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  1. Copperhead Strike, the all new MACK Multi-Launch coaster that opened at Carowinds last year, surprisingly this was my first time shooting a sunset pic and the result left me amazed.
  2. Diamondback from White Water Canyon. Circa 2018. I think this view is now overgrown from the trees, I wasn't able to locate the spot last year from the couple times I went through the exit.
  3. ill be there, excited since this will be first game since the playoff game last april (which was my first game all together lol)
  4. The Beast as seen from back around WindSeeker and the now gone Vortex, captured around April 2019 (I believe opening day)
  5. My second submission as well. Someone gave me inspiration for this shot (and probably the person that will win this contest) and it seemed to be a popular spot for photographers on the last operating day for the ride. Sometimes iPhones do take good photos (sometimes
  6. Allow me to enter the contest haha submission 1:
  7. Strickers Grove might be a place for some. Interesting that i found out TEMPEST was from Americana. Wonder if Holiday World would maybe work their magic with it like they did for the old Calypso 'Firecracker"
  8. agreed. Most people still dont know that the ONLY time people ever get to see this is during the VEX Robotics buyout............fun to imagine about it though!
  9. considering the person that made these is on the forums................................................................thats all I'll say
  10. Valravn also features it as well..............................
  11. Just wanted to post a review of sort haha. On Thursday, I was invited to attend Kentucky Flyer Media Day at Kentucky Kingdom. This was my first media day I have been invited to since i started my media channel back in 2017 and I could not thank Kentucky Kingdom enough. To start the event off, all attendees gathered at the park's picnic pavilion to enjoy some delicious food made by the park's executive chef. As pictured here, i had some of the pulled pork on a slider bun, corn, shrimp cocktail and some melon. Behind the picture was my adult beverage (remember kids, 21 a
  12. I put together something over on Youtube about everything that is new for 2019. Check it out: (I know there where a couple things i accidentally left out like Skyline 4 ways, etc.)
  13. I cant think of my first memories on The Beast (I use to not like coasters at all in my childhood until 2009). I can say I still love the night rides no matter what
  14. I said it in my recent video of whats new at Carowinds for 2019 but One thing that really surprised me was the amount of theming that the ride has. As soon as you enter the ride's entrance plaza near the first vertical loop, you are greeted with signs telling you to get out, copperheads are on the loose and cool illustrations along the walls. Once you get past the entrance plaza and enter the actual queue, you are greeted with more sign's telling you to get out, you walk in between a couple old rundown shacks, old cars that are themed to the ride and other miscellaneous props. I think one
  15. I've had this guy follow me on Twitter and others have had problems with him. I've talked to him before and he stated that "pro photos and videos for parks for the last 15 years, mainly for KI when it was ran by Paramount (http://cincyphotography.com )" I honestly told him myself (as a former ride Op) that they aren't allowed, i've told someone that was in line at Mystic in the station about to board that he couldn't use them and its really how amazing people cant just enjoy rides and NOT record on them. Referring back to "DaVideo Glasses" I've marked all his stuff as spam and blocke
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