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  1. No. A park would never lower their rider throughput just so that an effect like one rotation could be achieved. Especially an attraction as popular as Drop Tower. EDIT: Also in the first season(s) Drop Tower did indeed spin twice.
  2. Actually you're wrong. The motors that rotate the gondola are on the catch car. Actually I'm right. What exactly moves the catch car? Could it be the electric motors that drive the cables? Still even if the catch car was able to climb its way up the tower with no cables, it wouldn't make a difference. There is no mechanical linkage between the motor that spins the gondola and the motor that lifts the gondola. Again, aside from the fact that they both pull electrons from the same grid to turn the electric motors, the mechanism that causes the gondola to ascend the tower is independent from the mechanism that causes it to spin. The point is, the gondola spinning does not affect the rate at which the catch car moves.
  3. I'm sorry but, have you ever been to one of these events?!?! I went to BOTH last year. Halloween Horror nights I went to several times. Don't go to extremes?! Have you been in Meets Meats?! Have you seen their scare zones?! There's a reason why universal is considered such a good halloween attraction. It's because they DO take it to extremes. In their case it's totally justifyable because they're a destination park not a regional park. People go out of their way to plan a trip around Horror nights because of how extreme it is. They sell shots of alcohol in the lines for their haunts. They sell alcohol in blood bags, test tubes, syringes, and more. All of which are being sold by dead nurses and dead prostitutes depending on the area of the park. The Busch parks are no different. Extremely graphic. I'm not saying any of it is wrong; clearly, I went several times. But I definitely disagree with what you're saying.
  4. OMG We had better find out!!! Under no circumstances can a park work on an attraction with out the world knowing what they're doing! I heard we're greasing bearings on Monday, better hold a press conference!
  5. Aside from the fact that they move electrons from the same grid, the mechanism that causes the gondola to ascend the tower is independent from the mechanism that causes it to spin. The rotations have absolutely nothing to do with capacity.
  6. Honestly... no. I think the general public couldn't care less. And once again, this is not what this tread is about.
  7. The growls you hear on the lift are the dinosaur sound effects from Jurassic Park I laid on top of the I-Day soundtrack.
  8. Slow down there tiger; no he did not say exactly what you said. For starters you said get over it and move on and he responded saying that it's ridiculous to assume that such a task is possible. Oh no!
  9. I think the thing that would have had the most impact on guest experience is the restraint change.
  10. *sigh* I remember working on Tomb Raider in 2005 when the boiler was still on and the steamers still worked. That was the last year for that. That was also the last year the antechamber was used. After that, quality of theming began dropping like a rock.
  11. I have to say that as poor as some of Paramount's themes were, they were still very recognizable themes. Top Gun, Drop Zone, Face Off, Tomb Raider, Crocodile Dundee, James Bond, Congo, Hannah Barberra, Nickelodeon, Scooby Doo, Days of Thunder, Italian Job. Even just the name is enough to make an experience far more memorable. Flight Deck is a pretty easily forgettable experience but with a name like "Top Gun" it certainly sticks around a lot longer because its associated with the riders memories of the movie.
  12. Correct, however that's where 2 stations comes into play. If there were 3 trains, you could have a train on the lift, a train in a station doing it's business, and a train in the gravity section ready to go into the brakes and a station awaiting it's arrival. Theoretically duel stations would cut the dispatch interval in half giving them 2 minutes per train to raise, unload, load, lower. Perhaps a REALLY good crew with 6 bar checkers could achieve this. Still, who are we kidding; in reality none of this every happens. Disabilities, height checking, loose articles, flip flops, tiny restraints, upbars, downbars, rechecks, guests chickening out, etc. No way.
