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    It's time! I've included one of DB splashdown as well above. It's a screenshot of the video. I'll upload it later to YT, and add the link here. Enjoy!
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    Got yalls update... Nothing new. I've included the pictures just so everyone can verify. Edit: I've added two more pictures.
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    Ran this through Bluebeam. Scale is actually 1" = 40'-0". I did this by referencing the footing schedule which gave me the diameter of the piers. What is called out there as 36"Ø shows up on the plan as exactly 1'-6", meaning the scale was off. This means that the lift length is approximately 335' by my measurements. At a 45° lift angle, that means that the height would be around that same number. If anyone is interested in how I came to that conclusion I can post an image. And no, I am not an "Engineer Wannabe".
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    More to come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    From 2017 and 2018 I had the privilege of working as a Park Ambassador. It was a job that was a dream come true for me. I basically had the opportunity to do what was needed to make a guests day, get to explore the park and hope not just guests but associates were doing well and if they needed help with anything. In 2017, Our last day of the season, I was back by Dinosaurs Alive talking to some guests when a lady approached me asking if I was able to help her with something. I was delighted to help her and it was even more awesome was, her daughter just hit 48in height requirement. However, her mom was scared/not a fan of rollercoasters. She wanted someone to ride with her daughter, which at the time I was able to. I tried to help make it one of the best memories they ever had. I told the mom and the girl that they could choose up to 3 rides, and ill take her to the front of the line and she can choose any row to sit in (granted the park was dead to begin with so not much benefit in skipping lines) she decided on doing Adventure Express, Mystic Timbers and The Beast to ride. She really liked Adventure Express and at the time she did not like Mystic Timbers as unfortunately it was rather chilly and the cool air kinda took her breath away and it scared her a bit (although I her she loves riding it now) The Beast she really liked too. Well as we got off Mystic Timbers her mom was so ecstatic and happy, she wanted a picture of me and her daughter together (both with her phone and from the ride) well I went ahead and got the photo taken care for her and she was almost in tears with just joy and excitement. Actually as we went towards The Beast, she had to Facetime a family member and had to tell them how much of a great time she was having and told me to say hi. Everytime I worked and they saw me out in the park, the girl always had to run up and give me a hug. I loved getting the privilege of doing stuff like that. The excitment kids got from a gesture like that all way down to just a "I love Kings Island" sticker always helped me feel better knowing they are enjoying there visit. Granted not everyone did, but I would try as hard as possible to make sure they did.
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    Here’s your lift hill footers. This is a a giga. No doubt in my mind. lift hill run appears to be roughly 450-500 feet long ish. Hard to say without a ruler. I did some basic math based on Fury’s lift hill angle and it looks like based on that we could be looking at 350-380 feet high. We’re getting a record breaker boys.
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    I feel like the area that has been cleared is already big enough for a pretty good giga.
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    This has been perhaps the most tired and flimsy narrative relating to this topic (what the guy from reddit said). It has resurfaced time and time again, on this site, on others, in YouTube comments sections etc. But to me it just doesn't hold up. Let me explain... Yes, while it is true that CW and Carowinds are growing at faster rates than KI, this should not be conflated with "they have surpassed" or even met up with KI in terms of Cedar Fair's hierarchy. As you pointed out, KI already has remarkable attendance as it is, more than enough attendance to justify a giga. For the record, as of 2016, KI alone makes up 14% of CF's revenue, CW's share was 10%, and Carowinds 7-8%. In other words, even with CW and Carowinds expanding, they've still got some catching up to do before they can even get to KI's level . Remember, Cedar Fair WANTED Kings Island more than any other park. IIRC Paramount used this as leverage to rid themselves of the chain wholesale in 2006, forcing Cedar Fair to buy all five of the parks. I wouldn't be surpirsed if they'd have bought some of the others anyway, but it was paramount (pun not intended) that they acquire KI. In fact, Cedar Fair even tried to purchase Kings Island as early as 2000. Reportedly, it fell through because of a $40 million dollar tax liability that would have been contigent upon the sale (Source). Kinzel himself described it as "his favorite park outside the Cedar Fair system". --- Ok, and now on to the wing coaster theory.... So first off, there's the fact that the land clearing at this point has become way too big for what a conventional wing would take up. And then there's Mike Koontz specifically saying he's requested a giga at Coasterstock 2018. (For those of you wondering where exactly he said this: https://youtu.be/I3BxfbjxMgc?t=1304) AND there's the simple fact that a wing coaster from the general public's perspective would not be all that different from Banshee (large, graceful inversions, vest restraints). The same could be said for a giga to an extent, but CF has proven with Fury and Leviathan that they're OK with having a B&M hyper and giga coexist in the same park. -- But even if that's not enough... Depending on how you look at it, wing coasters actually are much worse value than a 6000ft + giga would be, particularly if we're going by $ divided by track length (I know, odd metric - but it explains my point). GateKeeper: $25 million / 4,164 ft = $6003.84 per foot of track Fury: $30 million / 6,602 ft = $4544.07 per foot of track My thoughts exactly. If KI doesn't warrant significant investment into a new thrill ride (as some are claiming), then why in the world would they be building any coaster at all? We know its a B&M, and almost any B&M these days is bound to be well over $20 million (sans Dive and maybe floorless), so they might as well go the extra mile for something that will have much longer-lasting value than a wing coaster. Wings are partially reliant on novelty IMO - novelty which diminishes... Its the giant sit-down coasters found in hypers and gigas that stand the test of time. Going off of what was mentioned above about Millie. Its in its 20th year of operation, and its still by many accounts the signature attraction of Cedar Point (I know a decent amount of GP who still prefer it over SV).
