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  1. Anyone else annoyed that the Sunday Fast Lane pass can't be used until after 9/24?? We've used ours the last two years on Labor Day weekend to combat the dollar day crowd. It's not very appealing to me to renew so early and since we are 3 hours away, may not renew at all.
  2. Fun trip today in the park today, I was disappointed that no souvenir buckets of popcorn will be available and the new system at Red's Hall of Fame grill is a drag.
  3. Are costumes not allowed at the haunt? I had a friend who went Friday night and they were told at the gate to remove their costumes and face paint. I found this odd, my kids have always wore a costume when we go on Saturdays
  4. While waiting in line to get in the park today I overhead this from obviously two people who went to same church. "Well what are you doing here, how come you are not with your family at church?" " I dunno, why aren't you at church?" "Oh, it's dollar days. Jesus understands dollar days"
  5. Firehawk and Flight of Fear both closed right now
  6. My family was at KI this past Saturday and in years past we enjoyed watching the Undertaker interact with guests at the front before we leave because my kids are too young for any of the Haunt attractions. My question is where was the Undertaker at? We could hear him over the speakers but never saw him. I asked a couple of workers and they just shrugged their shoulders.
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