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  1. Ya the trash cans all have Kings Island logos on them and there is also music playing from the water tower in Action Zone. And the cool zone is gone by The Beast and it's all wide open there.
  2. WOW this is a big loss. I had the opportunity to meet Maureen at Wintersoar and she is a great person and will be missed Tremendously. Good luck with everything, thanks for all you have done for us and take care.
  3. I will be there on Saturday so i hope to see you guys there. Have fun and ride,ride,ride.
  4. I can't wait wwwwwwwwoooooooooooohhhhhhhooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The weather is gonna be great for the opening weekend. 70's thank god.
  6. I am so excited for saturday i just hope the weather is gonna be nice like they are saying.
  7. Me and a friend swiped are temp passes for our gold passes and it only took about 2 minutes tops. Firehawk is very noticable driving up to the park. I can't wait till it opens and definately can't wait for Saturday.
  8. Hey i was wondering if King's Island still is going to do the Ace Beast walkback this year? If so, when and what time do i have to get in line and can i still bring 1 non ace member?
  9. You got it. It can be warm and cloudy and that's better that cold,windy,or snow.
  10. Let's just hope that the weather dramaticly changes for next saturday.
  11. Sweet i will be heading down on sunday to exchange my temp-pass and get my new 07 gold pass. Was there alot of people there today?
  12. Gotta love the rollercoaster weather.
  13. Very true. You could also consider racer as 2 rollercoasters if you want to be technical about it.
  14. Wow those pictures are awesome. Thanks for posting them.
  15. 60's won't be bad at all. 20's or 30's will really suck.
  16. Ya those ribs are darn good i hope they still keep them.
  17. I have still not ate at bubba gump's yet for some reason.
  18. Ya it was kinda strange waking up to snow on the ground this morning.
  19. Just think guys, in 2 very short weeks we will be at the park ridng rides again and i can't wait to get on The Beast. I just hope it is a little warmer.
  20. I can't wait for the opening weekend i will be there both sat and sun.
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