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  1. 2 minutes ago, RandyV said:

    Great video!  What day did you shoot this?

    Thanks! It's a compilation of footage I shot all through 2019. The first long shot of the ride with the blue sky and small clouds was from Coasterstock weekend in May, and the rest were all from various Haunt weekends, all leading up to the last day of operation. The very last video shot was New Years Eve during Winterfest.

  2. Team 4 across for sure. Cars are shorter and can articulate tighter curves, and the shorter train length can help the ride feel that much more zippy.

    I really hope I'm not working on the night of the announcement! I've gotten to attend both Banshee's and Mystic's announcements. Would hate to miss being right in the middle of the crowd and watching the reaction!

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  3. It's because the B&M gigas have at least 5 blocks, two of which are stacked together via their super long brake runs at the end. Our giga will be the same.

    1. Station

    2. Lift Hill

    3. 1st portion of brake run

    4. 2nd portion of brake run

    5. Transfer track

    Also I believe Banshee's brake run is capable of holding all three of its trains, meaning it has 5 blocks too.

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  4. 4 hours ago, collin.klopfstein said:

    Just wondering, where are the roller coaster cars for b&m made? 

    I believe they are made at their headquarters in Switzerland and shipped over. Don't quote me on that, though.

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  5. Y'all I rode Fury 325 three times tonight. I know this ride will be around 1,000 feet shorter length-wise, but still it made me PUMPED to have a coaster like that coming to Kings Island. It was in the low 90s today and Fury was FLYING. Just imagine riding our giga at this point in the season after a blazing hot day with the sun going down. I have a feeling that our giga will feel even faster since it'll be so close to trees/The Racer. Also, fingers crossed that this giga's airtime moments will be just as strong as Fury. =D

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  6. OK, I'm back with fun screenshots!!!

    Like I said before, I'm far from the first person here to show off some NL2 concepts, BUT I figured it would be cool to put the coaster approximately where it's gonna go alongside some of my other KI coasters I've built to try and show a decent sense of scale of just how big this ride will be. All of these screens were grabbed at walking height at various vantage points along Coney Mall as well as behind the scenes. I think this coaster will be incredibly fun after visualizing it a bit better. I didn't overlay the blueprint into the map, so the exact footprint may be off in a few places, but I think I got it pretty freaking close. Enjoy!

    Also for those curious, my coaster is 5,333 feet long.

    EDIT: Got all my screenshots in!


    Aproaching X-Base from Coney Mall.


    This thing will absolutely dwarf Racer. And yes I did paint it it’s original colors. ;)


    Your view waiting for the front seat perhaps? :)


    The Eiffel Tower view. Not the clearest screenshot, but it certainly shows how this will look with the rest of the park!

    giga 1.JPG

    This view would be from behind the maintenance barn.

    giga 2.JPG

    Definitely most looking forward to this first drop!

    giga 3.JPG

    Banking at the top of the turnaround is about 110 degrees.

    giga 4.JPG

    This helix should be really pretty!

    giga 5.JPG

    Just picture an entrance sign right in front of you. =)

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  7. Not to add yet another NL2 rendition into the mix lol, but after building the track layout myself, I honestly see this as potentially being one of the more forceful gigas (for B&M standards anyways). I've got the train hitting the brake run at around 40 mph, and each of the hills are pulling as much as -0.3 Gs. Plus, short as it may be, it seems to have a better flow than Leviathan in my opinion. Also it'll look absolutely gigantic in its location. Track layout is finished. I'll post some screenshots when I finish the supports.

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  8. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed, BUT since the layout turned out to be real, what we do have looks like it’ll be very good, great even. I’ve been surprised before. Looking forward to the official announcement!

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  9. As someone who’s not well versed in construction, I’m just wondering why a maintenance building would need individual footers on a flat plot of land instead of a large concrete pad. Perhaps the pad is coming later, but I saw them pouring footers there. :huh:

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  10. Sure!

    The cylindrical molds for the footers have been placed in the ground around part of the gravel plot. Concrete is being poured as we speak. This is really interesting because if this is where the transfer shed is going or something similar, the supposed leaked plans for the full layout aren’t accurate since they show it on the other side of Flight of Fear. Things are getting interesting.


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  11. Rebar for some of the footers are on site. Just got off Adventure Express and saw them by the rectangle gravel plot by Blue Racer. I’ll post a pic here in a minute.

    EDIT: Here you go. Not the best pic (digital zoom), but you can see them sitting in the grass on the left there.

    DOUBLE EDIT: a concrete mixer truck just showed up.


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  12. Holy crap.

    I just spent the last 30 minutes catching up in this thread LOL. My brain feels like it’s been on a giga coaster.

    Still on team giga, especially after seeing that support pattern.

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  13. So, if this supposed new coaster’s lift hill happens to head past Flight of Fear toward Son of Beast’s old plot, it would be headed north.

    Polaris is the North Star.

    Just a thought.

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