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    FYI on Mystic Timbers

    We can't wait for everyone to experience Mystic Timbers! Before your first visit of the season, please be advised loose articles are not able to be brought into the queue line area and stored on the ride platform area of Mystic Timbers. Riders will need to store loose articles such as cell phones, pagers, hats, cameras, stuffed animals, purses, backpacks, umbrellas, beverage containers, personal entertainment devices, etc. in a locker or leave them with a non-rider in your party.
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    The first test run was tonight.
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    Hi all! It was good seeing some of you at the media event yesterday - King's Island is really to be congratulated and thanked for a terrific event. I'll share my thoughts on MT - and will take off my rose colored Kings Island glasses to do so. Going in, I was less interested in "What's in the shed" than I was the ride leading up to it. I had hoped for a mid-sized woodie that would prove not only popular, but re-rideable. Personally, I look for certain things - air, continual speed and pacing, surprises, and comfort. I was ecstatic when MT delivered all those things. Air - it's a air-time machine. There's pop after pop after pop. I'm a back-seat rider 75% of the time on woodies - MT changed all that. It is definitely a front seat ride, and I couldn't get enough of it. Continual speed and pacing - A lot of coasters seem to reach the final breaks gasping for air, having petered out. Not MT. From the time you drop off the lift until you reach the shed, it retains it's pace: fast, fun, and thrilling. Surprises - I wasn't expecting the directional changes to be as fun as the were. Specifically - the two directional turns just before the mid-course tunnel were great! Comfort - the older I get, the less I want to feel bruised and battered, or sore. I literally woke up today expecting to have a coaster-hang-over. Instead, I woke up wishing I could go right back to the park for more. That says a great deal about the trains, track engineering and quality of the ride. Frankly, MT is the best wooden coaster in the park. It doesn't hold the legendary status of Racer or Beast, of course, but it's a coaster that people will flock to - not once-not twice - but over and over again. Its as though you took the best qualities from wooden coasters you love, and combined them. There's a vibe of Holiday World's woodies - specifically The Raven - but without the bone-jarring roughness. Finally, while I'll not speak specifically of "What's in the Shed"... I can say I wasn't disappointed - but only because I hadn't hyped it in my head. It was exactly what I had assumed it would be. Actually, I was a bit charmed by it more than I thought. Without spoiling it, I LOVE throwbacks, references and hidden nuggets in attractions. The things you see in the shed are, essentially, Kings Islands version of "Hidden Mickeys." And as someone else said, would you rather sit on a boring break run in the blazing sun, or have something fun to entertain you?
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    Engaged at Kings Island!

    So Friday I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend at the entrance thanks for everyone's help. Btw she said yes! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    KICentral had the opportunity to talk with Adam House from GCI, the senior design engineer of Mystic Timbers. We got a lot of information from him starting from the design of Mystic Timbers all the way to constructing the ride. We hope you enjoy this great interview. KICentral wants to thank Adam House for taking time out of his day to talk with us. 1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into coaster designing? I am originally from the Northern Kentucky area and went to Kings Island more times than I can count through grade school and high school. After riding rides like The Beast and The Vortex, something clicked in my head that designing roller coasters was something that I had to do. When I got to college, I attended the University of Louisville and received my mechanical engineering degree. While attending UofL, I was required to take on various professional internships as part of my degree. After reaching out to several roller coaster manufacturers, Great Coasters found a place for me as one of the first Great Coasters Interns helping to build Millennium Flyer trains in Sunbury, PA. Upon graduation, GCI brought me on full time and I have been with the company since. 2. How long have you worked for GCI? I started with GCI in 2007 as an intern and started full time in 2009. 3. Have you designed other coasters, if so which ones? I have been a part of the team at GCI now for several years and have touched various projects in several different ways, but one of the first rides I actually got to play a true design roll in the centerline was GhostRider at Knott’s Berry Farm. 4. What is your favorite part of designing roller coasters? Just the challenge of balancing all of the various constraints and still being able to deliver something that is both thrilling and maintenance friendly is one of my favorite parts of the design process. 5. For those interested in designing roller coasters on KICentral, what degree and background do you have? What recommendations would you give on where to start down that career path? I would say that a degree in either mechanical or civil engineering is a must. The next best recommendation I can give is getting some real world, hands on, experience. Whether it is an internship or working as a ride mechanic at a park, understanding how things work in the real world is invaluable and something you can’t learn in the classroom. 6. Does GCI make a coaster from scratch when approached by a park, or do you have concepts already thought of beforehand and make changes to fit the land? It depends on the constraints of the park. GCI can handle the situation either way. Some parks, like Kings Island, don’t really have a flat plot of land for a cookie cutter or clone ride, while some parks can save money on design by choosing something already designed. We have utilized both instances for different customers in the past. 7. Did you design the trains as well or just the coaster? So, I actually got started on the design side of things at GCI by being a part of the team that brought the Mini-llennium Flyer trains to fruition for Legoland in Florida. Mike Boodley is really the mastermind behind the original Millennium Flyers, although we are constantly redesigning and updating components on the trains. The biggest, most noticeable change to have recently taken place on the Millennium Flyers is the change to seat foam. We find this holds up better over time and allows the park several more years of service out of the seats. 8. What was your inspiration for the design for Mystic Timbers? Really, the inspiration for Mystic Timbers came from a few different facets. We wanted to fill in that gap for a modern day wooden roller coaster, but not take anything away from the already great collection of wooden coasters that Kings Island already has. Additionally, we wanted to help revitalize both Kings Island and Miami Valley railroad and White Water Canyon by designing the perfect complement for both rides. At the end of the day, I believe we captured all of this with Mystic Timbers. 9. With the Train, White Water Canyon, and the terrain how did that impact your design for Mystic Timbers? Ultimately all of these factors played a role in shaping the layout of Mystic Timbers that you will see on opening day. 10. What element on Mystic Timbers was the hardest to design? This would definitely be the lake/lagoon crossing. We wanted to be able to cross this lagoon and still allow the park to fill it during the season so that WWC could remain operational. Additionally, we didn’t want a lot of foundation in that area to give some great visuals and allow the appropriate fill volume in the lagoon. At the end of the day, this element is going to be visually appealing and functional and was well worth the challenge. 11. How long did it take you to design and present the layout of Mystic Timbers? For Mystic Timbers, this process took about 3 months. We typically start off with a preliminary layout that we then work with the park about dialing in to exactly what they want. Altogether, I think we went through 3 or 4 different layout revisions. Without a doubt, the final product that will be opening next month is superior. 12. How often are you onsite once construction starts? I am typically on site for new rides around once a month. This allows me to answer any outstanding questions from our field guys and follow along with the installation of the coaster. 13. What challenges have you faced while building Mystic Timbers? Even though we have had a fairly mild winter, weather is always a bit of factor. I think we had 24 days of rain in January, so you can imagine that there were some hurdles there. Additionally, working out the construction logistics of the lake/lagoon crossing was a challenge. At the end of the day, everything will be well worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. 14. What signature GCI elements are used in Mystic Timbers? Mystic Timbers will feature 16 airtime moments throughout the ride, a mid-course tunnel in the turnaround, and a double camel back trick track. Additionally, it will feature several high speed directional changes, and let’s not forget…#Whatsintheshed! 15. What new elements will we see in Mystic Timbers? As I eluded to before, we are excited for the double camel back trick track which will be two back to back bunny hops that switch directions up and over each element. There is also a quadruple S turn going back into the mid-course tunnel that will catch everyone off guard. 16. What design element are you most proud of that you incorporated into Mystic Timbers? I think Mystic Timbers does a great job at capturing some typical GCI elements, but still throwing in several new and unique elements. Mystic Timbers will be smooth enough for everyone to enjoy, but thrilling enough to make thrill seekers rejoice! Pictures provided by Don Helbig
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    "The Bat's" complete history

