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  1. And as far as I know continuing.
  2. Actually sometimes it was a male soldier as well. The premise was written (and the set pieces designed) so it could be either as the soldier.
  3. Agree. It’s a lazy way to theme something. I thought the White Christmas Express was a great idea during WF2005. It could’ve used a bit more ummmpf but would love to see them build on that idea. The 12 days things could maybe be a big walkthrough along “winter fest way” and move the stained glass stuff to a different location.
  4. I agree the set lists need to be updated. With the huge number of pass holders making multiple repeat visits they definitely need to refresh shows ever 2-3 years. Even if they just rotated a few in rep every few seasons. Traditions are nice, but you don’t want to get too stale.
  5. As of yet not listed. I cant imagine it wouldn’t be.
  6. And so far no real new additions listed. Hoping more gets added to the roster as we get closer.
  7. Odd detail that (of course) I caught. Check out that awesome trash can with the lattice sides. I love when parks care enough to theme something as “mundane” as trash cans. Remember the “house” ones on I Street?
  8. That seems like a major fail in the planning department. I can’t believe a major entertainment venue wouldn’t have a real time backup of all of the data for a signature entertainment offering so that there would simply be a “reinstall” of the show instead of “programming from memory”.
  9. Oh no. You can’t go around making intelligent suggestions like that. It’s tine to those pitchforks back out! I still don’t understand why a shopping center with free fountains can make this work better than a major regional theme park.
  10. There’s no reason there couldn’t be 6-8 pre-timed shows (like on the hour) that “take over” the general play list. Look at what they do with the island in pigeon forge. It’s set up just that way. And I agree. Companies can only do the work they are given the budget for. And really? They can develop a full playlist for a day of operation? You make it sound like it’s Gary’s iPad plugged into the stereo just shuffling through a few songs.
  11. I think they see both of those as more “cross generational” money makers that don’t have some of the “operational issues” of haunt (you don’t see “no re entry” at winter fest to cut down on excessive “consumption” in the parking lot).
  12. Totally agree. It’s not BAD. it just seems to me it was overall a lateral move. I just wish if they are only doing patterns, they would slow it down during the day and let it just be s fountain, not a “spectacle” open to close. By doing that, it’s not special. Heck, just running the center jets with the arching jets (if they could reposition them to all arch the same like originally) would be nice through the day.
  13. Food “management” was way off last night. At CONEY BBQ at 8:15 they were out of rotisserie chicken and telling people “5 min”, no big deal, but it IS a big deal when half the place is waiting for that and the line keeps growing with people who don’t want that, but no one is telling them to go ahead, or CRAZY IDEA telling the chicken people to queue in the never used second line, then they can get all the other people taken care of, and see how many chicken people the have waiting. Then when chicken is done in 5....10...15...wait, how long? You can have those people all go through in the order they were in. Did I mention 20 min later and no chicken, no management, no info? So I took charge, announcing “anyone who’s waiting on chicken raise your hand, now everyone else, go past us and pick your other entree. All chicken people, the chicken will be ready in 5 min 20 min ago” all the non chicken people thanked me. All the chicken people thanked me. And “ magically” a manager appeared and told me “we can’t get the chicken to cook right. I want it at 170 and we hope we can get there by 9, but I can’t promise when it will be done” and turns around and leaves. Still never announces anything. So once again, my PA kicks in and I let everyone know the chicken “may” by done by 9. Which clears most of the place out. But cmon? Really? His hard is it to run a place? Oh and how hard is it to check your milk expiration date BEFORE a person orders milk with their cookie at Sweet Spot? They had an entire cooler full of expired milk. Oh and at a “pretzel only” place why do you run out of pretzels and tell people its a 20 min wait while you have a trash can FULL of expired pretzels. They clearly have no idea how to anticipate demand and start prepping the next batch before the current one expires. They are leaving money on the table with poor operations. Oh oh and I shared my concerns with a nice guest services person who used an official PostIt note to document my concerns, so I’m sure THAT is going to be shared LOL.
  14. Going to add this here since there’s no winter fest, but I think it’s going to raise the bar again this year. They are adding tons of lights in the shrubs and lower level trees. Now, I’m not sure why they are putting them in a big coleus that will be dead and removed by winter fest though.
  15. Sorry, I don’t see subtle and quiet. I do agree it’s less “grand” but it seem chaotic with water shifting up and down non stop. I think they need to “dial down” the non stop patterns and just run a few arrangements that look good and hold for 15 min or so, then shift to another arrangement (like before) then maybe do 2-3 choreographed shows during the day (not even announced, they just happen) and one big show at night with crazy patterns and lights etc. by the time 10 rolls around, they’ve shown off all of their “tricks”
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