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  1. Some stuff may have to come down quick if it’s being transferred to the next park. Not sure how much is “corporate” and how much is sourced locally. A lot of the graphics said “Kings Island” and KD on them so they did do a lot localized to each park. Also wonder (and hope) a lot of the international flags are now part of the ISTREET decor package going forward.
  2. Yeah, wish it got a bit darker earlier here. So much effort and detail that didn’t really get noticed in coney. Even if it stepped off at 8:30 it would make a big difference. The lighting was very impressive in the way it actually worked with the music. I was also very impressed they synced the float track with the area PA so even when there wasn’t a float right in front of you, there wasn’t much of a drop in the music. Dollywood really needs to do that with their Christmas light parade. There are a lot of “silent” moments while you wait for units to catch up. CF really put thought into toys event (and $$$$$)
  3. Oh well. Still awesome seeing this level of theming and detail again. You and I’ve gone to the mat on my holding the park to a pretty high standard. They’ve shown with winter fest and now this that they can do it. SEE, I DO actually like the park and CAN be made happy. Heck, I don’t even have passes and paid to go last night! Are there details that I think should be addressed (like tons of burnt out lights on the buildings) sure, but overall I’m more impressed with the direction of the park than ever before. That’s why I keep “pushing”. If people say “eh, it’s good enough” then that’s where they will stop. They’ve proven they can do more. Landscaping looked better than I can remember, entertainment was solid, and the experience felt “not like KI” in a good way. Now, about those pedestals....LOL.
  4. Definitely winter fest. Would love to see that. There’s a certain energy that comes from these “moving spectacles”. I think if you had some floats it might better “explain” some of the characters-like Christmas Carol ghosts. They already have a couple if units with the trolley and the elf car. Maybe if it happened right at opening or after the tree lighting. The characters could “parade in” then escort their floats to respective areas and park there like an additional set piece for the themed area. Also surprised they didn’t tie in peanuts to carnivale. Like “explore the world with flying ace snoopy.” Maybe better that they didn’t- kept it IP free, but it seems like it would tie the whole park together thematically. Maybe a way to extend carnivale into PS next year.
  5. That’s what everyone said, but there were only two out by the bandstand. Is that typical? Great first year, hope it returns and grows like winter fest, but really? You make cannolis one at a time? When that’s the main thing people are ordering. Other than food service I think the event was great. One thing I noticed (unfortunately) we’ve gone so long without this type of entertainment all around the park that people seem conditioned to run from ride to ride. I saw too few people stopping to take in the mini shows.
  6. Seems like a lot of the footage from KD it’s darker during the parade and you really see the lights more. Anyone know what time they do their parade? Also interesting KI added the disclaimer to the website “due to inclement weather parade may be cancelled” KD doesn’t have that. Seems like KI has been cursed with a bad weather run just as this started. Going tomorrow eve. Looks to be ok (hope!)
  7. Wow. I’m so impressed with the scope of this. I’m hoping to go this week. Washout weather didn’t seem like fun this past week! Gone the last week of it so hope it’s nicer weather. I’m impressed that it’s thus big for just a three week run (though I guess BECAUSE it’s so big much longer wouldn’t be worth the cost to run it) feeling like with events like this, the focus on “non marketable” improvements like the clock (no one other than locals and nostalgia buffs would make a special trip just to see it) the details that are going into aesthetics that a corner has been turned and CF is realizing there is a whole range of customers that visit their parks and “taller, higher, faster” is important to only a segment of their customer base. The complete experience is critical to focus on and a balanced approach to capitol expenses is important.
  8. How many show stops from start in coney to end on I?
  9. Cool. I figured as much since most of the vids I’ve seen were from the rainy weekend (no costumes) or the dress rehearsal which seemed to cut off before the end.
  10. Does the KI parade have 9 floats? Anything I’ve seen matches Kings Dominion version (interesting that the German and Chinese floats are different) but KI I’ve only seen one final “Mardi Gras” float where KD has 3 (and interestingly these were some of the floats seen stored at Timberwolf a while back.) Maybe they stopped here for final “customization” before going on to KD, or there are 2 units I’ve not seen in any of the clips of the parade I’ve seen. Totally impressed by the scope and scale of this though(especially for such a short run)
  11. Those light trusses look so much better dressed with the banners. Looks like a picture I posted a while ago and got slammed for saying I was asking for Disney level theming. Great job by the park adding color and excitement to the area and downplaying the industrial look of those. Would love to see something like that stay after this event to add to the already wonderful area that international street has become.
  12. They will use the Hell out of those internally lit sign holder things won’t they??!? Haunt...Winterfest...Carnivale. They look a little like giant lit trash cans! Seriously though, it’s looking like this is going to be taking it to the next level.
  13. I love the attention to detail they are putting into adds this season. Cool to see them raising the bar.
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