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  1. Park is quiet. Eerily quiet. Minimal waits. Rain looks promising. Maybe. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. I'd love to see something like that down here. I don't think KI has the target market for it perhaps, but they need something. I don't look at the fireworks at the end of the night. I'm either waiting in line, riding, or already leaving. With some Live E at Cedar Point, I've been staying way past park closing to enjoy the atmosphere. Music reviews need to go away, bring something new. That's my main gripe
  3. Considering the content is the same I would expect the same. Food at KI at events wasn't stellar last year. I actually enjoyed eating at Reds or the typical amusement park food more than catered meals. That shouldn't have been the case.
  4. I wash my car regularly during the summer, full details. I like the break in the winter of washing it once a month or so depending on salt/road grime.
  5. Increase food quality and employee quality. This area seems so lackluster Better more appropriate live e. The singing has been terrible for years. The choreography is good. Musical numbers every year is getting predictably boring and unenthusiastic. Bring back an atmosphere to I street other than a place for food and shopping at the start & end to the day. Paint things, seriously. It's almost borderline neglect. I believe and know Cedar Fair knows what they're doing, but they do make me scratch my head here. Change the fireworks show. It's getting old Better night atm
  6. ERT is nice as usual and expected, but I agree with nothing new being slightly disappointing. I guess not everyone has ever been back through The Beast & whatnot, and that's a signature move for Kings Island to show off the largest wooden coaster ever and get some behind the scenes. However, it's old, it's been done ALOT. I got to take a few tours last year, it was pretty good, but I would't pay to do it again or make it a staple to go do. There's so much more at Kings Island I'd love to see, but surprised I've never seen them show it off. The day a tour down at the bottom end of Bansh
  7. All totally acceptable things too. Carowinds has every right to shine, and I think could even surpass the giants in the chain already. It can be a destination park. Fury drew others including myself there just for a new coaster. I'm sure that trend will continue for that park going into the future.
  8. Cedar Point: Rides Record breaking, timeless, world class rides Atmosphere Perfect hotel/ammenities Beach Food Live Entertainment Kings Island Racer Banshee Beast I Street nostalgia Eiffel Tower Closer park for me I will gladly take the four hour drive to have a weekend at Cedar Point anyday. I always have a perfect weekend if the Point is involved
  9. I've had some bad waits for food before, and some pathetic things like a bartender not having a bottle opener for a beer. However, it's cheap, easy, and filling. Plus it's consistency is at least a bit better than other places (Chicken Shack or Hanks for example)
  10. Carowinds ia a fantastic park. It's becoming the Cedar Point park of the south. They're dropping a ton of money in the park there, and it's showing. Record numbers, new record breaking rides, and general park improvements all in a few short years. Big things will happen down there.
  11. New coaster, great refurb wooden coaster, one of the best small coasters within the area. It's a good day trip, I'd recommend it. Just be advised the park is still new....and according to last year, you may be in the park before it's actual opening day
  12. I ride rides to ride ride. Not to stare at a TV screen showing a CG world when I can view the world at 2XX feet in the air.
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