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  1. I agree the best show I've seen at the park was graveyardshift they shouldn't have ever taken it out even hough Spellbound was pretty good.
  2. When I went to CDBB I was pretty excited about sand volleyball but I didn't see it anywhere. Is is up now that isn't open. Or is it just not gonna happen? Just any info I was just wondering.
  3. Whenever I go to the site where you change you're avater on the top of the page it says Warning: opendir(/home2/pkicentr/public_html/forums/html/avatars): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/forums/sources/Usercp.php on line 1516 Warning: readdir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /var/www/html/forums/sources/Usercp.php on line 1518 Warning: closedir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /var/www/html/forums/sources/Usercp.php on line 1534 I have no idea what that means And whenever I try to change it it says they're is an error and I should contact a member of the staff to help the problem. So I am.
  4. Woah that's just crazy...
  5. Deliruim without a doubt.
  6. I'm gonna be different and say Son of Beast just because I like it more I can't explain why i just do..
  7. Fun... Well anyways I dunno how it happened but for some reason I did get whiplash lol I'm really not making it up.
  8. My mom decided to take me and my friend Maggie to PKI on Saturday. Me and Maggie spent Saturday night watching music videos on Fuse and talking about things and people lol. We got up at about 6. Got ready and such and arrived at the park at about 10:15. We went to Kookaburra Bay so my brother could hang out while my mom just relaxed. We walked around to look at things until 11 then we went to meet Jonah (Fusiondude). And we went to go ride Tasmanian Typhoon. We waited a little bit not a lot though. When we were down by where people exit someone went by who said "My favorite part was when the razors came down and tried to cut our heads off." Me and my friends laughed and then Jonah said "Hey that's eric!(Coasterguy107)" I looked and said naahh..but it was..lola. We rode it I liked it but it jerked my head so now I'm home from school because I got whiplash and I'm having muscel spasms lol so my first ride of the day wasn't the best. Then we rode the 4 blue slides I have no idea what they're called. And then we ate $1 hot dogs!! That's plain crazy.. After that we changed and went to the regular park. We rode Vortex it had a short line and gosh it goes so fast. Then we rode Sponge Bob 3d. They turned it down since Easter on Easter it was really loud but I like it loud. And then Jonah and Maggie started playing the games and became obsessed..so we spent like an hour in that little place and then we went into the huge one I forget where it was. They got, I think, about 43 tickets. Then we went and just sat around for awhile. Finally we went to go ride Son of Beast. There wasn't that big of a line at all maybe a 10 minute wait. Then we had to go home. I had fun even though I spent the next day in the ER for 6 hours. We didn't do much rides but I still had fun. I'm mad at myself because I saw eric but didn't reconize him. lol
  9. I wish I could go but that's my last week of school and I'm already missing Friday because I'm goin to the park with my friends.
  10. I have no idea what a Chipotle is..But burritos are good.
  11. Wow.. I'll be going to BB more then WW because I love water and water rides. And I love to get tan. =D Or at least try..
  12. I got to the park at about 1 with my brother, nephew, and my mom and dad. We went to the Eiffel Tower, went on the carousel, me and my dad went on The Beast while they rode the old fashion cars, me and my nephew went through the water thing at nickelodeon central (I drew a complete blank), The Beastie, and congo falls 3 times. We left at about 5 I guess. It was too crowded for me. And even though it wasn't my kind of day but with my family I still had fun, maybe even more fun then when I split with my family and go ride the big rides. I had a lot of fun since I brought my little 3 year old nephew and I went with him on his first roller coaster ever! And my mom bought the picture of us.
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