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  1. 1 hour ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    Yeah I was there too. Rain wasn’t as bad as I feel like everyone assumed it would be. I kind of questioned the 11:00 closing since the weather was perfect in right then, but by the time I got to the car it was raining pretty hard. I think they tried to do the right thing by making the call as early as possible but the night just didn’t end up being as bad as they thought.

    I guess it's one of those hard calls where you either risk making guests mad that you are closing early or risk guests getting mad that rides get closed down early, with nothing else to do. You also know, Ohio weather can change quickly. lol

    I think they made the right call also. 

  2. Just now, spooky21 said:

    Where did I say I would be on their property??? And trespassing in the air ya good luck with that. Does that mean your trespassing in the air too? I really am done with you. Your points are silly and you take this webcam thing too serious.

    Alright. I'll edit my comment to reflect that and you should change your comment so it isnt assumed.


    You clearly dont know the laws. @PilotDudecan explain the laws better than I can, but yeah. Any UAV above any property is considered trespassing.

    So, I am taking this webcam thing too seriously, but you commenting on it as well isnt? Hypocritical indeed. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    FAA states drones can fly up to 400ft, just not over large crowds. Last I checked there isn't crowds in the forest. 

    Ah! I didn't say the FAA rules. I said Kings Island rules. So, yes, you dont follow their policy of no drones. Now, if I was a homeowner there, I would be happy to shoot your little drone out of the sky, as that is technically trespassing.  

    You are silly. Btw, thought you werent going to keep arguing? 

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  4. Just now, spooky21 said:

    When did I say I wasn't following the parks policy? So flying a plane over the park is all fine and dandy, but Lord forgive if I'm 1000ft off the parks property getting pics for myself and not here? If that's the case why are the parking lot pics when the park is closed allowed?

    You said it yourself. And planes have completely different rules than drones. 

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  5. 47 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    I have a drone if I need pics for myself.

    He claims he doesnt fly his drone directly over the park, so I'm removing my original comment. 

    47 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    I'm just curious though, if your so concerned about the cams why not direct that at the park? 

    Well, that's contrary to what you have stated before. 

    47 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    Instead of ya know clogging up this forum?

    Uhh. That's the point of this thread...

    47 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    My thoughts are that maybe for the lift and drop they don't want the cams up? Maybe it's a concern with safety after the YK incident?

    See? That is a valid point. You get a cookie!

    47 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    Could be wrong but don't really care.

    If you didnt "really care", you wouldnt still be here arguing...

    47 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    Do you freak out on Walmart if their cams are off too? 

    Walmart has public cameras? You must be one of them Walmart enthusiasts I've heard of, to know if they have public cameras. 

    47 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    Not Does KI owe us an explanation for the removal of coasters too?

    I mean, they have explained why they removed SoB(no brainer),Firehawk(end of service life) and Vortex(end of service life).So, what is your argument?

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  6. 8 minutes ago, silver2005 said:

    I stand corrected on the whole park not actually saying what it is issue.  I'm going by the call @IndyGuy4KI made to the park, but to me, that was good enough and is still the park going out of their way.  The other reason that's good enough for me is because I imagine Brad introduced himself as an admin here thus they knew in that context it would be spread as a kind of official statement.  

    Yes, because everyone who watched the webcams was also on KIC to read this "Official Statement"... oh lord.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    Nope just seeing how y'all are freaking out over a webcam when you don't know the full story. "Potential lies" you said it your self.

    We arnt freaking out. We are simply questioning the whole narrative the park is telling us.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, spooky21 said:

    You said it perfectly with "potential lies"

    You missed my last post. Do you know how to read? 

    Super funny. You guys come to a rant thread to complain about the rant in the said rant thread... LoL

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  9. 2 minutes ago, silver2005 said:

    ^Then what's the difference between the park not telling people why individual rides get shut down and the park not saying why the webcams are shut down?

    So, by that logic, even the park coming out and saying "For the safety of our crew, we are turning the webcams off for a week" would be fine by us. But nothing yet. 

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  10.  @silver2005 If the park didnt want us forming opinions, they should come out and give us the truth. There are things in their story that dont make a lick of sense. Such as "cutting power" or a "system upgrade". Had they said infrastructure updates, that would make more sense, since that is usually hardwire issues. 

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  11. @silver2005

    Read through stuff bro. Again, some people aren't upset at "this is the whole reason", or so much blaming one thing or another. It's more of "we dont like being fed potential lies", or "someone for some reason screwed up". Screwed up by:

    1. Horrible timing of these "software updates", if there were any. Which I highly doubt, as software updates NEVER take this long in this day in age. 
    2. Not knowing how long this would theoretically take. Simple way, plan ahead of time, that way if you run into any issues, you have more time to fix said issues. 
    3. Users not being able to see what some consider the coolest part of construction of a ride, the topping off. 

    Again, why cant the park just come out and at least say "We apologize for the webcams being down. We are quickly working on having them operational again. In the meantime,  feel free to watch the media, stop by the park on the weekend, or view progress from authorized locations." Hardly anything has been said from them on the issue. And don't start on the whole "They don't owe you an explanation or webcams." 

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  12. 6 minutes ago, scoriell said:

    Oh are you afraid you'll get banned again if you post anymore unauthorized photos? I'm very familiar with your work and envy your ability to sit in a plane.

    Actually, I wasnt threatened to get banned over any of my pictures. The mods and Dane were very supportive of my pictures. I am very thankful to/for them for those issues. I'm not sure if you are properly aware of those circumstances. As well, dont be too envious. Rough rides suck. 

    A cave could also be considered a hanger...

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  13. 3 minutes ago, scoriell said:

    Why don't you go "hop in a plane" and get some pictures for those poor folks then? Clearly they would appreciate it.

    Easy there cave dweller. That's been done by me. But, I'm not a park. Again, read previous posts here by me. You'll figure it out. 


    On second thought, no, you wont. 

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  14. 3 minutes ago, scoriell said:

    Yes you are clearly the better man here, I'm sure everyone here loves to watch you complain about not having your way. I know I do!

    That's funny. You are aware I can just hop in a plane and go see it from above for myself? So, what's that about "not having my way" over webcams? I'm speaking up for those who rely on them and cant view the construction. maybe reading through this topic would be beneficial to you. 

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