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  1. Ya, i also can never get bored. I went like 35 times last year and to me that wasn't even enough and i live an hour and a half away. The spring and the fall are the best times to go when the lines are short and you can take your time going from ride to ride. This year will be great, new ride or not.

  2. Ya i have also heard The Vortex sinking rumor way to many times. And the guy who said that a deer is gonna hit him on SOB is just retarded. Last year i did see about 4 deer standing right beside the track though while riding. They were standing right near the track right after the final helix. I have been in line for both Beast and SOB and have heard people say that on The Beast people have had there hands chopped off going into the final tunnel run and on SOB that when they had there little accident people had been killed. Some people just have no clue.

  3. Hey i just happen to go by King's Island last night about 6:00 pm. to see the new sign and it looks really good at night lit up. I noticed that the park ws pitch black except The Beast lift hill lights were on. You could see them plain as day from the highway. You could also see the red scrolling signs were on saying that the park was closed. Anyone know why?

  4. Ya the park was super packed last night. Very nice out though. Rode SOB and Firehawk and then it was 10:00 pm. We didn't get there until 6:30 though. What was up with Dropzone? It was stuck about a 1/4 of the way up when we got there.

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