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    I worked in Guest Services from 2015-2018. I think my favorite memory was when a young woman and her mom came in to the office looking for some information on KI's accessibility policy for guests with disabilities. I was going through the process with them, and one of the questions we ask when doing our assessments is "is there anything else I need to know to keep you safe today". The teenage girl mumbled something, so I asked if she could say that again because I missed it. Her mom said "Oh nothing, she was at the campgrounds with her friends yesterday, and they were being mean to her and she is having a bad day today because of that." So I went and filled out the paperwork needed for her to safely ride, and when I came back, I also printed out 15 dollars worth of in park credit called "Beagle Bucks" to give to the girl to help make her day a little better. I handed the sheet to the mom and went over the information, and then handed them the beagle bucks and explained what they were and said "I hope this can help make your day here the best day ever". The mom welled up and could not get words out. She simply reached her arms out as an embrace, so we all had a mini "group hug" as she kept saying "thank you so much" over and over. It was such a small gesture. 15 dollars to buy a stuffed animal or a couple of blue ice cream cones, but it changed their whole attitude and day. I loved days like that in the office. There were so many times were you would get wore down by tough situations, but then you helped someone solve a problem, and you could feel their gratitude, and it you remember why you love the job and the park. (more stories to come!)
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    After driving home and thinking about the entire situation.. I have decided to delete the screenshots.. I do not want this coaster to be leaked because of me... I do apologize to anyone who was wanting to look at the screenshot without posting it elsewhere. I feel as if this is what is best for Kings Island Central and everyone else involved in this amazing community. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Hard to trust anything in this high stakes game of espionage and betrayal... Enjoy this for a laugh
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    Me visiting this thread in search of wholesome discussion of the new changes to I-Street.
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    I love the renovations that we are seeing this off season. A big ride is nice, but these little things make a big impact as well. To me they are just as appreciated!
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    We have our first on site piece of evidence of construction for 2020. Let the games begin. Source: https://www.facebook.com/fyecoasters/ Add this to what we already know. Plans were filed in August 2018 with Warren county named the "2018, 2019, 2020 Additions and Modifications to Kings Island Park" with Bolliger and Mabillard named as Contractors. Source: https://oh3laredo.fidlar.com/OHWarren/AvaWeb/#!/search Courtesy of @Bansheeback here are the plans submitted to the city of Mason concerning the project. Both have been verified as legitimate as multiple members of the site have gone to the building department to get a copy. Here are the foundation plans of the station, storage shed/transfer track, lift hill and final brake run. http://bit.ly/kix2020 Here are scans of electrical site plan which includes the ride layout, queue building design, and a lot more. bit.ly/kipx2020
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    I just got out of a plane. Who wants to see some pictures?