    There's a TON of myths, questions, rumors and mis-information about Kings Island's most notorious ride "The Bat." In honor of the 37th anniversary (to the day) of it's announcement, my latest blog is live on Kings Island's website. A true labor of love for me to write, click here if you'd like to read the true, fascinating story of the legendary, original suspended coaster... "The Bat." Happy Halloween! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2017/october/the-sporadic-erratic-flight-of-the-bat
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    International music returns to International Street! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Look at that queue line! Photo Credit: Kings Island SP Twitter(Found here: https://twitter.com/KingsIslandSP/status/849750341545492484)
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    Haunted sawmill, eh?
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    Beast cars

    Of course eveyone know's I am, and always will be a Beast fan... But, I am personally of the opinion that Beast needs it's trains replaced. The existing trains are considered the "originals" but they have been chopped, altered, padded, divided, dissected, renovated, changed, updated, downgraded, upgraded, conformed, and manipulated to the point that they are not remotely the same trains it started with... I'd actually go as far to say that in reality on about 10% or less of the trains is still "original." Just think about it... they were immediately altered after opening (interior hand-stitched tufted padding was taken out, the headlamp removed and replaced with the logo), then they were cut down from 4-benchers to 3 within a few years of operation, and in the subsequent 30 seasons had the buzz bars removed, headrests added, seat dividers extended, accessible strapping added, extra padding added, seat belts added, skids removed for fins etc etc etc. I don't at all think it would be some horrible thing to replace the trains completely. Frankly, a switch to a different type of train from the EXTREMELY dated PTC's would help re-invigorate the ride IMO - allowing for more rider comfort and also allowing for more guests to ride (let's face it... people are fat these days - so everything from cars, to airlines to movie theaters are having to address this.) It would be nice if PTC had an updated version of the trains to offer. But as far as I know, PTC continues to produce the same archaic trains they were making 100 years ago. I understand they do a good business for those that want new trains identical to the older ones - but they have virtually NO other options as far as styling or articulation, just wooden boxes on wheels. Heck - one of the main reasons The Beasts elements are so far apart is because the longer PTC trains couldn't articulate directional changes abruptly. The only option PTC gives it's customers for tighter elements is shorter cars yet still non-articulating. If The Beast changed trains, it would be a necessary advancement. The originals, or AN original, could be kept for display. If I was given a magic wand, I'd probably wave it at The Beast and orchestrate a complete station, theme element and train overhaul. The water, mining Co, Beast warning sign, tc would all be updated/brought back. And it would get a test seat - which it has needed desperately for decades. Of course it's very easy for me to be a keyboard critic and think that it would be that easy - it would likely take at least a million dollars to make that happen - alterations, permits, inspections, insurance adjustments etc etc etc. And why buy the Mercedes if the Cadillac is working just fine? No matter - I still love it ;-)
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    Kings Island's 45th anniversary season starts this coming weekend. The 2017 season begins with opening day on April 15th. We have a lot to celebrate this season. Let's recap what we can expect. Kings Island welcomes a new highly anticipated wooden roller coaster to its lineup, Mystic Timbers. Can you believe that Firehawk is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary? Vortex will be celebrating its 30th season. Riders will see the refurbished Vortex sign when entering the queue. There are exciting new food options this season. New this year we have the Season Pass drink refill program. Some KIC members have already used this at Kings Dominion and Carowinds. It seems to have started out great there, and we anticipate this to go over well at Kings Island. Tom & Chee joined Kings Island at the end of the 2016 season and have returned for the 2017 season. Additionally, the new Smokehouse will soon open in Soak City. This year's live entertainment is sure to please. Back to the 90's will debut in the Festhaus. KIC and guest favorite Origins: A Cirque Experience returns to the KI Theatre. Coming back after a long hiatus, we have the return of Winterfest. Kings Island has been working hard to make the 2017 season a great one for their guests and enthusiasts! We are excited to see you at the park. We talked with Don Helbig, Kings Island Public Relations Manager to get some more details about the 2017 season. Here is what Don had to share. 1. How can we expect the traffic flow to be different in Rivertown this season with the addition of MT? • Rivertown will be the area where a lot of our guests are going to want to start and end their day, and with good reason. There’s old favorites like The Beast, Diamondback and what’s sure to become a favorite of many of our guests, Mystic Timbers. 2. We've seen photos of Vortex's refurbished sign in preparation for the coaster's 30th anniversary. Can you share any hints about other updates we can look forward to this weekend? • It’s hard to believe The Vortex turns 30 this season. I rode it 33 times on Media Day in 1987. It was a great ride then and still is today. We’ll be doing some things to recognize the 30th anniversary. 3. Many of us are excited about the new paper cup drink plan. Are there any other drink & dining changes that guests should be aware of for Opening Day? • The new paper cup drink plan, that too was done as a service and convenience for our guests. We’ll be rolling out a new mobile app, and it will be easier for our guests to know what’s on the dining plan via the app. 4. Are there any celebrations in the works for the 45th anniversary season? • Most of what we’ll be doing to recognize the 45th anniversary season will be done through social media and on the Kings Island blog. KIC members are going to want to bookmark the blog. We’re going to be working towards posting new content every day. 5. We're excited for the return of Origins: A Cirque Experience and for the debut of Back to the 90's on Opening Day. What else can fans of Live Entertainment look forward to this season? • We will have a show in the Showplace Theater that starts in June. It will be similar to what we had last year with JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show. 6. Can you give us an update on the constructions of Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive? • It will be a work in progress going into the season on Western Row. Kings Island Drive construction has been completed and looks great. 7. Anything else guests should know about the 2017 season? • Our 45th anniversary season is going to be fun, exciting and memorable. With the addition of Mystic Timbers and the return of WinterFest, there’s never been a better year to visit the park.
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    IT seems like it's time to modernize to submersible LED fountain lighting anyway, if the decision makers so desire. I can think of some practical uses for drones as it relates to scaring away Canada geese.
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    Outstanding off-ride footage on KI's Facebook page:
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    Doesn't matter whether you're talking about photos or not. You're still asking him to reveal secrets that he is not authorized to reveal. If he posts anything at all, even a single word, that gives away or even hints at non-public information, he is very likely to be immediately fired. Multiple reminders to new employees about that have been posted on KIC in the recent days and weeks. So basically, don't ask for anything at all, not even cryptic hints. You won't get them unless somebody wants to get fired, and even if that were to happen, the moderators of this site would delete the post faster than you can say "you're fired".
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    What could 2018 bring KI

