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  1. Drummermattk

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    While my list includes more than just coasters, I left this comment on an Amusement Indsider's video that was about future ride removals: Rides I think could leave parks based on the past "trends": Crypt - Kings Dominion (only top spin left in chain) Gran Prix Raceway - Kings Dominion (go karts) Scream Weaver - Carowinds (Enterprise) Sledge Hammer - Canada's Wonderland (HUSS Jumper) Enterprise - Dorney (Enterprise) Still in Question: Invertigo - Kings Island (Note both lifts received work around 2015 and the ride has become very reliable since that work was done) Montezuma's Revenge - Knott's Berry Farm Nighthawk - Carowinds Boomerangs Honestly, it all depends on what parts are like price wise to obtain. Arrow still operates very little with S&S so I wouldn't see any Arrow's leaving unless they are just old (e.x. corkscrew models). Crypt could be gone as it is the last one in the chain, Go kart tracks could be removed for newer attractions, with the recent removal of 1 HUSS Enterprise and 1 HUSS Skylab i wouldn't be surprised if others where gone soon (looks like I need to ride Carowinds on opening weekend). As for the the rest that i mentioned it really still does come down to reliability, cost and ridership. It will be interesting in the next 1-3 years as to what is coming to parks and what is leaving.
  2. looks like i may have to stop by and share the place on youtube
  3. Drummermattk

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    Coasterstock photos are going to be fun this year!
  4. I remember riding the ride for the first time during opening weekend last year. It was fun, almost received a roll back as well! Its sad to see the ride go and interesting to see what develops on the land where the ride once sat. (ignore the CoasterMatt watermark, that page is no loner available)
  5. Drummermattk

    Phantom Therater......returns?

    While i never really experienced Phantom Theater, i really do hope that KI (well CF) possibly invests some money into Boo Blasters. Yes it could receive a new design and style (while using the same layout and everything from its predecessors) or it could receive a refurbishment so that props work right, lazer guns work right and targets work right. Don't quote me on this, but if i remember correctly I think Mike Koontz had mentioned something about boo blasters at last years Coasterstock during his Q&A? I cant remember off the top of my head on what was asked and everything though.
  6. Wow! Excited to see how the complex progress's as an entertainment venue with its current locations and new locations!
  7. Looks like i might be looking for a new career if they open the training school they mentioned..................either way its an exciting addition for the Cedar Fair chain and hopefully that means less older rides being removed! *COUGH* Enterprises
  8. Drummermattk

    The Firehawk back-story...

    If i remember correctly, I believe someone had mentioned on a different site that SF had thought of adding the ride to SFKK, but decided to add it to GL to make it a more interesting tourist location
  9. didnt mean to post this here, my bad


  10. got my ticket before work at 2:30 AM! In the 8:00 group!
  11. Drummermattk

    What would you like changed to KI in the next five years?

    My thoughts: Use FC pad for a new flat (obviously. I have read earlier in the thread though about filling in stairs and everything). Some types of rides I think would work great there: Zamperla Endeavour, Mondial Top Scan, Zamperla Air Race or a Zamperla Hawk Old Dino's giftshop area? Add a Larson Loop, Refurbish a Tilt A Whirl, Ferris Wheel, or a Zamperla Air Race Rivertown: Utilize some empty spaces. I know Crypt building will probably stay home to Madame Fatale's for a while. Some of the green grass around Backlot and Diamondback's Transfer area could use a ride or two, maybe theme that little area to something like a county fair or something not in the park already. Snoopy: REVAMP THE LOG FLUME.................... get someone to come in and revamp it so the ride floats and doesn't roll....... Other than that maybe replace some of the older rides with new ones (probably wont happen). Dont know when the contract (if there is one) is expired on the petting zoo but if they don't renew it (I don't see why they wouldn't renew it), put some kiddie rides there and flatten that building! AZ/Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest you cant really do a whole lot with unless you extend that area by taking out the ladder game and putting a flat in there or running it back and connecting it to X-Base(That's another story on another thread). Condense some of Bat's Entrance/Exit, I know it only gets Spirit Song, but remove Timberwolf and Congo................gives you some nice land for say a raptor or something compact but fun. Really wouldn't mind seeing a Gerstlauer Infinity like Hangtime but not like Hangtime. SC: Not really that much I could see them doing........... yes there is still some open spots of green grass that could be used for a splash pad or something, but since they built the new employee access road, that area behind Mondo is kinda un reachable....... I would like to see a water coaster of some kind come to the park, or if the Beach goes out of buisness, buy some of their slides.
  12. Drummermattk

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    yay for the new seats! I have heard that clamshells may or not be the same color. I would imagine they would but who knows what goes on there!
  13. Drummermattk

    Coasterstock 2018

    Seem like they scored @Oldschool75 in it as well!
  14. Drummermattk

    Will Coney Mall be Overhauled?

    I agree with this. Just take out the ladder game right there, work the path around back behind Racer and connect it to X-base, add some rides and make a new theme like "county fair" like Carowinds did, or add onto X-base or Coney mall. Only reason why I don't see this happening though is because of Racer and its location of its storage track. But i could be proven wrong.
  15. Drummermattk

    Red Track spotted at Batavia Steel Plant

    Drove by the plant when i went to pick up a SOB bolt from a friendly lad, did not trespass and the only track/supports on site are for Valkyria at Liseburg! Tweet with pictures!