  13. Only because where the hell else are they going to get quotes from? Thats just journalism. You've got to get your opinion somewhere. Strong opinions always make for good articles and we certainly have an abundance of that, just look at my post. Yea... sure they do. Goodness, lord knows all of our ideas about the crypt have certainly paid off. The bottom line is that the people on this board are NOT Kings Islands ideal park goers. No matter how much you think the park loves you, they'd still rather have a good ol'e family of 4 any day. How much do you think the park makes off of the average 15 year old? Anyone here who talks about going to the park time after time after time this year. Why would the park want that?! What kind of money does the park make off of someone with a season pass who comes for the rides and shows, rarely plays any games, buys very little merchandise, knows that you can get water at every food stand, and knows exactly the best places to get food without spending much (relatively speaking of course). Face it, chances are, anyone reading this post right now is not the kind of person KI is trying to cater to. FAMILY PARK! We want families!! KI doesn't want a bunch of people running around nit picking about theming here, paint jobs there, when spongebob doesn't use glasses or why one theater is shut down. They don't want people running around caring about what rides were removed or what are shut down. They want FAMILIES that COULD NOT CARE LESS! "Joe the plumber" rarely cares about the state of Crypt because he probably never saw it as TR or never remembers. All he wants is an $18 pizza with 3 $5 orders of fries and 4 $4 sodas for his family who each paid for a $35 one day ticket plus parking after he gives his kids each $15 to blow on games, right before they all go and get commemorative t-shirts, Eiffel Tower models, and some candy before they go and ride half a dozen rides and eat again! Now tally up how much KI makes off of you in your average visit. Joe's family doesn't care that Peanuts is here and that Nick and HB are gone where all we do is ***** that they rethemed the kids area yet again. He doesn't care that the Huss Giant Topspin formerly known as Tomb Raider: The Ride is now an indoor ferris wheel. All he cares about is that his family is having a good time and he considers his money well spent for that. You think KI wants a bunch of people running around the park complaining about the changes they make? No, they want people that couldn't care less and don't know enough to care. Say whatever you want, it all comes down to money. Sure if guests don't like the park they're not going to make money; unless of course they cater to guests that don't care enough to notice. KI is a business. Cedar Fair is a business. We're in a recession. They care about making money. When I used to go the the park as a guest, I'd take no more than $20 and never spend it all. Think about how much money the park actually makes off of you. That should give you a pretty good idea of how much Cedar Fair values your patronage. Sure it all counts; but at the same time it's all relative. They would much rather have a nice juicy family of four than a group of four mid teen season pass holders.
  14. Yea, and that darn Kings Island Park just gives people back problems, strokes, lets drunk people fall out of their flat rides, sends people to the hospital; all of which the park did purposefully!! Can you believe it?! Those are definitely some judgments you should make since you don't remember when it was or recall much about the trip.
  15. What are you trying to say here? Also, Flight Commander was a good ride. The reason it was removed is because there was originally a generation 2 Drop Tower slated to be installed in Flight Commander's location that would open in 1997 after the success of Drop Zone at Great America. In the 1996 there was even a sign at the queue of the defunct Flight Commander that read: "Watch for a new ride dropping in, in 1997." I have a photo of the sign around here somewhere. Anyway, it was later decided that KI would expand their waterpark to compete with Cedar Point's waterpark expansion and the Drop Tower went to Canada's Wonderland. 2 years later we went and installed our gen 3 drop ride as drop zone.
  16. I know what you mean, I have NEVER felt more awkward at Kings Island than when riding Viking Fury.
  17. O trust me they do, especially when it a employee posting. Thats about the only time. Watch yourself...
  18. Math time. RCDB quoted Beast Capacity: 1200 riders per hour Full Train: 36 people Trains per Hour to hit 1200 riders: 33.33 trains (1200/36) Dispatch Speed to achieve 33.33 trains per hour: 1.8 minutes between trains (60/33.33) Ride Length: 4 minutes and 50 seconds according to the spiel (4 minutes and 10 seconds according to rcdb) The current block scheme seems to always ensure that there is a train unloading/loading when the prior train stops (and waits) in the final brake run, meaning that at best trains dispatch about every 2.5 minutes At 2.5 minute dispatches, capacity is 864 riders per hour At 3.0 minutes dispatches, capacity is 720 riders per hour Someone probably knows what the average dispatch time is - I don't claim to. As an FYI On Firehawk - if the ride time is really 2min-10sec (again, I don't know), and they had a train constantly "on-ride", capacity would be ~672 riders per hour (60 / 2.1 = ~28 * 24). Definitely not 1430, which also is not possible even with a theoretical 3 train system. And yes, I'll admit to being an Engineering type geek "Ride time" includes the lift which is at least half of that time. As soon as a train crests the lift you can put another right back onto it. The actual ride time from lift crest to brake run is no longer than a minute. This means if you can clear those brakes fast enough (using both stations) you can drop a train from the lift into the gravity zone every minute. Try your calculation Mr. "Engineering Geek" type multiplying 24 riders by 60 cycles in an hour to get a really optimized theoretical capacity of 1440. 1200 theoretical doesn't seem so far off now. (this isn't really engineering, it's just math) Also when I worked The Beast we could bust our ass and get 28 trains in an hour at most. Do your math to figure out what our capacity was.
  19. The park just about couldn't care less about these boards.
  20. That's because the signs only mentions rides in the map.
  21. What do you mean Racer in it's original form? Racer is currently in it's original form. (minus one dip at the end of course) Wow. I'm not sure spell check could even help this one.
  22. We should all applaud your riding partner for their negligence. What a big coaster indeed
  23. What is the Outer Limits? Last I checked, Kings Island did not have a coaster named the Outer Limits. In fact they went to great lengths to be sure that the words "outer" and "limits" were not used back to back in any automated spiels in the park.
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