    Sorta off topic but I decided to show the timeline from 2000 until now to show nearly the last two decades of the park. Action Zone Rivertown
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    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Ya got me! You are right, that was a poorly written post. In the the days of text to speech and being on mobile, some grammar is not going to be on par with what it should be. As moderators we understand that. We do not moderate grammar unless it is totally unreadable and/or makes no sense. As moderators we have to make decisions which are best for the community. Those decisions will not make everyone happy. I do find it funny you want me and others to adhere to the policies , but your post is in violation of several itself. If you do not like how KIC admin are moderating you are more than welcome to send us a PM about your concerns.
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    Ban the single rider line

    I don't see anything wrong with a small group using the single rider line, provided they understand and agree that they will not get to sit together, and very likely not all be on the same train. My group of five used the single rider line last night and waited 5 to 10 minutes instead of 90 minutes. In doing so, we did not in any way make the wait time for those in the regular line longer, because we never took a seat that otherwise would have gone to someone in the regular line. Instead, we rode separately, filling seats that otherwise would have just been left empty. That's the core point: as long as groups are willing to split up and fill holes rather than ride together, it does not in any way impact the regular line. The only potential form of "abuse" would come from a group going through that line and then asking to ride together, but the solution to that is properly training the employee handling seat assignments to deny such requests. In short, the single rider line is not solely for people who are by themselves with no one else accompanying them. It is for anyone willing to be treated as a single rider for seat assignment purposes.
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    Kings Island has hired a new Director of Communications, Chad Showalter. I have been in contact with Chad to get to know more about him and introduce him to KIC. Below is what Chad had to say about his new role at Kings Island. Don Helbig is still at Kings Island with the position of Area Manager, Digital Marketing. Don states, "My position has evolved into two distinctive different jobs between PR and social media. The majority of my time had become on the digital side since 2014, so it has made for a very easy transition for me." 1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I grew up in the Cincinnati area, and as a boy my family would visit Kings Island about once a year. My parents weren’t roller coaster riders, so my first major roller coaster was the Magnum XL 200 at Cedar Point when I was 11 years old, which I rode on a trip with friends. From that point on my theme park visits focused on thrill rides. In high school I worked at Rivertown Pizza for multiple seasons doing everything from working the line to grating cheese. During college I was the supervisor of the seasonal Human Resources team and managed the Group Volunteer Program. I have had a Kings Island season pass for nearly 20 years. These days I spend a lot of my time in Planet Snoopy with my family, but still find time to take in the coasters and other attractions. 2. How long have you been in Public Relations? I’ve worked in public relations, communications and marketing for nearly 20 years, from agencies to small and medium-sized businesses. Most recently I served as the Senior Marketing and Communications manager for Newport Aquarium, just across the river from downtown Cincinnati. 3. What drew you to apply for the director of communications position at Kings Island? The Kings Island marketing team has a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, and the chance to possibly join that team was a once-in-a-career opportunity I couldn’t pass up. 4. What are you most excited about in your new position at Kings Island? I’m most excited to help tell the stories of the people who experience this incredible park and what’s happening here. 5. How does it feel to go to work at Kings Island with coasters and rides outside your office? It’s incredible. Knowing that less than a hundred feet away from my office there are kids, families and thrill seekers entering the park for the first time, and others walking down International Street who have been coming to Kings Island for years, reminds me of how important our job is- to help them create memories together and make Kings Island a place they want to return for years to come. My office looks out at one of the employee behind-the-scenes paths, and on Fridays during Halloween Haunt I’ve enjoyed watching a parade of hundreds of scare-actors passing by my window on their way to work. 6. Are there certain types of rides you don't like? No. I always ride trying to understand the intention of the ride. Is it for Thrills? Family moments? Nostalgia? There are some rides I love because my kids like them and I love watching their reactions and sharing that experience with them. Other rides I love because I grew up riding them, and, of course, some because of the speed and thrills. If there’s one ride I don’t care to ride at Kings Island, it would be Boo Blasters- but only because my wife gets a higher score than me every single time. 7. What is your favorite ride at Kings Island? The Beast, but Mystic Timbers is a close second. Like so many others in this area, Flight of Fear was my first LIM launched coaster, so it’s also near the top of my list. 8. Before taking this position, did you visit or have an account on KICentral? Yes. KICentral welcomes Chad to Kings Island and we look forward to working with you in the future!
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    Don OUT as PR

