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  1. The life-cycle of a new roller coaster announcement is fascinating, if not, ultimately, a little aggravating. I think most people would benefit from taking a deep breath and remembering three things.

    1) Kings Island has a customer base slightly larger than just you that they need to appeal to and please.

    2) A person's opinion on a newly announced amusement park ride cannot be wrong. It can jaded, it can be over-the-top. It can be lacking in quality supporting information... but it can't be wrong.

    3) Zero. That's the number of people who have currently ridden this roller coaster. Zero "haters". Zero "fanboys". Zero enthusiasts. Zero members of the general public. Every time a new ride is announced, someone who is unhappy and states "this is lame" is inevitably chastised by a group of individuals who shout about not knowing that it sucks when you haven't even ridden it... all the while, they themselves shouting how the coaster is "awesome". Currently, Mystic Timbers is neither lame nor awesome. It's concept art.

    Speaking of which, I'd caution everyone who's very excited about the concept art and the detail and theme to temper that enthusiasm a bit. A quick google search of Diamondback concept art will offer up some amazing drawings of the first ever B&M mega coaster with a splashdown finale. Compare that to the actual splashdown that sits in the middle of RT. Concept art is "concept" art for a reason.

    With all that said, I'll be cautiously optimistic that the theme and detail will be there for this ride. It's a really cool, and rather different, theme. Kings Island has the opportunity to do some incredible stuff with Mystic Timbers. Really looking forward to what they've done with the shed/barn/mill at the end of the ride. I don't expect a drop-track, and certainly not a launch, but there could be some really cool little tricks and some great story-telling that gives a fun and fantastic finish to the ride.

    Love that this thing looks like it will stay low to the ground and pack rather relentless speed. I wonder if there might be lights, sound effects etc added back in the woods. Random glows and "eyes" peering at you from the forest. Things to make it seem like the woods are alive.

    Should be a very nice addition to the park!

    Think I would have gone with something a little more intimidating for the name, though.

    You have a valid point lol

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