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  1. Does anyone know if we are still getting Carnival back this year. KI was supposed to have it last year but as of now I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere.
  2. Isn’t the park usually either closed for private events or limited because of private events the weekends between Labor Day and the end of September which allows them to decorate for haunt? There are no weekend closings this year at all.
  3. Does anyone have any pics of those barrels in Area 72?
  4. I ended up downloading all of the clips and they play that way.
  5. I can’t figure out why I can’t get the files to play
  6. I’m trying to hold my opinion on the fountain till after Memorial Day when we see it all finished, I just wish since the pedestals were removed they would have kept the full flow spouts we had on each side and made the center ones the same, similar to canada’s wonderland. Then the new spouts could have been added to what was already there.
  7. I am a little shocked that there are no longer lights in the fountain itself. The lights in the water made a much bigger impact.
  8. Of course now I’m wondering if the fountain is still painted white on the bottom and sides or darker like at Kings Dominion and Canada’s Wonderland.
  9. That does make the season pass Fast Lane price a little easier to swallow
  10. After watching the renovation video again, I don’t think they would have shown the pedestals taken apart if they weren’t planning on putting them back.
  11. I have to agree, I’m quite excited about the upgrades being made but also hope they keep the pedestals. I also hope they don’t have to paint the floor of the fountain a dark color like they’ve had to do with KD and CW in order to hide the mechanics.
  12. I had no idea that the pedestals were removable at all. I just assumed they were permanent due to all of the plumbing and electric in them.
  13. Is it just an optical illusion or are two of the center pillars in the royal fountain missing? The fountain has always had six running down the center and from all of the pics i’ve seen with the fountain being transformed into snowflake lake, I can only find four. It looks as though the two closest to the bandstand are gone.
  14. I would venture to guess it’s also closed because the structure is accessible from that platform. May be a liability since inevitably someone would climb part of it just because they can try to get away with it.
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