    Inside sources have confirmed that Don is no longer the Public Relations Area Manager at Kings Island. I want to be one of the first to congratulate Don on 10 years as the PR person at Kings Island. Career highlights include amazing world wide coverage of Robbie Knievel's record breaking jump at the park in 2008 and nation wide coverage of Mystic Timbers during its opening. I wish Don well on his future endeavors. Sources say that you will still see him around the park, though. He will be making sure you to still wish you a #KIBestDay. "If Don does half as good of a job on the mobile app as he did in PR then we're all in for a real treat." -Clark W Griswold
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    As we were walking through Planet Snoopy with our boys this evening, we were approached by a staff member that said she likes to find families with kids that like Snoopy and we're given this! Very cool end to our day!!!!
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    I actually (and very politely) stopped by Mr. Scheid and his entourage in Coney Mall and said "Guys, the music on International Street: Huge WIN! Excellent move! Love it!" and the gentleman who was with him, who was wearing a polo shirt and had brown hair (I didn't read his name tag) took off his sunglasses, looked me in the eye and said "Thank you! Welcome back!" Huge win! So very glad to have it back! I heard John Williams' Theme from E.T.: The Extraterrestrial while looking at Wayne's glass creations, and I was transformed back to when I was a kid, blown away by the majesty of it all. Awesome. Just awesome. A million times
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    I think if the park had not said a word about the shed and it was just a surprise for your first ride, I think people would LOVE it. However, since it was so central to the ride's marketing, many people will be understandably disappointed. Curb your expectations and you will enjoy the shed. Don't expect some groundbreaking thing that's going to put KI on the map. Just expect a fun little distraction from sitting on the brake run and you'll love it.
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    My Kings Island Story.

