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  1. The fishtailing is always on, you have to really look for it though. It makes the ride a lot smoother its just very subtle. The only time you can really feel it working is during the swerving through the cop cars at the bottom of the hill. The helicopter doesnt go up and down for a reason. The stair effect wont work because it goes to fast and would be impossible to slow down at that point. The sound doesnt work because of all the vandalism, and that is the only reason the sound doesnt work. So if you want to complain about the sound, dont blame the staff.
  2. Kings Island had a ride called the Screamin demon (1977-1987), but it was taken out, not renamed. Since 1987 it resided at Camden park as the Thunderbold Express. It ran from 1988-1999 From 2000-2004 the ride stood but didnt operate untill finally the ride was weathered and damaged so much that they dismantled it in november of 2004. The damage was Irrepairable, holes rusted all the way through the rails and such. My parents rode the ride many many times. My dad always told me that it was a rather un-comfortable ride. It was built by arrow and was the first official shuttle loop roller coaster. You had to climb about 6 flights of stairs to get to the station because of the design. For more information and some pictures of it both as the Screamin' Demon and the Thunderbolt Express, just look it up on www.rcdb.com.
  3. Vortex is Arrow Design and fof and sob are Premier, They would have to build 3 new trains. Thats not cheap, and not worth it. The ride is not that rough, just ride in the front of a car and quit complaining. If it hurts your head then why do you ride it?? Plus At no point on sob and fof do you actually hang upside down on your restraint like you do on the corkscrewes on Vortex. Plus, Vortex is one of the only rides that everyone can ride, if it becomes like fof, then it will just be another ride that exceptionally large guests wont be able to ride.
  4. If you buy the picture set of the ki rides inside any of the gift shop it has a picture of top gun with the track red. There is actually a story behind it being grey, it was never supposed to be grey but because of a miscommunication between the GM and the people painting, it ended up grey. It involved them being confused between paint and primer.
  5. You realize that is almost impossible. The Vortex is Arrow technology, and fof is premere. They couldnt "re-do" the trains, they would have to purchase new ones from premere. Its not worth it, they would have to contract the redesigning of the trains. Plus if they did do that, its going to be one more ride that larger guests can not ride. The ride is fine how it is, just sit in the front of a car and quit complaining. If it hurts your head then dont ride it.
  6. Are we ever going to get off the topic of Vortex being removed?!?! Hey heres a fun fact, other than the station what part of The Bat is still being used on The Vortex?
  7. Yeah then you get parks like Geauga Lake whose attendance is at a record low.
  8. For the record, IJ may not be the most intense or extreme ride, but it is a great family attraction. Its a ride that people dont have to get flipped around and rocked back an forth to enjoy. The special effects and tunnels make it just a fun attraction. I've worked the ride all season and 98% of everyone that gets off loves it. Especially little kids riding with their moms, dads, and even grandparents. Paramount parks are really aiming to please a more family oriented crowed.
  9. Have you ever ridden one, I have. (one of my best friends is a foregin exchange student from germany) It doesnt feel like wood at all. It is entirely too smooth for a wood coaster. I would never dream of riding a ride like The Beast and having it feel like I was riding millennium force. Granted Son of Beast is rough, but if your going to spend the money on a coster that feels like it steel, then make it steel.
  10. I doubt they were selling it as a whole ride, i have been back to where it is stored and it was definately cut apart with a cutting torch. They could have been selling the extra parts and stuff as spare parts for togo rides, but the only really good pieces of track that are left are the ones by sob. The others are all screwed up. Plus do you realize the daily repairs that went on at the king cobra, they had to re-weld things on a daily basis. Plus with Togo out of business, I dont think anyone would want to buy a 20 year old ride with no manufacture to buy parts from. You're right about screamin deomon though, i guess i havent checked in a while.
  11. There is one camel back and then a sharp left turn. Is the file on the internet?
  12. That pre-fabricated wood is a joke, it defeats the point of a wooden coaster.
  13. All gold pass benefits end the 14th of august, including the speed lane on Italian Job.
  14. They could never put king cobra back up because when they tore it down, they didnt take it apart piece by piece, they just took a cutting torch and sliced it to pieces. The other pieces are back behind the water reserve right down the road from where the Haunted Trail is during fearfest. (where the fireworks are launched) Screamin demon is at camden park but has been defunct for many years, the ride is irreparable, there are holes rusted through the rails and everything. To find it just search Thunderbolt Express.
  15. if you download Keyhole at keyhole.com you can play with virtual earth and see newer pictures in color.
  16. i like to eat funnel cakes and such in the paramount story, the tables and chairs are all there, but no one ever uses them.
  17. Well the signs are still there so i was confused.
  18. I think it could definately use a facelift, and maybe put some more movies in it, like recent ones, italian job for instance, or tomb raider. I say keep it though because it is the history of paramount. Plus there is nothing you could put there other than another carousel.
  19. What is boarder cafe, by that do they mean like, south of the border, or what? (the map just says, new food location coming in '05)
  20. im pretty sure chippery is still there
  21. King Cobra track is stored in two locations but it is not useable, for one its very corroded and rusted with holes in the rails and such, and several places, the track wasnt even unbolted, it was just cut with a torch to separate. Ever since Togo went out of business it was near impossible to get anypart for it so a lot of it was makeshift.
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