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  1. car, and you never know when you'll want to work on something that would require you to take the car off the road. If you are however interested in a DeLorean, one of my friends in Lebanon has one for sale that is in great shape and very reliable. I know because I helped him rebuild it. I believe he wants mid 20K for the car. It's definately a fun car to have. I wouldn't trade the car

  2. The rule with DeLoreans is 25k. If you buy a 5K car you'll put 20K into restoring it. If you buy one for 15K you'll put 10K in it, if you buy one for 25K it will probably be pretty reliable. Reguardless, you do not want a DeLorean as a daily driver. My car is incredibly reliable, but I would never dream of using it as a daily driver. For one it would cause road wear that would devalue the

  3. Dude I think that the only name that could tie with Gordon Bombay, is Wayne Szalinski

  4. What's up Gabe! are you back from Israel? I remember it was "a month long" or so, but you've been scarce on the boards. Just wonderin.

  5. Gordon Bombay is such an awesome name!

    Go Ducks!

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