    I didn't really know where to put this, so I figured this was good. I've been thinking about it a long time posting this, but I just couldn't keep any of this to myself. So, I thought I'd share my Kings Island story. I have to warn you though, it's pretty long. lol Kings Island. It's a place where coaster enthusiast, thrill seekers, and families go for summer break or to just have a good time. Kings Island opened on April 29th,1972,in Mason, OH. At the time I wasn't born yet. But I would someday get there. I was born in December of 2000. Same year that the massive Son of Beast opened as the first hyper wooden coaster at 218 feet and the first woodie to have a loop. I've been to Kings Island 16 times in my 16 years of life, and have spent about 55 hours at the park. My first visit to Kings Island was on August 13th, 2002. I was 1 and half. Little did I know that a little over 12 years I would grow to love Kings Island very much. This is how Kings Island has changed my life. Kings Island to me is more than just an amusement park. It's everything else with it. Great coasters, food, shows,etc. When I'm near or at the park, I just feel diffrent. I feel happy, and at peace knowing I'm in my favorite place. The sounds of the anti roll back clacking, people screaming, the whoosh of the ride as it passes by,smell of fresh cut potato fries, chain lube coaster oil from The Beast, Racer and Vortex. I've set goals, and have achieved them on account of Kings Island.When I'm going through hard times in my life, I just think of how many days till I go to Kings Island again and all the fun memories I've had. When I walk through those turnstiles, I become a whole diffrent person. Smiling the whole day till it's time to leave. I didn't like roller coasters that much till the end of 2012, early 2013. My first big coaster in Hanna Barba Land now Planet Snoopy, was The Beastie, now known as Woodstock Express. I remember it very well. I was scared so bad! In the ride photo, I'm clinging onto my mother and have a terrified look on my face. I first rode The Beast, Racer, Adventure Express, Backlot Stunt Coaster on September 7th, 2009. First time on The Bat, I almost had a bathroom attack, it looked so big! I don't rememeber my first time on Adventure Express, but I do remember I always held onto someone's arm and I hated the end! I don't really rememeber first time on Backlot either but I wasn't scared too much. I can't rememeber my first time on The Racer. First time I rode The Beast, because I was so scared and trying to hold onto my mom's arm, I got a huge purple knot on my left elbow. I swore to myself never to ride it again. Till later... I didn't ride Beast when I went back the next year on August 26th, 2010. We never went to Kings Island in 2011. We went 2 times in 2012 though. The first trip was July 17th, 2012. I refused to go near The Beast since I remember what happened the last time with my arm. But I did ride Diamondback. The 230 foot, 80 miles an hour hyper coaster. I came so close to telling my sister I didn't want to ride. But I got on, heart beating like a crazy, held a tight grip on my sisters hand. By the end of the ride, I was smiling and wanted to ride it again. Rode it 3 more times that day. Second trip to Kings Island was on August 6th, 2012.My oldest sister convinced me to give The Beast one more chance. And I did. It wasn't as rough as I remembered. In fact I loved it! Rode it in the dark that night, and absoulutly fell in love with it. That following winter I looked up more on Kings Island, park history, ride stats, past ride stats, where past rides used to be. My first time back to Kings Island after looking so much of it up was May 21st, 2013. That was when Banshee was being built but no one knew what it was at the time. Fast forward to the night of August 8th, 2013. The night Kings Island announced Banshee as the longest inverted roller coaster at 4,124 feet long. I got chills when I first saw the POV and thought "I'm going to ride that next year." So, I followed along with Banshee's construction. Saw basically every piece be placed, the trains arriving, testing of the ride, and opening day. Saved a lot of conststrution pics from Kings Island's twitter, and saved interviews with the park about the ride. I also memorized basically everything about Banshee, and a lot about the park. I started a Kings Island notebook that has ride stats, past ride stats, where old rides used to be, deaths, ride records, trivia, and a little story of how Kings Island started. May 23rd, 2014. One of the biggest days of my life. I was going to ride my first inverted roller coaster. I saw Banshee and I just froze. It was one of the most beutiful rides I've seen. The color,theming, size. It was perfect. Got in line only waited 15 minutes. Nervously I got into the seat, pulled down the overhead, buckled in. I heard "all clear!" then the train started moving. I just thought "I've been waiting since August 8th, 2013. All the times I watched the POV's saw the track being put together, and here I am going up the longest inverted coaster in the world." I screamed from the first drop to the brakes, and as the ride came to an end I was all smiles! Got back in line and rode it again. This time in the front row. Oh was it an amazing feeling. You feel like you own the world on the front row of Banshee. My second trip that year to Kings Island was on August 9th, 2014. Just one day after it had been a year since Banshee was announced. It was a Saturday. So we had to wait almost 2 hours to ride Banshee. It was worth it though. Getting to ride Beast again was amazing too. I only went to Kings Island once in 2015. It was May 22nd, 2015. The next time I went was May 27th, 2016. I had to wait a very hard 370 days without stepping one foot into Kings Island. It was really tough going so long without being in my favorite place. But my comfort was that I was only an hour and 45 minutes away, and it will all be worth the wait when I go again. May 27th had finally came. Not only was I excited about riding my favorite rides again like The Beast.I was very excited to see what was going on in Rivertown across from Red's Hall Of Fame Grille. I knew it had to be a roller coaster. Then Pulling down that lap bar on Beast, hearing the anti roll back, and the smell of the coaster chain lube after going 370 without all of that was just amazing, I went 5 times to Kings Island in 2016. : May 27th, June 9th, August 9th, October 21st, and October 29th. Riding 95 rides that year, getting my 40th ride in on Racer. I've rode 228 rides in my 15 years of going to KI. 368 roller coasters totaled up. 53 miles traveled on The Beast 24 miles traveled on Diamondback 25.9 traveled on Racer 7.9 miles traveled on Vortex 18.7 miles travaled on Banshee 7.6 miles traveled on The Bat 4.5 miles traveled on Backlot Stunt Coaster 1.9 miles traveled on Firehawk 1 mile traveled on Flight of Fear 1.3 miles traveled Flying Ace Aeriel Chase 0.6 miles traveled on Invertigo 0.3 miles traveled on Great Pumpkin Coaster 5.1 miles traveled on Woodstock Express 62 feet traveled on Adventure Express I have traveled 163.5 miles on Kings Island roller coasters, 73.8 miles in 2016, and 224.4 miles on roller coasters combined in the past 14 years. The biggest reason I am a coaster enthusiast is because of The Beast and Diamondback at Kings Island. I am who I am today because of Kings Island. I know now that I want to work in a communications department at a Cedar Fair park, mainly Kings Island. My whole entire room is basically covered in Kings Island stuff and souvenirs. My past, present and future is all Kings Island as of now in growing up, my job career, and when I have a family of my own. I know we'll go a lot when we can. Again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kings Island. I am more patient, more kind, more everything because of this amazing park and the people working in it.I'm so blessed and thankful I have a 2017 gold pass so I can go to the park a lot this year! You'll see me mainly at Racer, The Beast, and maybe even Mystic Timbers this summer. Thank you for taking your time out reading this. It took awhile to write. I hope maybe some of you can share below what Kings Island is to you, and what kind of person you are cause of it, or just whatever. What I consider my home.
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    It's less than three weeks until opening now. I think just waiting is preferable to bribery at this point As I have been this whole time, tho, I'm much more anxious to ride than I am curious about what is in the shed.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    The Trend Setting Theory by Sonofbaconator Often amusement parks want the biggest, meanest, scream machine to attract more visitors. It seems that when one coaster is a success, everyone else has to have one. As a result, you start to see trends in certain coaster types: Wing Coasters and RMCS in the early 2010, and Inverts in the late 90s and early 2000s. However, while this is the basic trend for amusement parks, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case; some amusement parks actually benefit from staying behind the trend. Kings Island is one of those parks that often holds back on getting new coasters and as a result reinvents the trend and raises the bar for future coasters to be made. Back in the early 2010s, gigas started to make a comeback in the amusement park industry. Rides like Intimidator 305, Leviathan, and Fury 325 have proven to be fun and exciting rides for their respective parks and rank high in numerous coaster polls still to this day. During that time, a lot of people wanted Kings Island to follow the trend and get a giga, however they got an invert instead. While a lot of people were surprised they didn’t go for a giga, they were just as happy to get a world class ride. Nearly four years later, the invert is still ranked as one of Kings Island’s best coasters and one of the best inverted coasters in the industry. Fast forward to 2017 where the park received a GCI. Though there were some that were disappointed when the ride was announced, when it opened it was well received and even won a Golden Ticket award for the 2017 season. These two rides not only showed that the park didn’t need a giga just yet, but they demonstrated that a great ride can come in any form. I talked about how Banshee and Mystic Timbers were well received during their respective years, now I’m going to talk about where that reception came from. Banshee is a next generation B&M invert that is nothing like its predecessors. Unlike other B&M inverts, Banshee doesn’t have a drop down station floor, a predrop, or standard over-the-shoulder restraints. All of these differences have been small but basic improvements over the older models of inverts. In addition, the theming is supherb and the layout is hard to beat. Its theming and use of the terrain also sets it apart as one of the superior inverts to be made. Since the B&M Invert trend died in the early to mid 2000s, Kings Island was able to create something original that was incomparable to other coasters of the same category. Like Banshee, Mystic Timbers also raised the bar for wooden coasters in amusement parks. It’s out and back layout is unique to the ride since many of the other GCI coasters are compact. The part of this ride that takes the cake is its theme as very few wooden roller coasters have received the amount of theming that Mystic Timbers has. The ride is essentially themed to a story created by the park. The trains, and the theme are strictly unique to the ride and Kings Island. The shed also gives the ride an original feature that no other wooden coaster has. If Kings Island went with a wooden coaster in the earlier years, say around the early 2010s, it would be compared to rides like Prowler and Gold Striker. Since Mystic Timbers came so late in the game, the ride can stand on its own. Why is this all relevant to a giga? We’ll if you’ve been noticing, Kings Island has been reinventing the trends of roller coasters for years. Where most parks install thrilling rides, Kings Island goes a little bit higher. The innovations on Banshee, the theming on Mystic Timbers, and even the splashdown on Diamondback set the park apart from others and a giga would be no exception. The recent gigas in the industry have been nearly duplicated, making minor altercations here and there to give them individuality. I have no doubt that if Kings Island installed a giga in 2014 or 2017, it would be extremely similar to Leviathan or Fury 325. Since Kings Island is the only major Cedar Fair park to not receive a giga yet, they have the opportunity to make a serious impact on the industry- should they install one. Fury 325 was a vast improvement over Leviathan, so much so that most consider it better than Millennium Force. Waiting to install a giga gives Kings Island the opportunity to learn how they can perfect the coaster design and make it a stand out attraction that’s not like the rest. Maybe they'll not go with the traditional "L" shaped layout, they might add a new train style, design the ride to go along terrian, give it a great theme to make it standout, or maybe all of the above- only time will tell. I’ll end this little passage with an quote that pretty much sums up my theory.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    To summarize the last 30 pages for those who don't want to read them: Intamin! No, B&m. No, Intamin. No B&M. But I reallllllllllllllllllly want an Intamin cause reasons. No, they break down. But I reallllllllllllllllllly want an Intamin cause reasons. No, B&M. No, Intamin. No, B&M. But I reallllllllllllllllllly want an Intamin cause reasons. No, B&M. Rinse, Repeat. and repeat and repeat and repeat
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    Captain Nemo

