year was 6.
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    My favorite personal memory from the 2010s actually happened fairly early on: October 16th, 2010. It was my first time to Halloween Haunt and I was with a group of friends, and we waited 90 minutes to ride The Beast at night (everything had monster lines as it was a Haunt Saturday- Beast was actually overflowing nearly into the main Rivertown midway!). But the ride we got was EPIC. The park had fog machines along the track, and even a Beast "monster" prop in the woods before the 2nd lift. And the ride was running about as good as I think it ever has. My friends screamed so much in the cool air (it was in the low 50's) that the next day, when we went to a local short race track for a race, I was the only one of the group who could still talk. As for my favorite new addition to the park, while Mystic Timbers is great, I would personally give the nod to Banshee. Waiting 4 1/2 hours to ride it on its grand opening- and not be disappointed at all- is another memory I vividly hold from this decade. Though that same day we got in a minor car accident because someone decided to car line jump us before we even got in the park, which is a low point from this decade IMO. (Thankfully our insurance covered it and yes, the idiot who wrecked into us got in trouble for it) I also have to agree with KIGhostguy, Kings Island improved a LOT this decade to the point where I can easily say the 2019 version of the park is far superior to the 2010 version. At that is in spite of losing 2 roller coasters (3 if you could SOB which didn't operate this decade), including Vortex which was a ride I am really gonna miss. And now, in no particular order, are some "honorable mention" memories as I think of them (besides The Beast one that I feel "won" the decade): -Waiting 4 1/2 Hours for Banshee, and still enjoying the ride enough to feel it was worth it (as stated earlier) in 2014 -Visiting Kings Island on my 27th Birthday in 2017 and getting my first ride on Mystic Timbers that day -Kings Island saving our butts because the car we drove to the park had a faulty gas gauge and we ran outta gas, so they gave us some to get to a gas station in 2010 (Thanks KI!) -Diamondback going crazy on Opening Day 2019 and giving what felt like SUSTAINED EJECTOR AIR. I feel the weather may have been a part of why- it was cold and had been running all day. It felt more like Steel Vengeance than the usual Diamondback ride! --Waiting 2 Hours to ride The Beast for a 40th Anniversary T-Shirt, riding in the very very back, and getting a epic ride that felt worth it even if they were out of shirts...but they were not so I got one! Also Opening Day 2019. -Also getting to meet with KIC members and ride a few rides (including my best ever run on Boo Blasters!) on Opening Day 2019 -Conquering my fears and riding Drop Tower for the first time in 2010 with my best friend (happened same visit as the above Beast night ride, but much earlier in the day) -Discovering how much better Vortex was from 5-1, also in 2010 -Red Racer giving a glass smooth and airtime packed ride the morning of May 5th, 2012 (usually Racer is at least a little rough so this stood out to me a lot) and then it happened again on Blue Racer in 2018 -Riding Flight of Fear during Haunt 2016, and the MCBR being OFF, resulting in one crazy intense ride -Watching Gravity, my favorite show of the decade at KI, in both 2018 and 2019 -Enjoying all the Christmas lights and riding Flight of "Cheer" and Mystic Timbers with minimal wait times during Winterfest 2018 (didn't get to come to Wintefest '17 and '19 sadly) -Too many epic Beast night rides- including the one above- to list. And I am gonna stop myself here but I think the point gets across: I had a ton of fun during my first decade going to Kings Island regularly (first trip in the "modern" era was 2009 when I got over my fear of big roller coasters). Hopefully the 2020s are just as good, if not better. Orion does look like it's gonna be a promising start to the decade...
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    I couldn't agree more that Kings Island in 2010 is drastically different from Kings Island in 2020. As nostalgic as I am for the Paramount's Kings Island of my childhood, I love the direction the park has taken this decade, especially since 2014. Cirque, theming and attention to details in theming, Haunt's houses becoming higher quality, Carnivale, Banshee, Mystic Timbers, Orion... It's been a good decade for the park. I don't feel like it's living in the shadow of the de-Paramounting like it did 10 years ago. It's also been such an interesting decade in the amusement industry, period. Ten years ago, enthusiasts mostly didn't know who RMC was--they were just very curious to see this new red steel track design being installed on Texas Giant. Wooden coasters didn't do inversions. Six Flags went from bankruptcy recovery to new rides at every park every year. The Kinzel era of Cedar Fair mercifully ended and the Ouimet/Zimmerman eras began. China and the UAE exploded with parks. We had *zero* operating Harry Potter areas at Universal parks and *two* operating giga coasters in the world this time ten years ago. I'm excited to see where the next decade goes.
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    2021 Soak City expansion? It mentions 2021 in this.
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    We should do a KIC takeover of Diamondback and yell that towards the houses at the top of the first hill.
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    These goobers make me want to scream as loud as I can when riding Orion and Diamondback.
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    50 years ago when I built my house next to the highway I had no idea that the city might actually grow and need to add additional lanes and now they want to take my back yard away and put a giant concrete wall up. Not Fair! 50 years ago when I built my house next to an airport I had no idea that air cargo would experience such huge growth and planes would be landing and taking off all hours of the night. So Bezos just needs to knock that crap off. 50 years ago when I built my house next to a hospital I had no idea all the Boomer’s health would eventually start failing and need bigger hospitals with ambulances bringing even more patients at all hours of the night. I wonder if CoasterDynamics has a nano-violin kit.
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    I need to add something. I had been luggin my wife around to Kings Island and Cedar Point this season. My wife tried a few and liked a few and hated a few. She absolutely hated Magnum XL and Raptor. Those finished her off at Cedar Point. She only really liked Gemini there. She liked Beast but wouldn't even try any other rides. Two rides have brought into now holding her hands up and keeping her eyes open on Diamondback. Those rides are Stunt Coaster and even more so Flight of Fear. Since Flight of Fear she has ridden them all. On the coaster pics, her eyes were closed and she looked terrified, but did it because I love roller coasters. Flight of Fear was gateway drug, if you will, to opening her eyes and all that. She loves Banshee now! So I owe Flight of Fear and for what it did, it makes it one of my all-time favorite roller coasters. Plus I've ridden it tons and probably laugh during 80% of that on-ride time.
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    I doubt it as the backlash with Orion was heavy. And floorless records arent anywhere near insane. I bet if King Island were to go the floorless route it will be decent
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    Anything but another boring B&M coaster please.
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    Yep. I arranged a small get-together during the season passholders’ late night ERT earlier this year, which included Viking Fury. There were only a handful of us participating but we did get some others to join in, including a row of approximately ten year old boys opposite me and a friend, who didn’t know why they were saying it but enjoyed joining in once prompted If we ever have a late ERT on it again like that, I’m going to try to get a group together more than a few hours before. There were others waiting in line when we started the chant who tried to get it going on the next ship, because they remembered it fondly as well.
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