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  1. Another piece is being off loaded off the semi for install.
  2. Another support up and 2 more pieces of track going in right now.
  3. Cant wait to see what it looks like in person this weekend.
  4. Just got the text and can't wait. Sounds awesome.
  5. Ya i guess we will see how much is done by the 19th.
  6. Ya i believe that i rode it 5 or 6 times that night. It was great because there were hardly any people.
  7. Ya i will be there tommorrow too. Might see you there.
  8. Still the prices are a little ridiculous. Attendance will certainly be down this year.
  9. WOW i can't wait for the press release.
  10. It would be nice to get our hands on a couple of tickets. HINT HINT
  11. I'm not really sure. I was wondering that myself because i am also a Ace member.
  12. What will you guys ride first? Me it will be The Beast or Firehawk. I can smell the food in the air already.
  13. I forgot all about the eating. Pizza
  14. Well as you all know King's Island will be open in exactly a month. Start counting down boys and girls. This time in a month, we will be riding.
  15. I remember waiting 5 hours the very first day that SOB opened to ride. It was well worth the wait. We got in line at 9am and the ride didn't open until in think 2pm. The line was all the way back to King Cobra and hardly anyone left the line. They all waited.
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