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  1. Hey i know opening day is April 21 but i was wondering if there are going to be any season passholder days?
  2. Ya some people do get really mad and i never did understand the smoking area by the italian job since so many people walk through there.
  3. Ya i have also been to the park many times last season and seen people all over the place just walking around and smoking even in nick central. Some people just don't care.
  4. I have aslo thought about doing a driveby but i will be by there next saturday because we are staying at the Great Wolf Lodge and i can't wait.
  5. Ya it wasn't in the movie theater very long.
  6. Hey i found this on youtube and that is was very funny. The noises the guy makes while riding the grizzly are hilarious. Grizzly
  7. That is really cool stuff. That would be cool to see the Eiffel Tower being built. Are there pics of it anywhere?
  8. The name is going to be Firehawk. wow
  9. Hey does anyone think that they will have a construction tour for X-flight?
  10. I will be there also. I live 1 hour 30 minutes away and i can't wait.
  11. WOW thanks man. That ride looks awesome i can't wait to ride it.
  12. I remember that slide as a little kid me and my younger brother loved that thing. King Cobra Kenton Keelboats Smurfs Sob Loop Phantom Theatre OH- Jacob's Ladder long live John
  13. Hey, does anyone know if there are any videos online of X-Flight? I am curious how the ride is laid out.
  14. Feb. 5 is when they are going to announce X-Flight correct?
  15. They really need mountain dew or dr. pepper.
  16. Ya i also got the temporary pass card last year and had my pic taken.
  17. a tunnel would be awesomw in that spot. A double tunnel at the drop and where the loop used to be.
  18. Ya East of Chicago is pretty good. Pizza Hut and Dominos get old after awhile.
  19. Hey Combat, i live just south of van wert in celina and we have aa East of Chicago here and it is very good.
  20. Ya very true before they painted it in 02 it looked horrible. The trains do look kinda rundown though.
  21. Other than The Beastie The Vortex was the very first rollercoaster that i ever rode.
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