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    I went ahead and did some overlays of other Cedar Fair giga's to compare sizes and to show how big the land clearing is. These were all taken at roughly the same altitude from Google Earth (~1,499m - give or take 2m). I did rotate and/or flip some of the giga's just to make them align better with the area. Giga's I've included: Fury 325 Intimidator 305 Leviathan Millenium Force
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    Here's a funny... that wasnt funny at the time... When you work rides, one of the most frustrating things you deal with is guests that insist you look for their lost item. Whether its glasses, wallet, keys, phone etc - it seemed as though it was a never ending parade of people that were constantly holding up ride cycles due to negligence in securing items. As a member of The Beast crew, we were obligated to do a quick "sweep" of the seats & car on behalf of the guests. (Many times the lost item had simply fallen between padding or occasionally under the seat and we'd find it. - It was actually rare that an item in someone's pocket flew out of the train.) The problem was, with literally THOUSANDS of people riding in those seats - not only do they get greasy, grimy, sticky, wet, dirty, smelly and just generally gross - they also collect lots of trash (park maps, refill cups etc.) We had a "pattern" we'd follow where we'd run our hands in a certain direction around the seat edge, in between the pads then under the seats. If we felt any trash as a part of that check - we'd pull it out and toss it. If the item wasn't found, we'd ask the guest to check back later or with guest services. The ride ops HATED doing it, and we griped about it to each other all the time away from guests... but it was "part of the gig" so we had to literally grin and bear it. Well, one particular hot Sunday afternoon I was working unload on Beast. Now mind you, this was 1999 so smart phones - even just plain 'ol cell phones - were not a common thing. But pagers were. (For you youngins - pagers were a cellular device that would text you a simple message or a number to call.) Well if memory serves me, a train came in and of course some man got out and freaked because he was missing (I think) his pager. Soooooo... As the load-side gates were held, I did the quick sweep of the seats, then around the padding, then across the floor under the seat. Well, when I reached under the seat, I felt something damp and squishy and proceeded to pull it out thinking it was just like a wet park map or something to throw in the trash. I stood up, opened my hand, looked at it and realized... I was holding poop. Well, not really... but we'll get to that in a bit. Of course there was a station full of waiting guests that were all watching me intently during the checking routine... and ultimately saw me holding a "turd" in my hand. There was literally a collective "GASP" from the guests when they realized what I had found. I even saw one lady mouth to her husband "He's holding $^#@!" I was simultaneously: A: Shocked B: Grossed out C: Utterly embarrassed D: completely baffled at how _ _ _ _ got under a seat. So what did I do? Well, I threw it away of course! I then immediately freaked out to the crew lead about needing to go sterilize my hands. We were on minimal crew - so I couldn't go anywhere until a relief area manager could come to Beast to fill in. I actually used water from the water cooler to wash my hands as best I could (No hand sanitizer then) and I think we had some general ride cleaner on hand that I doused my hands with. When certain "ecological" issues arose - we'd sometimes call ecology to clean it up or we'd make an "incident report" or such. I cant exactly remember what we did in this particular situation. But I do know the end result was that after being closely analyzed, the determination was made that what I had picked up was indeed - NOT poop. You see, at that time in the park - several of the midway games had prizes that included "Bugs Bunny" stuffed animals. (Not Six Flags - go figure.?) And it turns out the "poop" was actually a very wet, very dirty stuffed "carrot" that had fallen off the hand of a Bugs Bunny stuffed animal. It had simply turned into a very wet, mis-shapen and dark brown blob. (Don't ask me how... it probably had been there for months....) So there you have it... the day I pulled poop out of The Beast, which wasn't poop after all, much to the horror of myself and everyone else in The Beast's station. P.S. - Yes - the guys pager was found... on the floor behind his row.
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    I'm starting to get the idea that you two might not actually be buddies.
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    So, you guys thought you actually found permits. I have a feeling we could be bringing up this meme quite a bit this summer.
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    Here's what will happen: "Of course you're all looking forward to what next year has in store here at Kings Island, but right now we're focused on this season, and we're just really happy that guests are enjoying the improvements we've seen so far. With the addition of the all-new Kings Mills Antique Autos, as well as a fresh new look for International Street, we're just happy to have brought back some things for guests who have been visiting since day one, and there's even more fun to come for the remainder of the season including the all-new Grand Carnivale! Next question, please."
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    According to coaster kings on Facebook it looks like Cedar Fair has trademarked the names Polaris and Orion.. if it's going to sit in X-Base these names could fit extremely well Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    It's where YungStud is going to hide the Green Intamin track.
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    I currently work in landscape at the park, been there a year now. My favorite weekly ritual with another good coworker is to mow the tower legs every Friday. It usually takes us around 1.5-2 hours to mow, weed eat and blow clippings. But the satisfaction I get from putting in the nice straight burnt in lines, making the tower legs look pretty is definitely something I am proud of. It’s something I enjoy while working and also as a guest in the park.
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    Not a specific memory but there's a group of 9 women who worked together in Games between 1987 and 1993 (ish) and we still get together every few months! We are all so thankful that we worked at Kings Island and met each other.
