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  1. So, all I ask if we get a giga, is for a record setting first drop that gets us a top speed of 100 mph. Would be the first lift hill based roller coaster to pull off that feat. If I were to guess, 350 feet?
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, THE PAW PRINTS ARE BACK!!!
  3. I first rode The Beast with my dad in the summer of 2000 just before I turned 9. I even still have the on-ride photo. =) Even with Racer already underneath my belt, I was so nervous since that first lift was so high (at the time) and I practically had no idea what was out there. What always makes me laugh is seeing my apprehensive self cover my ears in anticipation for the tunnel (I had really sensitive hearing at the time and loud tunnels scared the crap out of me). The drop into the double helix was especially terrifying, but by the time we hit the final brakes, I was in love. My family had been visiting Kings Island every summer at least since maybe '97. For a long time I was really just a kid who was obsessed with theme parks and roller coasters in typical child like fashion, but The Beast was probably the coaster that turned me into a true enthusiast. From that first ride, it went from an obsession to a lifestyle. If I were to guess, I probably have more rides on The Beast than any other coaster at Kings Island. It's a really, really special milestone coaster for me. Also, I've posted this link once before somewhere on this website, but here's a review I wrote two years ago showing my full thoughts on The Beast and why it's so special.
  4. Cue the chicken dance!!! Seriously there are so many great improvements this season I'm PUMPED. =D
  5. SCRAPPED. This makes me happy I hated this ride LOL.
  6. Bye, Felicia... Seriously, I was never fond of this except when it was new. I never found it "painful" per say, but the riding position combined with the awkward G's made this a VERY uncomfortable ride for me. Would give me an instant headache, and my most recent rides even made me feel a little nauseous. I rarely ever rode it, and after my last ride on it I said I was done, so I guess that was good timing lol. Also, I was always annoyed that this ride basically blocked any opportunity for expansion around the back side of Racer, so I'm really happy it's leaving. Here's to 2020.
  7. For anyone who did The Racer BTS tour today, did you happen to catch any new info on Racer for 2019? Other than just general upkeep and maintenance?
  8. A lovely addition. I was very sad when I found out Les Taxis were being taken out in 2004, and it's a family attraction the park needed to return. I'm also thrilled that (if the location is where I think it is) park guests will actually be able to SEE and admire Racer without it being blocked by trees and mostly un-used buildings/space. Having that as a backdrop to Antique Autos should be awesome! And it still gives me hope that Racer will still get some love this off-season.
  9. With the Ford key teaser, that pretty much guarantees the return of the Antique Cars, a VERY welcome addition! I will be ecstatic if Racer gets refurbed along with most of Coney Mall!!!
  10. That's the thing. Racer has potential to be a GREAT intermediate thrill coaster if it ran smooth and fast through the whole ride. Probably the most underrated moment of airtime in the entire park is the bunny hill that comes just before the turnaround. If the lap bar hasn't stapled me in by that point, I always fly out of my seat when we hit that hill. Unfortunately the trim on the turnaround basically zaps all the excitement out of the rest of the ride, which feels rough and pretty lethargic. If KI could make this ride totally smooth (through M&V, or GCI, or RMC topper track etc.), remove the trim, repaint it with the red track and blue handrails, add LED chasers through the whole course, and bought a fresh set of 3-bench PTCs with no headrests (see Thunderhawk at Dorney), the ride would honestly become a top 5 coaster in the park for me. I'd love to see all of that happen.
  11. RMC's topper track coasters are indeed pretty smooth, Goliath especially. Also I remember before Georgia Cyclone was removed the topper track installed on the first third of the ride felt GREAT, and the old PTCs tracked pretty well! I think if KI added topper to the ride while still keeping the PTC trains it would be awesome, especially if the park removed the trims on the turnarounds! While they're at it, I at least hope a fresh paint job is in the works. Bring back the red track and blue handrails please!
  12. Got 4 rides today. It's a crazy insane coaster. Sticks out from the other RMCs not with any specific elements, but just in sheer ride time. It just keeps going and going, and by the end of the ride I was just breathless lol. I was done with the ride after those 4 laps as I just found it exhausting, but wow. Best coaster at Cedar Point for sure.
