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  1. I cant think of my first memories on The Beast (I use to not like coasters at all in my childhood until 2009). I can say I still love the night rides no matter what
  2. I said it in my recent video of whats new at Carowinds for 2019 but One thing that really surprised me was the amount of theming that the ride has. As soon as you enter the ride's entrance plaza near the first vertical loop, you are greeted with signs telling you to get out, copperheads are on the loose and cool illustrations along the walls. Once you get past the entrance plaza and enter the actual queue, you are greeted with more sign's telling you to get out, you walk in between a couple old rundown shacks, old cars that are themed to the ride and other miscellaneous props. I think one thing that surprised me was the amount of hangtime and airtime you get on this ride. From the top's of the loops, to being tossed up out of your seat over the hills, i was honestly really surprised. If you've watched the POV's that are out on the internet you may be thinking.... ...... it looks slow. I'd say that POV's and off ride footage do not do this ride justice. In person it is crazy fun. You get whipped over a lot of the airtime hills not to intensely like maverick but enough to give you ejector and the hangtime on the inversions.............................oh the hangtime.............. i love it. Not to mention that if your a non rider and you love taking pictures, it is a VERY photogenic coaster.
  3. I've had this guy follow me on Twitter and others have had problems with him. I've talked to him before and he stated that "pro photos and videos for parks for the last 15 years, mainly for KI when it was ran by Paramount (http://cincyphotography.com )" I honestly told him myself (as a former ride Op) that they aren't allowed, i've told someone that was in line at Mystic in the station about to board that he couldn't use them and its really how amazing people cant just enjoy rides and NOT record on them. Referring back to "DaVideo Glasses" I've marked all his stuff as spam and blocked him on everything and i suggest others do the same. that's just my thoughts and opinion though. IMO its people like this that'll make it so one day we cant even wear sunglasses on rides
  4. Kind of hoping that they keep all of the TV's in the restaurant though. and does anyone know if the restuarunt will be full service like Reds used to be? or will it be like the way it currently is: pay at counter > guests sit at a table> food is delivered to them.
  5. to second this, when i worked at Mystic Timbers and Race fro your life charlie brown as well as other rides in Rivertown, our emergency weather location was either White Water Canyon's turntable and/or former Crypt building
  6. the real question is, what are they doing with the reds memorabilia.......................id love to buy an item or two
  7. King Louie's Winter Walk-through 2019 Report! Hi guys! On February 16th, 2019 I was able to attend Kentucky Kingdom's off season event, King Louie's Winter Walk-through. For those who don't know the park started this tour in 2017 under the event name "Keys to the Kingdom" and i was fortunate to attend the first event. I was not able to attend the event last year as it was held the same day as Winter Chill Out at Cedar Point. However this year I made sure to attend no matter what. Since the park reopened under Ed Harts management in 2014, the park has installed 2 brand new roller coasters, refurbished two existing coasters at the park and is adding their 6th coaster in 2019, The Kentucky Flyer. Kentucky Flyer is being constructed by Gravity Group and will be located on the waterpark side of the park, with the entrance being located near the parks craft beer garden and Skycatcher. It is also amazing to say that the park is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019 Here are some interesting notes about the presentation we received at the start of the event and during our walk-through: As noted the park is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019 Along with the 30th anniversary, merchandise of former rides will be available. The items shown during our presentation included t-shirts of Chang and Vampire Rock N' Roller is being relocated to King Louie's Playground this season and will take the place of the parks former Somba Baloon Ride Kingdom Fries will be returning this season Thunder Run's 180 degree turn near Storm Chaser and Eye of the Storm is receiving a complete re-track. Everything mechanical on the parks Raging River Rapids Ride came from Opryland. Frightfully Funny Fire Engine will not be returning this season. Enough babbling on here is pictures from the event as well as coverage over on Youtube Happy Family and Journey To Atlantis will return this year. The former ride location for Rock N' Roller The new location for Rock N' Roller, replacing the parks Somba Balloon Ride Frightfully Funny Fire Engine will not be returning this season. Thunder Run's 180 degree turn near Storm Chaser and Eye of the Storm is receiving a complete re-track. The Waterpark skyline is changing this year and you dont see me complaining! The station area is in the process of being constructed A look at the start of the rides Quad down. The first of 4 airtime moments starts on the right as you travel downwards. A look at the lift area of the ride as well as the final airtime hill into the brake run. The shaping on the last hill reminded a lot of us of Magnum's final bunnyhills. The transfer switch is in place as well as one of the lift chain gears. This pathway will be the rides entrance/exit The ride's transfer barn. One train will be stored here at night while the other train is in the station. Steel rails for the track are awaiting their placement. I would like to send a special thank you to everyone at Kentucky Kingdom for allowing myself and others to attend the tour that was put together and for everything they did during the tour. If you haven't been to Kentucky Kingdom before or thought of going back, please consider it. Kentucky Flyer is looking amazing and it is looking to be a great year for the park!
  8. While my list includes more than just coasters, I left this comment on an Amusement Indsider's video that was about future ride removals: Rides I think could leave parks based on the past "trends": Crypt - Kings Dominion (only top spin left in chain) Gran Prix Raceway - Kings Dominion (go karts) Scream Weaver - Carowinds (Enterprise) Sledge Hammer - Canada's Wonderland (HUSS Jumper) Enterprise - Dorney (Enterprise) Still in Question: Invertigo - Kings Island (Note both lifts received work around 2015 and the ride has become very reliable since that work was done) Montezuma's Revenge - Knott's Berry Farm Nighthawk - Carowinds Boomerangs Honestly, it all depends on what parts are like price wise to obtain. Arrow still operates very little with S&S so I wouldn't see any Arrow's leaving unless they are just old (e.x. corkscrew models). Crypt could be gone as it is the last one in the chain, Go kart tracks could be removed for newer attractions, with the recent removal of 1 HUSS Enterprise and 1 HUSS Skylab i wouldn't be surprised if others where gone soon (looks like I need to ride Carowinds on opening weekend). As for the the rest that i mentioned it really still does come down to reliability, cost and ridership. It will be interesting in the next 1-3 years as to what is coming to parks and what is leaving.
  9. Coasterstock photos are going to be fun this year!
  10. I remember riding the ride for the first time during opening weekend last year. It was fun, almost received a roll back as well! Its sad to see the ride go and interesting to see what develops on the land where the ride once sat. (ignore the CoasterMatt watermark, that page is no loner available)
  11. While i never really experienced Phantom Theater, i really do hope that KI (well CF) possibly invests some money into Boo Blasters. Yes it could receive a new design and style (while using the same layout and everything from its predecessors) or it could receive a refurbishment so that props work right, lazer guns work right and targets work right. Don't quote me on this, but if i remember correctly I think Mike Koontz had mentioned something about boo blasters at last years Coasterstock during his Q&A? I cant remember off the top of my head on what was asked and everything though.
  12. Wow! Excited to see how the complex progress's as an entertainment venue with its current locations and new locations!
  13. Looks like i might be looking for a new career if they open the training school they mentioned..................either way its an exciting addition for the Cedar Fair chain and hopefully that means less older rides being removed! *COUGH* Enterprises
  14. If i remember correctly, I believe someone had mentioned on a different site that SF had thought of adding the ride to SFKK, but decided to add it to GL to make it a more interesting tourist location
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