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  1. Nice article! Wow, I posted that travel channel video on youtube over 9 years ago, not too long after youtube was first launched. Awesome that people are still linking and viewing it today. Also cool that it hasn't been taken down since I clearly do not own the video, haha. Still cool to see it with all of the effects actually working; so many of them were lost so quickly. The boiler shut off at the end of 2005 and the ride never saw steam effects again. The sparker didn't even last that long. The ultraviolet paint, the shiva's eyes, the foggers at the ice fields, all lost one by one. We used
  2. I think just about any of the hybrid wooden coasters would fit well with King's Islands history with wooden coasters. I modern version of the wooden coasters that KI has always loved.
  3. EDIT: Nevermind, I can't safely continue this debate. I'll just concede this one. Score one for marketing.
  4. I can promise you that their "involvement" is little more than PR for both Disney and GM. GM/Chevrolet did certainly cut a check, but not as much for the refurb, but rather just to keep their name on the ride. Do you really think that GM has experience in designing amusement park rides? Give me a break. Yea, the concept for test track was for a ride to be design that used all off the shelf parts. It was quickly realized that that was not possible, because no vehicle GM ever designs is EVER subjected to the wear and running time that Test Track is. GM's "working together for 18 months" means th
  5. If only. I really do love the queue and entry doors to the attraction. It fits in really well and some what resembles the Mission:Space queue. But that canopy is just awful and cookie cutter. I'd expect it from Cedar Fair, but not Disney. Other than that and the untouched 'power' circle, Well done Disney General Motors. Well Done. Fixed that for you. Seriously, though (and I'm one of GM's biggest critics), they get the credit here. They provided the concept, design guidance, and even fabricated most of the set pieces in Warren, MI, before shipping them down to Lake Buena Vista. Even the
  6. Personally, I can complete Universal in a day. The only time I think you would need 2 to complete both parks, is if they have their weird hours when they close at 5, 6, 7 ish. Disney on the other hand is definitely a multi-day event. I'd say at least 4 days for the Disney experience, more if possible.
  7. Star Trek: The Next Generation for the win!!! Ryan, when are we doing STTNG trivia night?!?!
  8. I would have liked to ask when we can expect to see a third wavepool.
  9. It would certainly be possible to quantify "death's per day on roller coasters" just as we quantify "member posts per day" on a forum. The result however would not even be close to being an integer.
  10. I'm pretty sure DeloreanRider was being sarcastic. He and I measure time in Kings Island Wave Pools. "Hey Delorean Rider, how long ago did you join KICentral?" - "Oh, about one wavepool ago." "And when were you born?" - "Two wavepools ago." Indeed; doesn't everyone tell time like that? Where was greed involved? These people lost their business and in turn made a lot of other people unhappy. Where are the bags of money they supposedly made off with? +1 Agreed. It's impossible to understand exactly what took place to cause this decision to be made. Between the recession and gas p
  11. Maybe KI can get the Beach's wavepool. KI could use a third wavepool.
  12. There is no expiration date for the contract. Universal will never need to renegotiate. At the time the contract was signed, Marvel was in dire need of money. So the contract great favors Universal. Disney would never have agreed to the terms of Marvel's contract. But since it was a done deal by the time Disney came along, Disney's stuck with it. Universal is never going to opt out because they know they won't be able to get a similar franchise so cheap. The only way the deal gets ammended is if Disney decides to pay through the nose to end the contract. And I don't see that happening.
  13. I was always told the same thing; maintenance nightmare and 3 major failures of the lifting arm. After the third, the ride was done. Interestingly enough Skylab was not just a Huss Enterprise Wheel, but it was a Huss Giant Enterprise wheel, that was a maintenance nightmare, due in part to its excessive size. I think someone said something like: if you dont learn from the past, history will repeat itself. Yup. The only Giant ones left are at Canada's Wonderland, one in Japan, and one in Israel. http://en.wikipedia....terprise_(ride)
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