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  1. What would you like changed to KI in the next five years?

    My thoughts: Use FC pad for a new flat (obviously. I have read earlier in the thread though about filling in stairs and everything). Some types of rides I think would work great there: Zamperla Endeavour, Mondial Top Scan, Zamperla Air Race or a Zamperla Hawk Old Dino's giftshop area? Add a Larson Loop, Refurbish a Tilt A Whirl, Ferris Wheel, or a Zamperla Air Race Rivertown: Utilize some empty spaces. I know Crypt building will probably stay home to Madame Fatale's for a while. Some of the green grass around Backlot and Diamondback's Transfer area could use a ride or two, maybe theme that little area to something like a county fair or something not in the park already. Snoopy: REVAMP THE LOG FLUME.................... get someone to come in and revamp it so the ride floats and doesn't roll....... Other than that maybe replace some of the older rides with new ones (probably wont happen). Dont know when the contract (if there is one) is expired on the petting zoo but if they don't renew it (I don't see why they wouldn't renew it), put some kiddie rides there and flatten that building! AZ/Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest you cant really do a whole lot with unless you extend that area by taking out the ladder game and putting a flat in there or running it back and connecting it to X-Base(That's another story on another thread). Condense some of Bat's Entrance/Exit, I know it only gets Spirit Song, but remove Timberwolf and Congo................gives you some nice land for say a raptor or something compact but fun. Really wouldn't mind seeing a Gerstlauer Infinity like Hangtime but not like Hangtime. SC: Not really that much I could see them doing........... yes there is still some open spots of green grass that could be used for a splash pad or something, but since they built the new employee access road, that area behind Mondo is kinda un reachable....... I would like to see a water coaster of some kind come to the park, or if the Beach goes out of buisness, buy some of their slides.
  2. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    yay for the new seats! I have heard that clamshells may or not be the same color. I would imagine they would but who knows what goes on there!
  3. Coasterstock 2018

    Seem like they scored @Oldschool75 in it as well!
  4. Will Coney Mall be Overhauled?

    I agree with this. Just take out the ladder game right there, work the path around back behind Racer and connect it to X-base, add some rides and make a new theme like "county fair" like Carowinds did, or add onto X-base or Coney mall. Only reason why I don't see this happening though is because of Racer and its location of its storage track. But i could be proven wrong.
  5. Red Track spotted at Batavia Steel Plant

    Drove by the plant when i went to pick up a SOB bolt from a friendly lad, did not trespass and the only track/supports on site are for Valkyria at Liseburg! Tweet with pictures!
  6. I came up with something for the old dino plot. What if they use that land and just put some flats in, maybe open a new themed land AND then maybe a year or two, expand it with a new coaster like a B&M Giga, RMC topper/ironhorse or Raptor/'trex, or maybe a new type of coaster? Thoughts?
  7. Coasting Through The Ohio Region 2017

    I didn't realize that was you!!!!! (s0rry for the late reply I thought i had replied a while back, my apologies Since my KI visit back in August I have visted a new park, Indiana Beach, on 9/16 and visited Kentucky Kingdom for the Last rides event on 10/1 My thoughts on Indiana Beach: It is an interesting park. They have a good collection of rides and coasters! Steel Hawg is really fun while Cornball Express is personally the best coaster there. However though, I did not really feel "amused" as i just didnt seem into the park like i hoped i would. I mean i didnt have a bad time at the park, or a bad experience with anything or anyone, I just kind of felt like the park was to much on top of each other. Here are some videos: Kentucky Kingdom was fun! Sadly though we where informed at lunch that day that Enterprise would be retired following the closing of the park for the season. On a good note though, last rides ERT attendee's where one of the last riders on it! As of right now, my plan is to be at KI on 10/14 to attend Haunt and during the day before heading to Myrtle Beach and hitting Broadway at the Beach as well as Winterfest at KI in December!
  8. Ihave heard that 2019 is the year for the next coaster back in Dino's and will run behind FOF, Firehawk and in that area left over from SOB and will break Fury's records.
  9. Coasting Through The Ohio Region 2017

    Wow.........................its been a while, guess ill get to updating! lol After dollywood, the parks visited are as followed: Mystic Timbers First Rider Event, KI Opening Day, Holiday World, Coasterstock, Cedar Point, Kentucky Kingdom, Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Kennywood, Cedar Point, Coney Island, Strickers Grove and Michigans Adventure. I won't make this a long post word wise, so I will leave links to the website where you can find my thoughts on the parks, and the Youtube videos from the parks below the links for the websites! Mystic Timbers First Rider's Event Kings Island Opening Day 2017 Holiday World 2017 COASTERSTOCK! My first time to carowinds and on a roadtrip! First time at Kings Dominion! Kennywood! my apologies for the super long post but now you are up to date on coasting through the ohio region!
  10. Tower Gardens is currently closed

    Screamscape just heard a rumor about Antique cars coming back and might be placed in that area, looks like he was maybe right as they are now doing work.
  11. Just watched a live feed of a press conference from the governor of Ohio, John Kasich and this is what i jotted down from it:
  12. How was your ride on Mystic Timbers?

    Fanny packs are okay, we usually have people move it to the side of their body so it doesn't get in the way of the restraint. tiny wallet bags, we've never really denied someone to ride with it so it should be good!
  13. What could 2018 bring KI

    Honestly, I feel like some minor improvements here and there will be in place (HOPEFULLY THEY FOCUS ON THE FOOD SERVICE AND QUALITY OF THE FOOD cause let's be honest, it's going downhill pretty fast). If they end up adding something I feel like they will add some flats hopefully in Coney, or remove the ladder game and put a throwback flat or something in it's place Then again i could just see them saving capital and now getting anything and saving for the giga (trust me it is coming)
  14. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Never say never.
  15. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I personally think 2019 is looking like a good year..................just saying