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  1. I’m loving the nostalgia that is pushing a lot of their decision making these days. It’s slmist like there’s a slow return to some “glory days” ahead of us for a 50th celebration.
  2. brent

    X-base or not?

    I hate them. Operationally, aesthetically and taste wise.
  3. brent

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    Wish CFA would move to LaRosas in rivertown with a refreshed look. Fried chicken would fit Rivertown better than pizza theme-wise. Also wish they would move to all franchise food locations being named something else “presented by...” like “Front Porch Chicken-presented by ChickFil A” and don’t recreate the look of a chick fil a, larosas, skyline whatever. Serve the food in a unique looking location that ties into the park. All in all wish they thought more about using the type of food served to strengthen the “theme” of the area.
  4. brent

    Expanding Action Zone

    Which is Cedar Points entrance- not KI. Why wouldn’t you want both Ohio parks to feel unique and different?
  5. brent

    Oktoberfest through the years

    I agree as to it’s ability to make money anyplace. It just seems like making “Action Zone” more about extreme experiences would make sense and it could live there, or as others have stated, Xbase and flesh that area out more as a mini land with space and flight themed rides.
  6. brent

    Oktoberfest through the years

    Because it makes no sense where it is.
  7. brent

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    I felt like it was a missed opportunity years ago to remove Sling Shot and make the entrance to Banshee there ( even it there were two entrances - one from Oktoberfest and one from AZ that “merged” into a relocate queue.) then retheme Adventure Express to relate to Banshee. Like a ride through the crypts (bad memories) and catacombs of a European cemetery while the spirit (Banshee) soars overhead. They could have shared theming elements. Then that would give a major focal to Oktoberfest. Would also maybe give the ghosts from Christmas Carol a place to hang during winterfest instead of roaming randomly with no explanation. My 4 year old was very concerned this year that the “bad man is creeping on the princess”!
  8. brent

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    All Upligting in the park has switched over to “disco” mode. They went all out on the NYE party vibe. I loved watching all the characters dancing and interacting with the crowd at the bandstand countdown. Definitely a fun night. Hope the low numbers don’t make them question doing NYE next year.
  9. brent

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Really. Where is everyone? Crappy night up till now but at 8:30 it’s BEAUTIFUL, warm and EMPTY! The “dance club” looks totally deserted! Hopefully it picks up like the wind has! My kids are “ skating” which looks more like water skiing!
  10. brent

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    You can come and go from the ice to the “shoe station” but you cannot leave the ice and return during the 90 min session(just to clarify a bit) This keeps people from “swapping out” skates during the time slot. Also purchasing on line doesn’t really save money, but it does save time not having to go get tickets when you get there.
  11. brent

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Love all the photo ops in the park, but they really need to rethink the lighting. One big floodlight directly across from it is horrible for shadows. I have lots of “creepers” in almost of my pics!
  12. brent

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Technically it rebooted at great adventure in 2016, but you have to wonder if that was more of a “guaranteed better weather” test of some of the concepts that were really designed for the parks that started it in 17. And I really think the response to this event, and the feel of the park and the level of immersive entertainment will begin to shape the regular season more and more as we go. I think we are already seeing this with the proposed international festival this summer.
  13. brent

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yes. I think the open every day was hindered a bit this year by the fact that a lot of schools were still in through weds. Done even Friday. I think last year more schools were out the whole week before. I think it might actually be better to NOT do every day until the week between Christmas and New Years and instead put those payroll hours into longer days every Saturday. I think you could get more people in and higher guest spending with a longer day than a quiet, poorly attended Tuesday night.
  14. brent

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Spoke with a few employees last night who said last night seemed the busiest of the run. Saw a lot of people with vouchers and buying all season drink cups so maybe a lot of “Christmas gifts” coupled with predicted rain tonight and tomorrow pushed crowds up. Little concerned that those same people all said the week last week including the weekend had been pretty dead. Hope last night made up for that. Wonder if we’ll see any more closures due to rain since tonight looks to be a washout like last Thursday.