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    Let me restate my last post. We are done with B&M vs Intamin. It adds nothing to this thread. Any further posts will be removed.
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    Why on earth would you bring sidewalk chalk to the park?
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    What could 2018 bring KI

    Sorta off topic but I decided to show the timeline from 2000 until now to show nearly the last two decades of the park. Action Zone Rivertown
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    Found them. LOL
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    To summarize the last 30 pages for those who don't want to read them: Intamin! No, B&m. No, Intamin. No B&M. But I reallllllllllllllllllly want an Intamin cause reasons. No, they break down. But I reallllllllllllllllllly want an Intamin cause reasons. No, B&M. No, Intamin. No, B&M. But I reallllllllllllllllllly want an Intamin cause reasons. No, B&M. Rinse, Repeat. and repeat and repeat and repeat
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    Don and other higher ups reading this thread
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    ‍ Two-Time Food Network Champ Joins Kings Island as New Executive Chef A two-time winner of the Food Network's Chopped reality TV cooking contest and contestant on Alton Brown’s Cutthroat Kitchen, James Major, has taken on the executive chef position at Kings Island. Major is a Culinary Institute of America Certified Pro Chef II, a U.S. Navy veteran, and Ohio native. He previously served as executive chef at Great American Ball Park and Funky’s Catering. “ Kings Island has always been a place where family memories are made,” Major said. “It’s an honor for me and my team to have the chance to be creative and provide great food experiences that add to those memories and the fun guests have during their visit.” “In the amusement park industry you’re constantly challenging your team to find new ways to help friends and family come together, and the culinary experience is a big part of that” said Mike Koontz, Kings Island Vice President and General Manager. “Chef Major is here to help create those memorable food and dining options throughout the park that will enhance the guest’s visit.” Park introduces new restaurant, Coney Bar B Que Kings Island also is adding the new Coney Bar B Que to the park’s restaurant line-up. This new fast-casual dining location will offer various barbecue favorites including smoked St. Louis-style ribs, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken and Queen City Sausage along with a fresh selection of side dishes. The location is included in the park’s dining plans. Located in the Coney Mall area of the park, next to the Scrambler, the restaurant’s architecture and theming will pay tribute to the early days of Kings Island and Coney Mall. Covered outdoor seating areas will feature views of Coney Mall and the Grand Carousel. The restaurant will open on April 14, the beginning of the 2018 season. Gold Season Passholders will get a sneak preview on April 13th. ChefJamesMajor_Interview_&_B-roll.mp4
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    The Trend Setting Theory by Sonofbaconator Often amusement parks want the biggest, meanest, scream machine to attract more visitors. It seems that when one coaster is a success, everyone else has to have one. As a result, you start to see trends in certain coaster types: Wing Coasters and RMCS in the early 2010, and Inverts in the late 90s and early 2000s. However, while this is the basic trend for amusement parks, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case; some amusement parks actually benefit from staying behind the trend. Kings Island is one of those parks that often holds back on getting new coasters and as a result reinvents the trend and raises the bar for future coasters to be made. Back in the early 2010s, gigas started to make a comeback in the amusement park industry. Rides like Intimidator 305, Leviathan, and Fury 325 have proven to be fun and exciting rides for their respective parks and rank high in numerous coaster polls still to this day. During that time, a lot of people wanted Kings Island to follow the trend and get a giga, however they got an invert instead. While a lot of people were surprised they didn’t go for a giga, they were just as happy to get a world class ride. Nearly four years later, the invert is still ranked as one of Kings Island’s best coasters and one of the best inverted coasters in the industry. Fast forward to 2017 where the park received a GCI. Though there were some that were disappointed when the ride was announced, when it opened it was well received and even won a Golden Ticket award for the 2017 season. These two rides not only showed that the park didn’t need a giga just yet, but they demonstrated that a great ride can come in any form. I talked about how Banshee and Mystic Timbers were well received during their respective years, now I’m going to talk about where that reception came from. Banshee is a next generation B&M invert that is nothing like its predecessors. Unlike other B&M inverts, Banshee doesn’t have a drop down station floor, a predrop, or standard over-the-shoulder restraints. All of these differences have been small but basic improvements over the older models of inverts. In addition, the theming is supherb and the layout is hard to beat. Its theming and use of the terrain also sets it apart as one of the superior inverts to be made. Since the B&M Invert trend died in the early to mid 2000s, Kings Island was able to create something original that was incomparable to other coasters of the same category. Like Banshee, Mystic Timbers also raised the bar for wooden coasters in amusement parks. It’s out and back layout is unique to the ride since many of the other GCI coasters are compact. The part of this ride that takes the cake is its theme as very few wooden roller coasters have received the amount of theming that Mystic Timbers has. The ride is essentially themed to a story created by the park. The trains, and the theme are strictly unique to the ride and Kings Island. The shed also gives the ride an original feature that no other wooden coaster has. If Kings Island went with a wooden coaster in the earlier years, say around the early 2010s, it would be compared to rides like Prowler and Gold Striker. Since Mystic Timbers came so late in the game, the ride can stand on its own. Why is this all relevant to a giga? We’ll if you’ve been noticing, Kings Island has been reinventing the trends of roller coasters for years. Where most parks install thrilling rides, Kings Island goes a little bit higher. The innovations on Banshee, the theming on Mystic Timbers, and even the splashdown on Diamondback set the park apart from