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  1. Man, you got lucky. Every day we have gone up has been horrible weather.
  2. Thanks for the updated pics @Captain Nemo! You got what we haven't been able to recently. :-)
  3. What I meant by my statement was, I would love to have a 301' drop on a wing, dive and flourless before a drop like that on a giga. I'd prefer the giga to be around 320', but at least we are getting something.
  4. I'd be happy with anything this tall being anything but a giga....
  5. Because I want one big post in its separate thread. If I post now, it will get clogged with other stuff till April of 2020.
  6. @XBeastGirlX Great comparison! Speaking of pictures... As soon as the first public riders are on this new coaster, would you all like me to upload every aerial photo I took? All the way from Firehawk being torn down, to a public train on the coaster. Kinda in a timeline type.
  7. Drove by CSF yesterday. I kinda like that blue.
  8. I think he is talking about a variable speed lift...
  9. Who are some of you noobies?
  10. Sounds like I may be needed again soon...
  11. Ask @Fye Coastersfor the original picture then guys...
  12. Too bad we wont see anything like this on the new coaster. I like sitting on the deck of the Brewhouse and watching it.
  13. Sea World San Antonio is getting a wooden coaster, so, no track to be made for them. Credit: mramusementmedia on IG- And yes, this is a late reply.
  14. @IndyGuy4KI I feel this should be locked, since we know the blueprints are real, and they contain the layout.
  15. Meant Twitter.... Not sure why I said IG. lol
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