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  1. Here are my pics from yesterday. Didnt take any professional camera up. Just with my S9+. Plus, was a little bumpy. Watermarked because some people. And these definitely are "exclusive".
  2. I got pics. I'll upload them when I get a chance. Btw, parking lot looked PACKED today.
  3. The word exclusive gets used wayyy to much these days, without it being "exclusive".
  4. More than likely haha. I think something like that would be a great addition. Haha
  5. Get your negativity out of here! Two restrooms are in Action Zone, two in Coney Mall (opposite ends). My point is, every area has their restrooms. And since they are renaming XBase to Area 72, along with a new ride, why not add them? Also, what is your source of the claim "It's not going to happen"?
  6. @IndyGuy4KI We are discussing construction of the hopeful Area 72 bathrooms, so, we are on topic.
  7. @Maverick44 Just turn off your screen, close your eyes, and imagine that amazing B&M towering over Area 72 and Racer. Then, be happy we get something reliable.
  8. They can run 75mph. It just depends on the owner settings. Less than Beast but more than Surf Dog.
  9. I literally just saw this... Yes. As a general rule, 1,000 feet for congested areas, 500 feet uncongested. Congested meaning crowded. Its actually pretty visible. Any radar in the area can tell. All KI would need to do is contact the FAA. The airplane police is the FAA. Not as much as you think. But still enough. I dont want to give our take-off location away. RED camera? What if it is BLUE?
  10. Negative. I'm a diesel technician. The semi-tractor is what pulls the trailer.
  11. I love the look of the tractor they are pulling it with. Yes, a semi is referred to as a tractor.
  12. Depending on placement, it may or may not show most of the ride construction. It would be ideal to have one on FoF and one on the building for Urgent Scare (name is escaping me right now).
  13. Depending on how far we can see on it at least... Good thing about the off-season, we can fly 500 feet lower. :-)
  14. More than likely. I do, but I also will not be uploading every single picture I take. They will also be ran through the park first before posted, out of respect.
  15. I will agree, the actual color of the track is slightly darker than the animation. But I'm sure it will look just as great towering 300 feet in the air. (286 from what I have heard).
  16. But, why is blue Racer going backwards in the picture? LOL
  17. Btw, it was different than the Project X sticker. They definitely said Polaris.
  18. Yes. Didnt see much of it though. They were trying to hide it Yes. I've only trolled once on here and that was to say I'd never do it again. It could be just a diversion.
  19. Sticker. All the same. Gold tags also.
  20. Three employees who just walked by us had Polaris on their uniforms.
  21. They are definitely very close. @Hawaiian Coasters 325
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