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  1. Trenton! That's her last name. I also found I think another easter egg(don't know if it was found before) outside of the area. On Adventure Express's station is the substation's symbol on the project Atlas map painted blue on the station.
  2. I just saw Orion and Diamondback trains testing right as we left the parking lot...just my luck. But yes heard from two employees due to power outage. Honestly when inconvenience happens like today I wish they would be more open instead of saying "we don't know" and refund day tickets for another time today.
  3. Two little details I found that surprised me was a video tape at FoF's exit that is labeled "7th Portal" a very obscure thing to reference to that I doubt a lot of people remember, but I found it charming. The weird radio station has an interview with Major Joan (can't remember if her last name was Trampton or Trinton) and a mention of I believe the Vice President wanting to allow the public inside Area 18 to see the so called UFO for themselves. Also two extra things I found in FoF's queue before Orion that I'm unsure if people noticed is there's a paper with a picture of that alien console inside the UFO right before the stairs on the right hand side that tells you what it means; basically to conquer and reform the galaxy in their image. And on the bulletin board in the fast pass line before the stairs is some of the base personal IDs that expired at a certain date (I believe when FoF opened).
  4. Mystic Timbers is a blast with how you get some good airtime, a very nice whipping sensation on the first drop in which I think is the best drop GCI has done yet, and excellent laterals especially at the bottom of the turnaround that I've found comparable to the Legend. As for the shed just have a fun time listening to the music or even singing along with it.
  5. Finally got a night ride on Wednesday and while it was good it certainly doesn't top The Beast, Diamondback, or Banshee night rides. One thing could do to help improve it is turn out the lights at white water canyon.
  6. Rode it 3-4 times today and I don't know if maybe I was a bit dehydrated but the laterals on some of the turns felt like The Legend today! Also got the ending I wanted but because I was in the very front I didn't get to see the final half of it.
  7. If the line is long I'll pass it up. I do love Firehawk though especially its lie-to-fly elements, its loop, and its helix that feels like its pulling more Gs then it really is.
  8. Some fog would be nice, just a very faint layer will do so you can still see the screen or making it timed to the monster somehow. I think most of all I would like to see is more vines and fake plants in the shed to make it look like even more that nature is taking over.
  9. Rode it in the rain yesterday and didn't regret it. Its also another good reason why I like the shed is avoiding some of the rain when it starts to downpour...oh I feel so sorry for the very last train that had to sit outside in that.
  10. Even though me and my brother only got one ride in I really liked it. A very solid layout with good airtime and my favorite moment so far has to be crossing over the lagoon one last time as the track banks quickly left then right. With the shed I went in with low expectations which I think helps to make it more enjoyable and it left me with quite a question that I know I'll have to ride multiple times to hopefully find an answer. Also just a small pet peeve I have is that to me I still can't hear what they are saying on the lift other then "take that truck" and "don't go near the shed". Now I just have to ride it at night!
  11. From listening to the lift's audio I've been able to make out the line "you need to take that truck" other then that the rest was something about going to the shed.
  12. On Friday I've noticed on Flight of Fear that they have the lights synchronized with the video. I'm hoping they keep the effect all year or at least try to.
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