    Kings Island Easter Eggs

    'Easter egg' As Defined by Websters Dictionary : a hidden feature in a commercially released product If you have ever been to Disney you know they scatter loads of company related content across their parks and attractions, sometimes hidden so well only true fans and enthusiasts find them and understand their meaning. These examples include hidden Mickeys & cross-attraction theming (Matterhorn yeti in Guardians queue). Finding these can be quite the treat! so as you can imagine during my recent trip to Kings Island, I was quite taken back and excited to find these kinds of easter eggs at my former park! I'd like to share these findings with you; however, if you would like to find these yourselves I have put spoiler tags of all the findings. What I will leave unspoiled is the location and the amount of easter eggs found there. Enjoy! Adventure Express 1 Easter Egg Location: Station Racer 1 Easter Egg (with multiple within) Location: Station Flight of Fear 7 Easter Eggs Location: Hanger Beast 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Mystic Timbers 4 Easter Eggs Locations: Entry Plaza, Shed, Queue Banshee 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Train 1 Easter Egg Location: Ride Vortex 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Blackout (Haunt Maze) 1 Easter Egg Location: Building These are but a small number of fun things found around the park, I'm sure more are out there! Post here if you have found another!
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    Oktoberfest Area Facelift?

    The current state of the glockenspiel should be considered a crime. Edit: I'll be constructive instead of just complaining. I think the following could bring a much need facelift for Oktoberfest. 1. The Festhaus- Rip out the crappy, overpriced cafeteria food and replace it edible, overpriced German style cuisine. Have you ever been to the Hofbrauhaus in Newport, KY on a weekend? The place is packed and it's wonderful. A very entertaining and different experience featuring good beer, delicious food, and live German music. This could be the seemingly absent sit down restaurant in Kings Island's food lineup. This would require serious management and training in order for it to be successful. But with the current state of things... Eh. Who knows. Also, as noted above, give the building some TLC and restore the glockenspiel. Sheesh. Show a little pride. 2. Hanks Burrito Hack (err... Shack.)- One of the great mysteries of the universe is why Kings Island seems hell bent on dropping restaurants in Oktoberfest that have nothing to do with Oktoberfest. I mean you have Chinese, Mexican, and so forth. But no German food. It's like walking around the World Showcase at Epcot and except it's not because it's horrible. This would be a prime location for a nice German style bakery that could sell baked goods and pretzels that weren't warmed in a microwave earlier in the week and left in one of those spiny glass cases. 3. The *whoever sponsors it* Beir Garden- This wouldn't need too much of a change. Just keep a nice rotation of beers going with a nice menu of shareable German inspired appetizers and items from the above mentioned bakery. 4. Flat Ride Expansion - Time to say bye to the Slingshot and hello to a big ol' Ferris Wheel with an awe inspiring lighting package. On the chopping block next would be the ladder game. Replace that with a mild to medium, family friendly flat ride with a festive German theme. If this would requires sacrificing the Coney Mall Basketball Challenge, I won't lose sleep. 5. Adventure Express - I think AE is the most underrated coaster in the park. It deserves some love. As much as I enjoy the original ride concept (purely due to nostalgia) I'd be fine if the ride was re-themed and updated because it really needs it. It could be as simple as, "Black Forest Adventure Express." The existing architecture could be updated to reflect a more German/Barvarian feel as well as the tunnel theming. I don't think you'd have to go to crazy to make it work. It would just be nice to see the ride get some TLC and reflect its former glory. 6. Music and Atmosphere - Simple. German music and cool light packages, Maybe have some kind of interactive light show with the pond, fountain, and the (hypothetical) Ferris Wheel. Thats all, Folks!
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    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    A Ferris Wheel would most likely be circular
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    I really missed the excess of foliage and scenery. When I was growing up, a lot of the park's interior was under developed and left untouched. Areas like swan lake and the mining building were nice because it was something to look at and it added to the charm of the park. Don't get me wrong, Diamondback is one of my favorite rides of all time but I miss the old mining company and the scenery it had. I love new rides and attractions but there are also times where I wish certain parts of the park were left untouched. Sometimes I like to feel like I'm not at a bustling amusement park, if that makes any sense http://kiextreme.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=79
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    King Ding Dong

