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  1. Just read this on Facebook myself. Surely, if anything did come off a train car it would've been test dummies, not the actual seats themselves
  2. I thought this was really cool. A drone racer got permission to chase a couple coasters on some early morning test runs. These drones are some of the quickest, most agile drones you can fly. https://geekologie.com/2019/09/whee-a-drone-racer-chases-a-roller-coast.php
  3. Goodwill. I wonder why someone would donate this? I'd have snagged it but it's not a small. And I was not a first rider.
  4. My name is Devin White.  I want to take my son to Kings Island tomorrow for the first time for Father's Day.  Can we use your send a friend.  Please reply at 3176292460.  Thanks!

  5. Most likely was the Festo blimp. Festo has a manufacturing facility just south of KI and I recall seeing the blimp up last year. (Source: Google Images)
  6. Small fire today at a CP food stand. Looks to have been controlled with minimal damage.
  7. I like it. Wife doesn't. She tells me it can a bit crushing in the chest area. Different people will obviously have different levels of opinion on that. I don't think I've ever dropped anything on any coaster..other than Firehawk. Due to an insatiable appetite, it will claim your personal valuables if they are left in an open pocket. It happened once. Then I learned. I'll ride it if there's a short line, or out of boredom if its a slow day, or I've ridden everything else that day. But I won't make a beeline to it. To be honest, most days I go - and I go quite often - I'll skip over it. I do have a fondness for it knowing it came from Geauga, which I miss.
  8. Never mind the lines inside the park, traffic is backing up on 71..I work at Fields Ertel, right on 71 and northbound traffic is crawling at the moment. The park isn't even open to the GP yet!
  9. Ok...I really have to chime back in here. I couldn't help analyzing the Twitter photo. I am in LOVE with the quality and also subtlety of the theming here. They really are going the extra mile on this one. Thoughts: Red: Speakers. Not just in the queue - as would be expected - Not just in the queue but out in front of the entrance area itself. Interesting to see those horns right out in front like that. Those can get pretty loud. What will we hear? Green: Quality theming. Little things like this evoke a smile and really make me appreciate the attention to detail. Blue: No parking sign. Had to really zoom in for this one. The sign says "No Parking 2AM to 6AM". Could this be a nod to the fact that the ride will, as has been hinted, have a markedly different experience at night than during the day? ...Or is it just a piece of theming? We'll know for sure in just a few short weeks! (@KingsIslandSP)
  10. Dude yes! My truck is there. I'm happy.
  11. Anyone remember the Land Rover Defender parked outside of TR:TR? Man, I loved that thing. I really hope KI does the same thing with the Miami Valley Lumber Co. classic pickup truck! Park it right outside the ride entrance. Think about how cool that would look. #theming
  12. Tom + Chee coming to the park may very well give us that "signature item" you're looking for!
  13. http://pixelcaster.com/live/kingsisland/ At least we still have this KI webcam! ...I mean.. well close enough right?
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