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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Yes,they will need only one large crane to do this as they will pull the chain up the hill.
  2. If you look closely, they picked up Artemis's boom to let Zeus cross over closer to the track...
  3. From the looks of it they would need to change out the boom head to be able to add the frame arms and the job foot to Artemis. But as some posted earlier, this model crane might not have a luffing jib option...
  4. I would say this is temporary. Most likely to place the lower part of the track spine. It would make since to have to heavy lifting cranes to move it into place then have one relocate to hold it wile the other put up the support for it. Then once that is done they will add to little Arty.
  5. I would assume after the second crane is up that they would do more on the bottom of the first drop. And the cherry pickers can help with that section easly. Then they will go back and forth working up to the peak.
  6. So, it looks like they have everything onsite to build the lower boom of Artemis. We may have him up end of day tomorrow if the rest of it is in the parking lot...
  7. And I know that they make taller ones that are on crawers too. But my uncle was on a project that had a stationary crane built on site that had a 400" boom and a lifting capacity of 2 million tons..
  8. Ttd was also topped off by crane, although I'm not sure the model used. Credit, cpfansite.com
  9. Sorry for the double post.... The blocks on this ride, in my opinion, will be the station, lift, flat part of the brake run, the lower portion of the down hill brake run, and the transfer track. There are always going to be atleast one more block then there are trains, but in manny cases there are actually 2 more as a fail safe.
  10. It will take three 300ft cranes like it did for fury. One to lift the last lift section and hold it in place, one to lift the start to the drop, and one to take the crew up to bolt it together. credit to Coaster101.com
  11. We have the one now under construction, one more still to be built and then I believe that they are going to bring the mobile crane from the parking lot in.
  12. How soon do you guys think Artemis will be up in the air? My bet is either the end of the BBC week or beginning of next week....
  13. Walking in from the employee lot and there are white boom components in the lot on the north corner
  14. Can some one later today swing by and get pictures? Thank you in advance
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