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  1. Yea but what do u expect, this past year Fearfest started at 3pm and was free with your entrance into the park. Yea there may have been a little more of an incentive to make it more thrilling when KI was getting 20bucks a head for fearfest. And seriously Route 666 has the be the coolest fearfest attraction I have ever experienced.
  2. Yea but what about threatining to kill someone, not quite the best thing for an associate to say to a guest mr. steve.
  3. That depends on your interperation of the word Crashed cause I mean cars bump each other all the time and hit the guard rails. Omg last year workin at AT Bside the roughest show ever, ooo big problems w/that ride. Yea I just have way to many memories, id be typin for hours and no one would read it, i sure wouldnt.
  4. Yea, I think its nice to celebrate the life of a coaster. Ive ridden I think 4 mine train coasters and Adventure Express is by far the best. It used to be better like when they had all the themeing like the weird noises, im not sure if theyre still there, but they also had the fog and lights but they had to stop with that cause it was rusting the tracks and causing some of the wood to start to loose its stability. LOL weird fact: did you know that Ron Tumer of Arrow Dynamics got the Idea of the Mine Train coaster while watching a movie, (dont remember what) in which a gold mine was involved and, at one point a guy got into a mine train and started to ride it but it got out of control. He thought it might be fun so he invented the "Runnaway Mine Train Coaster." (same thing with the log flume, the guy was watching a documentary on logging and lumberjacks and how at the end of the night they would ride the logs down the hill in the big long water flumes they built and he thought it looked like fun)
  5. Dude I totally know the song your talkin about, I never really thought about it but that song really does fit the mood of The Beast. (I like twisted sister a lot) I remember when Cedar Point put music in the Millennium Force station Kings Island tried to copy by putting music in the SOB station but in never worked out. CP playes this techno music every time the train comes into the station. However I do think its cool how at Top Gun we play the soundtrack to the movie Top. Also I remember when The Outer Limits Flight of Fear first opened up they had some techno/space/alien type music in the station. I always like when there is music in the station, personally I think it really adds something. Even if its like at SOB where they play the eighties music that they play in the Action Zone.
  6. Sounds like a good day, cant complain about those lines.
  7. Yea, we really appreciate it when guests recognize when we are doing things right, not just when something does not go exactly perfect. If you do notice that an associate was excptionally good or helpful, make a not of it and just take a 30 second stop at Guest Relations on your way out of the park. Believe me it will help make the associates day and let us have more fun while working if people are not always just trying to watch and see of someone makes a mistake. -Thanks-
  8. Yea cause that was the year top gun was put in and it was their first act as the new owners. Started naming things after their movies, lol.
  9. I think it depends on what your hopin to do that day. If u wanna try and hit all the rides but not stay all day its usually better to go on a clowdy day where they predict it will rain. (cause theyre wrong all the time anyway, lol) However if you wanna go to hang out w/friends, and like stay the entire day its always better on a nice sunny day. My friend Allen and I used to get to the park around 9:00AM, do the ACE walk back (which then was often to SOB), then do all the rides near it. Then round noon when it got really, really hot out we would ride whitewater canyon and ride the train to the water park. Hang out there just usin our shorts as swimsuits, then round 3 or four come back to the hard park and do all the rides we really wanted to do a couple times each, and get two slices of pizza and a water for $4.77 and eat it while waiting in line for The Beast. Then just do everything else we would want to do and watch the fireworks and then go home. Those were great trips. We'd do that about two or three times a week in the summer.
  10. I'd have to say Face/Off and Drop Zone cause they pretty much started the Action Zone. They were the big change that really picked up Adventure village, previously with just King Cobra, Top Gun, and Congo. Not to admit they are awesome rides. They just really made way for the expansion in the Action Zone with Delirium, SOB, Sling Shot, Days of thunder, and all the stores in AZ. It also added probably the most high thrill attractions the park had seen yet. Oh there was also Xtreme Skyflyer in adventure village, course back then it was Drop Zone.
  11. Not that im puttin down six flags parks or anything but in all of the SF parks ive been to (SFMW, SFWA, SFKK, SFGA, SFA) ive noticed that it doesnt seem like they're as strict on safety as we are a Paramount parks. Ive many times had my restraint not checked while at these parks, their dont really have driver boxes, its just a control panel sitting in the station. At SFA on Mind Eraser, the person checking the restraints on the right was also the driver. They also on all rides do not have little safety areas like in between the entrance gates, they just kind of walk around in the ''danger zone'' as it would be at KI while the trains are going in and out of the station. Also on Two face/Flip Side, (Identical to face off) The driver had a little fenced in area with just a little latch that could be opened at any time where on Face/Off we have the automatic locking booths that cant be opened at anytime while the rides going. Just thought I might share that. -Nick-
  12. Yes, volcano got brand new seats this year so we got they're old reject seats, j/k. I think they look pretty cool on DZ, they dont feel any different, theyre the exact same just black.
  13. I like it, Its been the old way for as long as I can remember, like 5 years or so at least. Its about time the spruced things up a little. I think it just makes it a little more interesting and colorful. All in all I like it more.
  14. This means that I am 27 days older than Vortex. Go figure my first year in rides I wanted to work at Vortex, cause 1987 was a very good year, LOL.
  15. Yea I guess they do have to get the hight restrictions and permits and all before theyre allowed to start building. Its just a rumor but I heard that it may be like the same type of sign as like the big screens they have a baseball stadiums and such, like in color and everything.
  16. Hey I was just wondering if anyone has noticed a new sign in the parking lot of KI since the last one got knocked over. Stupid me, ive been there the past three days and havent thought to look but I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed anything. I remember last year people were talking about some new super sign for $2million with all these features but it was just rumors. If anyone knows anything or has any thoughts please post.
  17. I think it would be cool. Off topic but I was wondering if anyone has been to paris before to see the real Eiffel Tower. I got to go this past week and i must say, before I went I never would have believed that KI's was 1/3 but after seein the real thin, WOW. Its HUGE, you could seriously fit two football fields side by side underneith it. The first floor of the real thing is like as tall as the top of KI's. Yea, I was totally in awe!
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