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  1. Quantity does not make quality.
  2. Great detail, but please relamp the edge lighting. LEDs should last longer than they seem to be. I’m also a bit surprised that the light cords weren’t “cleaned up” a bit more with cord covers and generally disguised a bit more since I assume they were removed to paint over the off season? Also a bit more decorative waste cans would’ve looked great. Like go back to the original designs just on I street.
  3. Even more “vegetation” and some simple movement fake animals. Don’t even try to “escapee to a different time” since Soak City stop ruins that immersion anyway. But some thicker landscaping that hides all the backstage areas would help a lot.
  4. I don’t understand why the dont over plant and let things grow in a little wilder along the train path. It would minimize mowing and add to the atmosphere. Overall the train is great. It just needs some love.
  5. They took out two this year, but I think that was honestly a way to get a start in the renovation, not desk people out, and only take out the two “not needed” for wintetefest. They never even hinted during winterfest that they were reinstalling them. People only assumed as such. It’s intetesting that KI is the only winterfest park that had the challenge of those. I actually liked them at winter fest as it gave height and depth to the rink and kind of kept people from getting crazy. instead of just being a hockey rink.
  6. I don’t see the old logo returning except maybe in apparel items. Clearly CF has corporate branding standards that seem to apply to all of their parks (but knotts- who seems to have their own style logo) so I don’t thing they would use the old in a permanent way. I’d live to be wrong as I really don’t think the current logo says anything about the history of the park.
  7. Anyone else notice the info about international restaurant reopening for “special dining events” through the season. Could we be testing the possibility of a full reopen down the road?
  8. That looks so cool the way it looks like an actual street with a giant fountain in the middle. I wish the pavers could’ve been arranged in a way to give more of them that impression in a nod to the original design concept.
  9. I was wondering the same thing about the winter comment. I thought it was one of the mildest. Hell in Feb we had 60s with people wearing shorts. Maybe I missed a “winter weather event” lol.
  10. That’s been my point all along. This “give them time” and “it’s not fair to judge it till it's complete” line doesn’t hold show fountain water. If they want to call April/May “preview days” and communicate that there are still projects being finished, and minimal show offerings, then that’s great. Let people in for a tease at a reduced rate or at least do what Disney does and call it “soft opening” but they don’t. They call it OPENING DAY. Its on. I could care less about pedestals or no pedestals. I just think the overall project could have brought even more to the table. It still might. But as of now the park is open for regular operations. This is the project as they have presented to the public and I will judge it based on what I see presented. I’m certainly one to say “hey, now that they’ve added... its way better than I thought it looked way back in April.”
  11. I’m not necessarily a “devoted fan”, just a person in a creative profession that is allowed to voice my professional opinion on a discussion forum. I’m glad opening day went well, sounds like that, as a devoted fan you had a great time. I’m also glad it’s a work in progress, but when you put a product out there in a public way, the public is allowed to provide feedback. As I have stated, once Saturday hit the park was not in “preview” status, but was in regular operating status. Things can certainly be tweaked, added and improved, but once the show opens, the critics can write their reviews.
  12. Totally tri county! Lol. I don’t think it’s that bad, and I think if all the other “hinted at” elements were there it wouldn’t feel so unimpressive. I get operationally that this will also make the rink bigger at winter fest, and make that conversion easier (like did anyone REALLY think they removed two pedestals with cranes for winterfest and were EVER bringing them back to do that every year?) But, I also think that it’s a fail to not have at least the intended day “show” operation working when you know you’re making a big change, to a devoted fan base, you’ve hyped it up, and what you put on show is underwhelming. It’s early in the season-got it- but if this isn’t the “final product” I wish they hadn’t put it out there until it was really ready.
  13. I think it’s more a case of people see there was so much potential in a “major renovation” that wasn’t met. There were design choices that seemed like lateral moves or down grades. For me it has nothing to do with “wanting the old back” but more seeing where it could’ve been better.
  14. Agree. The colors are more vibrant and add life even in these gray early days. Can’t wait to see it under bright sun. That last shot illustrates what I find odd about the overall layout of the street. Theres a “sidewalk” of brown with (hate to say it, dull, institutional looking) tables, then a very narrow dark gray “street” with more tables and trees, then a really wide tan cobblestone look “sidewalk” it’s a lot of elements that don’t act together to simulate a real street. I wish they had pushed into the grass a little with the area by the fountain to add all the tables on a “sidewalk” then a “curb” of color to delineate a wider “street”, the a narrower “sidewalk” on the other side of the street close to the buildings with the trees there, and light poles to balance the height of the light rigs by the fountains. The area under the extended surface close to the fountain could’ve had “storage” underneath for chilling equip for winterfest and propane for haunt etc. by reducing the grass, they could have also created a narrower planting bed to fill with color through the season.
  15. Would be cool if they reused one on the old fountain pedestals (repainted and way dialed back) for a fountain there as a nod to the past in a few ways.
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