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    To add to @collin.klopfstein's picture...
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    I have the PDF. Looks like a good addition.
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    As the Interpreter the wise would say, "Someone does".
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    Oh my goodness this is silly. Lol
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    As a follow-up to my comments expressed many pages back, I will say that using 2009 as a datapoint would be incredibly misleading, as that was the season directly following the Great Recession (with the Midwest hit especially hard). So its not surprising that attendance was so underwhelming for DB's debut season, where there had even been a decrease from the year prior... I would bet you that Cedar Fair took this into consideration when looking at the results from that year. And rest assured, as the economy recovered and people again had money to spend we saw surge in attendance in the years following 2010-2012 (gained +206,000 visitors over that span) One thing I think also needs mentioning is that there is another reason to install a big coaster besides just drawing in guests - a reason which I don't believed has been mentioned once thus far... That is, increasing the overall capacity of the park. While its great that relatively inexpensive family attractions such as Antique Cars and Flying Scooter rides garner such and appeal from families, and the marginal dollars spent on these perhaps stretch further than expensive thrill rides at bringing in guests, those rides typically leave much to be desired in terms of capacity... That is where the coasters and large flat rides come in.... Banshee gave 2 MILLION rides in 2014 and 1.66 million rides in 2015. We don't have publicly available ridership numbers past 2015, but I'd be surprised if its not still the most ridden ride on the park. Diamondback, even in spite of its bin and seatbelt hindrance, still remains a people eater albeit not as high capacity as Banshee. I'd imagine ridership is a critical variable that goes into the equation of evaluating the returns of a new attraction, an area where all coasters put in since 2009 have demonstrsably excelled at. When you have the attendance of KI, CP or CW etc. you can use as much capacity as you can get. So forget for a second what guests Banshee drew or supposedly didn't draw in its debut year. I think we could we agree that Action Zone was in desperate need of a headlining attraction to fill the void left by SOB and re-establish itself as a complete area of the park. The 2014 season may have seen only a modest increase in attendance (0.9%), but as @McSalsa wisely points out in this post, that year just so happened to coincide with the long-awaited re-opening of Kentucky Kingdom 2 hrs down the road, and thus may have temporarily siphoned off some of the guests from KI. Once again a confounding factor arises in the same year a $20+ million B&M is installed , misleading some to the tenuous conclusion that KI is ill-capable at turning the gates off thrills... Overall from 2014-2016, attendance climbed +178,000 guests. Granted, other additions were made in this span - most notably Woodstock Gliders and Tropical Plunge. How much of those guests were returning to ride Banshee for the first time? And how many of those guests consisted of families coming through the gates for the aformentioned scooter and brand new waterslides? We can't know for sure. But going off what I said earlier, more guests calls for more capacity, and a couple of kiddie/family rides and a slide complex is not really going move the needle in that realm. Enter Mystic Timbers. Another three train (thank you #shed) coaster which can accomodate overflow from Beast and DB... Putting in a non-flying B&M (on the former site of Vekoma flyer, fittingly enough) will be yet another marked improvement in capacity, and will give guests more than one reason to make the trek out to the area other than just FOF... ---- Finally, one caveat I would like to attach onto a lot of the things said above (as well as, virtually all speculation with regards to "returns" on major investments) is that we don't know all the of relevant and critical information needed to truly determine how well or not well an investment did. Only the park and corporate knows that (and those know do not say!)... Even numbers from TEA, might not necessarily be the best measure, as a lot of it, particularly for parks that don't release attendance numbers such as Cedar Fair, is based heavily on "professional estimation". There are some years where it shows a "net-zero" change in attendance at some parks. (KI 2012-13 ; CP 2016-176). Now what are the odds of that? So to make broad, unnuanced, claims such as "the ROI for Diamondback and Bashee was very weak" is rather irresponsible as you are making an overly declarative statement on something for which you probably don't have the insider information, and if you do, shouldn't be sharing it here... ----- What we CAN do however (and this is what I recommend) is approach these things more inductively and infer from what investments do or don't happen the success or lack thereof a park. For example, KD went eight years in between coasters and the drought was broken merely by a conversion/replacement of an existing coaster in Hurler. From that, I would surmise that it was I305 that indeed did have a relatively weak ROI. Or at least, it must not have been strong enough to warrant a big follow-up coaster like we've seen at KI, CW, and Carowinds. Also, KD already had a comparable ride collection to the aformentioned parks depsite having something like a million less visitors per year (?) I've heard. So not only did I305 not bring in the crowds they were hoping, but there's also not any strong urge or need to increase capacity. As for KI, I'm willing to give Cedar Fair benefit of the doubt and presume that results of the many investments they've made throughout their ownership have positive enough to warrant investing more. Like I've said before, if DB and Banshee weren't successful enough, then I guarantee they would not be going out of their way to put in yet another giant B&M, by which even if not a giga, we're still talking well over $20 million.... And finally finally (this is the end I promise) no one is saying CW, Carowinds, CGA, don't warrant the investments they are getting, but I believe your analysis of KI of rather short-sighted, and does not fully fo justice to their great strides that have been made (and might continue to be made). ----- Note: Most of whats written above is not necessarily a response to MiA Parkman per se, but more so the recurring narrative that I've come across through many areas of the interwebs in the past few months or so.
