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  1. I laughed a little too hard at that one...
  2. meee!!!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I saw that video! It was a really nice NL2 Coaster and I think that It would be a great giga for KI. Though If the World was perfect, IMO I want KI to get a Intamin Double spine giga. (I know that CF is done with Intamin though... Its just what I want to come to KI.) I love the amount of ejector airtime on Intamin rides.
  4. My interview went well and I got the job! I've wanted to work at KI for so long!
  5. It is just fun to speculate about the future of the park is. This thread is purely speculation and it's all in good fun.
  6. I laughed a little too hard at these last few posts...
  7. I have a Interview next Saturday. While I am excited, I am equally as nervous. I have been wanting a job at Kings Island since I was a kid, and I tend to talk fast or sloppily when I am nervous. This interview is literally all I have been thinking about since I got the E-mail.
  8. I just applied for a job at KI like 10 minutes ago. Super nervous
  9. When I rode the one at Cedar Point, it was a pretty chill ride. Consistent G-Force throughout the entire ride and a nice breeze.
  10. I know that we got the flyers, but I really want KI to get something like the scream weaver at Carowinds or the Witch's wheel at Cedar Point
  11. Sorry I didn't mean like, Planet Snoopy flat rides. I should have said calmer thrill rides like shake rattle and roll or monster. But not like Delirium or Drop Tower
  12. In 2014, I was 3 people away from receiving the first rider Banshee t-shirt. I was so angry because i waited like 5 hours in that line. I hope that we get a new coaster before I move so I can have a chance of getting a shirt this time
  13. I saw that article a while ago. IMO I don't think that that has anything to do with it. But Kings Island does need some more family oriented flat rides.
  14. I'm so exited for Coaster stock this year! Last year I went but I went alone. It was super awkward but i loved it. Not too many people in high school are super into roller coasters haha. Hopefully I can make some friends and hopefully not be a loner this year.
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