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  1. This ain't it, chief. Unless she doctored the screenshots of their chats, who cares what her motive was? It's pretty clear he was preying on a child. Since it's not a crime in OH, what was she supposed to do? This is the same straight-up victim blaming you claim to be against. He was a creep well before she decided to expose him. She didn't make him do any of this. Exposing him almost certainly stopped him from preying on more children. Imagine being just as outraged by Chris Hansen as you would be by the pedos they catch on Dateline, because he set them up, too, right?
  2. Thunder Island was the spot back in the day. I can still hear their tv commercial in my head. I never felt Thunder Island was dangerous, but I guess by today's standards it probably was. Now, if you go back far enough in Indy to Boogie Mountain on the east side (21st and Shadeland), that place was dangerous by any standards. The slides were concrete and you were supposed to use a mat, but every time I went I ended up with nasty scrapes all over. It also attracted a pretty rough crowd, especially toward the end. The last couple times I remember going there were fights, trash floating in t
  3. It really doesn't matter at all to me, but I do think they changed the definition of giga to include Orion. Before Orion, I don't remember anyone debating whether giga meant 300' total height or length of drop. Seems to me it was always understood to mean total height. If CF says it's a giga, it's a giga. But if the term ever had any significant meaning, I'd argue it has less so now, since they've expanded it to include Orion.
  4. Forget about Fauci. The chief of mortality statistics at the CDC said Covid is listed as the underlying cause of death on 92% of death certificates where it's mentioned as a factor. This is the guy who is responsible for the statistic in question, providing additional context. If you believe the CDC, you believe this. https://twitter.com/ddale8/status/1301205399312441344?s=20
  5. They started selling the full year Fast Lane again right after they opened, and single day Fast Lane a couple weeks after. I'm not sure they were ever set on not selling Fast Lane this year. I think they were just waiting to see how crowds would be, and how Fast Lane would work with all the new restrictions. They seem to have determined it would work just fine, in relatively short order. It's a nice source of incremental revenue that costs the park very little.
  6. Bring back the Keelboats. And Skylab.
  7. Sounds like Universal flexed their muscle to help get it killed, too.
  8. Thanks for sharing this. I loved the King Cobra, and would kill to get to ride it again (even mentioned in another thread that I've looked into visiting the park with the clone in Italy). I miss a lot of great rides KI has removed over the years (Skylab, Flight Commander, Keelboats, etc), but the Cobra is at the top of my list. I have so many great memories of waiting in that queue, the thrill of finally stepping onto the train and strapping in, the slow climb up the lift, and then just pure exhilaration. I always returned to the station with a huge smile on my face. I understand o
  9. I miss the King Cobra probably more than any former ride in the park, so much so that I've looked into incorporating a quick trip to this park in Italy into a larger vacation, just to ride the Cobra clone.
  10. Whether there has or hasn't been an outbreak tied to Indiana Beach doesn't seem like the best assessment of their approach. Hopefully there haven't been any outbreaks there or anywhere else. While so much is still unknown about this virus, from what little we do know, at least about effective measures to reduce its spread, any lack of outbreak would seem to be in spite of their approach. You can factor in that it's located in a remote area with very low known virus presence, but they certainly draw visitors from Indy and the region, which have seen significant transmission. They gambled, a
  11. It's a little better than I expected. I figured they'd close by 6 or 7 in October. It won't be the night ride marathon October usually is during Haunt, but considering many comparable parks aren't opening at all in 2020, it would feel silly to complain. Given the circumstances, I think the park deserves a lot of credit for how they've pulled off the 2020 season. I hope to be able to go on one of those two 10pm Saturdays in September, which I'm sure will be plenty busy, and definitely a day in October once the weather cools down a bit.
  12. I'm sure they'd love to sell everyone in your group a daily meal plan, and they're not going to explicitly encourage sharing, which would potentially hurt sales. But for $30, they know people are going to share. Another way to look at it is that they know if they wanted to crack down on sharing, they'd either have to lower the price, or live with lower sales. Considering how much markup there is on food and drinks at a place like KI, they're not in any danger of losing money on meal plans. It's just a matter of whether they think they could make more. They seem to have determined $30 is
  13. I think it becomes gimmicky when you start narrowing it down to specific types of coaster. Tallest, fastest, longest, are legit records if you're talking about all coasters, or all steel or all wooden coasters. But saying something is the tallest dive coaster or the fastest floorless? That's pretty meaningless to me, and I doubt the GP cares much about it, either. I don't disagree that it still makes for good marketing fodder. But I have my doubts that it moves the needle at all in terms of GP interest.
  14. I've never been to the P&G version, but GE does (did?) a similar thing on a different weekend, and I went a few times when I worked for GE in the mid-late 00s. We always went on the Saturday, which I'm sure didn't help, but the park always felt like it was packed. There were no walk-ons, for sure. You'd be lucky to get on The Racer or Adventure Express in under an hour. I specifically remember waiting an hour and a half to ride Face-Off, probably around 2006-2008 timeframe, and thinking I would never go back, although of course we did. I think GE must have been a bit more liberal abou
  15. Most of the GP won't have the same frame of reference as enthusiasts. So while most here may find it relatively rough and uncomfortable, casuals like me, who are more likely to compare it to something like Invertigo, are going to think it glides like a dream. I haven't ridden it this year, but I've never had any complaints about Banshee. Honestly, until it starts to rattle like Invertigo, I suspect this is a complete non-issue for the park or B&M.
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