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  1. The presentation was a much welcome departure from the way Kinzel conducted such things. Ouimet knows what he is doing, for sure. A few other highlights: - In just a half season at Kings Island, Fast Lane generated nearly $1 million. Ouimet did mention that it is meant to be implemented to not disrupt the experience for those who did not purchase it. - They have set a 5-year capital plan, that includes about 9% of earnings each year. 9% will also go toward maintenance. It was said that there are plans for new attractions at Great America. - Ouimet mentioned that in the future, he hopes f
  2. I know where you can get the 1979 map.... here You have to join the group though. The map is the first thing under Files.
  3. They are fixing up the current areas already. This year, look at Rivertown. Coney Mall's buildings also were reapinted and look great. Look at Nickelodeon Central and Hanna-Barbera Land. Not to mention, The Larosa's expansion on International Street, the repainting, and new signage. This year, they are also redoing the fountains. There are probably many ideas in the future.
  4. I think the maintenance was very costly. I know they were originally going to replace it with a Drop ride. They had a sign up saying "Watch for something to fall in this space" years ago. Obviously it happened to "drop" at the other end of the park.
  5. Hi guys, I havent posted on here forever. Anyway, I doubt PKI will allow rap and hard rock in the lines. PKI is a family park, and I think it would become a threat to that name. It would be a good idea for the concerts though. I wouldn't mind seeing Linkin Park. About the music they play, Around the Entrance, they play old and new Paramount movie scores. Around Action Zone, they play Pop and Techno (and the Top Gun Soundtrack in the TG line). In Coney Mall, they play "Old" Pop. In Rivertown, they play Country, In both Kids areas, they play Hanna Barbera and Nick theme songs. In Waterworks
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