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  1. 1. Riding Scrappy's Slide with my brother and father 2. The Beast 3. Rivertown 4. The 'tiques 5. Definitely Mystic Timbers
  2. I'm in the "unlikely to use SOB's station or to even be in Action Zone" camp. It's just too crowded and congested already. If Invertigo and Congo Falls were gone, then maybe it would be located on that side of Action Zone but space there seems tight with the parking lot and Timberwolf. My most likely spots are at the end of Coney Mall in the DA/old Flight Commander vicinity, as part of some sort of X-base expansion, or *gulp* as a Vortex replacement (ordered by likeliness).
  3. I've never been able to get a good feel or idea for how the SOB station could be used for another coaster. I just don't see a way to fit track between The Bat and Banshee that works. What are people ideas? diagrams? thoughts? wild conceptual designs? I'm mainly thinking of how to locate the track so a coaster could get in, turn around, and get back out. Would it potentially interact with The Bat or Banshee? Would that even be possible with the particular layouts of those two coasters near the old SOB station?
  4. For the life of me I can't remember what the area was properly called prior to the "action movie" re-theme. But yeah, the monrail safari, King Cobra, Adventure Express, Congo Falls, Cafe Kilamanjaro all fit pretty well together into the jungle theme the area had. EDIT: From the timeline: "The Wild Animal Habitat theme area is renamed Adventure Village." MAybe that area never had an "official" name prior to it being Adventure Village?
  5. I just can't get on board with this idea. It's just so resource-intensive to make/ship/store/dispose of the potential amount of what are single-use items. Not that any amusement park is going to be particularly "sustainable" but I'd like to see parks doing more in that direction, not less.
  6. I wish I could. Looks like tons of fun but I won't be in town until the weekend after.
  7. Glad to hear it's coming back next year! The stars couldn't be made to align this year but hopefully next year will be better.
  8. Are any of the three new slide attractions mentioned likely to be used items brought up from Wildwater Kingdom after its close? I'm pretty sure Point Plummet is going to be new but I'm not familiar enough with the stuff at the old Geauga Lake to know about the other two?
  9. From the materials released so far: I like it! Looking at the 360 view of the shed: applying a little bit of theming like that to the outside of the Slaughterhouse haunt building would be awesome. It wouldn't need to be Haunt-inspired year round but a shabby looking "Kings Mills Meat and Poultry co" building would be so much cooler for Rivertown and The Beast's queue than the current plain metal shop-looking building. Hopefully the theming in the Mystic Timbers concept drawings actually comes through and then maybe starts to creep back into Rivertown.
  10. +timing +timing +timing The Tri-County Mall area used to be booming. In 30-40 years we'll be talking about that big, decrepit fake city in the dumps near the 129:I-75 interchange.
  11. Diamondstack gave it away...... And here I was thinking going from "Uh...'Cowboy Coaster' or whatever lol?" to having strong opinions and knowledge about a set of parks, their specific ride collections, and operations in the span of a couple months meant we were in the presence of a real fast learner...
  12. Ride-themed canned spiels covering necessary safety and loading information would be more than welcome. The spieling at KI is almost uniformly unfunny, unprofessional, and annoying.
  13. If you never actually make a substantive prediction in public...it's pretty hard to end up being called wrong. I mean, through my massive statistical prognostication powers and intensive model-fitting, I already know who is going to win the presidential election and what their exact vote totals are gonna be, but I ain't tellin' until after the election.
  14. Pop culture site "the AV Club" posted an interview with Cedar Point Ride Operation Manager Karrah Folk. It's pretty sanitized and probably nothing most folks here don't already know but many of you might find it interesting.
  15. Looking at the Deerfield Township Zoning map, it appears the property has been re-zoned to Multi-Family Residential: http://deerfieldtwp.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Viewer/index.html?appid=30137b32579641da807392d251c1d23b The latest news articles I can find date back to March of last year also state the zoning change happened but indicate that final plans need to be submitted before development proceeds: http://www.fox19.com/story/28401803/kings-island-resort-and-conference-center-being-torn-down Searching the development's proposed name "The towne at Deerfield" (gag) doesn't yield mu
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