others and a giga would be no exception. The recent gigas in the industry have been nearly duplicated, making minor altercations here and there to give them individuality. I have no doubt that if Kings Island installed a giga in 2014 or 2017, it would be extremely similar to Leviathan or Fury 325. Since Kings Island is the only major Cedar Fair park to not receive a giga yet, they have the opportunity to make a serious impact on the industry- should they install one. Fury 325 was a vast improvement over Leviathan, so much so that most consider it better than Millennium Force. Waiting to install a giga gives Kings Island the opportunity to learn how they can perfect the coaster design and make it a stand out attraction that’s not like the rest. Maybe they'll not go with the traditional "L" shaped layout, they might add a new train style, design the ride to go along terrian, give it a great theme to make it standout, or maybe all of the above- only time will tell. I’ll end this little passage with an quote that pretty much sums up my theory.
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    Obviously, not knowing the whole story, it's hard for us to pass any judgement, and not being affiliated with the park, there's little any of us could do about it even if we did. However, if you confronted park staff with the same combative attitude you brought to the boards, I doubt the initial vandalism was the only thing brought into consideration when deciding on punishment. But since you asked, the rule is in the season pass terms you agreed to when you purchased a pass: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/legal/season-pass-terms
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    I was browsing Youtube, looking for something to watch, and this came up. Could not find just a random thread for this I thought it would fit, so I just made this one. Thought it was a interesting look into the past of Kings Island, as it is a promo from the TV show "Entertainment Tonight" for the new-for-1987 Vortex. I think it is very cool to see the coaster back in its very early days, when 6 inversions was the most in the world, and 148 feet was the tallest roller coaster in the world*. Still, 31 years (and MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of riders) later, Vortex remains a popular coaster at Kings Island. I even remember last year, the park (or someone in T-Shirt design at least) thought enough of it to put it on a "Kings Island 5" T-Shirt with Beast, Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, and Banshee. *= Unless you count Dragon Mountain @ Marineland in Canada, which is 186 feet tall and opened in 1983 but also heavily used terrain to boost its height as it sits on a tall hill and does not have very tall supports due to this.
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    Welcome to KIC! I suggest you talk to Guest Services in a very respectful and conciliatory manner. You may be able to negotiate your suspension but not likely with a “where is the rule” attitude. Just becuase your defacing of the park was not permanent does not make it right. You should have asked for permission. It’s common courtesy. Do your kids go on your neighbors driveway and create art without permission? Q. What would the park look like if every guest had 1 piece of sidewalk chalk? A. Even worse than a Six Flags Park.
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    Extras needed for Photo Shoot

    Reminds me of when Kings Island made me famous for a few years.
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    Current wait times

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    Future changes to the shed?

    Honestly? I like the shed how it is. It adds something to an otherwise dull part of a ride experience. Unlike any other ride in the park (and maybe at any other Cedar Fair park?), it adds a conclusion to a ride's story. And based on the 2017 season (admittedly a small sample, but we've seen theming go downhill in much less than a whole season, like Boo Blasters's fog screen), it appears to be sustainable. To me, based on the park's attempts at themed rides since 1990, that's huge. From Adventure Express to Phantom Theater/Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle/Boo Blasters to Tomb Raider to The Italian Job Stunt Track, the park has proven again and again that heavy theming isn't sustainable and/or of high importance. Whether or not you agree with that focus, I think that one of the things we as enthusiasts can agree upon is that we like it when we can rely upon parks to provide consistent and good experiences, and I feel like Mystic's shed is proving itself to be that for the park. You know what I think its only downfall is? The marketing approach. I think the park did a very exciting approach to marketing it, and I sincerely applaud it. The downside to the approach they took, though, is that it allowed imaginations to spiral beyond reason without any sort of guidance towards what it ended up containing. People's (and especially enthusiasts') ideas started with drop tracks, then backwards launches, then super-secret hidden track not shown on the renderings... It was a frenzy. Before it was over, I think a lot of people nearly had Cedar Point itself being uprooted and moved to that 25' by 100' shed in Rivertown. Real life never stood a chance compared to the imagination. And I have no idea how the park could have curbed the more fantastical rumors without dampening the excitement, so I can't exactly fault them for not saying anything, either. Coincidentally, it's the same exact approach that Paramount took with Tomb Raider: The Ride back in 2001... But that was also a time before social media, when there really wasn't a gathering of people on the scope of Kings Island's Facebook page (or even today's KIC) to collectively ponder and get excited about possibilities. There were budding enthusiast sites like CoasterBuzz or rec.roller-coaster, but that's it. There really wasn't anywhere else for their speculation to travel beyond those places, besides word of mouth. If you look through archived forum threads from back in the day, people guessed ahead of time that it was going to be a roller coaster... And that's really all the speculation was. From what I've read, there was a little backlash when it finally opened, but nothing like the backlash the shed got. And I feel like the lack of large online communities working themselves into a frenzy had a lot to do with that. (I'm not hating on speculation by any means--it's part of what makes this place fun for me. It's just something I've noticed.) Anyhoo, I'm on a tangent. I just think a unique number of factors led to a number of anticipointments, which is why I think so many people don't like it. For me, I like the shed as it is. I'll get off my soapbox now.