  13. Having a GCI on the beach would be awesome. It would add another "bridge" coaster more accessible for families and also the park could dress it up nicely with some chaser lights to really sell that classic coaster look. I'm not expecting that to happen though. I do love how much the park is updating the beach/boardwalk area. When I last visited a couple of years ago I took a stroll down the boardwalk for the first time at dusk and it was beautiful. Instantly made me jealous of those staying at Breakers haha.
  14. For woodies like The Beast, I usually sit straight up with my back off the seat back, loosely hold on to the bar in front of me, and lean into the curves, and of course avoid wheel seats if possible. I remember The Beast being pretty bad during the later Paramount years. Current management has been doing a pretty good job taking care of it. I've seen new wood almost every year since like 2009. It'd be nice to see brand new 3 bench PTC trains within the next 5-10 years. Anything to get rid of the headrests and stupid shoulder dividers. If I would change anything about Beast's layout at all, I would take out the long brake shed, replace it with a drop to the ground, maybe an airtime hill, and a rise back up to the turn before the tunnel, then increase the banking on the turns to compensate for the faster speed. No idea if that's feasible or not. I've never really minded the brake shed. It would just be nice to have 1 or 2 extra moments of airtime there.
  15. I imagine it would be really impractical for CP to hold a WinterFest considering the weather up there is a bit harsher than Cincinnati because of its location on Lake Erie. They tend to get a lot more snow and below freezing temps. Not exactly the most comfortable situation for guests.
  16. Excited to see that Dinos is finally closing! So many expansion ideas...
  17. To be honest I've walked by the Potato Works stand so many times without even glancing at it, to the point where I don't even remember what it looked like LOL. Excited to see what comes in!
  18. So I've decided I want to apply to be an AV tech in Entertainment for shows next season. I currently work at a liberal arts school as an AV tech there and have a ton of experience setting up and running lights and sound for various events, and the idea of doing this at KI is incredibly enticing to me, so I have a couple of questions. 1. When does KI normally make applications available for the following year (in this case for 2018)? 2. Is there anyone here that has either worked in, is working in, or knows someone who works in entertainment at KI? If so, what's the department/hiring process like? How does it compare to other departments? Also, at 26, I'm wondering how common it is for college graduates to get entry level jobs at KI. I'm sure the average age of employees varies between departments, but I'm still curious.
  19. JCoaster25

    Beast cars

    Worst part of the trains to me are those freaking shoulder dividers. They always manage to nail me in the ribs. I would be in favor of a new set of trains for the ride; probably just a new set of 3-bench PTCs like what Dorney got on Thunderhawk in 2016. Those look pretty slick with their low open front cars. Would be cool to not have headrests on Beast too.
  20. I would *LOVE* for Antique Cars to return to Kings Island. Such a great attraction for the whole family.
  21. Man, every time SOB is brought up on this forum, I realize more and more how lucky I am to have ridden it in all its forms, and how insane I was for riding it my first time as a freaking 10 YEAR OLD. I actually rode it quite a bit back when it had the loop and old Premier trains. Yeah it was rough as hell, but it blew my mind as a pre-teen enthusiast. I was completely naive to how sketchy the ride really was. It really is kinda scary thinking about how SOB was built so poorly, and it's a miracle that it caused no serious injuries or deaths throughout its life.
  22. Just posted a full review on my blog. MYSTIC TIMBERS REVIEW
  23. 1. Mystic Timbers 2. Diamondback 3. Banshee 4. The Beast 5. The Bat 6. Flight of Fear 7. The Racer 8. Adventure Express 9. Backlot Stunt Coaster 10. Firehawk 11. Vortex 12. Invertigo 13. Woodstock Express 14. Great Pumpkin Coaster 15. Flying Ace Aerial Chase
  24. Man what a beautiful flume this was. Nicely settled just below the tree line. I'm still mad I didn't ride this. Loved watching it though. I do think Diamondback and KCKC could've co-existed, however the layout would probably have been pretty different compared to how it is now. I also think that if Paramount decided to keep the flume instead, Cedar Fair would've more than likely just taken it out for DB if the flume was in bad shape like it was supposedly before Tomb Raider came in.
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