    What could 2018 bring KI

    Taking a year off from adding rides and focusing on food service would be my choice.
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    After losing 55 pounds, and doing the walk of shame more than once, I was finally able to ride MT tonight! It was well worth the wait. I came in with the mindset of focusing on the ride and not the shed, and can definitely say that ride itself is unique, intense, fun, and makes me want to come back for more. Great night!
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    FYI, A lot of you are very interested in Kings Island's history. This season, I'm honored to be blogging for the park on their website about the origins of the park all the way up through all the current rides. The first full installment was posted today. Here's the direct link: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2017/april/a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-rides
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    As I have discussed it with one of the people who created the new playlist for I-Street (he put in a lot of hours of work on it), I can guarantee you it isn't just "the same as KD's", although it may have some overlap of individual songs. Some of my best time the past couple days was spent sitting by the fountains chatting with friends and enjoying the ambiance. It looks like Oakley (or as I like to call him, Stumpy) has been doing a little bit of renovations in between Beast's upper and lower queues: I was on the fence about getting the drink plan, although it is the first year I even considered buying it thanks to the disposable option. I did, and I already have used it at least seven times. It is definitely going to be worth it for me!
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    Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    With Opening day just around the corner, just a simple reminder about preview night and Opening Day. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDING about lines for food and rides. They will get better during the season, but remember there are teenagers having their first official day at work or first time at a job. We know what to expect, but some people do not. I would hope we have some compassion and understanding that not everything will be perfect the first time. thank you for listening.
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    Test run confirmed!!! And video of it on @KingsIslandPRs Twitter [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Edit Twitter Link:
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    New website will be coming soon, per KI's Twitter page.
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    What could 2018 bring KI

    A quick conceptual sketch I did for a restaurant featuring some classic Coney design elements:
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    I would be thrilled with a simple No Basketballs Day.
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    Survey Markers by Bat

