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  1. Iron Dragon has VR later in the day. Or at least did last year.
  2. I cant decode without that info Bradley.
  3. @IndyGuy4KI Well, tell us again you silly mod...
  4. That could be why they are doing it this way...
  5. Uhh... the drop will be 300.9. Unless my calculator is wrong. So, longer drop than lift.. I'm ok with that. @BoddaH1994 Elevations are stated on the blueprints.
  6. Yes. One pages specifically mentions the "lube" system for the chain.
  7. I think we made an OOPS guys... FoF and *Project X* coaster queues will NOT be next to each other. Looks like the old Firehawk photo will be the entry to the *Project X* coaster, and the exit will be right next to FoF's queue. If someone has pointed this out before, forgive me.
  8. Was this what you wanted? Sorry for the late picture.
  9. Something tells me we will see teasers pop up really quick now.
  10. @Banding Banshee Thank you! Now, I dont have to share my car info. Or get a broken window.
  11. Currently in the park. Will when I get back out to the car.
  12. Sorry guys. I feel like a spoiled it. Oops. LOL
  13. Oh, here are more. I'll upload better this evening, unless someone beats me to it. Architects, we can now see their "top of lift" marker on here.
  14. Uhh. Look what I found. I haven't seen this posted yet. City of Mason is nice! If someone else has posted this, let me know.
  15. lol. You must have seen my IG post...
  16. The half loop was spotted, and shared here in mid March. Not that it makes any difference.
  17. This picture from several weeks ago shows the little spot to the left of the clearing. That is where Field of Screams is/was located. Nothing different. Hopefully we will be able to go back up in a week.
  18. Negative. That little part of the clearing has always been there, as it's part of the boneyard. I feel those guys should have zoomed in a little more though, or actually snapped some pictures.
  19. Horrible pic, as it's currently raining.
  20. Well, my pilot's mother passed away the other day. Obviously, he needs to spend time with his father and such. Flying is the least of our thoughts right now.
  21. I think the next offseason will be fun. Get to fly around and see the construction from another angle.
  22. Make sure to get parking lot pictures if we go up? Got it!
  23. Too windy. And not enough storage space.
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