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  1. Ya i really do miss this ride alot. It was alot of fun riding around in the tree tops.
  2. I rode SOB and Firehawk on Saturday evening and they were both up and running well. They have Firehawk running both stations and from what i can tell the have been running both trains and the lines have been running pretty steady with only about an hour wait. They also put new fans in the Firehawk line since i was there last saturday. Anyone else notice that?
  3. Ya, i don't even wanna think about what would of happened if the guy had the heart attack while the ride was in circuit.
  4. Ya i forgot all about the girl in the line. She was just about 20 people or so in front of us. I think that she just got a little light headed or something. It was kinda hot out also. I really hope the guy is ok. He wasn't looking very good at all. He was very blue while in the station and the emt kinda had a hard time getting the bed into him to put him on. They had to lift the bed up over the yellow train to get in over to him but they still did a hell of a job IMO. Hats of to all.
  5. Sweet, i can't wait to ride it.
  6. Hey i was in line for Firehawk today and right before we loaded up to get on the red train a man collapsed and was takin out of the yellow train that he had just gotten into and was taking to the ground and givin cpr imediately. They did cpr for about 5-7 minutes and after the ambulance came and put him on a stretcher he had a flatline. Was wondering if anyone knew the status of the gentelmen. I give King's Island staff and medics an A+ for the quick work and they were on top of the situation immediately. Great job guys. I just hope he made it.
  7. I hope that it opens really soon. They did say that they wanted it open before the end of June and saturday is so i really hope this is true. When is Dropzone suppose to open?
  8. I really hope that it will be open soon i want to ride it really bad.
  9. I also think that they are way more busy this year compared to last. It has been really warm in the spring and it really hasn't rained on the weekends very much.
  10. Ya it just looks so out of place not having the loop there.
  11. Ya i waited 5 and a half hours the first day it opened and i was in the first group to ride Firehawk and it was definately worth the wait. If you don't like it don't ride it. Makes the line shorter for the people who do like it.
  12. Ya i was fried to a crisp and boy did it hurt to take a shower on sunday morning. OUCH.
  13. I was first inline on Sat were you there on Sat too?
  14. Ya the only thing i didn't like was that you couldn't pick up your shirt until after 6 pm and there was a lot of unhappy people at the group sales booth complaining. We left after we rode it and i wasn't going to wait til 6 so i gave my coupon to some kid and left.
  15. Ya the ride was amazing and well worth the wait to be first to ride it.
  16. Hey guys me and a friend were in the first group to ride Firehawk and man it was an awesome ride. We waited awhile and got sunburnt like hell but it is great ride. We waited from 10-1:30 and finally got on.
  17. So what day exactly is it suppose to open to the public?
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