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  1. Ok I'd like to apologize to everyone if I got too excited about this. I do get excited about things easily and I enjoy debating. I'm not a fan of this idea and I guess I got to excited in the moment. It's not fair that I'm getting so upset about something that hasn't even been confirmed. So once again I apologize if I upset anyone. I'm a passionate guy and heavily opinionated about a lot of stuff (and for the record I do enjoy the Disney parks)
  2. You're right. I shouldn't criticize Disney over a rumor. That being said I'm still incredibly upset that WDI would consider doing something like this. It also doesn't change the fact that this would be the single biggest mistake ever made in the history of the Disney Parks company. I'm not the only one who loves this attraction. It is still loved and adored by millions of people. Almost everyone I've talked to think it's the best ride at Disney World. You should read what Disney fans have been posting about this. The fallout they will receive will be unlike anything you've ever seen.
  3. Sadly this is more than a rumor. I know you don't believe these articles but this has substance. It was leaked by a poster on WDWMagic whose information is sadly... usually accurate. Thankfully after reading it it seems that it is more likely to only happen to the tower at Disneyland as part of larger Marvel land. But it is still a possibility in Florida. I copied the link to that thread, it's on the third page as well as some interesting info on Disney Shanghai. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/marvel-coming-to-wdw.911512/ Of course this is nothing official and things can always c
  4. http://www.wdwthemeparks.com/rumors/2015/04/27/guardians-of-the-galaxy-overhaul-coming-to-tower-of-terror http://insightsandsounds.blogspot.com/2016/03/guardians-of-galaxy-take-over-twilight.html You didn't read that incorrectly. A rumored re-theme of one of the most beloved rides ever built. It's sadly not even really a rumor. From my understanding it actually has a decent chance of happening. I'm sorry but I have to rant to make myself feel better. The amount of corporate greed coming from the Walt Disney Company is mind blowing. Removing tons of rides, cutting operational costs
  5. NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH RMC. NEED MORE RMC. EVERYONE NEED RMC. Good move for Busch though. I love me a good GCI woodie and I think it'll be a good fit for Busch. I hope they go to town with the viking theme because they really have the potential for a big winner. Me might plan me another trip to Busch Europe soon...
  6. I went on the Peta twitter feed and it's quite clear that they aren't finished with Seaworld yet. They won't be satisfied until they have freed every animal chain wide. It will be interesting to see how Seaworld will adapt and change over the next couple of years.
  7. Umm I believe the correct name is WDW's Kingdom of the Disco Yeti.
  8. Did I hear him say that their hasn't been a new theme park built in the states since the 1970's? Wasn't he at Disneyland when DCA opened in 2001? Or am I loosing it?
  9. Update thanks to bioreconstruct: https://twitter.com/bioreconstruct/status/710226355212804097 Track work is in the home stretch. Relatively quick considering new track wen't vertical in January.
  10. From my understanding, like Potter, if Nintendo land is really successful we could see more. Nintendo has ALOT of theme park worthy properties. I think Nintendo will be Universal's next really big IP and will also help them become known for more than just "Harry Potter World." And as cool as that would be, I don't see a B&M flyer happening. A highly themed small coaster is a possibility but no big outdoor coasters. I'd imagine Nintendo is supposed to be the next in line of ultra immersive lands like Diagon Alley.
  11. Hmm... I hadn't herd of the different drivers. But I love the idea! Also it looks like I was spot on with riders per car. Edit: I think he's standing at the unload platform... Just a guess though
  12. At that point it really does depend on the crew. For example The Beasts crew last year was really awesome they got close to hitting interval frequently. If you were curious The Beast can only get 28 cycles per hour. Times 36 people per train gives you a max of 1008 riders per hour. So a new RMC with 960 max and a good crew should give you roughly the same capacity as The Beast. And once again I can guarantee you RMC can build a higher capacity ride. Come on guys let RMC into your heart because THEY ARE AWESOME.
  13. The only ride at KI that you can count on actually hitting 1200 riders per hour is Banshee. Diamomdback should be but isn't. Diamomdback and Banshee are the only rides where it's easy to get over 1000. A perfect hour on The Beast would be 1008. But it averages between 800 and 900. So an RMC with 960 and a good crew would be right at home. Source: I'm a former KI ride opp.
  14. The coaster manufacture has nothing to do with capacity (well technically they do but not my point.) Capacity has everything to do with the way the coaster is designed. Just because the recent RMC coasters haven't had the highest capacity doesn't mean that they aren't capable of designing a high capacity ride (and I know that they are.) I can guarantee you if CF would ask for a high capacity coaster RMC would deliver. Also Cedar Fair's capacity really isn't all that impressive. An RMC with 960 riders per hour would be about on par with most everything at KI right now. It'd be more out of pla
  15. Sadly it seems all I do now a days is bash Cedar Fair but I can't help it. Cedar Fair isn't innovative anymore. All they are doing is taking old concepts from the past that work well and are building them taller and faster. In my opinion CF hasn't built anything to write home about since Maverick (maybe Fury but I haven't ridden it yet.) Valravn didn't even make my top 10 most anticipated new rides. This year the only CF park I will be spending time at is KI. And I'll be spending more time at rival parks than ever. I really do hope CF invests in RMC. They are absolutely the best coasters
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