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  1. @ohiocoasterfan Correct. I am also being respectful to the moderators on KIC, as well as the park by not posting them. Thank you though! One thing I will say, the park looks really different from 500/600 feet in the air.
  2. We can be patient and wait till Friday. I'm sure someone will see something then.
  3. Yes. I would at least say "I dont see anything new." Not just leave it open-ended. Edit: Sorry guys. Both my pilot and I had some things come up today, so won't get to go in the air. Two more days though!
  4. We are going to to get up in the air today. Pictures wont be uploaded till Saturday around noon though, if there is anything worth sharing.
  5. Next time I drive by and see supports, I'll get a pic just for you.
  6. Mostly B&M. @silver2005 They are usually behind the grass mound behind the sign. I have seen supports there numerous times.
  7. Oh, I lied... the Hershey track is the only bit at CSF now.
  8. I think deep down inside, @Maverick44 wants another B&M at Kings Island.
  9. I've got my brothers wedding to go to opening day, otherwise I would be there. I yelled at him for almost an hour about his horrible date.
  10. @fryoj Large quantity. Maybe 15 pieces. They may have been behind or something that day.
  11. I did once. But it was only a day. Next day, the pieces were moved.
  12. Only ONE WEEK until we finally walk through the front gate and be awed by the majesty of International Street and the Royal Fountains. That is if you are going on Preview Night.
  13. Dont think so. It's not in the staging area, and doesnt appear to be the typical "primer gray" color.
  14. I'm on Bauer Road UDF off 32 now, so I'll update this post when I drive back by. Gray (unsure) and Brown (Hershey I assume)
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