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    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Something like this?
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    Don could post a picture about a porta-pottie and you all would speculate a X-base bathroom
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    I like to think BIG... like an entire area re-vamp. My hope is that Coney Mall is getting a complete reno. It certainly needs it. I personally think that the addition of the Smokehouse restaurant this season could have been a precursor/start of much needed infrastructure changes to the area. I'd love a complete re-furb of Racer and flat package, as well as new lighting/facades etc. I think "something old is new again" references the entire Coney area. I think as a part of that reno, will a modern take on a previous attraction... fingers crossed for recaR. Heck... I'd be happy with just the sculpted Ginkgo trees coming back! Shaggy
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    I'm telling you - the people who do the themeing love the throw backs as much as we do. These are easter eggs, not teasers. If they were intended to be teasers then they would be way, way more obvious.
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    Re-instate these passes and allow the children to write the current wait times on the pavement in front of every ride entrance.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    A little known fact many of you don't know. Before every season, Don ventures to The Home Depot and goes to the "Trolling Wood" section of the lumberyard. The trolling wood comes in long planks that are made into fences which are slightly taller than the average human being, but are not tall enough that someone can't hold a camera overhead. The fences have very small holes and cracks that offer limited visibility, but just enough to cause curiosity among coaster nerds. Don also buys multiple colored flags that can be decorated around random trees which can cause unnecessary excitement throughout the coaster community.
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    If a tree falls in the forest and and no enthusiast is around to hear it, is it for a giga?
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    I really like that KI is paying attention to the theming of the surrounding area when designing new buildings. We saw this with the new funnel cake building in Rivertown, and I hope it’s a trend that continues. Also, did anyone else notice the nod to The Bat in the concept art? Really nice touch
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    KIC Podcast: Episode #1- 2017 Year in Review If you wish to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, you can do so at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kings-island-central-podcast/id1342475078 Show notes: The inaugural episode of the Kings Island Central Podcast. Listen as host Robbie Zerhusen (CoastersRZ) is joined by Matthew Middleton (Malem) and Brad Perdue (IndyGuy4KI) discuss the 2017 season at Kings Island. -Mystic Timbers debuts as a fantastic new wooden coaster at Kings Island. -Island Smokehouse opens to glowing reviews in Soak City. -Halloween Haunt and the new scare zone, Dance of the Macabre, debuts under the Eiffel Tower. -Winterfest returns for a third time, after a 12 year hiatus. We are all impressed with the amount of lights, entertainment and things to see and do. And look forward to visiting again next year.
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    Sorry to double post. But no one has responded to this topic in several weeks now. I thought that I would pass along some information on a new feature that will be debuting soon here on KIC. See the below image. Stay tuned for the first episode of the KICentral Podcast. Robbie
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    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Just a general observation about Coney Mall: In 2011, the park added WindSeeker, removed the asphalt and placed pavers on the ground. 2014, Shake Rattle and Roll received a refurbishment, including new paint and LED lighting. 2016, Scrambler received a refurbishment, including new paint and LED lighting. 2017, Dodgems added LED lighting package 2018 - full project unknown, speculation of new rides and what the new building will be. I'm thinking, although it's been 7 years since the "rehab" of Coney Mall has started, each aspect of change in the area is leading to a refreshed Coney Mall. I know that sometimes parks will spread the expense out for one project in different years. While I don't believe there will be a new ride in Coney Mall in 2018, I feel like there could be one coming to the area (or close if not exactly in Coney Mall) with the continual improvements (no matter how big or small). I definitely think it's part of the grand scheme of things for a new ride. The new building coming for 2018, whether it houses retail or a restaurant (likely) is all a part of the grand scheme of things. /random ramblings
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