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  1. I can't wait for the tour it is going to be so awesome. Great pics.
  2. I know, withdrawal really sux but at least Jan,Feb,and March do go pretty quick though. Spring hurry up and get here. At least with the construction tour on the 14th we will get to walk on the property at least.
  3. If IJST isn't done it really doesn't matter what i ride as long as they are open.
  4. So is pki going to be open at the end of march this year or first weekend in april?
  5. Ya it really does seem like it is going to be kinda lame being it is outdoors.
  6. i still think The Beast is still the best wooden rollercoaster out there. Best ride to gone on at night when it is pitch black and it is foggy and misty out, great time.
  7. You can train me on how to run them hell ya. At least i will get to go to PKI for the construction tour. I can't wait. At least all of the snow is gone.
  8. I thought fearfest was good but the dracula movie was a joke. I went to Six Flags Great America up near Chicago the last day they were open and i thought that their Halloween themeing was a lot better. The only bad thing was you had to pay to get in there haunted houses and it was like 7 or 8 dollars a piece and the people coming out of them said that they were really bad and that it wasn't worth it. We got there at 8pm and they closed at 11pm and they still charged me $34.00 to get in and i thougth maybe with my ACE membership i will get a discount, they had no clue what it even was. We rode 2 whole rides, Raging Bull which was cool and V2 which wasn't to bad. Not all the rollercoasters were even open. I really was looking forward to riding Superman Ultimate Flight and of course it wasn't even open, my luck.
  9. Hey is it just me but does it not feel like King's Island should be open now because of how warm it is outside. I am having PKI withdrawal bad now.
  10. Me and my brother will also be there. I think it will be pretty cool to be there for the construction tour. So i will see some of you there.
  11. Very interesting but i did not see that. I will have to get a new park map.
  12. I waited almost a half hour last night and man was it the dumbest movie i had ever seen. It could have been good if they did it right. Why do they put such cheesy movies in there for fearfest?
  13. I don't understand why people think SOB is soooo rough. I was there on saturday night and had the last ride of the night on SOB and it was the smoothest ride i have ever had on SOB.Beast on the other hand beat the living hell out of me about 2 weeks ago. I love the ride but **** i was hurting afterwards. I thought my ribs were in my throat. Later.
  14. Praise the lord Son of Beast all the way. death to dragster
  15. that's funny nothing more fun than getting hit with shards of metal and burning oil. maybe those were new effects they added to the ride.
  16. i drive and hour and 45 minutes and it's worth it. i live in celina,ohio.
  17. I feel you man. the same exact thing happened to me last year. the ride was fine until the last part when it hangs you upside down and then it swung back and forth for a long time. i don't even waste my time riding tomb raider anymore. to me it was a waste of money. wayyyyyy too many problems.
  18. Has anyone in here been on The Beast and had the fireworks going off at the same time? Me and a friend went last night and got to the park at 10:30 pm and we were surprised that the park was rather empty. i talked to a guy at the front gate and he said that it had been raining all day so they were pretty slow all day which was nice because it wasn't raining when we arrived. so anyway we go to The Beast which we waited 10 minutes tops and rode in the middle. i think we were the second to last train of the night. well we were off and about the time we started going up the second hill the fireworks started going off and man was that cool plus it was a little foggy. overall great ride and heck of a great experience. was anyone else on here there too? i would really like to meet some of you guys on here at pki. i live an hour and a half north but i love to go all the time. so later guys and girls.
  19. SOB is not a pile of junk. It is my favorite ride at the park i love it. I always ride in the very front and i never get beat up or anything. it is very smooth. And dude if you dont like SOB don't ride it and shut the hell up. PKI is a great park and has great rides and i really enjoy going 20-25 times a year and i live close to 2 hours away. If you don't like it don't go and go to that other crappy park up north.Had to get that off my chest.
  20. I really do hope that it does come back. I never did get to go when they did have it.
  21. I'll be there on the 4th and the 10th riding like a mad man.
  22. Pass holders day is April the 4th from 10am to 8pm which is a sunday
  23. U have not a clue
  24. Hey guys i was just wondering when there are going to be season pass gold preview nights. I called and the lady told me april 4 from 10am till 8pm does anyone know for sure because i also heard april 2 and 3. thanks
  25. I meet almost all of those requirments. good stuff
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