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  1. Currenty in line, luckily I'm somewhat near the start of it (I'm right at the train station entrance) I'm just too hype right now But thank goodness I'm not at the back of it, near the kid zone
  2. Wow! Haven't talked ever since the start of this, but I've been following along the whole time. GCI, RMC, heck anything else and I'll still be excited for whats coming!I'm definitely going to the reveal tonight, I only live a few minutes away. I just know whatever comes tonight, I'm ready! BxDlite, just popping in
  3. Welcome! Sorry I was late to say that, I haven't checked the forums in awhile .
  4. Just a question, I'm guessing that the house you are talking about is right next to the woods. The roof and house structure seem very similar to me. This seems extremely likely but I haven't seen the full house so I can't really say if it's the house in the fort. (I've only seen it from Birdseye so I'm not 100% on it)
  5. http://imgur.com/x5ASxbA Is this the fort? Oh, and Wow! I never knew that, I always knew something was up with the fort by the way they told it, but not this crazy.
  6. I feel really stupid, I tried to look all over the train tracks on Google Earth, nothing. Am I missing something to look at?
  7. Hi, I've been following this thread for awhile, and decided to make an account to follow the conversation. I live near Kings Island, so I went today and I rode the train to look for clearing and flags. I just know that I seen a lot of clearing behind the tracks lined up the "falling trees" site. I also seen pink flags attached to trees along the way when the train is below Diamondback. I could see a bit of the old WWC path, the path looks torn up. Sorry if this was already found, I'm just kinda stating what I found on the train ride.
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