    So a ride element on the new coaser gets conplaints of being over-hyped, but now we want to hype up a dirt pile? Sometimes you guys confuse me.
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    I spy, with my little eye, in the Emporium...
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    Just.... oh my. The ride is quick, smooth, intense, forceful, absolutely non-stop, so much airtime, so much lateral g's, it twists and bends! It feels so much longer than 3200 feet! The shed was a nice and unique thing, I liked it! The front has ALOT of airtime. Here are my FunPix! @Magenta Lizard @malem @Mrs. No Chickens @Magenta Lizard @Mrs. No Chickens @IndyGuy4KI @Beastie1980 @2012Jarrett @WailsLikeABanshee @Beastie1980 @rcwizard13 @malem @Beastie1980 @Beastie1980 @aandjgoods @ohiocolts @ohiocolts @aandjgoods
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    Well heres a screenshot instead
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    Chapter 1- The Old Dominion Line https://www.facebook.com/KDGoldenYears/ Following the success of Kings Island in near Cincinnati, Taft Broadcasting Company decided to duplicate the park in Virginia. One of the many things Kings Dominion took from her sister park was a small 36" narrow gauge railroad in a section of the park named "Old Virginia", a section that reflected the early years of Virginia; a similar concept to Rivertown at Kings Island. The "Old Dominion Line" featured two authentic steam locomotives built by the Crown Locomotive Works- the Baldwin Locomotive Works of amusement park railroads. The line ventured through the Virginian wilderness past log cabins and animatronics. https://www.facebook.com/KDGoldenYears/ The two locomotives that ran along the short line were the #601 "Patrick Henry" and the #552 "Stonewall Jackson." Like their Kings Island cousin's, both locomotives were modeled after the standard "American" style locomotive bearing the typical 4-4-0 wheel arrangement. When management asked Kings Island engineers for feedback on how to perfect the train ride in Virginia they suggested a more prototypical approach. This meant that the locomotives should have larger smoke stacks, darker colors, and most notably- wooden cabs (as seen in the picture above.) These changes were made to give the locomotives a more "primitive" look as steel wasn't as plentiful in the mid 1800s as it is now. http://parkfans.net/thread-1541.html The “Patrick Henry” was meant to resemble Kings Island's #12 "Tecumseh" locomotive respectively. The locomotive bared a large balloon smoke stack, featured 2 domes, and a gothic style roof, as well as a dark blue color scheme with red decals. The “Patrick Henry” also had a set of blue coaches with brown decals to match the locomotive’s color scheme as well as the look of older passenger coaches from the 1800s. There’s no audio to prove this but I suspect the “Patrick Henry” featured a 6 chime whistle. The locomotive also featured two flags, one was the American flag and the other one was the Virginia Flag. Though meant to resemble Kings Island’s #12, Kings Dominion’s #601 was one of the most cloned Crown models to date. The large balloon stack was seen on multiple crown locomotives throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s giving it a less original look. http://parkfans.net/thread-1541.html The “Stonewell Jackson” was meant to resemble Kings Island's #19 "Simon Kenton" locomotive respectively. The locomotive bared a narrow balloon smoke stack, featured 2 domes, and a curved style roof, as well as an orange-red color scheme with blue decals. The “Stonewall Jackson” also had a set of orange-red coaches with brown decals to match the locomotive’s color scheme as well as the look of older passenger coaches from the 1800s. There’s no audio to prove this but I suspect the “Stonewall Jackson” featured a 6 chime whistle. The locomotive also featured two flags, one was the American flag and the other one was the Confederacy Flag. This locomotive model was my favorite of all the Crown locomotives ever built because of its unique balloon stack design. This is was one of the more original designs ever found on a Crown locomotive. https://www.facebook.com/KDGoldenYears/ The line started in the Old Virginia section of the park, near the end of Candy Apple Grove not too far from the Rebel Yell. The train would run parallel to Rebel Yell until taking a right turn into the Virginian Wilderness. In the woods, like the Miami Valley Railroad, the trains past several log cabins and animatronics. The train would stop at a part of the line and actors would interact with guests on board. The train would then pass the engine house before finally returning to the station. In the later years, some of the scenery changed to accommodate newer attractions. In the early 80s, Grizzly was placed behind the station, similar to Mystic Timbers at Kings Island. The challenge was that the que line crossed the railroad tracks making operations interesting to say in the least. http://parkfans.net/thread-1541.html Towards the late 80s, the popularity of the railroad started to dwindle and some of the theming began to go away. By the 90s, Paramount attempted to revitalize the railroad by adding an action scene on the train but to no avail. Operations were so dismal that the railroad would close early around 6pm because it began to lose the park money. In 1994 Hurler was added and coexisted with the train for about a year. In 1995, it was decided that the line would be demolished and the locomotives and their coaches sold to other amusement parks. The fact that the railroad wasn’t a transport ride was one of the main reasons why it’s popularity decreased. One could make the assumption that Kings Island’s trains would have suffered the same fate if they weren’t used to transport guests to and from the waterpark. #601 currently operates at Busch Gardens Tampa on the Serengeti Express. The locomotive was repainted an off green color with a red cowcatcher and yellow decals. The original wood cab was replaced with a steel cab fitted with exhaust fans. The whistle was mounted on the additional dome and was toned down a couple of chimes, in my opinion to not scare off the animals. The original coaches were painted yellow to match a nearly identical locomotive bought from Six Flags Mid-America, now Six Flags St. Louis. The green coaches the train usually pulls is a part of an older Busch Gardens locomotive #4 that isn’t currently in operation. I was fortunate enough to see this locomotive down in Tampa when I visited Busch Gardens in 2012. Though I prefer its original look, I’m happy that the locomotive has more room to stretch out it’s wheels and isn’t sitting out to rust like a lot of other Crown locomotives. http://parkfans.net/thread-1541.html #552 currently operates at a small religious retreat called Dry Gulch USA in Adair Oklahoma. Like #601, #552 received a cosmetic overhaul with a black boiler, red domes, a red cowcatcher, red wheels, and a black tender. The most notable change however was the wooden cab. While in transport, engine #552 encountered a tree and suffered damage to its cab. The original cab was removed and replaced with a new, darker colored wood cab that can still be seen today. The locomotive operates on select dates and during the parks popular “Christmas Train” event with two other locomotives made by H.K. Porter. It is unknown what happened to the original coaches of the train whether they were sold to another party or are sitting on storage. https://www.facebook.com/KDGoldenYears/ There has been a bit of confusion as to where the locomotives actually ended up first. One rumor states that Dry Gulch bought the two locomotives and sold #601 to Busch Gardens. Another rumor states that Busch Gardens bought the two locomotives and #552 was sold to Dry Gulch. In my opinion, I believe both trains were initially sold to the Busch Gardens chain since Busch Gardens Europe was a short drive from Doswell. At the time, Busch Gardens Africa already had three locomotives but desperately needed a backup. I think #552 was less appealing to the company so it was sold to Dry Gulch. I could be completely wrong but that’s just how I think that went down. http://parkfans.net/thread-1541.html Remnants of the Old Dominion Line can still be seen at Kings Dominion today. The old railroad shed still stands vacant and the old route can still be made out on satellite. I think this ride could have served a greater purpose and could still be standing today if it acted as a transport ride. However, it’s placement in the park limited its potential to be used as a transport ride and was one of the many contributing factors to its dismantle in 1995. Also, the placement of the ride prevented a lot of potential expansion so, while I still wish it were there, I can see why the park made the decision to remove it. I hoped you enjoyed this! Please feel free to share your comments and post any pictures. I have way more pictures if anyone's interested. If you have any questions for me or any suggestions on what park I should do next, please let me know!
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    I apologise for the double post but I'll just leave these here From KI's Snapchat
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    From what was shown in the video, I'm hoping the same guys are hired to referb AE and BBOBH as well.
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    This theming is fantastic, I'm definitely impressed. Too bad they'll still be blaring Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga throughout Rivertown. Now if we could only get the music to enhance the atmosphere of the various park sections, then we'd have it good. Hopefully that change will come too.
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    When you move into Island Club because it has a view of the park, and you start designing your dining room accordingly... The tower decal I got at Menard's. I'm having photos of Banshee and Diamondback from last season blown up into box-canvas paintings at FedEx Office, and I'm going to hang them on either side of the mirror. We also have candles whose fragrances are like those in the park during the summer. When family comes over this season, I want them to feel the excitement of being near the park the night before. Still a work in progress, but a dream-come-true. Yeah, big fan here.
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