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    Their color. Sorry, could not resist.
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    I find it really interesting that after Mike Koontz became GM/VP of KI we're getting all these awesome renovations. Truly feels as if we've got someone in leadership that really cares about the park, the history and the like.
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    A day I never hoped would come. Deep in the back of my mind, I would always know this could and would happen, but it was always easy to push it off as "That's still years away." It's no longer years away. I'm going to miss Vortex. More than I ever thought I would. They can replace it with something new and that will take away some of the sting of the closure. The problem is, to me, that whatever they replace it with, it just won't be Vortex. I can't have it back. No second chances, no more re-rides. Others like it remain, but they will not be the same.
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    Here are the supports for the lift. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Heres my latest take on what could go there! PC: @sixohdieselrage
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    The Racer revitalized the coaster industry and proved you could build a large wooden roller coaster in a modern theme park. The Beast was the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster in the world in 1979 and still is the longest wooden coaster in the world. The Bat was the world's first suspended roller coaster. King Cobra was the first coaster built from the ground-up as a stand-up roller coaster. Vortex was the first the first roller coaster to do six inversions. Flight of Fear was the world's first LIM-launched coaster. Son of Beast was the world's tallest, fastest and only looping wooden coaster. Diamondback is still widely acclaimed and extremely popular. Banshee is the world's longest inverted coaster. Mystic Timbers was ranked as the Best New Ride of 2017 by the Golden Ticket Awards and is often regarded as one of GCI's very best. And that is just roller coasters! I would like a giga. However, claiming that Kings Island is not on the map is one of the most preposterous statements I have ever read on this site.
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    I'll just let you guys talk about the pieces, and I'll just stick to getting my pictures. LOL
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    Have you guys noticed the shape of the trees in the land clearing going on? Kinda weird.
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    I'll throw in an incredibly cringeworthy story that I think about often. It's funny now, but at the time it was brutal. I was working Zephyr in 2012. One day a kid told me hello after looking at my name tag. The name wasn't correct except for the first letter. I was having pretty rough day and I replied half-heartedly, without even really thinking, "Can ya read, man?". His mother, clearly angry, proceeded to tell me the kid was blind in one eye. I meant to apologize, but instead asked "Oh, he is?" It was a girl.
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    Since the park has shown their pictures of the new Kings Mills Antique Autos from just above the ride, I feel I can post this. Of course, I took it with my S9+ from around 600 feet in the air.
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    If I were Queen of Kings Island I would decree the old fountain pedestals be reused to make new fountains in other parts of the park. Like, make a new water feature in Tower Gardens and/or Planet Snoopy.
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    I came across this article today posted on another site. I’m not sharing this as a promotion of another site, but as a promotion of the message it conveys. I recommend everyone on here should read it. https://www.coaster-net.com/blogs/have-enthusiast-taken-the-fun-out-of-roller-coasters Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And now, KIC will explode from online traffic.
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    Lol you beat me to it. They’re fetching blueprints for me as I type this
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    Someone a few days ago pointed out that Orion is the hunter, and that struck me based on one of Don's tweets... Very interesting thought. Don likely came up with that on his drive to the local home improvement store to pick up some more panels of trolling fence and a few board feet of trolling wood.
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    If Polaris is the name, and I do like it, I'm thinking Blue and white for colors. Edit: Just read the wiki on orion and had a holy crap moment. It says he's a giant huntsman. So he's a giant hunter going into the woods hunting the mythical Beast...
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    ...and it literally brought me to tears. Sincerely, this throw back - and the nods to some of the lost rides of KI's past along the route - are so overwhelmingly heartwarming I cant help but be emotional. This, my friends, is how "The old days" at KI felt. Thank you Kings Island - you're doing incredible stuff.
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    Where the Old is New Again.
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